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2021 POSTS

Weekend Music Thread – Can’t Find My Way Home

Since many can't travel home for the holidays this Christmas, our musical itinerary this weekend includes songs about traveling, places to travel to and from, and songs about home.

Trump Isn’t Destroying Democracy, He’s Exposing The GOP’s Fascism

For decades at a minimum, the core dogma of the GOP has been fascism, insisting that only Republicans are entitled to hold power and any elections that result in Democrats winning and people of color being empowered, are by definition, illegitimate or fraudulent.

Weekend Music Thread – It’s All Over Now

This week, the SCOTUS spanked the Loser-In-Chief and his last, best effort to replace our democracy with fascism. So this weekend's music theme is about beginnings and endings, starting and stopping, going and being gone.

Weekend Music Thread – Cold as Ice

To celebrate this chilly season here in the U.S. and those lucky to have warmer temperatures elsewhere, the theme for this weekend's music thread is cold and hot, Winter and Summer, being warm and definitely being cool.

Trump Legal Team Accidentally Sue Themselves for Fraud

Fired-but-continuing Trump Campaign lawyer Sidney Powell appeared in a Pennsylvania courthouse today along with colleagues Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis and faced a confused Judge Matthew W. Brann who questioned why they filed a petition accusing themselves of fraud.

Weekend Music Thread – Cry Baby Cry

To recognize the infantile behavior of a man-child who makes five-year-olds look like sage philosophers, the theme of this weekend's music thread is babies, children, being young, being older, crying and yelling, being foolish and being wise. Unlike the most powerful man in the world...for 53 days more.