Monday, September 23, 2019
To remind folks of the “wag the dog” scenario, where a president starts a bogus war to boost his re-election chances, this weekend’s music theme is about dogs that wag, cats that purr, American eagles that fly and songs about any and all animals.
This issue isn't just about whether anyone can prosecute criminal behavior by a President while in office, it's about Trump using the Office of the President to help himself politically in what may constitute dereliction of duty and treason.
Trump is a thug and a bully. He insults, mocks, belittles; and now, damns and curses anyone who disagrees with his methods. He reminds you more of a schoolyard bully that loses their nerve if you challenge them.
Everything Trump's touched lately is failing. Tariffs, negotiations with North Korea, controlling the deficit and keeping the economy growing. As his prospects for re-election keep dropping, Democrats show off a field of contenders who all look like winners against him. So this weekend's music theme is about winning and losing, playing the game and rolling the dice.
Brexiters have their own MAGA. They want the "Five Hundred Year Myth," of England; harking back to an entirely self-sufficient England that ruled the world - which never existed.

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  • TOCB-Short Posts:That indeed seems to be the calculus of "Blue Dog" Democrats AND Pelosi's camp. It is obviously a purely political calculus, and is probably an incorrect calculus given trump's hold on the republican base and the GOP. These people will never abandon trump for any reason, so it is pointless to appeal to their so-called patriotism. As a Democrat, I will not support a candidate at any level who opposes impeaching trump based on constitutional grounds, REGARDLESS of the politics. In my heart of hearts, I believe that republicans and Independents in republican districts who voted for Democrats in 2018 did so at least in part because they disliked what trump was doing, and if they see that Democrats are too weak to hold trump accountable, they are less likely to support Democrats in 2020. They may stay at home, but they are not likely to vote for Democrats who are weak on impeachment. THIS IS MY OPINION.
  • MurphTheSurf3-Short Posts:If the critical mass of support in the House can be reached (which will have to include the Blue Dog Democrats*) that will be as a result of their belief that public support is sufficient to bolster their own reelection chances (which in turn bolsters the chances of holding onto the House and the Speakership), and the belief that such support will also put pressure on Senate GOP who are in vulnerable positions (and whose loss will weaken, or perhaps, maybe, fingers-crossed, end McConnell's Dictatorial Hold on the Upper House).....then the effort to create and pass articles of impeachment will move forward. That is how I see it and that is how nearly all of my politically minded and involved associates see it as well. *The Blue Dog Coalition, commonly known as the Blue Dogs or Blue Dog Democrats, is a caucus of United States Congressional Representatives from the Democratic Party who identify as fiscally-responsible, centrist Democrats.
  • TOCB-Short Posts:Put aside the FACT that in his role as vice president, Joe Biden and Barrack Obama, as well as the IMF and the entire western world worked to get the prosecutor in Ukraine fired BECAUSE he was not investigating corruption in Ukraine, including the company Hunter Biden worked for. Accept for Steve Bannon, who said it is ridiculous to think Trump Jr did not talk to his father about the infamous Trump Tower meeting in July 2016, most news outlets reported that Trump Jr did not speak with his father about that meeting, (at least that is Trump Jr claimed) and Trump Sr apparently stood by that claim. However, Trump asks who believes that Biden did not speak with his son about his job in Ukraine. Good question Trump. YOU answer it!
  • Kalima-Short Posts:Donald Trump vs. the United States of America Just the facts, in 40 sentences.
  • TOCB-Short Posts:If this is what it will take I certainly support it, but I think we passed the tipping point a long time ago. The Constitution does not give voters the authority and responsibility to impeach a federal official, except by the vote, based on politics or whatever their chosen criteria is. When an official commits high crimes and misdemeanors, the authority and responsibility to impeach and remove an official from office is tasked to Congress. The House of Representatives is not charged with bringing the people along when an impeachment is necessary. In fact, impeachment for political reasons is not what the Constitution provides for, and Pelosi stated as much early on. (I tried to find a short clip of this statement, this is the only one I could find. At the 6:53 mark on this video, Pelosi says, "I don't think we should impeach a president for political reasons, but I don't think we should not impeach him because we think it is politically impeding for us to do so." Now, her sole reason for not impeaching trump is politics. The only word that fits her behavior at this point is dishonesty. She has lost all credibility with me. All she is, is a politician and at this juncture we don't need politicians. We need statesmen and stateswomen. If fact, I don't want trump removed form office at this point, but I want him impeached because that is what the Constitution calls for when a president behaves as trump has. I don't expect Senate republicans to remove trump from office, so Pence can become president and pardon trump. I want him impeached and then voted out of office by the people. THEN, congressional Democrats will have done their part and the people will have done their part, in spite of what republicans do or think.
  • kesmarn-Short Posts:About 90% of Americans support universal background checks for gun purchasers. So how would that be an "extreme" measure passed by the House? McConnell has sold his soul and won't even schedule a Senate vote on that. Even if Trump vetoed the bill, McConnell should have the brass to bring it to a vote. But his Lord and Savior Donald Trump means more to him than children's lives.
  • kesmarn-Short Posts:OJ, I have a long commute every day and I'd actually bet a fair amount that your opinions come from your church and the media associated with your church's point of view. That's because I listen to some of the local evangelical "christian" radio stations (in order to get a fix on what their latest party line is) while I drive. Your "talking points" echo theirs almost word for word. If "the pastor" decides how the congregation thinks and votes, that's a problem. I'm a Christian, but if my pastor ever gave a political sermon, I would get up and walk out.
  • kesmarn-Short Posts:Maybe I've missed the time you addressed Trump's bad behavior. Like maybe making fun of an overweight man in an audience at one of his insult comedy shows -- er -- rallies? Or bragging about pussy grabbing? Or trying to buy Greenland and then having a temper tantrum when it didn't happen? Or have there been too many instances for you to make a choice among them.?
  • kesmarn-Short Posts:Rumor has it that he was, AdLib. And his motto was: "Non serveo." ("I do not serve.) Which is pretty Turmpian when you think about it.
  • kesmarn-Short Posts:Apparently "Unkie Joe" was not the inevitable safe choice that some folks assumed he would be. I don't have any hostile feelings toward him, but as Warren has herself implied -- this is not the time for playing it safe with a centrist.


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