It’s Election Day!!! Today and tonight, we’ll be hosting a live chat (and I’ll be live blogging) for all members to join in and share their thoughts and reactions to the election results as they come in. Feel free to pop in and out during the night! We’ll be here, starting at 4:00pm PDT/7:00pm EDT. Hope to see you here! AdLib a day ago

It’s three here. Y’all did stuff with clocks. It’s almost more confusing that we never change. Khirad a day ago

Is it 16:00 yet? Khirad a day ago

It’s still three there, nevermind. Khirad a day ago

Hey! AdLib a day ago

Almost, 3:06pm PDT right now. AdLib a day ago

In L.A.. AdLib a day ago

Here’s which states have polls closing at 4pm PDT/7pm EDT: Kentucky, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia. AdLib a day ago

And closing later in the hour, at 4:30pm PDT/7:30pm PDT: North Carolina, Ohio, West Virginia AdLib a day ago

Just to kick things off Khirad a day ago

AdLib a day ago

Oh man… AdLib a day ago

That’s the Lt. Gov too! She is a total nutjob. AdLib a day ago

I’m not kidding about Idaho. They’re not in play, but they’re in their own private universe. Khirad a day ago

My Own Private Asylum, Idaho. AdLib a day ago

The only interestiing results for me at 4pm will be SC. Not that Biden should win there but if Jamie Harrison can start ahead, that would be cool. AdLib a day ago

Sarah Palin grew up in Idaho… Khirad a day ago

If Jaime Harrison can make it interesting… Khirad a day ago

But at 4:30pm, NC and OH polls close, if Biden starts out strongly ahead in other, Trump will eed a fresh diaper. Could be an early night if NC, let alone OH go for Biden. AdLib a day ago

Let’s make it a blowout. I still have PTSD from last time Khirad a day ago

Same here! That’s what I’m rooting for. Biden wins NC and OH, it’s over. He wins AZ and NE 2nd district, it’s over. He wins WI, MI and PA, it’s over. AdLib a day ago

So, in 45 minutes, we’ll get our first look at NC and OH. Keeping my fingers crossed. AdLib a day ago

Did you see how “low energy” and defeated Trump sounded this morning? AdLib a day ago

Even after the caravan! Khirad a day ago

Yes! AdLib a day ago

AdLib a day ago

Where is he, in his bunker? Khirad a day ago

Behind the many fences, behind the Secret Service, behind the locked WH doors, down in the bunker guarded by Secret Service. With Eva Braun huddled beside him. AdLib a day ago

I was mentioning elsewhere, and I’m not being alarmist, but Tehran did the same thing before Ahmadinejad “won” reelection. Khirad a day ago

3 minutes until the first results! AdLib a day ago

Here we go… AdLib a day ago

T minus…. Khirad a day ago

Well…not much vote in yet anywhere. Oh well… AdLib a day ago

Indiana, the Idaho of the midwest. Khirad a day ago

Indi-ho. AdLib a day ago

Ha Khirad a day ago

Ida-ho ad Indi-ho. AdLib a day ago

Just a couple of Republican ho’s. AdLib a day ago

Lou Dobb’s just called it for Trump. Khirad a day ago

Biden winning Pinellas county in FL by 8% with 75% in. AdLib a day ago

Trump won it in 2016. AdLib a day ago

If we’re both watching MSNBC I have a 45 second delay Khirad a day ago

Citris County in FL, heavy Repub area, Biden higher than Clinton by 4% with 60% in. AdLib a day ago

Heh! Well, I’ll post for folks who come later, you’re seeing what I am. AdLib a day ago

Maybe more like 15 second Khirad a day ago

Just call me “Spoiler”! AdLib a day ago

The 15 second time traveller Khirad a day ago

Seems like Trump is doing well in Repub districts…but a little lower than 2016 and he barely won then. And wait until the overperformance I expect from Biden in Dem districts. AdLib a day ago

Trees, swamps and bushes don’t vote. Khirad a day ago

Don’t vote by mail was a strategy? Khirad a day ago

Biden up 3% in Hillsborough over Hillary’s numbers, winnning by 11% now. AdLib a day ago

BROWARD!!! 75% for Biden with 16% in! AdLib a day ago

Khirad – Don’t underestimate the support for Trump with swamps. AdLib a day ago

Yep, sure looks like Trump shot himself in the foot in FL by attacking mail-in voting. Good. AdLib a day ago

Trump is like the Witcher only the opposite. Khirad a day ago

Midas Touch in reverse. AdLib a day ago

Biden leading already in FL! By a small margin but with most of the Dem districts not in yet. AdLib a day ago

Just wait for the older Cubanos to screw things up Khirad a day ago

Part of the big problem with Kornacki and these “analysts” is that percentage is less important than total vote advantage that’s represeted by that margin. AdLib a day ago

No surprise, Biden wins VT. AdLib a day ago

Low info voters are so easy to propagandize. “Biden is under Castro’s control!” Uh…Castro is dead. AdLib a day ago

Biden’s lead in FL is growing despite Kornacki insisting that margin in Miami Dade underperforming. AdLib a day ago

Spoilers, Biden will win Oregon and Washington Khirad a day ago

Biden at 63% in Cobb County, GA with 27% in. AdLib a day ago

Wasn’t Gingrich from around Cobb? Khirad a day ago

Biden up 55% in GA with only 3% in. AdLib a day ago

That sounds right. AdLib a day ago

Except the panhandle… the suspense Khirad a day ago

Duval County, FL, Trump won it in 2016 barely, Biden up at 54% s far. AdLib a day ago

More poll closings there are Khirad a day ago

Biden apparently overperforming in red counties in FL. AdLib a day ago

Biden overperformed Hillary in Sumter, where The Villages are. Biden just popped above Trump in FL with a lot of the Dem vote ot in. AdLib a day ago

Yep, these are big states coming in now! AdLib a day ago

No offense, but if I’m leaving soon, how do I get to order for the table? Khirad a day ago

O-hi-o Khirad a day ago

Heh! Just use your MasterPlanet card. AdLib a day ago

Oh! I O U. AdLib a day ago

Biden just got a ton of votes from Broward, put him 2% ahead. AdLib a day ago

When does Pennsylvania come in? I mean that’s all that matters after Florida and Ohio Khirad a day ago

Just off the phone from talking with first time voter, the Fave — now a college sophomore. She voted for “Bye, Don” earlier today. So proud of her. kesmarn a day ago

How did she grow up that fast? kesmarn a day ago

PA comes in with a bunch of states in 25 minutes. AdLib a day ago

Yes!!! AdLib a day ago

Hey Kes! So glad to hear that! AdLib a day ago

She’s loving college life. University of Cincinnati. kesmarn a day ago

Gained ground with Latinos or Cubans specifically? Khirad a day ago

Wonderful! What year is she in? AdLib a day ago

Khirad – Apparently, low info voters bought into Joe Biden being a socialist? AdLib a day ago

Sophomore year. Psych major. kesmarn a day ago

One commercial said he was a liberal, socialist and communist at the same time! Khirad a day ago

Why not throw in vegan while they’re at it, Khirad? kesmarn a day ago

I see Biden just won Virginia. kesmarn a day ago

A Vegan Satanist baby eater! Khirad a day ago

Polls closing at 5PM PDT (20 minutes from now): Alabama Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida* (Polls close at 7 p.m. ET outside of Florida’s Panhandle) Illinois Maine Maryland Massachusetts Mississippi Missouri New Hampshire* (Poll closings can vary by municipality, to find the time your polling place closes, click here.) New Jersey Oklahoma Pennsylvania Rhode Island Tennessee* (Closing time vary by county, look up poll closing times here) AdLib a day ago

