Our live chat that accompanies tonight’s Democratic Debate begins at the same time the debate starts, 5:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then! AdLib 6 hours ago

They’re starting early, right now introducing the candidates. Biden first then Warren then Bernie. I think by next debate, Warren may be the first introduced. AdLib 5 hours ago

This debate is Thunderdome. 12 go in, 3 come out. AdLib 5 hours ago

trying to find a venue to listen/watch pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Did you find it on CNN Intl? AdLib 4 hours ago

yes, but not how I can see or hear candidtes, just others tweets pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

They’re supposed to have a live feed on CNN.com AdLib 4 hours ago

You know that I like Warren but I’m not impressed with how she’s handling attacks tonight. And how she’s changing the subject in responses. AdLib 4 hours ago

cory booker on now! Live? pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Yes. AdLib 4 hours ago

brb coffee! pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Ok! AdLib 4 hours ago

I think all the candidates are doing well tonight though Klobuchar’s voice is nervous and shaky. And Tom Steyer is getting nearly no time. Which is fine with me. AdLib 4 hours ago

steyer? unknown here, but no real proposal as to how to lose tax breaks pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

He’s a billionaire who financed a big Impeachment campaign over the past two years. What we don’t need now is another billionaire who knows best for Americans. AdLib 4 hours ago

Non-starter in the finals, then. Biden slow pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Yes, Biden fumbling. Buttegieg is trying to take down Warren as is Klobuchar. He’s starting to come off as snotty. AdLib 4 hours ago

Warren sounds a bit strident and combative pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Klobuchar seems on the verge of crying. That isn’t how you look like you can beat Trump. AdLib 4 hours ago

War stories from Harris. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Yes, Warren seems locked into her rehearsed speeches and isn’t proving as flexible in taking out the attacks on her. Disappointing. AdLib 4 hours ago

Yang is a jerk, IMO. AdLib 4 hours ago

What on earth is he saying? Rubbish! pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Warren had to know, as the rising froont runner, she was going to have a target on her back tonight. I don’t think she was as well prepared. AdLib 4 hours ago

brb fergie needs me for a min. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Ok! AdLib 4 hours ago

Warren is doing better now. AdLib 4 hours ago

I know Beto has to get some traction but he looked awkward trying to go at Warren and she responded well. AdLib 4 hours ago

I know many of the candidates need to get traction and so they’re attacking Warren who looks more like the front runner than Biden. The fact they’re laying off Biden makes me think they don’t see him as the one to beat anymore. AdLib 4 hours ago

Glad that Gabbard is being forgotten. She has David Duke, Russia, RW Repubs all supporting her, she’s a saboteur. AdLib 3 hours ago

catching up pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Who is this woman? DINO? She’s using words, but saying nothing! pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

cheap trick, T pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

I told you! AdLib 3 hours ago

She is not a legit Dem. AdLib 3 hours ago

That’s Tulsi Gabbard. AdLib 3 hours ago

Who met with Assad and has always defended him, as you saw. AdLib 3 hours ago

Buttegieg is coming off as arrognat to me. AdLib 3 hours ago

Tulsi is an unpleasant person which I think is apparent. Buttegieg may be impressing some with this new tactic but do Dems want an angry candidate? I don’t think so. AdLib 3 hours ago

Oh, I do get it, Ad! Pete, though is among the candidates that believe because they were in the Military, they know all. Not true. pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Bingo! He keeps waving his military service to proclaim he knows more. He knows some things from experience but he has the arrogance of youth, thinking he knows better than everyone. AdLib 3 hours ago

Amy forgets NATO members are not happy with Trump dropping them right in ti. Expel Turkey pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Amy doesn’t display deep thinking, more status quo thinking. She is bright but conservative. AdLib 3 hours ago

Castro is making several good points now. AdLib 3 hours ago

good points! pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

You owe me a Coke! AdLib 3 hours ago

gladly! pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Booker is praising Mattis? Who is betraying the country right now by keeping quiet with what he knows about Trump’s crimes? AdLib 3 hours ago

Yeah. Mattis has the smoking gun, but won’t draw it pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Mattis is hiding the smoking gun. AdLib 3 hours ago

1 – 1! pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Biden’s act has worn so thin. AdLib 3 hours ago

stumbled a bit. Is anyone standing out? I don’t see it pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

I liked Beto in 2018 but he seems to be lacking a bit of what a presidential candidate should have. AdLib 3 hours ago

Buttegieg will get pundits excited because he’s trying to instigate conflict, which is good for ratings. But I think it makes him more dislikeable to voters. AdLib 3 hours ago

There is something a little weird about Tom Steyer’s posture, how he holds his head. AdLib 3 hours ago

A question about Putin and he talks about Climate Change? AdLib 3 hours ago

I do like the ‘Mister’ Trump, though! pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

“Herr Trump!” AdLib 3 hours ago

Trying to chage direction to his area of expertise. pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Yep. Yang is doing it too, everything is turned to technology. AdLib 3 hours ago

yes. Boring. Won’t resonate pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Only with the nerds who already follow him. AdLib 3 hours ago

Klobuchar made good points. AdLib 3 hours ago

very good. Ukraine, Crimea, Paper ballots pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

CNN is still goading them to attack each other but they are doing better on covering more important issues than their last debate they hosted that was so lousy. AdLib 3 hours ago

Yes, all stands that most Dems support but haven’t been mentioned tonight. So she earns a point. AdLib 3 hours ago

