Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Donald's "perfect" performance in the Response was so "Godfather-ish." He thought of the news of a potential pandemic as made to order - a godsend.
Being "safe at home" for weeks can give you a bit of cabin fever so this weekend's music thread is for songs about the great outdoors, looking forward to being outside again! Share your favorite tunes about nature whether land, sea or sky!
The real story, and the real danger, is that we are following a path backward in time, transported by Dialectic Materialism into a decline for worldwide individual liberty and sovereignty, and finally into Stalinist autocracy.
If Donald Trump’s “Churchill moment” came down to a single instance when he was asked, “What do you say to Americans who are watching you right now who are scared?" So what did he say? “I say that you are a terrible reporter, that’s what I say. It’s a very nasty question."
It doesn't take a forensic historian to look backward in time and discover how the pandemic could have been prevented. We had the mechanism in place, but it was dismantled

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  • pinkpantheroz-Weekend Music Thread – Nature’s Way:Many thanks, AQ. Sorry I didn't see this until today. Yes, there were many many languid days in between being terrified in races! I miss those days.
  • pinkpantheroz-Short Posts:For those poor souls still shivering in the Northern Weather, I humbly submit my famous Beef Stew Recipe. PLEASE note that this is NOT a traditional Irish Stew (made with mutton or lamb). It is rib-stickingly yum and will last one person a week, 2 people for 4 days, unless you all grab seconds, as usually happens here! So here goes: 9Liter POT! 1.5 kilos Round or Rump Steak, cut into smallish chunks ( we take ALL fat off before cutting) Cheaper lean cuts will work, but need longer times. 6 x large peeled Potatoes, peeled and sliced a la Potatoes Anna. 2 Large Onions, middling chop[ed 4 large carrots sliced 4 x 1 foot long Celery Sticks sliced 6 x Oxo Cubes 3 x pints boiling water Salt & Pepper 1 place cut steak in bottom of pot, 2. layer onions over to cover 3. Layer 3 sliced potatoes over 4. Add pepper(lots!) and salt 5. make up 2 x pints of Oxo stock (2 cubes/pint) 6. Pour over Meat & Veg. Cover, ring to the boil and then turn down and gently simmer for 1 hour, stirring now and then Now 7 Add rest of the potatoes, celery and carrots and top up with the last pint of Oxo Stock Cover again, bring to the boil and simmer again for 2 hours, stirring gently now and then. Serve with nice bread and butter. Even better on Day 2, 3, 4 if it lasts that long! You can keep it going adding meat & veg if you like, but I prefer to do it this way. Red wine ( Cab Sav or Shiraz) or even a good beer to complete the feast! Hope you enjoy
  • NoManIsAnIsland-The Wrong Churchill:Very well said, Mr. Cunneff! If Steve Bannon believed Trump is actually capable of following his advice, he must be as delusional as Trump is. And even Lord Randolph Church in the delusional throes of his final illness may not have been more out of it than Trump is in his congenital malignant narcissism.
  • NoManIsAnIsland-PRESS RELEASE: Fox News to Launch Reality Series to Help Economy, “Dying For Dollars”:I don't know where you're getting your information, but it's surprisingly accurate. When Trump began to run from his own reflection, his staff simply removed the mirrors from their frames. But this didn't help; for when he saw no reflection at all, he thought he had vanished and howled so loudly wolves from as far away as Yellowstone National Park rushed to the White House to see who was raising such a ruckus. And they weren't happy at all when they found out it was Trump. You don't want to know what happened then.... In my case, a nightmare scarier than waking up and seeing I'm Donald Trump would be joining with you in your proposed plan and taking the risk of morphing into him mentally as well as physically after the switch. Just looking exactly like him physically would be bad enough.... But with the future of our country at stake, what else can I say but "Let George do it!"? George who? Maybe George Stephanopoulos. And if he doesn't want to help, there must be lots of other Georges in the country, and I'll be glad to help you choose one to make the switch at the right time.
