The Ukrainian people are suffering through such a horrendous and destructive war but they have stood up together and against one of the world’s biggest militaries with such bravery and character. They may fight the Russian invaders but they won’t be able to remove Putin from power. Only the Russian people could do that. The totalitarian state in Russia may drown Russians in lying propaganda, outlaw opposition to Putin and this unjustified war and many, especially the older, poorer and less educated will be unaware of how they have been brainwashed to support this madness.

But there are many brave Russians risking arrest, imprisonment and the destruction of their careers and lives who are standing up to Putin and his pursuit of genocide and fascist dominance. This weekend’s music thread goes out to the brave people of Ukraine defending their nation and the brave people in Russia protesting to stop this ongoing massacre of innocent people. Share songs about cities and countries around the world, as most of the world comes together to support Ukraine and cheer on Russian citizens rallying opposition to Putin and his criminal war.

Share your favorite songs about countries around the world to send your thoughts and support to the brave Ukrainian people defending their country from Putin and the brave Russian people brave enough to protest against what that monster is forcing their country to do.

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The Spanish Civil War has been of interest to me for a while – I even had in internaltionalist brigade flag hanging above my porch door


And as tribute… don’t think Pink Floyd had no influence on us goth folks.



Apoptygma Berzerk – Non-Stop Violence

Combichrist – Sent to Destroy

Covenant – Bullet



Because a long time ago I read about them talking about Chiapas and Zapatistas


[okay, I was lost down my Industrial rabbit hole and forgot I took German in High School]


Middle East

DAM – Born Here [Palestine]

Salome [Iran]

Sytem of a Down [Armenian-American]


And as to the Celtic…

Morrissey [who has been questionable – but that’s another topic – unlike Laibach I don’t how ironic he’s being recently]

Cranberries – Zombie

Oi Polloi – Scottish antifa – long before antifa was a thing

Hawks and Eagles fly like Doves – Scottish protest song

And I’ll add some others [U2 and Sex Pistols and Clash you can add, I’m trying to just introduce others]

Redskins (as in Leftist Skinheads – yes, SHARPS – skinheads against racist prejudice)

VNV Nation – Legion – the live version with images of MLK, Sitting Bull, Gandhi and others [again, I love Industrial music because of how political it is].


I have mentioned many times that Rammstein – all the band members from the mid-nineties to this day are still informed by growing up in East Germany. Learning Russian along with German, and performing in sport and the rest. They have such an interesting intersection and nuanced view of growing up in the Eastern Bloc.

Moskau – live in Moscow

Lindemann, the lead singer’s solo project and revisiting his Soviet experience

And back to Rammstein – we’re all living in America

And Russians covering Rammstein with classical Russian instruments


My favorite Slovenian Industrial avante-garde band to which I have a passport for NSK, and whom were around to piss off Tito and everyone else. Irony is dead. Slavoj Žižek, the Slovene philosopher is a fan. Dripping sarcasm. You might recognize them from actually performing in North Korea.


In North Korea

NATO – The Final Countdown [they do the funniest covers]

Žižek on Laibach


You’ve listened to me, so, those are the Kinks? Like Ray Davies? Like, my parents saw them live. I’m gonna process that, as I grew up with a more Grunge version.

Paul McCartney with an Irish – okay. Did not know. I refuse the Sir part on his behalf.

I did see the Ukraine opening on SNL. Again, SNL still has its moments.

Sting was always smart, but Mr Kruschev, was Ukrainian, not Russian. Stalin was Georgian, not Russian. But, whatever. Soviet even isn’t correct, but, USSR, was complicated.