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Posted by McGinty On Nov - 29 - 2009 154 COMMENTS

I see fewer movies than ever in theaters. I’ve come to regard it as showing greater respect for a film to go through the hassle and expense of seeing it at a theater as opposed to seeing it on satellite or DVD. It’s not that I don’t enjoy seeing films […]

Categories: Featured, Film
Posted by Kalima On Nov - 29 - 2009 7 COMMENTS

A friend sent this to my inbox this morning and I thought I would like to share it with you. I think that we all need to laugh a little more, it’s good for us I hear. It’s hard to read I know but when I tried the larger version, […]

Posted by Mogamboguru On Nov - 27 - 2009 110 COMMENTS

The earworms are coming!

Posted by javaz On Nov - 25 - 2009 181 COMMENTS

Thanksgiving can be a day of joyful family reunion or, a dreaded day of obligation that must be attended out of guilt. Does Thanksgiving for you mean a warm home with the mouth-watering scents of spices from pumpkin pie, the herbs from stuffing and sweet Italian sausage emanating the air, […]

Categories: Humor, Society
Posted by nellie On Nov - 23 - 2009 35 COMMENTS

I was struck by a clip of Joe Lieberman during his most recent campaign for the senate. I heard the clip on Randi Rhodes and now it has been posted by the Daily Kos. Thanks to both of these tireless fact-trackers for digging this out of the archives and reminding […]

Categories: Games, News & Politics
Posted by Corgi Lover On Nov - 23 - 2009 171 COMMENTS

Hi, I’m Rob-S, and I’m a Moderatorholic {Audience}  Hi, Rob {Rob}  I’ve come here to confess I’ve been a heavy handed, two fisted moderator for over two years. {Audience}  Tell us more, brother Rob. {Rob}  It all started when I wandered in off the street one night into Sister Arianna’s […]

Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Nov - 20 - 2009 95 COMMENTS

A couple weeks ago I said my favorite musical instrument is the electric guitar but my favorite thing in the world to listen to is the female voice. I mean what can you say the female voice has it all including being soothing, sultry, sexy, smooth, seductive, sensitive, sensual, sincere, […]

Posted by AdLib On Nov - 20 - 2009 324 COMMENTS

Thanksgiving is less than a week away but here at The Planet, every Friday Night is a holiday from the week’s “adventures”. As usual, we encourage members to give that other site the day off today though if you do go by there, please don’t hesitate to invite others there […]

Categories: Featured, Humor, PlanetPOV
Posted by BlueStateMan On Nov - 17 - 2009 14 COMMENTS

 http://www.cherrybombed.com/2009/01/barack-obama-ninja-action-figure/ . OFFERED WITHOUT FURTHER COMMENT.

Posted by AuntieChrist On Nov - 16 - 2009 17 COMMENTS

However, any mistake in mere expression or arrangement is excusable; but when you come to fancy geography, differing from the other not by miles or leagues, but by whole days’ journeys, where is the classical model for that? One writer has taken so little trouble with his facts–never met a […]

Categories: Humor, Iraq, The Media
Posted by AdLib On Nov - 15 - 2009 27 COMMENTS

In ancient times, when the Earth was young and teabagging was part of a cultured afternoon, merchants would provide those who frequented their establishments with a quaint, old fashioned consideration called “customer service”. Then came the 1980’s and the era of “Greed is good” (not to mention Jordache Jeans and […]

Categories: Featured, Humor, Observations
Posted by Mogamboguru On Nov - 13 - 2009 21 COMMENTS


Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Nov - 13 - 2009 82 COMMENTS

Motown Records was formed in 1959 by Berry Gordy to give African Americans a record label where they could get the full artistic respect and freedom they deserved.  Motown Records not only started a great musical movement but accelerated the civil rights movement because now African American music was untethered […]

Posted by AdLib On Nov - 12 - 2009 217 COMMENTS

No, I don’t have a lisp and I wasn’t cursing. Just a reminder that today is “Thank Huffington It’s Thursday!”. To help me with this reminder, I’ve brought my nephew, MadLib to join me in this post. Say hi to our members, Madlib… “Hi.” Madlib, why don’t you repeat that […]

Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Nov - 11 - 2009 31 COMMENTS

The New Religion:  Church of the Woo Woos One of the most disturbing aspects of the von Brunn shooting incidence at the Holocaust Museum is that von Brunn is part of the anti-Fed woo woo movement. Unfortunately the woo woo movement is not restricted to the far right wing. It […]

Categories: Featured, Humor
Posted by AdLib On Nov - 9 - 2009 12 COMMENTS

Hey fellow members, here is the latest bitingly satirical piece by AntiChrist (I’m going to have to add a gallery to The Planet to hang all these masterpieces!), created in response to The House’s vote against women’s right to choose. May I ask that any of you visiting that other […]

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