This weekend's music theme is about work and (well-earned) play. Songs about working at anything, whether it's a job, playing music or a relationship and songs about play including traveling, games and anything people do for fun when the workweek is over.
This weekend's music thread is about light (but not inside your body). Sunlight, light, fire, and all things bright are in the spotlight this weekend (and after everything going on including staying inside so much, we can all use a bit more light in our lives!).
To call attention to Trump's cowardice (one among many) of always blaming his failures on others, this weekend's thread is for songs with titles or lyrics about you, me, he, she, us and them. But mostly "him".
To celebrate this Easter weekend, the theme for this music thread is life and living things, from animals to trees to people and anything else living around us (except viruses of course).
This weekend's theme is for songs about days of the week, which can also include yesterday, today and tomorrow...or as I am starting to call days, "yestomorrows".
Being "safe at home" for weeks can give you a bit of cabin fever so this weekend's music thread is for songs about the great outdoors, looking forward to being outside again! Share your favorite tunes about nature whether land, sea or sky!
This weekend's thread is about home, family, friends and their goodness. While we're all in our own homes, we're also all in the same place together too.
Many folks will be staying close to home this weekend (and in upcoming weeks) as we work together to protect our health but eventually, we'll be back to doing all the activities we enjoy. So this weekend's music thread is for songs about activities, running or walking, flying or driving, traveling or playing.
To celebrate the talented women who worked so hard to overcome the unfair and unrealistic requirements put upon them just to compete with men, this weekend's music thread is dedicated to women, songs about and by women.
Between the Democratic primary polls, the stock market and the Coronoavirus, we're being inundated with all kinds of numbers. So the theme of this weekend's music thread is taking a break from worrying about numbers and instead...