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Trump Signs Secret Order Declaring Election Day, “Opposite Day”

"Look, it's all very simple. If you want to vote for Sleepy Joe, you vote 'Trump' on your ballot. And you can do that with the confidence that the president who promised to make Mexico pay for the wall and end American carnage would never cancel Opposite Day once the votes are in," Trump snickered into both hands, leaving an orange crust on both palms when they lowered.

Weekend Music Thread – Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV

As a way to remember Trump's inability to remember (or be competent), this weekend's music thread has five themes, each being one of the five words he struggled to repeat: Person, woman, man, camera, tv. For extra credit, try and post one song connected to each word.

The Cure For COVID-19 Seclusion: Join Us Tonight at 7:00pm PDT For Our Live Chat…Vox Populi!

You're invited to join us for our weekly live chat tonight (and every Friday night), Vox Populi! It starts at 7:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then!

How Joe Biden Can Help Stop Trump’s Descent Into Tyranny

There is one person who could gum up the works of Trump's dictatorship-in-process. And he's not even in elected office. Yet. Joe Biden has said that this election is a battle for the very soul of America. So right now would be a good time for Biden to really flex on this, step up and fire a loud warning shot across the bow of Trump's henchmen. The Rule of Law is coming back in 2021...and it could be coming for them.

Weekend Music Thread – Freedom Highway

This weekend's music thread is dedicated to an irreplaceable and historic hero of justice, equality and humanity by the name of The Honorable John Lewis. Songs about civil rights, protest, equality, peace, and unity are all invited and welcome.

Weekend Music Thread – Summertime Blues

Our musical theme for this weekend is Summer, hot days, beaches, travel and vacations to fun places, reminders of how it's been and how it will be again.

Weekend Music Thread – Livin’ In The USA

This weekend's music thread is about America, freedom, independence and any qualities of the country (current or not) that people celebrate.