Kes – Very cool! Is she attending in person? Enjoying college? AdLib a day ago

“Who drinks the tears of orphans,” Khirad. kesmarn a day ago

Khirad – All they left out is that Biden is Castro’s long lost half-brother. AdLib a day ago

Yes, she’s on campus. They’ve been great with taking safety measures. Many classes online. Lots of distancing and masks. She’s tested negative x 3 so far. kesmarn a day ago

Qanon will be upset that they didn’t include “pedophile” and “cannibal” in the Biden attack ad. AdLib a day ago

Biden overperforming Hillary in Orange County, FL, 64% vs 60% in 2016. AdLib a day ago

Wouldn’t it be great if Biden took FL? kesmarn a day ago

Kornnacki is a fool. He just keeps pointing at Trump’s being just below his 2016 numbers but ignores Biden overperforming Hillary in red districts. AdLib a day ago

Will Jo Jorgenson have any effect? Khirad a day ago

Good to hear, Kes. Terrible that so many students are missing out on the cllege experience. AdLib a day ago

I think Biden could win FL but it’s close…considering the USPS under DeJoy held back many ballots. AdLib a day ago

Let’s just call the redneck riviera Khirad a day ago

It’s a wonderful experience (college on campus) and one that is best done when you’re in that late teen to early 20’s time frame. So glad she’s getting to do it. kesmarn a day ago

I think Jo plays a role but much smaller than Stein in 2016. In a neck and neck finish, it could be the difference in FL. AdLib a day ago

I’m surprised at the numbers so far for Ohio. Thought it would be incredibly close (still may be), but right now Biden doing very well. kesmarn a day ago

Biden far overperforming Hillary in OH. AdLib a day ago

Yes! kesmarn a day ago

I want to see Collins fall so hard Khirad a day ago

Yes, she’s such a weasel. kesmarn a day ago

Biiden leading Delaware County Trump won at 56%, Biden at 54% with 73% in! AdLib a day ago

She’ll wag her finger! Khirad a day ago

Man, Ohio is looking very possible for Biden!!! AdLib a day ago

Kinda predictable so far in Ohio though Khirad a day ago

Collins needs to lose. AdLib a day ago

I’m glad that people that voted Obama then Trump might vote for Biden – but WTF is wrong with them? Khirad a day ago

Khirad – Biden is far overperforming Hillary so far. Enough to winn in OH? I don’t know but he is competitive and ahead so far. AdLib a day ago

I haven’t seen Toledo yet Khirad a day ago

Biiden leads right now in OH with 60% with 22% of vote in. Don’t knnow all the details but Biden is winning suburban districts Trump won inn 2016. AdLib a day ago

Tied in FL. AdLib a day ago

West Virginia needs to stop sucking at the gubments teat if they’re gonna vote GOP Khirad a day ago

Agreed about WV, such hypocites but again, low info types. AdLib a day ago

Lot of states but only three or four matter Khirad a day ago

Yep, PA ends this, so does AZ, GA and NC. AdLib a day ago

I think Biden may win FL, big Dem district still out ad they’re virtually tied. AdLib a day ago

MA, MD, DE, and DC declared for Biden. OK for Trump. AdLib a day ago

Like I said, lot’s of shockers here Khirad a day ago

Missouri might be interesting? Khirad a day ago

Yep, GA and FL could go for Biden, destroying the Southern Strategy. AdLib a day ago

Would love to see Missouri in play. And what about TX? AdLib a day ago

I wouldn’t hold my breath on TX, but they had to spend money there Khirad a day ago

Lucas County, heavy Dem county in FL, only 39% in and could flip it to Biden. AdLib a day ago

Biden overperforming in many districts in FL. It will be close but he could win. AdLib a day ago

Had to step away for a bit. Laundry. (Priorities!) I’m seeing electoral votes — Biden: 85 and Trump 65. Early yet, though. kesmarn a day ago

Not depending on TX going blue but the turnout in Harris County and the GOP trying to kill 100k votes there makes me think they may see that turning the state blue. AdLib a day ago

Looks like The Turtle is back for a 7th term. Too bad. Literally. kesmarn a day ago

10% of TX vote in, Biden up in TX and overperforming. TX and FL are longshots but this bodes well for Biden winning AZ and NC. AdLib a day ago

Let alone PA! AdLib a day ago

Kornacki still tunnelvisioned on percentages when increased voter turnout means more per percent. AdLib a day ago

Biden improves by 10% on Hillary and wins Williamson Coounty, where Austin is. AdLib a day ago

Biden at 56.1% with 26% in. AdLib a day ago

Nationwide, AdLib? kesmarn a day ago

Sorry, in TX. AdLib a day ago

Thanks! kesmarn a day ago

Biden at 54.1 in TX with 32% in. A long way to go but my takeaway is that you can see Biden overperforming in suburbs which means more likely winning in AZ, PA, CA and maybe GA. AdLib a day ago

NC, I meant. AdLib a day ago

Biden up by 12% in NC with over 50% of vote in. Overperforming Hillary in 2016. AdLib a day ago

I’m happy at what I’m seeing, Biden overperformig in suburbs, only hurt in FL by Latinx voters who were targeted with “socialist” slurs agaist Biden and they’re from socialist countries they fled. Manipulated but not in any of these other states where it would steer the state away from Biden. AdLib a day ago

States with polls closing in 30 minutes: Arizona Colorado Kansas* (Polls close in 101 eastern counties at 8 p.m. ET) Louisiana Michigan* (Polls close in 79 eastern counties at 8 p.m. ET) Minnesota Nebraska* (Polls close in 75 eastern counties at 8 p.m. ET) New Mexico New York North Dakota* (Polling hours vary by county, a full list is here) South Dakota* (Polls close in the eastern counties at 8 p.m. ET) Texas* (Polls close in 252 western counties at 8 p.m. ET) Wisconsin Wyoming AdLib a day ago

What are you thinking abut the results so far? AdLib a day ago

Trump wins WV. Yawn. AdLib a day ago

Wonder who will win Arkansas? kidding Khirad a day ago

This looks big, Biden ahead in NC 53.9%-44.9% wiith 62% of the vote in. AdLib a day ago

Biden ahead in OH 54.5% – 44.3% with 44% of vote in. AdLib a day ago

I’m not color blind, but who thought a darker blue was good as a neutral county color? Khirad a day ago

Just for shits and giggles, Biden ahead in TX 51.7% – 46.9% with 45% of the vote in. AdLib a day ago

Hey Murph! AdLib a day ago

Yep, AR in the yawn category. AdLib a day ago

Spoiler alert just add El Paso for Dems Khirad a day ago

Yep, don’t know if El Paso is in yet. AdLib a day ago

Hi, just checking in……still out in the field… polling places where the lines have to be served that are there when the polls close. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

When it comes in it will be blue. the suspense is killing me Khirad a day ago

Murph – Thanks for the great work out there! AdLib a day ago

Cincinnati isn’t even in yet and Biden ahead by 9% in OH! AdLib a day ago

I was wondering about Cincinnati too Khirad a day ago

Biden is doing great in OH so far, lots of Cuyahoga county still out too, only 42% i and Biiden is at 74.8% there! AdLib a day ago

8PM polls close here, 20 minutes with lines that are moderately long. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Murph – Keep them in line and voting! We need them! NC and OH looking very good for Biden! AdLib a day ago

Biden is overperforming in suburbs across the country, this is real! AdLib a day ago

We had poll watchers at virtually every stop…..there have been no militia types at all. A few out of hand electioneers on both sides. The post office here missed virtually every deadline. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

