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Authors at PlanetPOV, with their unique voices and opinions, are what drive this site. In order to  present those voices in a professional way to our visitors, we have put together the following quality guidelines which we ask all Authors to follow:

1. Feel free to write about any meaningful issue on which you have an opinion, PlanetPOV is all about articles and discussions about matters of substance. Articles should not focus on  personal, trivial or  exploitative issues (if it belongs on a personal blog or in the tabloids, it probably doesn’t belong here). Articles that take a big picture view of important issues are highly sought.

2. All articles should be opinion pieces or an analysis of an issue or situation, articles should not be a cut and paste of news articles with a brief intro or tag as your post. It is absolutely fine to post a C&P of a news or other article as long as you also include a thoughtful opinion or perspective on them.

3. When writing an article, please assume that readers are not as well informed as you are on the specifics of an issue. If you’re not including a news or feature from another source with your post, recap the key facts about the incident or situation you’re writing about.

4. Please select as many Category checkboxes as apply to your article.

5. Please make sure to type in as many appropriate and pertinent Post Tags as possible on every article you write, at least 3 – 5 descriptive tags per article would be fine.

6. Always include a graphic at the top of your article and add it as a Preview (thumbnail) so it will appear on the Home Page (see the FAQ page for quick and easy instructions on including images with your post).

7. Choose a time to post an article when you have time to hang around and reply to comments. Each Author should be a gracious host of their articles as well as their primary moderators. That said, all Authors need to support each other on moderating posts and interacting with those commenting throughout the site whenever they’re there (let’s build a cool community here!)

8. As an Author at PlanetPOV, you are a representative of the site. The way you respond to other members,  the wit, patience, consideration and diplomacy you show will help to establish an identity for this site that is unique. Authors need to be diplomats, no flaming exchanges with bloggers no matter what they comment…remember, you have the power to move OT and abusive comments off of your and others’ posts, that’s far more satisfying and tactful.

Again, all Authors are required to follow these policies to the best of their abilities, it’s not our desire to ever have to change an Author’s status so if any issues arise, our approach will be to consult as colleagues to get back on track.

For instructions on how to do any of the things described here (moderating, adding images and previews, etc.), please consult “FAQ and “Authors’ FAQ”

Now, quit yer lollygaggin’ around here and get crackin’ on your next killer column!

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