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Weekend Music Thread – I’d Love to Change the World

This weekend's music thread is about the world. Songs about the Earth and it's many features such as trees, rivers, skies and land.

Join Our Live Chat Tonight at PlanetPOV!!! It’s Vox Populi at 7:00pm PDT!

It's Friday which means tonight's the night for Vox Populi, our weekly live chat with your fellow members about the week's events (and you can use that...

The Cynical Charade of “Pro-Life” Politicians

What you see in these RW Republican politicians on most issues is pretty consistent support for allowing the deaths of others to poverty, guns, wars, old age, etc.. Their "pro-life" position on abortion is an anomaly...and that's because to them, this issue isn't really about religious beliefs or compassion, It's about something else far more crass and cynical. It's about power.

Welcome to the New PlanetPOV!!!

PlanetPOV may have had a remodel (try out the rooftop pool with swim-up bar!) but behind the fresh, new look is the same heart and soul of The Planet but with some cool new features!

Weekend Music Thread – My Hero

The theme for this weekend is songs about heroes, good people, songs of thanks and protest songs against wars and other threats to the safety of people.

Something Earth Shaking is Happening At PlanetPOV

PlanetPOV is going to be launching a brand new website to celebrate our 10th Anniversary!

Weekend Music Thread – Roar

Songs about fighting the good fight, resistance and rebelling against those with (and abusing) power is this weekend's theme.

Weekend Music Thread – Happy Mother’s Day 2019!

In honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday, this weekend's music thread is for songs about Moms, families, love and women.

Weekend Music Thread – I Want to Fly Away

This weekend's music thread is about getting away from it all. Flying, sailing, cruising, however you want to musically go from here to there in a musically soothing way.