This weekend's music thread is dedicated to those brave Americans who risked their lives and made the ultimate sacrifice to protect their fellow Americans. And to peace, to preserve the lives of those currently serving in our military.
In tribute to Mitt Romney, as a supposedly brilliant businessman who in fact just stumbles from one bad decision to another including Paul Ryan as his VP, this weekend's music theme is about trouble, making mistakes and dealing with problems.
This weekend's music thread is about taking the blows, standing strong and punching back better than you took it.
While 2016 remains a wonderful, unsullied year, let's celebrate the possibilities of good things by theming this weekend's music thread with all things new and pleasant!
After the past few weeks of doom and gloom and the usual talking heads nonsense, my brain feels a little scrambled. I figured we should just mix it up good this weekend.
This weekend's music theme is about travel by planes, trains or automobiles, about destinations all around the world and about relaxing and taking a break to enjoy life.
This weekend's music thread is for songs about being free to do whatever or go anywhere you want to...without being stopped by any stinkin' walls.
I am stunned, gobsmacked, flabbergasted and annoyed! I think this weekend's thread should be open to anything that comes to mind that may help soothe the savage (and dejected) breast! Post your favorites that help you express your feelings best. Post your favorites that may lighten the darkness a bit, or just rage at the machine!
You've blogged about important issues all week, you've earned a chance to relax and recharge. It's Music Time. So, this week's theme for this thread is all about putting aside the weight of the world's events for a while and...
Make sure to hydrate, stretch out those muscles then attack that keyboard and fire up your favorite songs about doing things.