After the past five years of dealing with the Trump Regime, the 1/6 insurrection that continues today, Covid, Climate-Change-caused natural disasters, and a Tiger King sequel, we sure deserve a good year! To celebrate the start of 2022, this weekend's music thread is about beginnings. Songs about things that are new or starting and songs that express hopes and desires for good things you would like to see in 2022 are all on the fresh slate this weekend.
In recognition of Trump's astounding ability at flipping and flopping in desperation to rescue his sinking campaign, this weekend's music thread is about moving all over the place, running, walking, dancing, flying, and of course, twisting and turning.
Hey peeps! It's time, once again for the weekend music thread. We had a weekend thread several weeks ago where people would post mini-themes, on whatever subject they wanted. There were some really good ones, let's do it again!
Donald "America First" Trump who campaigned on pulling America's military out of the world is not only threatening nuclear war with North Korea but increased troop size in Syria and just threatened a military invasion of Venezuela. The only silver...
As a musical reminder to folks that Daylight Savings Time is coming this Sunday, this weekend's music thread is all about time. Years or days, young or old, past or present, music from a past era, whatever songs represent time or the passage of time to you, the time to post them is now.
Fall is the time for dead leaves (aka "Trump's Hairdo"), Trick or Treating ("Trump's Campaign") and cooking turkeys (also known as "Trump's Election Results") is coming our way. So celebrate the arrival of Fall with songs about "fall" or "falling" (even in love), songs about nature and songs about the passage of time.
This weekend's music thread is about all things big and small, dedicated to those who try to make mountains out of molehills. To Bob (Watergate) Woodward and his attempt to make something very big out of something very small....
It's almost time to bid a fond...or not so fond farewell to 2014 so this weekend's music thread is all about the sentiments you're wishing for the new year.
Lights, camera, action...cue the music! The theme for this Friday's Music thread is a return to a favorite, music from movies. Feel free to share music and scenes from movies with or without music that are memorable. Since I've hit a...
Your rich uncle gives you a beautiful, warm, but isolated tropical island but you have to promise to stay there for 5 years and you can take a limited amount of possessions. Items you can take? Just 3 albums/CD’s . What are your picks


Weekend Music Thread – Winning Ugly

With the Democrats in The Senate just having passed landmark legislation on Climate Change, prescription drugs and taming inflation, there ain't no shame in winning ugly. So this weekend's music thread is about winning and celebrating, as the entire country should be doing with this victory for the majority of Americans.

We’re Not Here To Replace You, We’re Here To Outperform You!

Why do white people fear and hate us? Are they so afraid through reading and acquiring knowledge that, as a collective group, we would seek their ultimate destruction? Is this why the country’s history is replete with white violence delivered upon Black people?

Weekend Music Thread – See Emily Play

It's the middle of Summer, a time for being outdoors, having fun and playing all kinds of games. So this weekend's music thread is about playing, enjoyment, travel and all kinds of fun that's had during Summer.