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Weekend Music Thread – So You Want To Be A Rock and Roll Star

This weekend, we're inviting our members to share a song or more from their favorite bands or singers, artists whose songs have really spoken for you or to you or comforted you when you've most needed it.

Weekend Music Thread – My Old School

With graduations going on now, this weekend's music thread is dedicated to grads, songs about school, growing up, moving on and songs offering wisdom about life.

Weekend Music Thread – Heroes

This weekend, we remember our fallen heroes with songs about them, war and peace (including protest songs) and songs about America.

Weekend Music Thread – I Love My Dog

Our pets kept us sane and comforted during what was a very difficult time of isolation.. So this weekend's music thread is for songs about animals, from apes to zebras, share the songs you love about the animals you love.

Weekend Music Thread – Yet Another Movie

People are flying on on planes more, socializing and once again, going to the movies. So to celebrate what we hope is getting a bit on top of COVID and getting back a bit more to normal, this weekend's music thread is about movie music. Share your favorite songs from movies, are the titles of movies or are about movies.

Vox Populi – 05-14-2021

Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events begins tonight at 7pm PDT. I’m out of town tonight so Vox will be an open chat,...