Our live chat accompanying tonights 2nd Democratic Debate begins at 5:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then! AdLib 21 hours ago

The debate is hosteed by CNN so you can watch it there or at their site. AdLib 20 hours ago

Hey Kes! AdLib 20 hours ago

Formalities under way… AdLib 20 hours ago

Looking at the 10 Dems, can’t help but think of the clown show that the Repub debates were in 2016. AdLib 20 hours ago

Hey AdLib, took me a minute to get the CNN feed on the iPod. (No cable here.) kesmarn 20 hours ago

While all the Dems look smart and sensible. AdLib 20 hours ago

Glad you got it, Kes! AdLib 20 hours ago

Yes… “Any of the above” would work for selecting someone better than T. kesmarn 20 hours ago

Night and day! The GOP is now a party of madmen and racists. AdLib 20 hours ago

At least some of the folks at Jamestown were NOT havin’ it today! kesmarn 20 hours ago

Did you see the Quinnipac poll out today, 90% of Repubs say Trump is not racist. So no question now, the GOP is a racist party. AdLib 20 hours ago

I didn’t see that! Wow… that is depressing. I was hoping at least some of them were better than that. 🙁 were kesmarn 20 hours ago

That was cool to see and I think as Trump gets more horrible and racist between now and 2020, more protesters will be invading his Nazi rallies. AdLib 20 hours ago

I hope it’s not at their own peril…. That guy can really whip up a crowd. kesmarn 20 hours ago

You know how when you pour the last bit of coffee from the pot, just the dregs are left? That’s what’s happened to the GOP. Many have left so only the dregs are left so of course 90% of them are open racists. AdLib 20 hours ago

I saw that the German magazine “Stern” had a cover with T. in full regalia and the words “SEIN KAMPF” writ large. kesmarn 20 hours ago

True, I will never forget the protester sucker punched by a Trumper in 2016. AdLib 20 hours ago

Right. They feel brave when they outnumber the protester 1000:1. kesmarn 20 hours ago

Yes!!! I posted that image in a comment.

AdLib 20 hours ago

That’s the one! kesmarn 20 hours ago

Goldie Hawn will play Marianne Williamson in the movie… kesmarn 20 hours ago

Like most cowards operate. They’re only tough when they think they’re at a big advantage over those they want to victimize. AdLib 20 hours ago

When the tables turn, they cry like little girls. Witness: Charlottesville after things fell apart. kesmarn 20 hours ago

So do the conservative/moderate weenies, Bullock and Delaney really think attacking Progressive Dems leading the field and advocating incremental, marginal change, is a winner? AdLib 20 hours ago

Really? AdLib 20 hours ago

Add Tim Ryan to that unpopular group. AdLib 20 hours ago

I think they are seriously misreading the feelings of their constituents. kesmarn 20 hours ago

And people vote on feelings — rarely rationality. kesmarn 20 hours ago

It’s that Dem Establishment bubble they’re in, thinking the country is conservative and that insisting Trump voters can be easily converted to voting Dem. Deluded. AdLib 20 hours ago

Whoops, forgot Hickenlooper to that spineless group. AdLib 20 hours ago

Oh yeah… him too. Sadly, probably Klubuchar too. kesmarn 20 hours ago

“Don’t vote for spines! We’re strongest when we don’t have spines!” AdLib 20 hours ago

Why do they think they’re in the basement in polling? They have no vision to offer, just status quo that no one wants. AdLib 20 hours ago

People who voted for Trump are very likely to vote for him again. (Stating the obvious here, I know.) kesmarn 20 hours ago

Klobuchar did make her slap at Progressives but didn’t make it as central to their platform as the other wimps. AdLib 20 hours ago

Beto made the first solid Dem speech without trying to slap at Progressives. AdLib 20 hours ago

And yet… somehow, I can’t put my finger on what he said… LOL! kesmarn 20 hours ago

I kinda like Buttigieg, but I think it’s not his time. kesmarn 20 hours ago

Buttigieg starts out strongly by taking on Trump. Far better strategy than the wimps. AdLib 20 hours ago

Okay, Elizabeth! Go for it! kesmarn 20 hours ago

Yes, I agree, Beto sounds good but his points don’t have the resonance that they should. AdLib 20 hours ago

Warren starts strong too hamering Trump! Smartest approach, hers and Buttigeig’s. AdLib 20 hours ago

hammering AdLib 20 hours ago

Elizabeth did well. kesmarn 20 hours ago

She expresses a concrete vision people can hold onto. AdLib 20 hours ago

Can’t deny it. I have a sentimental attachment to Bernie which clouds my judgement. kesmarn 20 hours ago

Bernie goes at healthcare which is a reasonable issue to start on, top issue for Dems but it seems less urgent than stopping Trump. AdLib 20 hours ago

Now Bernie goes after Trump too, he touched all the bases. AdLib 20 hours ago

Okay. Getting a cheer-laugh does help. kesmarn 20 hours ago

Yep! AdLib 20 hours ago

“Please don’t take away my insurance company funding!” kesmarn 20 hours ago

Yes, what Dem wants to vote for a Dem echoing Repub talking points? AdLib 20 hours ago

