Our live chat accompanying tonights 2nd Democratic Debate begins at 5:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then! AdLib 21 hours ago

The debate is hosteed by CNN so you can watch it there or at their site. AdLib 20 hours ago

Hey Kes! AdLib 20 hours ago

Formalities under way… AdLib 20 hours ago

Looking at the 10 Dems, can’t help but think of the clown show that the Repub debates were in 2016. AdLib 20 hours ago

Hey AdLib, took me a minute to get the CNN feed on the iPod. (No cable here.) kesmarn 20 hours ago

While all the Dems look smart and sensible. AdLib 20 hours ago

Glad you got it, Kes! AdLib 20 hours ago

Yes… “Any of the above” would work for selecting someone better than T. kesmarn 20 hours ago

Night and day! The GOP is now a party of madmen and racists. AdLib 20 hours ago

At least some of the folks at Jamestown were NOT havin’ it today! kesmarn 20 hours ago

Did you see the Quinnipac poll out today, 90% of Repubs say Trump is not racist. So no question now, the GOP is a racist party. AdLib 20 hours ago

I didn’t see that! Wow… that is depressing. I was hoping at least some of them were better than that. 🙁 were kesmarn 20 hours ago

That was cool to see and I think as Trump gets more horrible and racist between now and 2020, more protesters will be invading his Nazi rallies. AdLib 20 hours ago

I hope it’s not at their own peril…. That guy can really whip up a crowd. kesmarn 20 hours ago

You know how when you pour the last bit of coffee from the pot, just the dregs are left? That’s what’s happened to the GOP. Many have left so only the dregs are left so of course 90% of them are open racists. AdLib 20 hours ago

I saw that the German magazine “Stern” had a cover with T. in full regalia and the words “SEIN KAMPF” writ large. kesmarn 20 hours ago

True, I will never forget the protester sucker punched by a Trumper in 2016. AdLib 20 hours ago

Right. They feel brave when they outnumber the protester 1000:1. kesmarn 20 hours ago

Yes!!! I posted that image in a comment.

AdLib 20 hours ago

That’s the one! kesmarn 20 hours ago