May not give Biden FL but NC, OH, AZ, PA could all go Biden. AdLib a day ago

Florida is such a mess. The north is all Red to start with and the South is dominated by monied powers and cuban politics. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Murph – So are some of the voters in line people who mailed in ballots that weren’t counted? AdLib a day ago

If you are wondering….I am sitting in my car montoring calls. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Murph – Agreed, I can’t stand FL politically, a truly corrupt state. AdLib a day ago

At least on CNN, Roberts isn’t being a Kornacki and ignoring the amount of votes percentages represent. AdLib a day ago

Ad….yes…..we worked over the weekend to identify anyone who mailed in a ballot after a certain date and advise them to vote in person with a provisional vote. Just to be sure. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Bide leading by 250k votes in NC, 52.1% – 46.8% with 70% of vote in. AdLib a day ago

Kornacki loves the drama…….the MSNBC crowd fluff up his ego….I trust the Cook report not him. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Fantastic, Murph! So grateful for the great work you and your colleagues are doing in WI! Huge! AdLib a day ago

Ad….you are like a ticker taper with these reports…..thanks…. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Ohio had ballot tracking for the first time this year. SO helpful. I mailed in my ballot and could watch the whole process online from the post office to the board of elections to being declared “countable” (meaning I didn’t mess anything up). Love it. kesmarn a day ago

Murph – Yep, same here, I trust Cook Report which sees a big Biden win. AdLib a day ago

Murph – My pleasure! AdLib a day ago

Kes – So pleased to hear that! We had the same here in CA and it really helps confidence in the election system. AdLib a day ago

Morticia crafted a letter to all of the polling places in our area which became the model for the state….very polite and very clear – we know the law, we know the guaranteed rights, and we are prepared to “assist” those staffing polling places to be sure that all are kept. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Kes…wundebar! MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Be back shortly…one call requires some action. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Watching PBS here. Pennsylvania at this point showing Biden 77% to Trump’s 21%. Could that be right? I know it’s really early, but — yikes! — (in a good way). kesmarn a day ago

Amazing map on CNN of OH, showed where Biden is overperforming, dozens of counties. And Trump? One small county while underperforming in dozens. Biden is well positioned so far to win OH which is game over for Trump! AdLib a day ago

Hey CL! AdLib a day ago

Hey everyone – Murph how are YOU? Kes – lovely to see you! Hi Ad! choicelady a day ago

Biden is underperforming in OH…IN NO COUNTIES! AdLib a day ago

Hey CL! AdLib a day ago

So far all I’ve seen is MO with Biden ahead. To early, I know, but…MISSOURI??? choicelady a day ago

Very excited about Biden’s performance in OH! AdLib a day ago

I can hardly believe it, AdLib! So amazing in Ohio. Zillions of Trump law signs here and very loud, rude and aggressive Trumpistas. Biden supporters almost in stealth mode. Very low key, quiet. But apparently voting like crazy. Black voter turnout in my county absolutely through the roof. kesmarn a day ago

First major problem of the night…..a polling place is trying to shut the doors….our people are video recording everything and our “flying team” is almost there. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

“lawn signs, ” not “law signs”! LOL1 kesmarn a day ago

kes – I have ties in Youngstown, a Dem stronghold, but lots of Trump signs in 2016 and almost NONE this year. choicelady a day ago

Murph – Morticia is amazing! AdLib a day ago

CL…we are crossing our fingers and hoping for a Blue Drizzle here in Mo. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Murph – LOL!!! A drizzle is fine. Bravo if they do it. Are you back home now? choicelady a day ago

Kes – Saw those numbers in PA, next to no vote in then. AdLib a day ago

Hi Khirad! choicelady a day ago

That’s so interesting, c’lady. Northwest Ohio has a lot of Trump signage, but apparently all bluster, no action. (Sounds familiar.) kesmarn a day ago

Ad…I learned tonight that Morticia is the retired senior partner in a law firm that specialized in governmental litigation. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Kes – Sure seems that instead of hidden Trump voters, the story this year may be hidden Biden supporters. AdLib a day ago

Murph – what law firm? My “new” SIL does something of the same. choicelady a day ago

CL….no, in a car monitoring calls and sending on those requiring action. We have a team on the way to a polling place that is trying to shut out those in line. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Murph – That is outrageous, thank goodness your flying team is on the move! AdLib a day ago

Yes, AdLib. The T people have been so obnoxious, people who think differently have just gone “midwestern nice” and quiet. But they sure voted. kesmarn a day ago

Murph – call the FBI on ’em – 1800 CALFBI (255-4324) The FBI will come. choicelady a day ago

CL…can’t say as “the firm is neutral and I am no longer associated with it but may be taken to be such by those seeking to make mischief” words from “you know who”… MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Murph – That sure makes a lot of sense now, she has the sharp mind of a seasoned lawyer! AdLib a day ago

Heh! Biden wins NY. AdLib a day ago

CL….we actually get the Secretary of States office involved first and they make the call….. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

That’s CALLFBI. Murph – totally fine. Just wondered if their paths have crossed. choicelady a day ago

Can’t close the doors while there are still people in line, that’s for sure. (First time in a while I haven’t worked the polls, but the 98 year old Dad needs too much attention these days.) kesmarn a day ago

kes – you are correct. You can station an official at the END of the line at exactly poll hours ending, but you cannot lock out those IN line. choicelady a day ago

Yep, AdLib, Biden got a lotta electoral votes with NY. kesmarn a day ago

Kes – It’s amazing that these idiots only thought of bullying people instead of thinking about how they were alienating them. But then, they’re no smarter than Trump. AdLib a day ago

c’lady, that’s what we were taught. kesmarn a day ago

Ad – it’s like the years I dealt w the religious right anti abortion zealots” they’re utterly obnoxious but they ain’t bright.’ choicelady a day ago

I witnessed on interesting interaction this morning….an elderly man and woman left the polling place I was stationed at…..walked out and got on their phones….for an hour. I got curious. I walked over and asked if they needed any assistance……they said they were fine and then volunteered that they were calling everyone they knew who had not voted yet…..that’s the stuff. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Khirad – when do your polls close in AZ? choicelady a day ago

Right, AdLib. Especially women. These T people are so in-your-face misogynistic that they might as well send money to the Biden campaign. That’s how much they alienate women. kesmarn a day ago

Murph – totally cool old people! choicelady a day ago

If there is a rule of thumb, it’s that you do NOT threaten people you want on your side. choicelady a day ago

CL – Yes, I wouldn’t expect extremists to see the big picture of how they push people to oppose them. AdLib a day ago

Biden wins NJ. AdLib a day ago

c’lady, right. Public relations 101. kesmarn a day ago

Trump wins AR. I’ll take that trade. AdLib a day ago

Murph – That makes me feel good to hear. AdLib a day ago

Ad – remember my article for you years ago about the single payer people who threatened legislators from whom they wanted YES votes? Right or Left that is a suck-o tactic!e who threatened CA legislators from whom they wanted YES votes? Left or Rig choicelady a day ago

Sorry – I’m having computer glitches and writing gibberish. choicelady a day ago

AR used to be Clinton territory. Now it’s Huckabee land. They can HAVE it. choicelady a day ago

Kes – They are very blind to how insulting they typically are to women. Look at Trump referring to women as “housewives” whose husbands are the ones who work. Let alone the “nasty” insults. Women outnumber men in voting, simple fact. AdLib a day ago

Ad – Trump don’t care. That’s the only thing we need to say about him! choicelady a day ago

Our people have “enlightened the staff at the polling place” about state law and they assured them it was all a misunderstanding. Our team is leaving two members to “help them avoid any further misunderstandings.” MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Murph – COOL!!! choicelady a day ago

CL – Yes, remember the article and it was very instructive. Even people on your side ca shoot themselves in the foot by being obnoxious. AdLib a day ago

