Thursday, December 12, 2019
William Barr frames every word that he speaks based on his Federalist Society inspired, ultra-elitest conspiracy to undermine our three-branch form of government and replace it with "Executive Presidency," using ideas from Turkey, Russia, and China. We used to just say, "autocracy."
We're starting to hear a new narrative: that representative democracy's day is done, that people just can't be bothered with participatory government. Democracy seems to be a lose-lose situation for us "end users." How wrong is it possible to be? Wait for it!
Back in Roman times, the argument was that because everyone experiences events differently, there can be no agreement on "truth." But that was nonsense: What they were actually saying was that if truth exists, we probably wouldn't recognize it.
I dream of a state in which all voices are heard, not just those of the rich, powerful and connected. A government that works for ALL of its citizens, not just the few who can afford to hire lobbyists. I dream of educational excellence and economic opportunity...I dream of a state we can all be proud to say is our home.
Looks like President Trump will be impeached, and smart money says, before Christmas - accompanied by very strong censure (which could include taking away, or closely monitoring, many of Trump's responsibilities).

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  • AdLib-Short Posts:And Corbyn has now announced that he will resign as the leader of Labour. I have felt for some time that he was not an ideal leader for Labour, he had far too much baggage, was a quiet supporter of Brexit and IMO, the wishlist manifesto from Labour in this election was a bit much for most voters. But this election swung on of course, Brexit and Corbyn's middle-of-the-road position on it didn't give him a way to be forceful about why voters should vote Labour. I would have wished he'd have been strongly anti-Brexit so he could campaign on that and work at winning voters to Labour because of that. Who knows, maybe the damage Brexit and Boris do to the UK will push an earlier election as public outrage grows and whoever is leading Labour then can present a stronger argument to support change and Labour. But whatever the case, dark times ahead for the UK and sending the good folks there all the best from here in this Trump Autocracy. UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says he will not lead the party in future elections
  • AdLib-Short's hard to bid farewell to a stable, functional UK but after strongly winning this election, it looks like Boris Johnson will be empowered now to drive the nation into a Brexit crash dive. Both Johnson and Corbyn had net negatives as candidates but between Corbyn taking no real position on Brexit and Johnson, Tories and Russia helping to deceive Brit voters into thinking that Brexit will be good for them and Make Britain Great Again, the future of the UK has just been sealed...and not in a good way. The standard of living in the UK can only disintegrate from here as economic shocks come and social services are slashed and privatized. In 5 years, when the next election would normally occur, the UK will look sadly different from what it is now. And for many Tory voters, just like Trump voters (who thankfully are a smaller minority in the US), the suffering will be self-inflicted. I feel terrible for Kalima and others from and in the UK, they will feel it the worst but losing the UK as we know it is a terrible loss for all of us. U.K. General Election 2019: A Big Night for Conservatives, Exit Poll Shows
  • AdLib-Short Posts:Though this is historic, it was not something that I had the patience to watch at great length. Yelling and lying is all the Repubs could do while Dems spoke of facts and patriotism to our democracy. The Repubs simply wanted to drag out and dirty-up the Constitution and this process, degrade it as they and Trump have already been doing. I don't think most Americans watched this tortuous process today and tonight but they will be watching the hearings in the Senate. And if Repubs choose to continue using our Constitution as toilet paper by making the hearing a sham and blocking testimony and evidence, that anti-Americanism needs to be hung around their necks from now until election day.
  • Kalima-Short Posts:He’s trump’s Roy Cohn and we all know how he ended up. Twice trump has been involved with foreign interference to win an election. Twice barr has lied to the public and Congress about the findings of reports that took two years to complete. He has no credibility left. He is not working for the American people. He’s trump’s personal lawyer now and should be impeached and removed. Vermin infecting democracy and the rule of law he took an oath to protect. The Dems should use clips of trump and his gang members swearing their oath. Nothing more needs to be said.
  • Kalima-Short Posts:The Republican strategy consists of lies and loud meaningless voices. They won’t address the evidence or substance of trump’s horrendous wrongdoing. Collins sounds like an auctioneer on meths. Gohmert is a babbling fool. Jordan can’t remember history of less than a decade ago where he took part in the “Fast and Furious” debacle, the IRS nothingburger and the partisan Benghazi fiasco. I wanted to watch more but these obnoxious liars made it impossible for me. It’s a shame that they couldn’t be removed.
