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Weekend Music Thread – I Thank You

It's Thanksgiving weekend, a day for thankfulness, family, and antacids. To celebrate Thanksgiving, our weekend music thread is about being thankful, love and any song about something you're thankful for. Including antacids.

Weekend Music Thread – How Do You Sleep?

The GOP now openly supports sedition, racism, death threats towards fellow Congresspeople, men who sexually assault women, pedophiles, voter suppression, and murdering protesters. And that's just the shortlist. How do they sleep at night? That's the musical question we ask in this weekend's music thread through the theme of songs that ask questions.

Weekend Music Thread – Rock and a Hard Place

This week, a grand jury indicted Nazi Fred Flintstone AKA Steve Bannon which signals the beginning of bringing Trumpanzee criminals to justice. So the theme of this weekend's music thread is about justice, just desserts, the law, and crime and punishment.

Weekend Music Thread – Getting Better

To celebrate the incredible achievement of Dems, Pres. Biden, Speaker Pelosi and even some Repubs passing the infrastructure bill (and that there really is an "Infrastructure Week" finally), this weekend's music theme is about things getting better, being good and working out nicely.

Weekend Music Thread – Don’t Fear the Reaper

It's the time of year when horrifying creatures terrify people with their tortured screams and hideous appearances. But enough about the anti-vaxxers, it's also Halloween! So scare up a few of your favorite songs for Halloween, songs about scary things, fantasy characters or songs about the season.

Weekend Music Thread – She’s A Rainbow

The colors of Fall are out around the country so this weekend's music thread is for songs about colors. Share your favorite songs to paint a colorful music thread!