Ad – my folks on my side are the ones who shoot themselves in the foot – then go back and reload. choicelady a day ago

We lost Khirad! choicelady a day ago

Nice to hear that Murph. Better that the poll workers were a bit uninformed than beligerent. AdLib a day ago

Hi Khirad – missed you! choicelady a day ago

Biden really looks like he’s going to win OH and that helps him win PA next door. AdLib a day ago

Ad – I’m wondering what the Trump meme will be if Biden has a blow out tonight. How does Trump yell now about “voting ballots” if it benefits HIM he thinks? choicelady a day ago

…..just heard that our team also told them that we had suggested a change in leadership at the polling place to the authorities and that we would have our people stay to monitor the response… the way they tried to stop our recording but they were informed that we were only recording those who were running the polling place not voters…… MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

78% of votes in NC, Biden ahead by 3%. AdLib a day ago

Wow Murph. You guys “done good”. choicelady a day ago

Biden wins CT, Trump wins SD. AdLib a day ago

Please – from our lips to God’s ear…let this be a major sweep. That puts Trump on the defensive for mail in ballots he’s said were rigged! choicelady a day ago

Ad – aren’t there more votes in CT than in ALL of SD? choicelady a day ago

CL – Heh! Keep shooting after shooting yourself in your foot! AdLib a day ago

Ad – loudmouths do this over and over. choicelady a day ago

CL – Trump can’t sue much if OH and NC go for Biden and hand him the win. AdLib a day ago

What about FL? Any hope there? choicelady a day ago

I have to drop off at 6:30 then will come back. Dinner calls! choicelady a day ago

Murph – Hmm…sounds like they are being a bit beligerent, less a case of misunderstanding. AdLib a day ago

Great, see you then CL! AdLib a day ago

I’m here another few minutes. choicelady a day ago

CL – Yep, SD very small population. AdLib a day ago

PPO!!! m Welcome to the USA zoo! choicelady a day ago

Great CL! AdLib a day ago

Hey PPO! AdLib a day ago

hey guys! All Aussie stattions showing the voting. Who is that crashing bore on CNN? pinkpantheroz a day ago

Okay, I really think OH may be the surprise that hands Biden the win first. I do think Biden wins WI, MI and PA to build his lead but winning OH shuts Trump down period. With no recourse, all of his legal prep is for PA! AdLib a day ago

PPO – not watching anyone. Aren’t all the commentators on CNN crashing bores? choicelady a day ago

John Roberts on CNN? AdLib a day ago

Steve Koracki on MSNBC is awful. AdLib a day ago

Ad – remember that Trump’s “legal” team is made up of idiots. I’m not saying that lightly. choicelady a day ago

Ad – crashing bores are ubiquitous on every station. choicelady a day ago

Ad….yes….there were bad doings afoot it seems….the suggested change of leadership took place with encouragement from county officials MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

I don’t watch NBC. ABC isn’t too bad, CBS is patchy – way too many commercial breaks pinkpantheroz a day ago

CL – I boycotted MSNBC for weeks due to their bowing to Trump and giving him that town hall at the same time as Biden’s. It was tough watching CNN innstead, boring at times and pandering and obnoxious at other times. AdLib a day ago

Murph – good on you for that. choicelady a day ago

Kornacki loves to get down in the weeds……it is fanboy stuff MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

yes. can’t see from here, but Ohio looks good. NC is now iffy pinkpantheroz a day ago

I mourn the death of “Air America”. We need far better media than we have. choicelady a day ago

CL – Yep, Trump’s legal team of fools make awful arguments in court and lose most of the time, insulted by the court multiple times. AdLib a day ago

How about Air Ad Lib! MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Ad – I dealt with several of Trump’s team in federal court. They were as dense as they come. choicelady a day ago

Murph – If your team wasnn’t there, they might have prevailed. Thank goodnness. AdLib a day ago

Murph – I could do Air AdLib. For sure! choicelady a day ago

hi Kes!\ pinkpantheroz a day ago

Murph – Kornacki warps the info, concentrates on aspects to make it more “balanced” and competitive. He’s a nerdy showboat. I don’t like him. AdLib a day ago

OK folks – NBC called CO for Hickenlooper! Now I have to do dinner. Leaving it to Greg is NOT on.’ choicelady a day ago

Watching al Jazeera! pinkpantheroz a day ago

See you all later! choicelady a day ago

Murph – Heh! Yep, I like Air Adlib! AdLib a day ago

Mitch got back in Grrrrrr pinkpantheroz a day ago

Hickenlooper wins. AdLib a day ago

AJE show Biden 119, Tru** 92 pinkpantheroz a day ago

I can’t believe Alabama senate is even close Khirad a day ago

PPO – I’m most focused on Biden winning OH right now, NC too and of course AZ. Those will be gamechangers. AdLib a day ago

Good for Hickenlooper. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

CNN is spending a lot of time on OH so I’m watching them more than MSNBC. AdLib a day ago

Yeah, as you can imagine, I’m watching AZ Khirad a day ago

I do wish the CNN analyst modulated his voice more. Boring me to sleep – and its middle of the day here! pinkpantheroz a day ago

Khirad – I have a lot of confidence in Biden’s chances to win AZ. AdLib a day ago

PPO – I’m with you on that. AdLib a day ago

We also have a legalize weed thing happening 😉 Khirad a day ago

We are also monitoring the absentee counting process that began when the polls opened at 7 AM…1.9 million of them. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Khirad, that is a proven strategy, legalization attracts voters who otherwise might ot vote annd most are Dems. AdLib a day ago

Cunninngham is not looking great against Tillis in NC. Could pull it out but don’t know. AdLib a day ago

Ad, how is the Senate loking like? Not showing here pinkpantheroz a day ago

PPO – Dems have gained 1 seat in CO. Seat in NC we were hoping to win not looking so good. AdLib a day ago

thanks, Ad. pinkpantheroz a day ago

Biden still hanging onto a slim lead in NC. If he wins there, Trump loses too. But OH looks like the best Trump Killer to me right now. AdLib a day ago

Ohio narrow now!!! pinkpantheroz a day ago

Big Dem counties iin OH still not counted. AdLib a day ago

I see OH suddenly gt very close, a big red district must’ve come in but lots of Dem votes ot counted. AdLib a day ago

scary right nnow. Grabbinmg a coffee. BRB pinkpantheroz a day ago

Lots of Early Vote left to come in for Bide in OH. AdLib a day ago

Just a wait right now for things to develop. AdLib a day ago

States closinng polls in 10 minutes: Iowa Montana Nevada Utah AdLib a day ago

I hate these inbetween times as vote totals barely drag in. AdLib a day ago

Haven’t seen any numbers yet on Susan Collins yet and would like to. AdLib a day ago

Only 9% in for Maine. What takes them so long? AdLib a day ago

Worrisome, disturbing, will need to think deeply about it. pinkpantheroz a day ago

Sorry, Ad, have to go to theother room to see whats happeiniing, so I’ll be in and out pinkpantheroz a day ago

Ok PPO! AdLib a day ago

AZ numbers coming in, so far Biden is leadiing AdLib a day ago

Holy f……… Maricopa Khirad a day ago

Maricopa is blue so far. AdLib a day ago

Screw you Kornacki, Tucson and Flagstaff, Santa Cruz county and Navajo country always go Democratic regardless of Maricopa Khirad a day ago

Hard to watch Koracki, he seems to delight in trying to twist the knife in Dems. AdLib a day ago

A while ago, there was a joke to secede from Arizona and create Baja Arizona. Tucson is the Austin of Arizona Khirad a day ago

