Tuesday, October 15, 2019
We will likely not get a ruling on Aimee Stephens’s case until at least March 2020. Meanwhile, we transgender sit and wait. And we wonder. And we worry. Will the highest court in the land of the free...finally rule that we are full humans? Or will they relegate us to permanent second-class status?
John Lennon's birthday was this week so our music thread is dedicated to him and of course his band that changed everything, The Plastic Ono Band. Or The Beatles too.
The theme for this weekend’s music thread is about food (including im-peaches and just desserts) and drinks (that go down easy like Trump will).
"It's not like people think," the boxer knows, "it ain't about knocking guys through the ropes, or fighting dirty. It's about getting hit; taking a hard hit that jars your senses a little, and standing back up again. It's about throwing a punch he'd never expect when you don't have the strength to raise your arm. It's about you maybe getting hit three times for every one that you land, but making him pay."
The Republican Party has been funneling money from foreign anti-Democratic regimes and "investors" into the nation's political processes for decades. The money is, and has been, used to buy "absolute power" domestically for the Republican Party; and influence and control in American politics for enemies of democracy.

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  • TOCB-Short Posts:So the media is comparing Hillary Clinton's email scandal with trump's treason, abuse of power and other far more severe infractions/crimes? https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/lock-him-up-new-poll-shows-many-democratic-primary-voters-want-to-put-trump-in-jail Do you remember the liberal media’s righteous indignation when then-candidate Donald Trump suggested that we should “lock up” Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election? Well, as it turns out, their party is increasingly falling victim to the same naive, authoritarian tendencies that they spent years decrying the Right for. According to a new poll from the Republican outfit Firehouse Strategies, a majority of Democratic primary voters in the three early-voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina want not just to see President Trump impeached, but to see him actually put in prison. As covered by Axios, the poll surveyed a representative sample of 1,765 likely primary voters via phone. It found 53% support for Trump’s imprisonment among Iowa Democratic primary voters, 50% among a similar group in New Hampshire, and 54% in South Carolina. So it’s official: Trump’s “lock her up” chant has come back to bite him. Nonetheless, it’s just as disturbing to see such authoritarian tendencies surging among the Democratic electorate. Locking up your political opponents is authoritarian in the extreme, and in the absence of extraordinary circumstances, is almost never worth doing. As an American, without regard to my party affiliation, I would support ANYONE who has done the things trump has done, to be imprisoned. First, what actual crimes has Trump committed that are somehow worthy of imprisonment? Even an impeachment-worthy abuse of power is not necessarily a criminal offense. Crimes against humanity, such as policies that cause the death of asylum seekers, excusing the murder of an American journalist because MBS buys planes from the USA, and now giving a green light for Turkey to use ISIS militia to kill Kurdish civilians for whatever reasons, are crimes that are worthy of imprisonment.
  • Kalima-Short Posts:Those now being targeted in Turkish attack include thousands of female fighters who battled Islamic State. — Kurdish troops fight for freedom — and women’s equality — on battlegrounds across Middle East http://theconversation.com/kurdish-troops-fight-for-freedom-and-womens-equality-on-battlegrounds-across-middle-east-91364
  • Kalima-Short Posts:Makes no sense. So where is James Mattis? Isn’t this why he resigned?? It’s time to speak out and not the time for a book tour. — U.S. Forces Try to Stop Syrian Regime Forces From Helping Kurds Fight Turkey https://www.thedailybeast.com/us-forces-reported-preventing-syrian-regime-forces-from-helping-kurds-fight-turkey
  • Kalima-Short Posts:Just heard that Turkey is using Isis and al Qaida terrorist while calling the Kurds “terrorists”, to fight the Kurds and the Kurds had to make a deal with the devil Assad through Russia to help them fight the Turks on the border. Thousands of Isis family members have broken out of the camps. Stupid trump says the Kurds did it on purpose to make him look bad. FY!! What a frigging mess after the Kurds fought so hard for that land and lost 11,000 fighters. Trump is [email protected] up the whole world. Get the bastard out of the WH. — Chaos in Syria: ISIS Detainees Escape as the U.S. Pulls Out https://www.newyorker.com/news/our-columnists/chaos-in-syria-isis-detainees-escape-as-the-us-pulls-out
  • Kalima-Short Posts:Fusion GPS founders to release book on Trump’s ties with Russia https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/oct/14/fusion-gps-founders-book-trump-russia-ties-steele-dossier
  • Kalima-Short Posts: Wtf?? — WATCH: Trump supporters celebrate video at his golf resort showing president conducting mass shooting https://www.rawstory.com/2019/10/watch-trump-supporters-celebrate-video-at-his-golf-resort-showing-president-conducting-mass-shooting/ — Macabre Video of Fake Trump Shooting Media and Critics Is Shown at His Resort https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/13/us/politics/trump-video.html
  • Kalima-Short Posts:The go ahead for the ethnic cleansing of allied Kurds. No one will want to partner with the U.S. again for a very long time. Trump’s promises are meaningless as he ruins America’s standing in the world over and over again. Trump is the Trojan Horse for the alt right like bannon and miller, and for putin who has devastated Russia’s economy by relying on oil and gas to bring the country back to greatness. He failed and now wants to destroy Western democracy instead to feel better about himself. Trump is a willing tool to help him do it. Those transcripts from his meetings with Vlad would prove that he sold out America to a foreign adversary without even blinking. Everything he does is for Russia and for himself. He did it in 2016, and has been doing it ever since. He’s an unregistered foreign agent.
  • AdLib-Short Posts:The news now is that Trump is pulling out those 1,000 troops so Turkey and Russia will have fre reign to take over and purge that section of Syria. How can the world see Trump’s led army as anything other than the cowards and traitors he’s turned them into...mirroring himself?
  • TOCB-Short Posts:She nailed it! I have often used that on people who say they are against a woman's right to choose. If you don't agree that women should have the right to choose, then don't exercise that right yourself or don't get a woman pregnant and put her in a position to choose to exercise that right.
  • AdLib-Short Posts:How can military families keep supporting this monster who couldn’t care less about the lives of US soldiers and helps massmurders and insanity start up in the worst part of the world? Do they hate black people THAT much that they’d sign on to have their sons and daughters senselessly murdered?


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