  • AdLib-Short Posts:Yes, I think this coward who puts re-election over country needs to be primaried and beaten. This is a moment when there is a call to everyone who took an oath of office to step up and protect the Constitution. And this coward only cares about feathering his own nest. He should run as a Republican, we don't need people of zero character and morals to be running or serving as a Dem. We have to be better than the greedy, immoral Repubs, not just slightly less greedy and immoral.
  • AdLib-Short Posts:One thing I think is clear now, a majority of Americans, those who are not in the Trump cult, now have seen quite starkly that Barr iis a liar and a propagandist. No matter what he declares in the future, only Trump's cultists will believe him. He has disqualified himself publicly, he is a fraud and just as a majority of Americans believe about Trump, he's seen as not being credible.
  • AdLib-Short Posts:Indeed, a constitutional government is opposed to a monarchy and vice versa, they can't be both. The US hasn't been a true democracy or republic. The Electoral College itself is a refutation of democracy and an installation of racism in this nation. It is a remnant of accommodating undemocratic slave states and also was conceived to protect the leadership class from the will of the people...who some of the Founders feared lacked the judgement to directly choose the governing class. And now, in these very corrupt times, it has degraded far beyond that, into some democracy mixed in with oligarchy and fascism. Gerrymandering, which has been around since 1812, has been embedded in this country to deny democracy and give power to those who can't win a fair, majority vote. Is it a surprise that the most gerrymandered states are generally the most racist states? That gerrymandering is used to keep power in the hands of a minority of white people and keep it out of the hands of so-called minorities? In the UK, Brexit has been another bigotry-driven device, heavily supported by the UK's worst enemy, Russia. Now why would the UK's enemy support a massive change to the UK unless it would damage them? Russia wants to help the UK become more powerful? Or do they want the real threat to them, the EU, to become weaker? Putin is laughing at the bigoted Brits who have been so easily whipped up in their hatefulness to support the downfall of their country. It's amusing to them that so many Brits can be blinded enough by hate to push their own country off a cliff. But who empowered all of this? The propaganda against staying in the EU, co-financed by Russia, was meant to divide and damage the UK in an ongoing way but David Cameron's enormous greed and ignorance, to promise and deliver a referendum on Brexit as a cynical ploy to remain in power, was the key. Without that, Brexit would still be a divisive issue but wouldn't be on the verge of happening. Cameron and his sacrificing the future of the UK for keeping power in his hand should always be remembered as what detonated all this madness. And despite all of the very clear warnings now, as to what a Hard Brexit would do to devastate the country, the Tories are still on the brink of being empowered by Brits to blow up the country. I am hoping so hard that they lose badly today, for the sake of the UK and the free world.
  • AdLib-Short Posts:Maybe this is a bit simplistic but it seems that white nationalism/bigotry is the real "Trump" card in the UK, Europe and the U.S.. The people who are most fearful and hateful of minorities seem invulnerable to reason and even simple reality. No matter how much they're lied to, betrayed and harmed by the party that pushes white nationalism, they are like drug addicts who can't look past chasing their next high above everything else. That high being the affirmation of their bigotry. The all-consuming flames of hatred seem to dominate all thinking by these people, turning them into mindless and angry cultists, set apart from conscience and compassion. The truth is, they are the enemy of any nation's future and progress and until or unless they're defeated, that nation will disintegrate. Hoping intensely that Tories don't win a majority and Labour can pull a coalition together to take power.
  • TOCB-Short Posts:In last night's impeachment hearing many Democrats admonished republicans to vote their conscience as opposed to voting based on political expediency. It appears that they should direct the same advice to at least one of their fellow Democrats. Jeff Van Drew who represents a district in NJ that trump won by 5 points in 2016, has decided not to vote for impeachment. He said he thinks it is too divisive, I suppose politically. I think any Democrat who does not vote to impeach should be voted out of office in the Democratic primaries. If a Democrat wants to vote like a republican, they should depend on republicans to elect them. Many of the Democrats who won election in 2018 in republican districts, did NOT win because voters wanted to protect the ACA or other issues they seem to think they won on. They won because voters wanted to hold trump accountable for his actions. PERIOD! Almost NONE of the over 400 bills passed by House Democrats have even been taken up in the republican controlled Senate, so how does having a Democratic House and a republican Senate and White House get anything done in Washington? IT DOESN'T! If Americans want sensible gun safety legislation, they MUST elect a Democratic House, a Democratic Senate and a Democratic president. And that goes for any other legislation that MOST Americans want.


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