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Weekend Music Thread – Work To Do

This weekend's music theme is about work and (well-earned) play. Songs about working at anything, whether it's a job, playing music or a relationship and songs about play including traveling, games and anything people do for fun when the workweek is over.

Weekend Music Thread – Shine a Light

This weekend's music thread is about light (but not inside your body). Sunlight, light, fire, and all things bright are in the spotlight this weekend (and after everything going on including staying inside so much, we can all use a bit more light in our lives!).

Trump Flirts With Dropping Nukes on America to Wipe Out COVID-19

TRUMP: "I was thinking about this yesterday while someone was trying to brief me on something "urgent", I wasn't paying attention to their boring screams because I was thinking about this...what if I dropped nukes all over the U.S., you know, in the air, so it didn't harm any businesses. The radiation would come down so beautiful, like an invisible hero to kill the invisible enemy, Corona."

Weekend Music Thread – From Me to You

To call attention to Trump's cowardice (one among many) of always blaming his failures on others, this weekend's thread is for songs with titles or lyrics about you, me, he, she, us and them. But mostly "him".

How the MSM is Helping Trump Incite a Civil War

This looks more like the last stage of a coup. Consolidating power in himself by stacking the courts as his puppets, discrediting belief in the truth by attacking the press as fake and rigging elections with voter suppression. Spreading propaganda and lies while facilitating Russian-aided disinformation on social media. Trying to shut down the postal service which means shutting down voting by mail. Lastly, raising a fascist, well armed militia to stand against his political enemies. The threat to our democracy couldn't be more urgent.

Weekend Music Thread – Wild Wild Life

To celebrate this Easter weekend, the theme for this music thread is life and living things, from animals to trees to people and anything else living around us (except viruses of course).