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Is the Insistence of Moderate Dems to Win Back Trump Voters…a Racial Thing?

Are the Moderate Democrats unaware that by being focused on praising and pandering to the "white working class"/"good people on both sides" crowd, they are insulting, taking for granted and alienating the very Democratic voters who are younger and African American that they need to actually win?

The 2nd Democratic Debate – Night 2 – Join Our Live Chat Here – Starts at 5:00pm PDT!

There will be a lot going on in tonight's Democratic Debate and there's no better way to share your reactions in real time than with your fellow Planeteers in our simultaneous Live Chat right here! It all begins at 5:00pm PDT!

The 2nd Democratic Debate – Join Our Live Chat Tonight at 5:00pm PDT!

It's Night One of the 2nd Democratic debate and not only will there be so much for them to talk about, there will be so much for us to discuss about them! As usual, we are hosting a live chat to accompany the debate and both begin at 5:00pm PDT.

Weekend Music Thread – Favorite TV Show Themes

This weekend we take a break from our topically-themed music threads to kick back and take a musical journey through our favorite tv shows of all time. Share the opening themes of tv shows that you've enjoyed from the past or present .

Trump Claims The Women in The Squad Are “The Real Male Chauvinists”

Trump stated, "I'll tell you who the real racists are, those four intentionally non-white congresswomen who called me racist. Only racists would call other people racists so I'm calling them out as racists," Trump insisted in an accelerated circular logic that caused even adviser Kellyanne "Alternate Facts" Conway to become nauseous.

Weekend Music Thread – Walking on the Moon

On this 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, we put aside this week and seeing the worst in us to focus on what is best in us, our ability to come together over an ambitious vision and make progress towards a better future. This weekend's music thread is about the moon, the sun, the sky and the mysteries that still await us.