  • NoManIsAnIsland-Short Posts:You're welcome, AdLib. Missouri has a right-wing reactionary governor too, and he's almost as bad as DeSantis ("holy" in Italian). He should have been named "Ron Diabolico" -- it would have fit him much better. BT -- Before Trump -- many of us thought red lines existed in the U.S. where extreme partisanship would dissolve for the benefit of the common good. But Trump proved even the concept of uncrossable red lines is foreign to his most rabid supporters and probably even to many of his less insane followers as well.
  • AdLib-PRESS RELEASE: Fox News to Launch Reality Series to Help Economy, “Dying For Dollars”:Now, reality television will always just be the cause of a monster being in power in the WH. Trump has found that the cheapest solution to a stand in is the one that looks the most like him. They just put an outhouse on a dolly and throw a wig on top. Many people will instantly shout out, "Mr. President!" at the sight (or smell). That's a fascinating story! I hear Trump has also run screaming from his own reflection since he also has fears that he's an imposter. Who could be as stupid and horrible as the real Donald Trump? Not him, in his mind. Could there be a nightmare any scarier than waking up and seeing that you're Donald Trump? Was that on Black Mirror or the new Twilight Zone? Maybe we could work out something, you keep trying to resemble him and we'll make the switch. I'm working with an Ivanka look-alike who can be the bait, he can't resist chasing after her, we can have her run past a Burmese tiger trap (minus the spikes) and once he falls into it, substitute you for him. What do you think?
  • AdLib-PRESS RELEASE: Fox News to Launch Reality Series to Help Economy, “Dying For Dollars”:Thanks TOCB! If they did, I'd be happy to contribute financially and personally to lodge a class action suit against Fox News for endangering and even bringing about the deaths of people who believed their original propaganda that COVID-19 was a Dem hoax and no worse than the flu. That's a lawsuit that should be filed anyway and hopefully will.
  • AdLib-Short Posts:For those who reason, it's been known for some time that the GOP has been terminally infected with hatred and greed for years and finally crossed over the last red line when Trump was elected. It is nno longer a political party, it is a cult, fitting every description of the latter and not many anymore of the former. What does the GOP really stand for? The NRA and Anti-abortion stands are purely propaganda tools to rally voter turnout and loyalty so what do they really stand for? Nothing but greed, 100% greed for money and power and nothing else. They are the textbook definition of corruption, using lies and propaganda to manipulate their ignorant followers. And Repub voters generally fit the textbook definition of cultists. No reasoning, no critical thinking, their belief in Trump and the GOP is all about racial and social identity and fears, overridden by the reverence of Trump as a God-sent savior of the white race and "Christians", a personification of their fears and hatreds of the multiracial present and future and their helplessness in stopping it. The irony is that the denial of COVID-19's threat as a political position like "more guns make us safer" and "pro-life until the baby is born then let them die", will end up making red states more deadly per capita than their "enemies", people in blue states. I frequently describe Trump cultists as lemmings, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that they truly are as they blindly follow each other off a cliff to die.
  • AdLib-Short Posts:Turns out it was just another Trump threat, impulsively thought up and blurted out. As you mentioned, a president has no authority to do any such thing, states rights and all. Plus if it could happen and was done, the states would be turned into an equivalent of concentration camps which, considering Trump's Nazi mindset and spite towards all states that didn't vote for him, would appear to please him.
  • AdLib-Short Posts:Thanks NoMan. Unfortunately, the GOP Death Cult is going to sabotage some of the benefit of blue states having quarantines. Florida, for example, is turning into a disaster area and Trumper, DeSantis still refuses to quarantine but instead is taking fascist steps to treat "outsiders" as the enemy, setting up police "checkpoints" to stop people from NY and LA from entering FL. Yet all those infected but asymptomatic people in FL can widely spread it in crowds at the beach, bars, restaurants, etc. II would have thought that dying might be a red line where partisan propaganda adherence would stop but apparently, Trump can shoot thousands of people on 5th Ave and not lose any of those he shot as supporters.


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