Thursday, November 21, 2019
The 5th Democratic Debate begins tonight at 6:00pm PST/9:00pm EST and PlanetPOV is hosting a live chat during the debate. Hope to see you here!
This weekend's music thread is dedicated to the brave folks publicly testifying in impeachment hearings. Songs about talking, shouting, singing or even whispering, communicating in any way, is what we're talking about this weekend.
Our veterans have made their sacrifices for the rest of us, they deserve to be honored and treated with gratitude by all Americans (and especially by the V.A.). So this weekend's music thread is dedicated to our veterans, the themes being about peace, war, compassion and respect.
When things started to fall apart for McConnell, it didn’t take long for him to have his version of Hrothgar’s “dreadful demon that ruled unrighteous and raged against all.” For Hrothgar, his dreadful was Grendel. For Mitch, his dreadful demon is named Donald J. Trump.
People have asked me why I am running. I am running because every day you endure injustice is the longest day of your life. I am running because I want to be in a position to correct these injustices.

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  • Kalima-Short Posts:Yes, we all know the bitter taste of coffee dregs. More bad news for the crook in the Oval Office. — Prosecutors Investigating the Trump Organization Zero In on Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg Weisselberg is one of the Trump Organization’s longest tenured employees and is now co-running the business. He escaped federal prosecution for the Stormy Daniels payments but is now a focus of an investigation by Manhattan’s district attorney.
  • AdLib-Short Posts:I've really liked Maloney, he's done a solid job. But Vindman's statement that Kes quoted below was probably the most inspiring and powerful quote of the week.
  • AdLib-Short Posts:The GOP is like a pot of coffee that's been left on the burner for way too long, whatever was good in it has evaporated away and all that's left in it is bitter dregs. Yes, I was really pleased to see Netanyahu charged finally and it was no surprise to see him react like Trump and howl, "Hoax!" "Coup!" "Investigate the investigators!" But he's just a placeholder PM right now and there may be another election soon and I think he will be completely rejected if so. His days as a PM are over but his days as a convict are just ahead for him.
  • Kalima-Short Posts:
  • Kalima-Short Posts:The Republican Party is dead and has been replaced by liars who support a life long criminal for their own political gain. Disloyal to the nation, the American people and the Constitution they pledged an oath to protect. Traitors. Netanyahu’s indictment cheered me up.
  • AdLib-Short Posts:What was a small victory was how, as the questioning went on and Fiona Hill smacked down Repub after Repub, they stopped asking her any more questions and just used their 5 minutes to rant, intentionally refusing to allow her to say anything. When she finally tried, the Repubs tried to shout her down but Schiff cut them off and gave Hill the time to respond. This is the behavior of toadies to a dictator. There is nothing honest or principled about the GOP anymore, they have all sold their souls to Trump and they are empty shells of human beings.
  • Kalima-Short Posts:Understandable. — President Volodymyr Zelensky says Ukraine getting ‘tired’ of Trump scandal
  • Kalima-Short Posts:I watched a few hours of all the testimony given by the witnesses and felt angry and physically sick by the lies and behaviour we saw and heard from the republicans. The walk out by repubs during Sondland’s testimony and after the attack on Fiona Hill was appalling and cowardly. With all of their talking points now on the trash heap, they can’t defend him and have no viable evidence to exonerate the criminal in the WH. It was depressing to see so much carnage and corruption from one party in one room. I hope they all lose their seats in 2020. Deplorable!
  • AdLib-Short Posts:Jordan is such an obviously obnoxious liar, Republicans must have such low self-esteem issues to like him, Nunes and Trump. Such asses, who would be proud of identifying with such slimy guys?
  • AdLib-Short Posts:Since Trump is a disloyal snake and quick to throw others under the bus, it is pulling a Trump to backstab your “colleague” but I wouldn’t say that’s what Sondaland is doing. He’s slapping back after being smacked down for weeks as the fall guy. That doesn’t change that he too is a lying weasel but it’s a different thing IMO to expose the guilt of others when they’re trying to blame you for everything. And of course, Trump’s first response is to claim he doesn’t really know Sondland. Really? The Dumpster thinks anyone still believes that tired bit after the 10th time?


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