This weekend's music thread is dedicated to the Democrats in Congress who are using their consciences to stop the aspiring tyrant in the White House. Songs about gratitude, strength, wisdom and fighting the good fight are the evidence and witnesses in this hearing.
The historic Senate impeachment trial against Donald Trump began yesterday and gets underway in earnest next Tuesday. So many outrageous and remarkable things have been happening so often with regards to Trump, the impact of the really...
Share songs about going in any direction, up or down, North or South, here or there or just moving on.
This weekend's music thread is for songs that express or give you good feelings, the happiness that give us hope and comfort even in the most challenging times.
We're about to enter 2020 and an unintended irony may be the country having a more perfect vision of the way things really are and of the future we need to head towards. So this weekend's music thread celebrates the coming of the New Year with a theme of songs about beginnings and endings, things new and old, memories and looking ahead to better things.
Christmas is just several days away, a time for peace and love...which is not always the way it works out at Christmas dinner with Uncle Roy who won't take off his MAGA hat and blames the Deep State for the dry turkey. So the theme for this weekend's music thread is holiday music, songs about love and family, peace and what's best in people.
This weekend's music thread is all about shopping and things people can buy, whether it's a car or a drink, a house or a pair of shoes, dinner or a president. Also, songs about things that money can't buy, like love, principles, friendship or an alien abduction of Trump, are just as welcome.
With so much going on, impeachment inquiries, maniacal propagandizing, presidential primaries, Papa John getting divorced, there is a blizzard of emotions flying around us. So this weekend's music thread is about emotions, songs about being happy, sad, excited, lonely, affectionate or angry. If you're feeling it, share it!
It's Thanksgiving weekend, a time for family, home cooking and photoshopping the heads of 73 year old obese narcissists onto the bodies of fictional boxers. So naturally, this weekend's music thread is for songs about what Thanksgiving represents, family, happiness, gratitude, love and of course, food.
This weekend's music theme is a tribute to the best in people, demonstrated by the career state department diplomats and staff that work so hard and conscientiously on behalf of the U.S. and all of us. Songs about love, kindness, compassion, concern for others and helping people are in our musical portfolio this weekend.