I’m watching on Roku so don’t want to mess channel surfing, else I’d flip to CNN Khirad a day ago

McSally is a c*nt. Khirad a day ago

McSally is so obnoxious and ignorant, she will lose. AdLib a day ago

McSally is just spineless. She was pretty moderate at first. Khirad a day ago

Her negative ads are extra nasty too. Khirad a day ago

How can people transform into such ugly people? AdLib a day ago

Kayleigh, did you see what she said about Trump before, as Kelly Ann did, and Ms Lindsey? Spiness, so core, no principles. At least Hitler had principles Khirad a day ago

It’s giving me an ulcer to see all these states starting blue then turning red. AdLib a day ago

I’m getting an ulcer from all the vodka Khirad a day ago

This is truly madness, how can so many Americans be so suicidal? AdLib a day ago

Deja vu… Khirad a day ago

Kornacki: cocaine is a helluva drug Khirad a day ago

Trump will kill up to 8 million people with herd immunity if he wins, he will smother what remains of democracy, he will destroy our remainninng alliances and hand Putin the keys to the U.S. This is madness. AdLib a day ago

Don’t remind me. I need a break to breathe, be back. Khirad a day ago

Yep. AdLib a day ago

Ad. I am, as you know, very worried. The cattle who are so many of our voters lining up for the slaughter house. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Murph – I’m definitely feeling a bit less at ease right now as so many states have started off and maintained leads for Biden then suddenly flipped to Trump. I know there are many more paths for Biden but it’s stressing me out. AdLib a day ago

And with Trump killing hundreds of thousands of Americans and threatening to kill millions more, it’s beyond me. AdLib a day ago

Hate is a hell of a drug. AdLib a day ago

Well….I am heading back to our HQ….lines are down to near zero here. We have work to do there. I suspect I will not be able to chat anymore tonight. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Okay, keep up the good work, Murph! AdLib a day ago

Best wishes Murph! choicelady a day ago

So…I’m not watchng anything or any one – how are we doing? I’m gobsmacked Biden’s doing well enough in OH. Amazing. choicelady a day ago

I suppose I need to recalibrate my expectations back to where they’ve been before tonight. Biden just needs to win WI, MI and AZ (and either NE’s or ME’s 1 dellegate district). He can win PA too to wrap it. Just got my hopes up when Biden was leading in FL, OH and NC. AdLib a day ago

CL – Biden is still close in OH but behind now. It should bode well for Biden in MI ad WI. AdLib a day ago

I’m all emoted out! Sorry, folks, can’t keep up. See you at the weekend pinkpantheroz a day ago

Let’s all remember that there are huge numbers of ballots outstanding. We are no doubt in charge of most of them. What we want is for there to be no fight. Well, maybe there will be. But we will win it. choicelady a day ago

Okay, see you then PPO. AdLib a day ago

Ad – are you finding things deviating from predictions by the Dems? I can’t see what’s in, so I don’t know. choicelady a day ago

Yes CL, and what matters is just winning 270 delegates which Biden is still favored to do. It’s a bit of PTSD from 2016 and getting emotionally jerked around by Biden leads suddenly flipping to Trump leads when it looked so promising for Biden. AdLib a day ago

I wonder if Kornacki and company are not paying attention to the major discrepancies between urban and rural count ease. I have no idea what percent of Cleveland, Columbus, etc is in v. Salem and smaller red areas in OH. They had a weird lead for Trump last I looked in Mahoning County that is SOLIDLY Dem. Trump lost to Clinton last time and that will likely flip when ballots are tallied. Biden should carry it fine. choicelady a day ago

No state should be called for ANYONE tonight unless all absentee ballots are pre-tallied. choicelady a day ago

CL – I have trouble watching Kornacki and part of it is the fact that he apparently purposely only addresses some aspects to manipulate perception. How is Mahoning flipping? I don’t like to be thinking aboout election meddling but my concern over it is growing. AdLib a day ago

Biden winning AZ will help my mood. AdLib a day ago

It depends on what precincts are in. Mahoning will go Dem. Always has, and they hate him for refusing the financial support to reopen Lordstown. He promised it. Took it back. Trumbell co. that went for him last time probably won’t this time. Trumbell county is where Lordstown is located. I never thought Biden could win OH, but Kornacki is not telling the whole story. choicelady a day ago

OK – I’m with PPO – this stress is making me sick. I’ll check back in later. I need a breather! choicelady a day ago

I suppose that at the same time, there’s a lot of blue collar people who embrace Trump. AdLib a day ago

I understand CL. I’m stressing a bit but Biden is looking better in AZ. AdLib a day ago

Forever I’ve said. let’s end the drama reality show stuff and just let PA, FL and OH vote. The only delightful diference is my current state Khirad 21 hours ago

I feel like this is going to take days but I’ve already been unable to sleep, Khirad 21 hours ago

Yep, very grateful that AZ is looking solid. Looks like at least AZ will help end the madness/ AdLib 21 hours ago

We still would need the district in ME or NE to provide 1 vote along with WI and MI. AdLib 21 hours ago

I hope you keep this open, I’m just self-medicating and petting my cat Mr Nietzsche neurotically Khirad 21 hours ago

That sounds like a good election night plan. AdLib 21 hours ago

To quote Airplane, this was not the week to quit drinking or smoking…. – haha I”m not quitter, and I’ve never needed a cigarette more Khirad 21 hours ago

I find myself angry at all these states that can’t provide their vote totals sooner. Most states are o hold now, not updating. AdLib 21 hours ago

As always CA, OR and WA – one second and called Khirad 21 hours ago

Also, at least they’re pronouncing Nevada correctly, so that’s not aggravating me. Khirad 21 hours ago

Yep, this was not the week to give up hitting myself inn the head with a mallet. AdLib 21 hours ago

Just keep this open. Khirad 21 hours ago

The west coast is so reliable. AdLib 21 hours ago

Will do. AdLib 21 hours ago

I have a feeling that various people will be waking up at different hours to comment or update news. AdLib 21 hours ago

I wonder if they’ve stopped counting in the states that aren’t updating anymore. They can sleep? And wake up in the morning and just start counting again? I don’t get it. AdLib 21 hours ago

Biden has a 8.5% lead in the 2nd district in NE with 57% of vote counted! This is very good news because if he wins there and wins AZ, he only needs to win 2 of the three states, MI, WI and PA. And I think he can do that. My blood pressure is dropping a bit right now. AdLib 21 hours ago

Just want to say once again, fuck the Electoral College. It seems clear that Biden will win the popular vote. Democracy will not survive this. AdLib 21 hours ago

FUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK Ohio Khirad 21 hours ago

I’m trying to breathe, but there need to be marches against the Electoral College. Khirad 21 hours ago

This shouldn’t be close. Republic of Cascadia and Republic of California is sounding more like a real plan Khirad 20 hours ago

Hawaii is totally going Republican /sarcasm Khirad 20 hours ago

Idaho went for Trump? Noooooo Khirad 20 hours ago

Montana is always interesting though. Khirad 20 hours ago

Virginia thank god Khirad 20 hours ago

I’m ready for that plan! AdLib 20 hours ago

It all comes down to the original plan. Biden holds all the Hillary states plus AZ, NE 2nd District and two of WI, MI and PA. I think Biden will win WI and MI, not so sure about PA. He would win then. AdLib 20 hours ago

And yes, VA gave a bit of a scare. AdLib 20 hours ago

AZ stuck at 76% of vote…wish they could get in a bit more and lock it in for Biden. AdLib 20 hours ago

Arizona Republic (Phoenix) and Arizona Daily Star (Tucson) are the two papers of record. I’ll check but I’m about to have an anxiety attack Khirad 20 hours ago

