This weekend's music thread is about having faith despite setbacks along the way. Songs about persistence and confidence that better days are coming.
This weekend's music thread is about communication, whether it's talking, singing, calling, expressing a view or writing a report about a Russian conspiring traitor, you've got the signal to post it!
In light of the terrorist attack in New Zealand that stole so many innocent lives, this weekend's music thread is about humanity. Songs about our weaknesses, our strengths, our ideals, what we share as human beings and our hopes...
Paul Manafort has been sentenced to 4 years in prison with more prison time coming up next week in his second trial. Roger Stone is indicted and is facing a likely conviction. The House is investigating more leads on...
This weekend's music thread is about storytelling. Share your favorite songs that tell a story.
The 91st Academy Awards are this Sunday night so to get in the spirit of celebrating the art of filmmaking, this weekend's music thread is about music in movies.
This weekend's music thread is for songs about being free to do whatever or go anywhere you want to...without being stopped by any stinkin' walls.
Valentine's Day is just five days away so this weekend we put aside everything else to celebrate love. Share your favorite love songs...boxes of chocolates will also be happily accepted.
We now have more than half a dozen Democratic candidates running for the Presidential nomination in 2020 so this weekend's music theme is about running and moving in a good direction.
This weekend's music thread is about the dignity of (and freedom to) work, songs about working, types of jobs and places where people work.