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The final Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump begins at 6:00pm PDT tonight and our live chat (right here) begins at 5:30pm PDT. Whatever happens in the debate, you can be sure of an entertaining, clever and...
Welcome to our Live Chat for the 2nd Presidential Debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. This should be the most outrageous presidential debate there's ever been and there's no better way to experience it than joining our live...
Our live chat on and during the Vice Presidential debate begins tonight at 5:30pm PDT. The debate begins at 6:00pm PDT and can be watched live streaming on our post here: http://planetpov.com/2016/10/04/chat-live-tonight-the-2016-vice-presidential-debate-600pm-pdt/ CHAT LIVE TONIGHT: The 2016 Vice Presidential Debate –...




Trump To Replace VP Pence With Diamond And Silk

Trump instructed his aides to always have Diamond and Silk wear name tags whenever they're around him. "The downside in having black running mates to prove you're not racist is having to tell them apart," Trump nodded earnestly.

Weekend Music Thread – Please Mr. Postman

This weekend's music thread is dedicated to our wonderful postal workers and stopping this assault on America. Songs about letters, writing, communicating, talking, listening, and getting the word out one way or another is what we're carrying door-to-door this weekend.

Can the Freudian Bull Doc, Trump is a Mobster

I've known the son of a powerful New York Mafia don. He told me, "They started telling me when I was a brat kid that everyone is just as crooked as everyone else. That no one is any "smahta," that that's just the smartasses talking out their asses." And they hate experts and smartass know-it-all assholes above all things (except, maybe, boredom).

Protect, Isolate, Quarantine (Oh, Louis Gohmert Was Right!)

Mask-wearing alone, though essential, will not stop the pandemic. It has to be part of a comprehensive plan, and it has to be proven in the laboratory as effective. But, even in a detail as obvious as this, there is no plan. Anyone can make and sell a mask.