It would be ironic for Trump to win and lose Arizona. You don’t say shit about McCain in this state, Khirad 20 hours ago

Great, Georgia isn’t going to count again until tomorrow Khirad 20 hours ago

I’m just waiting for Arizona and Nevada and try to get a nap. Khirad 20 hours ago

I would have thought Pennsylvania to be a lock begore tonight Khirad 20 hours ago

Also, how is Collins hanging on? Khirad 20 hours ago

And has anyone mentioned Alaska yet? Khirad 20 hours ago

I also figured we’d turned North Carolina – I’m not holding my breath on Geogia or Texas Khirad 20 hours ago

Florida fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Khirad 20 hours ago

After the Poles are closed? That is so Trump. Khirad 20 hours ago

FWIW, the NYTimes is giving Biden the edge in GA. We’ll see… AdLib 19 hours ago

So… 223 to 174 at 1 a.m. Kinda sorry I woke up… This is gonna be a long one… kesmarn 19 hours ago

Biden is looking pretty solid in AZ and in that NE 2nd district. Now I need to see what’s going on with NV. AdLib 19 hours ago

PBS gave numbers on NV, but cautioned they’re very early — showing Trump way ahead. AP just called TX for Trump. kesmarn 19 hours ago

Hey Kes! It helps to prevent Trump from declaring victory, for Biden to have mor EVs but it’s the states I’m looking at. AdLib 19 hours ago

Kes – Saw those, less than 1% of NV votes, like 4500 votes total so far. So doesn’t mean anything now. AdLib 19 hours ago

223 for Biden 217 for Trump. After TX. kesmarn 19 hours ago

All Biden needs is to keep AZ and NV, win the 2nd district in NE where he’s ahead by 10% with most of the vote in then win WI and MI. AdLib 19 hours ago

Right, still less than Biden who should get a bump from AZ before too long and he’s leading in ME. AdLib 19 hours ago

I feel a little more optimistic now than I did whenn Biden’s lead in states kept suddenly flipping to Trump. AdLib 19 hours ago

I think it’s the reverse now in the Rust Belt, Red Mirages as many of the small rural towns have been counted and the big blue counties have not. AdLib 19 hours ago

Good to hear that. Just checked Ohio. Disappointed, but not surprised that it ended up going for Trump. At least my county was solidly blue… kesmarn 19 hours ago

Just saw this on Twitter, looks good for Biden to win NV:

AdLib 19 hours ago

So good to see that. Michael Beschloss is predicting a Biden win, once all mail ins are counted. kesmarn 19 hours ago

Yes, I was really excited about OH then had my hopes dashed. But many folks in OH did their best. Including you! AdLib 19 hours ago

I actually think it’s likely now. Don’t know if he’ll win PA, he may and I hope he does but it won’t matter if he wins WI and MI after AZ. AdLib 19 hours ago

Thanks, AdLib. “Would that I had more than one vote to give for my country.” No matter what Trump claims that lefties do. kesmarn 19 hours ago

I know. It’s hard to recognize how many people in this coutry are unprincipled, hateful or conformist. But we outnumber them in total, just not in every state. AdLib 19 hours ago

Just saw this, locks in a big EV!

AdLib 19 hours ago

Now it looks like it just comes down to WI and MI coming in for Biden. GA could too as could PA but they would just be icing on the cake. AdLib 19 hours ago

Wow! kesmarn 19 hours ago

Just call edding Arizona Khirad 19 hours ago

79% in for AZ, Biden up by 52.5% – 46.1%. Looking good! AdLib 19 hours ago

With AZ won, Biden just needs MI and WI and I think he will win both! AdLib 19 hours ago

Hawai’i and Alaska – just call them. We all know Khirad 19 hours ago

Yep, I think they called HI already on CNN for Biden, and MN. AdLib 19 hours ago

Good for AZ! kesmarn 19 hours ago

AZ will save the country from going through a legal nightmare in PA. AdLib 19 hours ago

Latinos in Florida are Cubans or maybe Puerto Rican Chuck. We’ve covered this. Khirad 19 hours ago

I’m kind of being reassured with population centers with a lot to come in as usual Khirad 19 hours ago

Yep, very different from Latinos in the west. AdLib 19 hours ago

But they’re all brown so Khirad 19 hours ago

Maricopa still showing a healthy lead for Biden, bodes well for locking up the state. AdLib 19 hours ago

Heh! AdLib 19 hours ago

I’m so impatient. Just split Maine already. Khirad 19 hours ago

That’s called CopThink. AdLib 19 hours ago

Wow, Minnesota. Khirad 19 hours ago

MN was close in 2016. AdLib 19 hours ago

Guess Islamophobia didn’t pay off Khirad 19 hours ago

Not in MN, Muslim bans don’t play as well. AdLib 19 hours ago

North Carolina is my pet peeve. With Ashevill, Charlotte and the research triangle… Khirad 19 hours ago

In NV, 74% of the vote is in and Biden up 51.6% – 46.5%. So looking good. AdLib 19 hours ago

Just flipped to ABC and it looks like they called MN for Biden. kesmarn 19 hours ago

As an aside, it’s bizarre some counties in the UP of Michigan vote Dem Khirad 19 hours ago

I dunno, have they counted Elko yet? 😉 Khirad 19 hours ago

Don’t forget, DeJoy rigged the USPS to hold back over 300,000 ballots. Where would they have gone? And more probably. But the judge is pissed off and holding a hearing tomorrow over contempt of his order. AdLib 19 hours ago

Fun fact, the Vegas script isn’t actually in Vegas Khirad 19 hours ago

Would that be “strip,” K?

kesmarn 19 hours ago

That’s why I didn’t want it close, because the hijinks and the mess Khirad 19 hours ago

Yeah, the strip. It is in Paradise Nevada. Now you know Khirad 19 hours ago

Jon Ralston who’s pretty much on top of NV said Biden’s lead in Washoe is huge and will tilt the election to Biden. AdLib 19 hours ago

The strip is very union and Dem. AdLib 19 hours ago

I’ve been to Nevada. There is nothing between Reno and Vegas Khirad 19 hours ago

Ohio Unions broke for Trump. Facepalm Khirad 19 hours ago

I will add that to my rapidly reducing store of notable facts. kesmarn 19 hours ago

I don’t know what’s wrong with those OH union guys. I blame zero history classes in the public school system. kesmarn 19 hours ago

Here’s another, I took a writing class with Savannah Guthrie’s mom. She’s from Tucson Khirad 19 hours ago

Forget how Wyoming has two senators and DC has none. How do they even get three electoral votes? Snark Khirad 19 hours ago

Khirad – But NV unions are different from OH unions, different industries and sensibilities. AdLib 19 hours ago

Now that’s cool, K. Savannah knew how to handle the Misogynist in Chief. kesmarn 19 hours ago

Hoping we can get at least 50 Senate seats and change that for DC and PR, get 4 more Senators in. AdLib 19 hours ago

Good point AD, culinary unions there made me at one time consider moving there. Khirad 19 hours ago

Arizona is Right to Work Khirad 19 hours ago

And lots of Latinos in NV unions, not as much in OH. AdLib 19 hours ago

We’re not taking the Senate, are we? Khirad 19 hours ago

Another good point AD Khirad 19 hours ago

Otherwise known as Right to Starve…

kesmarn 19 hours ago

Right to be a slave is what I said Khirad 19 hours ago

You bet. kesmarn 19 hours ago

We could take the Senate, still various paths. GA could add 1-2 (after full vote comes in). Alaska is a question. AdLib 19 hours ago

I used to work with the Fire Dept here. Proud Union members. What do they watch in the station? FOX Khirad 19 hours ago

