It's Summer and people are ramblin' around so this weekend's music thread is all about travel, vacations and far away places. So gas up your car, pack up your suitcases and get that Hawaiian shirt out of the back of the closet, we're on vacation!
Share the songs and soundtracks from your favorite movies that make you want to sing and dance...or at least tap your toe!
Driving though the snow in a beat up Chevrolet, Through the aisles we go, pushing people out the way......
Whether it's a song that's connected to an event or period in your life, songs imbued with heartfelt emotion or songs about issues that matter, this week's music thread is for songs that have meaning to you.
The Trump house of cards seems like it's now collapsing thanks to his misogynist chatter so this weekend's music thread is dedicated to things that people say and people Trump is gonna lose bigly!
As a nod back at President Obama for singing, "Let's Stay Together" this week, this music theme is about coming together, loving and caring and staying positive about life and the future.
You've blogged about important issues all week, you've earned a chance to relax and recharge. It's Music Time. So, this week's theme for this thread is all about putting aside the weight of the world's events for a while and...
Hey Planet folk! Well, another weekend has arrived (and quickly), so we have another music thread to have some fun with. This weekend's thread is about places. Post your favorite songs about cities, counties, states, and countries. Songs about places you've...
With the big debate coming up on Monday, this weekend's music thread is all about songs that have a bit of fight in them, songs about standing up for something, calling out truths and bouncing back.
Are there really that many happy meals missing french fries? Judging by the look of the GOP, the NRA and producers of rifles for children, I really think so. So this weekend's music thread is about crazy people, lunatics and just plain mayhem.