Monday, February 24, 2020
The theme for this weekend’s music thread is the body, songs about bodies and any of the things they do (nudge-nudge), running, jumping, walking and any part of the body such as hands, arms, legs, you get the idea.
This Valentine’s weekend's music thread is about love, hearts, candy and lovely thoughts. It's a weekend for the best of emotions and a recharge of what's best in us (we'll need it going strong through election day in November).
If, as one of the excellent jobs of writing in today's news posits, Criminal William Barr is the "hitman," then Oathbreaker John Roberts must be the "wheelman," who drove the getaway car.
I think that I can shed a little light on what happened in Iowa. And provide a solution or at least a framework for one.
This weekend's music thread is about America, songs about the country, cities and towns, protest songs, things that have been wrong and things that have been right in this country...reminding us of the character of America as a true democracy.

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  • AdLib-A Thoughtful Note to Democratic Voters: Calm the Fuck Down:The reservoir of Karma has been filling up full, when the dam bursts, they will hopefully be swept away!
  • AlphaBitch-Short Posts:Hey Kalima! I finally have a moment to log in and just say "hey peeps" to those friends from long ago that I love and miss! Told AdLib that I am busy, busy. Kids all great, kitties darling. I think of you so much more than I write you. SO nice to see you on here! And Kes too. You guys were my rock years ago, and the inspiration for what I do now. Just know I miss you......
  • SueInCa-A Thoughtful Note to Democratic Voters: Calm the Fuck Down:What a glorious day that will be, seeing the avalanche of things going against him.
  • AdLib-A Thoughtful Note to Democratic Voters: Calm the Fuck Down:I remember early on in the 2016 race, I saw Stein in a TV interview and she outright lied about the ACA and was lying about the policies she allegedly supported. It was obvious. I think some of the Stein voters may have been Yang or Sanders supporters this time around. There was a self-importance and smugness in those self-destructive voters who blathered about defiantly wanting change and Progressive policies while taking actions to help put a racist, law-breaking conservative dictator in the White House. Like the Trump cultists, I don't think time or energy should be wasted on trying to get them to vote for the Dem nominee, whoever it is. Stein was at the very least, a Russian-sympathizing fraud as that Moscow event proved, if not an asset. Thankfully, there is no voting base for third party candidates this time around, as in most presidential re-election campaigns. Stein will always be tied to Trump's election, as will those who voted for her. This year, Dems need to show they've learned their lesson and after the primary, come together to elect the Dem nom and send Trump packing to he can prep for the avalanche of criminal and civil suits he and his family and business will be buried in.
  • SueInCa-A Thoughtful Note to Democratic Voters: Calm the Fuck Down:If I go by the Jill Stein voters in 2016, I believe some of them will. It was so very obvious she was a schill for RT and people still voted for her. There was no reason on earth she should have been sitting at Putin's table with Mike Flynn, but they made up every excuse in the world for her. Even Dems fell for her "recount" bullshit and gave money to her which she never did send to any charity like she promised. Incredible that people fell for her, but I would guess it can happen again. I don't generally unfriend people on FB but election night I saw one of her people say they were going to sit back and laugh at all the people who would not get universal healthcare now. That person had a good friend who was battling cancer at the time and she knew the hardships they were facing, but thought it appropriate to make that comment. I unfriended her immediately.
  • AdLib-A Thoughtful Note to Democratic Voters: Calm the Fuck Down:This s the game that Russia and Trump are happy for Dems to play, spurring Dems to fight so desperately among themselves that they lose sight of the real threat, Trump. No question, the government has already been realigned to operate as an autocracy, Congress has lost its checks and balances and Moscow Mitch has collaborated with Trump to sabotage our courts against democracy. We are on the verge of losing our democracy for the foreseeable future and we can't afford to be freaking out over the primary. As for Warren, I was becoming very disappointed in her as she was sold by her political aids to be the peacekeeper and unity-minded candidate. In other words, bland, quiet and always "on message". That's not who she was, not why I liked her and a cynical political tactic I dislike. As she was facing a do or die moment, Bloomberg luckily jumped in and gave her the lifeline she needed, to go for broke and return to her fighter persona. I think she's learned from that mistake and her rising to 2nd in national polls has to have proved to her that playing it safe is not a path for success. I'm not crazy about Bernie but as we've discussed, whoever the Dem nominee is will be the only person to prevent a 2nd dictatorial term of Trump. How is that not the priority? I can't quite figure out whether the people threatening not to vote Dem if their candidate isn't the nom are just being petulant right now or really would accept a Trump dictatorship to any compromise? What do you think?
  • AdLib-A Thoughtful Note to Democratic Voters: Calm the Fuck Down:Thanks NoManIs A Island! I've had my fill of the hysteria, this is not an emergency or a disaster, it's a primary. There are ebbs and flows in popularity and front runners, the candidate we want may or may not end up the nominee but how does that change the existential threat that Trump is? And what a nightmare a 2nd term would be? I know some people say that's their reason for panicking, because they fear Bernie would lose and Trump would be re-elected but adding to the panic is self-destructive...especially when being constructive would better convince people to support one's candidate. If these Dems would just see this atmosphere as toxic and proof that the propaganda wars against the Dems are working, we could be a lot more unified despite favoring different candidates.
  • SueInCa-A Thoughtful Note to Democratic Voters: Calm the Fuck Down:A second term would descend us into an oppressive autocracy, that should be the sole issue for all Dems in the GE. Adlib, that is my bottom line, as well. I just really do have a hard time understanding how people who you think are fairly bright, fall for the propaganda. Part of it is just plain laziness. The number of people who can expound on an article where they only read the headine and tag line is amazing. And many are not even ashamed to admit it 🙂 I do like the Elizabeth Warren that showed up to the debate last Wednesday, but I just don't see that from her all the time. Still, I would be happy to cast a vote for her in the general. I also see Bernie supporter's shortcomings as well. This whole business of only voting if your candidate wins is what helped to elect trump. What is that they say, keep doing the same thing and expect something different is a fool's game, some still have not learned that lesson.
  • AdLib-A Thoughtful Note to Democratic Voters: Calm the Fuck Down:Hey AlphaBitch! great to hear from you! As you can see, I'm fed up with the reality-televisioning of this primary too. That's fantastic, building your group like this! You're doing the good work to make a difference! Walking the walk and not just talking the talk...and freaking out that seems to sweep up so many people. Hysteria just isn't very flattering. Hope to see you here again soon! Sending thanks and props for all you're doing for the cause!
  • NoManIsAnIsland-A Thoughtful Note to Democratic Voters: Calm the Fuck Down:Stern -- bit very necessary -- words, Ad Lib. They're all very worth reading, and if people remember only the new old proverb you just made up, "The one time people shouldn’t put their heads together is when their hair is on fire" and SueInCa's wise advice "I will vote blue, no matter who," they can lower their emotional temperature, chill, and all of us will have an easier time making it through the Democratic primaries and be ready to support whoever becomes the Democratic nominee and then accomplish the really hard job of getting Trump out of office on Jan. 20, 2021.


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