I’m fascinated by Alaska Khirad 19 hours ago

Ralston is on Khirad 19 hours ago

BREAKING: GA just added a bunch of votes, Trump 50.6% – Biden 48.1%. AdLib 19 hours ago

Ugh… kesmarn 19 hours ago

That’s a big trimming of Trump’s lead. AdLib 19 hours ago

And more to come. AdLib 19 hours ago

Oh… Okay! (I’m not entirely awake…) kesmarn 19 hours ago

I would freak out if Georgia went Blue since Carter. My dad was born in Savannah and he not getting younger. He’d get a kick out of it Khirad 19 hours ago

There’s no way I can sleep Khirad 19 hours ago

I don’t count on GA for Biden but there are enough votes outstanding to make it possible for Biden to win. AdLib 19 hours ago

Seriously the highway between Reno and Vegas is like going through a third world country Khirad 19 hours ago

I have not heard nivAHduh once tonight. It’s so refreshing Khirad 19 hours ago

But again, we don’t need GA, just need NV, AZ and 2nd District NE to lock in for Biden. I think it means we then win with WI and MI. AdLib 19 hours ago

Ne-vadd-a? AdLib 19 hours ago

O-ree-gawn just went straight for Biden Khirad 19 hours ago

Saw Carville on MSNBC earlier, he looked a bit drunk and shaken, not stirred. Tried to be reassuring but he “promised” Biden would win by 10:30pm EDT. AdLib 19 hours ago

Whenever I hear east coasters do that I want to reach in the TV screen and strangle them Khirad 19 hours ago

Carville said the quiet part out loud – of course I think we’re going to win – I have to. …it was not comforting Khirad 19 hours ago

Fox declared AZ for Biden then after beig grilled by a host, took it back. AdLib 19 hours ago

We’re going to do this. The hard way but all the same, we will do this. AdLib 19 hours ago

Oh FFS Khirad 19 hours ago

80% in for AZ, Biden still ahead by 6%. AdLib 19 hours ago

Montana is like West Virginia in many respects. They split tickets all the time Khirad 19 hours ago

Kelly will beat McSally like a drum. AdLib 19 hours ago

Bullock has the same amout of votes as Trump, both are winnning in MT. AdLib 19 hours ago

I don’t get why Kelly is being so demure Khirad 19 hours ago

Damn! NYT just called MT for Daines! AdLib 19 hours ago

I want to see downballot later because remember, we’re reapportioning districts soon Khirad 19 hours ago

Dems can still win The Senate but like Biden, the paths are narrowing. AdLib 19 hours ago

The Great Bloviator is about to speak in DC. 4,372 flags as a backdrop. kesmarn 19 hours ago

The Missoullian confers, and that Gianforte guy won reelection – the guy that punched a reporter Khirad 19 hours ago

He has to know that Biden has the edge by tomorrow. AdLib 19 hours ago

Gianforte was elected Gov! The list of states I despise has grown quite a bit tonnight. AdLib 19 hours ago

Georgia’s runoff thing is bizarre. Not as Bizarre as Nebraska in general, but weird. Khirad 18 hours ago

I actually like Montana – it was just Idaho between them and us in Washington I hated Khirad 18 hours ago

GA’s runoff in a general is like the way other states run a primary. Why not let the one with the most votes in the GE win? AdLib 18 hours ago

At least there’s still Jon Tester Khirad 18 hours ago

Well…good point. But come on, a violent criminal as Gov? AdLib 18 hours ago

I don’t want to get started on voting systems. But, later, it would be a good article Khirad 18 hours ago

Sounds good. AdLib 18 hours ago

Remember the Macaca thing? So quaint Khirad 18 hours ago

2 million outstanding ballots still to be counted in PA. kesmarn 18 hours ago

How many of those flags will he molest? Khirad 18 hours ago

Funny, I was thinking about that the other day. Look how low the American public has fallen. There was a time when saying “macaca” was enough to lose an election. AdLib 18 hours ago

Even Sara Palin seems like from a simpler time Khirad 18 hours ago

Yes, PA has the potential to be a big margin win for Biden. AdLib 18 hours ago

They are all going to bed. Just call AZ already Khirad 18 hours ago

Trump will grab each flag by the pulley. AdLib 18 hours ago

I blame Douchey Khirad 18 hours ago

Because when you’re a celebrity, they let you. AdLib 18 hours ago

On the fly Khirad 18 hours ago

Please call AZ! How much vote do they need in to call it? AdLib 18 hours ago

You have to pop a tic-tac first though. kesmarn 18 hours ago

I blame Douchey Khirad 18 hours ago

Douchey? On Fox? AdLib 18 hours ago

No, our Governor – the CEO of Cold whatever ice cream Khirad 18 hours ago

Kes – I could use a Tic-Tac now. AdLib 18 hours ago

Oh! Douchey!!! Yes, got it! AdLib 18 hours ago

This is like the first time I’ve ever wanted to hear Trump a little Khirad 18 hours ago

We knnow what Trump is going to say. Stop the counting, I won, make me king now. AdLib 18 hours ago

That’s what I’m banking on Khirad 18 hours ago

AZ vote totals not changing. AdLib 18 hours ago

The Poles are closed! Khirad 18 hours ago

Heh! AdLib 18 hours ago

Just between us, I think T has been running on Decadron and caffeine since he left the hospital. Wonder when the crash is coming. kesmarn 18 hours ago

I have trouble believing in god because that man should have been dead ten times over Khirad 18 hours ago

Death has made a deal with him… kesmarn 18 hours ago

“Let me have COVID and you can live.” kesmarn 18 hours ago

My favorite part about Qanon, is that he’s fighting child sex slavery but is humble about it. Khirad 18 hours ago

NV not moving right now either, Biden lead shrunk to 3% but 25% of Clark County and 14% of Washoe still out, the biggest counties and pro-Biden. So he will win, simple math. AdLib 18 hours ago

Unless sagebrush and rocks vote. Khirad 18 hours ago

At the same time that he locks kids in cages at the border, K. A complex man. kesmarn 18 hours ago

Kes – Agreed, I think Trump has been doping hard core since he had COVID, he’ll worry about the effects later after he avoids prison…he thinks. AdLib 18 hours ago

The antic-i-pay-SHUN Khirad 18 hours ago

I’ve suspected him of snorting something forever. Khirad 18 hours ago

Right, AdLib. Russian athletes look clean compared to T at the moment. You don’t get that bloated overnight for no reason. kesmarn 18 hours ago

Khirad – Yep, hard to understand why Trump doesn’t drp dead. AdLib 18 hours ago

He’s like the leaning tower of Pizza Khirad 18 hours ago

All the guests at Trump’s criminal speech (in the WH) are unmasked. AdLib 18 hours ago

His corrupt family precedes him. AdLib 18 hours ago

Another super-spreader event. kesmarn 18 hours ago

How to Describe Hugh Hewitt, but to say his parents named him Hugh Hewitt Khirad 18 hours ago

Okay, I’m going to be mean, if he has a heart attack in the middle of this speech, I might applaud. AdLib 18 hours ago

All the children! Khirad 18 hours ago

Damn! He used Hail to the Chief in the WH for a political speech! AdLib 18 hours ago

All the class in the gutter. kesmarn 18 hours ago

What was that announcer from – a boxing ring Khirad 18 hours ago

Let’s get ready to rumble! Khirad 18 hours ago

Yep! Let’s get ready to babble! AdLib 18 hours ago

I’m taking a very long swig of vodka Khirad 18 hours ago

Trump has less popular vote than Biden. The majority opposes him. AdLib 18 hours ago

