Many of us have been waiting through a neverending and torturous four years for this day to finally come and as impossible as it may have seemed along the way, it’s finally presidential Election Day!

Of course, there are also many important races for taking back The Senate and state legislatures but there would be no bigger victory for this country than telling Donald Trump, “You’re fired!” and celebrating the historic team of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (the first woman and person of color as VP!) over their win.

It’s not a lock but from Trump’s demeanor today, the record turnout, and strong polling for Biden in more than enough states to win the election, there are justifications for expecting a good night for the Democratic ticket.

And what better place (during the COVID era) to share the night and the results as they come in than right here at PlanetPOV with a live chat open to everyone (don’t forget to sign in so you can comment, visitors who don’t want to sign up are welcome to read along).

Our Election Night live chat begins today at 4:00pm PDT/7:00pm EDT. I will be live blogging the results throughout and since it is an all night thing (though wouldn’t it be great to have it called for Biden early?), feel free to pop in and out during the night.

As usual, make sure you are logged in then click on the blue “Live Events” bar at the bottom right to open and enter the chat!

This will be a historic night, we hope you’ll share it here with your fellow Planeteers!

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