Candidates aren’t biting. pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

The Aussie buy back worked, also an amnesty for a while after the deadline pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

They did at the beginning and Warren was sniped at from mutiple candidates on Medicare for All. And she didn’t do a great job defending herself. She needs to be honest and say, yes, your taxes go up but your health costs go down by more AND you won’t be refused coverage as insurance companies will do to you right now if you’re diagnosed with cancer tomorrow. AdLib 3 hours ago

Buttegieg is obnoxious. AdLib 3 hours ago

I missed warrn’s tax bits, but that’s a losing step, imo pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

cory is waffling pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

She refused to say that taxes will go up while endorsing Bernie’s plan…and Bernie said flat out, yes, your taxes go up but you don’t pay premiums so most save money. AdLib 3 hours ago

Cory is a corporate, moderate Dem. He always waffles to look liberal and moral but backs off to protect corporations. AdLib 3 hours ago

Warren is doing well on gun violence now. AdLib 3 hours ago

agree. pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Harris’ act gets old too, her pauses and verbal speed changes seems contrived to me. AdLib 3 hours ago

I notice you’re commenting on points which come up to me 1 minute later. There is a delay in the Overseas feed pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

And I thought I was telepathic! AdLib 3 hours ago

Psycho—- er Psychic! pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Biden just said “expodentially”. AdLib 3 hours ago

Both of the above. AdLib 3 hours ago

Listen for it. AdLib 3 hours ago

joe is spluttering pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

I think he spent the break looking for his keys. AdLib 3 hours ago

Castro nailed police violence. Well done. AdLib 3 hours ago

ooooooh Good points from Julian pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Yes! Expodentially better than Biden. AdLib 3 hours ago

Abspalully pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Jumblin’ Joe. AdLib 3 hours ago

Steyer looks weird because he looks into the camera everytime he speaks while the other, better trained candidates look at the moderator.. AdLib 3 hours ago

Opioid = tobacco = Corporate greed and corruption of Governmant pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

That’s Steyer, he has no specific ideas so he just steers everything back to corporate greed and bad government. Magical thinking to make everything better. AdLib 3 hours ago

no hope for him pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

I really don’t think this debate will move many voters because none of them except Tulsi have done poorly. Will be curious if Buttegieg comes off “strong” or “obnoxious” to voters. AdLib 3 hours ago

buddy seems to be getin extra time pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Yes, he is hogging up time and that rubs me the wrong way too. It’s a balance, too much desperation…looks desperate. AdLib 3 hours ago

And Buttegieg is a moderate who keeps attacking Progressives for wanting to make big changes. He’s an incrementalist. AdLib 3 hours ago

Bernie’s feeling abandoned! Poor Uggums1 pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Here’s a crappy BS question, IMO. Asking Sanders about his health. How is that a question for other candidates to answer? Just premeditated to knock Bernie back, nasty IMO. AdLib 3 hours ago

Yep, Bernie caught up with his time. AdLib 3 hours ago

violins in the background pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

I don’t like personal “gotcha” questions. That’s not a debate. AdLib 3 hours ago

Joe’s doing the “Biden Shuffle” about the age issue. AdLib 3 hours ago

Damn, Joe takes credit for everything that Obama accomplished. AdLib 3 hours ago

true. Joe is trying to say old is better than young………. now check Trump!!! pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Joe has proven he’s lost a step. So not a great argument. AdLib 3 hours ago

good zing from Warren. pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Yes, she seems to be back to form now. AdLib 3 hours ago

Tulsi is a nasty woman. Her as CIC? Don’t make me laugh pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

She always exploits her military service in nearly every answer. AdLib 3 hours ago

And she keeps trying to take over the debate by asking questions. WTF? AdLib 3 hours ago

She’s toast pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

how long more to go? pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Trumpers are propping her up as a saboteur in the Dem party, that’s how she qualified for the debate. AdLib 3 hours ago

my feed just dropped out. stand by pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

I think 1 more hour! AdLib 3 hours ago

Just went to commercials. AdLib 3 hours ago

What do you think so far? Any winners or losers? AdLib 3 hours ago

back again. No clear winners, but some losers aren’t making enough of an impact pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

I agree. I can’t see Tulsi, Steyer, Beto, Booker or Klobuchar going anywhere. AdLib 3 hours ago

May be their last debate. AdLib 3 hours ago

Hope so! Thinning is needed. Good question on Facebook and power to influence. pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

Yep, can’t really debate with so many candidates. AdLib 2 hours ago

yang blathered. Warren is to the point pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

Yes, Yang said nothing. AdLib 2 hours ago

Steyer now changed the topic of breaking up monopolies to bragging about what a great businessman he is. Shut up, Steyer. AdLib 2 hours ago

What a load of shite! pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

Blather, blather, blather. AdLib 2 hours ago

We’ve seen what a businessman has done to the country, we don’t need another. AdLib 2 hours ago

for sure! pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

Did anyone talk about Tariffs? pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

When Booker tries to describe himself as president, he doesn’t sound convincing. AdLib 2 hours ago

Nope, not yet. AdLib 2 hours ago

Beto and other moderates twist in the wind on this issue because they support corporations and have no plan but just call them names. AdLib 2 hours ago

Sorry, Ad, can’t continue – the day calls! See you Friday pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

Ok, see you then! Have a great rest of your day! AdLib 2 hours ago

pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

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