This weekend's music thread is about dreaming, wishing, imaginary things and places and dreamy songs and states of mind.
The theme for this weekend’s music thread is songs about and for America, songs about its people, its places, its problems and its promise.
So this weekend's music theme is inspired by the recent Democratic debates, songs about personal stories, identity, issues, agreements and disagreements.
This weekend’s music thread is calling out the whitewashing and black redactions of truths by recognizing our true colors. Songs with colors in the titles or songs are on this weekend's musical palette
Break out the shorts, SPF and sweet tea, Summer's here! For this weekend's music thread, we're sharing songs that celebrate the heat, travel, relaxation and so much more that Summer brings.
This weekend's music thread is dedicated to our allies across the pond, for keeping calm and carrying on against Trump. Share songs by Brits or about the UK.
This weekend's music thread is about the world. Songs about the Earth and it's many features such as trees, rivers, skies and land.
The theme for this weekend is songs about heroes, good people, songs of thanks and protest songs against wars and other threats to the safety of people.

Songs about fighting the good fight, resistance and rebelling against those with (and abusing) power is this weekend's theme.

In honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday, this weekend's music thread is for songs about Moms, families, love and women.