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2039 POSTS

A Proposal: Mitigating the Damage From Climate Change

A proposal for a Climate Change damage mitigation project, proposing a National Water Management Agency to reduce floods, mitigate damage from droughts and generate needed supplies of potable water. Your comments, critiques and suggestions are welcomed.

Weekend Music Thread – Long Distance Runaround

This weekend's music thread is about distance, songs about being close or far, getting from here to there, going away or coming back.

Weekend Music Thread – Walk of Life

The bees are buzzing, the bunnies are hopping, it's Easter Weekend! To recognize this holiday about spirituality and the celebration of life, this weekend's music thread is for songs about life, nature, philosophy, and of course, love.

Weekend Music Thread – Free Me

This weekend's music thread celebrates Passover by sharing and promoting the theme of fighting for freedom and equality. Songs about freedom, fighting the good fight, social justice and songs about protest are liberating for this weekend.

Weekend Music Thread – Mother Nature’s Son

To celebrate Spring, which those of us staying safe at home during COVID-19 will just have to take on faith that it's here, this weekend's music thread is for planting songs about nature. Trees, rivers, fields, flowers, any songs about the living world around us are ripe for this thread.

Weekend Music Thread – Rikki Don’t Lose That Number

as a reminder to folks to set their clocks ahead at 2:00 am on Sunday, This weekend's music thread is for songs about numbers. Share numerous songs about numbers, add and multiply them, they'll all count.