Welcome to the jungle, folks! Another weekend music thread has come our way. With all the events of the past few years, and the GOP still promoting social Darwinism, I can only conclude, that it's a jungle out there, and by "there," I mean right here in the good ole, bad ole U S of A!
To celebrate Thanksgiving weekend, this weekend's music thread is about love, caring and being thankful.
Sometimes you just need to shake things up, order something different at your favorite restaurant, listen to new music, elect a guy named Barack president, etc. So today's music thread is about the start of the new and the end...
Share your theme songs for this women-led revolution, as a tribute to the women who put their fears last and their fight for justice first.
Those that would seek to dominate and control us all, love nothing better than to see us at each other's throats. Our disharmony allows them to grasp everything they want without our notice.
To join the powerful push back by marchers in France and people around the world against last week's attack on freedom of expression, this weekend's music thread is about being free. So say what you want to say with the songs and videos that speak freely for you!
  Is the first time the worst time?  Is being original overrated?  These  songs might  just prove that theory.  Take a dive in the world of cover songs and remakes, re-imaginings, and WTF?  You might just find some hidden gems...
Wherever you go, there you are. This weekend's music thread is about places in the good ol' USA, towns, cities and states. We're hitting the road this weekend so grab your cooler and your favorite tunes!
Welcome to our Friday Night Music thread! This week's theme is the music you grew up with, the songs you heard as a kid that always stayed with you,  the music you first chose as "your" music, the songs...
Autumn is not quite here yet and Summer is on the way out. So, kick back and have some fun and pick your favorite tunes.