He’s bragging about winning TX? AdLib 18 hours ago

I take it back, he’s lying like always Khirad 18 hours ago

“Trump territory” I would call “The Confederacy.” kesmarn 18 hours ago

Win Kes Khirad 18 hours ago

I have beachfront property to sell you in AZ Khirad 18 hours ago

20% of Maricopa and Pima not even in yet. Biden will win. AdLib 18 hours ago

Trump territory, also called Hell. AdLib 18 hours ago

Pima alone. Khirad 18 hours ago

Pima is my county. Khirad 18 hours ago

Well done then! AdLib 18 hours ago

Trump knows he’s going to lose. Listen to how hard he’s trying to push. AdLib 18 hours ago

It’s almost a little pathetic, the liar does even believe his own lies. He’s not selling it Khirad 18 hours ago

Now he’s claiming that Dems went to court to cheat him! AdLib 18 hours ago

He’s not doing the accordion thing so much Khirad 18 hours ago

The whole point of his BS right now is to try and convince enough people that the election is a fraud. But he won? AdLib 18 hours ago

He declared victory after saying he didn’t win. AdLib 18 hours ago

Atavistic anger and white resentment don’t need logic Khirad 18 hours ago

This is scary territory now. He is going to the SCOTUS now! AdLib 18 hours ago

He is sowing the seeds of doubt… as is not surprising… Khirad 18 hours ago

Yeah… he’s hinting at unleashing zombie Roy Cohn and the rest of the legal team already. kesmarn 18 hours ago

Whenever I see Pence now I see the Spitting Image version Khirad 18 hours ago

Not even that, he is declaring fraud as an excuse to prevent the counting of mail in ballots. AdLib 18 hours ago

But he wants every ballot counted in Arizona. Khirad 18 hours ago

Yes, they’re saying he’s implying that the SCOTUS should stop counting votes right now. kesmarn 18 hours ago

Wow, that was brief Khirad 18 hours ago

Several counties in PA won’t even start counting mail-in ballots until tomorrow…will Trump go to the SCOTUS before they do? AdLib 18 hours ago

K, the ABC analyst just said the same thing. He wants AZ votes counted. kesmarn 18 hours ago

There is no consistency to the acts of criminals. It’s only about taking what they want. AdLib 18 hours ago

I sent my ballot in weeks ago, and went to the Sec of State’s site to check it was counted. Even after a vaccine it should just be national Khirad 18 hours ago

2 million ballots in PA uncounted, the Gov and system will not let him stop them or the revolution really starts. AdLib 18 hours ago

All these legal scholars are saying this is completely illegal. Theater. But not unexpected. kesmarn 18 hours ago

Yes but it’s GOP legislatures that purposely hobble their election systems so they can be manipulated. AdLib 18 hours ago

I don’t want to get into his sociopathy. He just does whatever benefits him at the time. There’s nothing deep about him. Khirad 18 hours ago

It is illegal. Flat out illegal and unconstitutional. AdLib 18 hours ago

They’re just mentioning the 2 million PA votes now. “There’s nothing he can do to stop that counting. SCOTUS is not going to stop it,” they’re saying. kesmarn 18 hours ago

Agreed, no depth to naked greed. That’s all Trump is, like ann old comic book character. AdLib 18 hours ago

Kes – They’re right, there are no legal grounds to throw away legal votes. AdLib 18 hours ago

“Bizarre. Politically stupid.” GOP analyst says about T’s statement. kesmarn 18 hours ago

Arizona approved recreational marijuana but we can’t call it for Biden and Kelly? Khirad 18 hours ago

It’s desperation by a desperate man. And cause for him to be thrown out of the WH. AdLib 18 hours ago

Well, I’m on duty a little later this morning (with the Warlord), so I’d better try to get a little sleep. Meanwhile Heidi Heidtkamp is saying “this is a dog whistle to his militia people.” kesmarn 18 hours ago

It’s a bullhorn to his stormtroopers Khirad 18 hours ago

Hoping there aren’t really all that many of them. kesmarn 18 hours ago

Kes – That makes sense. Scary though. Get some rest, take care of the Warlord and hopefully, the states will take care of Biden winning. AdLib 18 hours ago

Yep, Trump has no use for dog whistles. AdLib 18 hours ago

Close it or keep it open…. I’m up all night – just gonna take a break until something else happens Khirad 18 hours ago

From your lips to God’s ear, AdLib. Rahm Emanuel saying T is signaling that he is going to lose for sure. kesmarn 18 hours ago

I’ll keep it open, Khirad. AdLib 18 hours ago

I agree, only a loser would try to stop a contest. AdLib 18 hours ago

Well, good night/morning for the time being. Will check back in later. Thanks so much for keeping the bar open, AdLib. kesmarn 18 hours ago

Absolutely Kes! Rest well! AdLib 18 hours ago

Cool I’ll be back then Khirad 18 hours ago

The AP just called AZ for Biden. AdLib 18 hours ago

Khirad, you headed out just minutes before AZ was called for Biden…or did you have something to do with that??? AdLib 18 hours ago

Ironically FOX called AZ for Biden. I haven’t seen it elsewhere, but when you’re over 80% in and what the hell? Khirad 17 hours ago

AP called it, other news outlets too. AdLib 17 hours ago

Ok…back this morning and woke up (after a few restless hours sleep) to Biden leading in states worth 270 EVs with little uncounted votes left, and most mail-in ballots that should favor Biden. Very stressful times right now but Biden seems to be positioned to at least win if all goes well from here. Fingers, toes and eyes all crossed! AdLib 9 hours ago

Yes, looking somewhat more optimistic on November 4. kesmarn 8 hours ago

Yes, I feel so much better right now. WI is called for Biden with a 20k lead. AZ and NV are close right now but most outstanding votes favor Biden. He leads in MI with many votes outstanding that should favor Biden. That’s all Biden needs. But he could win PA and GA too (GA said it will announce remaining votes by tonight). Time is Biden’s friend, it looks like his leads everywhere should grow with the count. I was freaking out a little last night. I’m disappointed about how well Trump and Repubs did overall but the most important thing to happen is to defeat Trump and it looks most likely that we have. AdLib 7 hours ago

And a complaint here. I see the BS meme going around on social media and network news about Dems needing to ask themselves why they failed. No, I don’t think that’s a foregone conclusion. What happened behind the scenes by Republicans, Russia, Koch, etc.? Did Repubs ignoring COVID and canvassing door to door while Dems stayed virtual help Repubs as they spread COVID terribly? Has Trump’s cult leader stature made more people simply loyal no matter what to authoritarianism or partisanship above everything else, no matter how horrible or destructive Trump is? Lots of questions here that deserve exploration but falling into the BS mentality of only blaming Dems and ignoring all other possibilities is ignorant and dangerous. AdLib 7 hours ago

Hello, anyone besides me here? Been checking the GA results online. It’s looking good so far….Of the votes recorded so far, Biden has 54.2 to 44.7 for his opponent. Of course, it’s early yet. Also, in the unexpired Senate term, the Democrat Warnock is ahead with 38.1%. There are about ten people in this race; his closest opponent has 24.6%. More good news so far…Osoff has 52.2% of the vote so far; Perdue has 45.9%. So I’m encouraged, but it’s early yet. glenn 3 days ago

Okay, I’ll check back in later. glenn 3 days ago

Okay, so I knew it was too good to be true. Latest results in GA still showing Biden with a slight lead…50.5% to 48.4%. Bad news Osoff has now gone down to 48.1% with Perdue showing 50.1%. Warnock is still in the lead with 34.9%. Oh well…. glenn 3 days ago

Okay, I give up. Hopefully, we’ll have good news later tonight with Biden, at least. I’m checking out now. glenn 3 days ago

Good afternoon. Anyone “home”? glenn 2 days ago

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