Hey! Warren just said the same thing!!! AdLib 20 hours ago

Awesome! Great minds… kesmarn 20 hours ago

You said it! AdLib 20 hours ago

WORD FOR WORD! AdLib… wow… kesmarn 20 hours ago

Yes! I should’ve run! AdLib 20 hours ago

Wish you would! kesmarn 20 hours ago

Heh! AdLib 20 hours ago

Health insurance premiums are a tax! A private tax. kesmarn 20 hours ago

It’s all money out of our pockets, what does it matter if it’s called “tax” or “premium”? The bottom line is, which plan costs less to me in total and guarantees me coverage is what matters. AdLib 20 hours ago

Exactly! kesmarn 20 hours ago

Bullock is pushing hard so he’ll make a “splash” but he comes off obnoxious. AdLib 20 hours ago

Yes… and a little too “amped.” Also, bringing your 12 year old kid’s heart attack into the conversation seems a little “ewwww.” kesmarn 19 hours ago

Bullock IS obnoxious! AdLib 19 hours ago

That was a turn off, exploiting his son’s heart attack was bad. AdLib 19 hours ago

As TOCB said on the Planet. People “like” their employer’s insurance because it’s all they know. kesmarn 19 hours ago

So far, the CNN approach is shallow and exploitatve, challenging each candidate to attack another one. This is not a real debate yet. AdLib 19 hours ago

No. And the 15 second limit is a little ridiculous. kesmarn 19 hours ago

Bingo! People are always afraid of something new and losing something they know and need. AdLib 19 hours ago

Bernie nailed it by saying the insurance companies will be advertising on CNN at a break! AdLib 19 hours ago

Bernie calling out Jake and the advertizers! YES kesmarn 19 hours ago

Warren nailed it too. AdLib 19 hours ago

And they will be advertising. Once again “Do you want the government to get between you and your doctor?” kesmarn 19 hours ago

Go Bernie! “It’s not a business!!” Yes. kesmarn 19 hours ago

Delaney comes off desperate and petty by insulting the Progressives and telling them they don’t understand so he’ll mansplain it. AdLib 19 hours ago

So true. One thing is being sorted out here: seeing who is owned by big Pharma/Insurance. kesmarn 19 hours ago

No kidding! AdLib 19 hours ago

Marianne…goodbye. AdLib 19 hours ago

YAY! Elizabeth made my point about MDs being forced to do stacks of paperwork in order to do their jobs. kesmarn 19 hours ago

That is a strong argument! AdLib 19 hours ago

Poor Marianne… It’s embarrassing. kesmarn 19 hours ago

Buttigieg nailed it. AdLib 19 hours ago

Repubs will call Dems socialists no matter how they might pander to what Repubs want. AdLib 19 hours ago

Bernie is looking stronger tonight. AdLib 19 hours ago

RIght, And lately, they’ve gone beyond “socialist” to “communist.” kesmarn 19 hours ago

Tim Ryan is such a Republican. AdLib 19 hours ago

Calling Dems communists is hilarious when you consider who is Putin’s BFF. kesmarn 19 hours ago

Ryan isn’t going to make it much longer. kesmarn 19 hours ago

Graham calls Dems socialists and communists…which aren’t the same thing. AdLib 19 hours ago

Bernie slapped down Tim Ryan very nicely, he looked cowed. AdLib 19 hours ago

I heard Lindsey say that: “Communists who hate America.” kesmarn 19 hours ago

Yep…so Repubs are communists who like America? AdLib 19 hours ago

Bernie: “I wrote the damn bill!” kesmarn 19 hours ago

Loved it! AdLib 19 hours ago

Health care providers do NOT like private insurance! kesmarn 19 hours ago

Bernie gets it! Good smack-down. kesmarn 19 hours ago

Bernie: “Maybe you made profits off of health care!” AdLib 19 hours ago

Bernie has zero more f**cks to give. kesmarn 19 hours ago

Exactly! AdLib 19 hours ago

“It’s my last rodeo and I’m gonna go for broke.” kesmarn 19 hours ago

Delaney comes off as “Just say No” to progress. AdLib 19 hours ago

He should run for the GOP. kesmarn 19 hours ago

Have to say, Buttigieg does a very good job consistently. AdLib 19 hours ago

And yet… I think he’s still in single digits. kesmarn 19 hours ago

Yes, he’s in 5th place in most polls, after Biden, Warren, Bernie and Harris. AdLib 19 hours ago

I think he’d do pretty well against Trump in a debate scenario. kesmarn 19 hours ago

Yes, I think he would run circles around Trump. AdLib 19 hours ago

Gotta step away just for a moment… kesmarn 19 hours ago

Hickenlooper: “Huh? I’m supposed to say something?” AdLib 19 hours ago

Klobuchar is usually fine in what she says but she’s looking a little off tonight. Stress? AdLib 19 hours ago

Bollucks to Bullock! AdLib 19 hours ago

Why is he yelling everything? AdLib 19 hours ago

I’m back. Bullock: the candidate for the hearing impaired! kesmarn 19 hours ago

For the thinking impaired Repubs. AdLib 19 hours ago

LOL! kesmarn 19 hours ago

Okay… I’m officially writing Ryan off altogether. He should change his first name to “Paul.” kesmarn 19 hours ago

What are these moderates think they’re accomplishing by echoing Repubs and even Trump? What party do they think they’re running in? AdLib 19 hours ago

As you said, they’re not going to convince Trump voter to vote Dem kesmarn 19 hours ago

Ryan pushed to give Trump all those billions for immigration with no strings attached, he is an enabler. AdLib 19 hours ago

Poor CNN, they won’t be able to turn the candidates against each other on gun control. AdLib 19 hours ago

No, their “arguments as entertainment” model is going to falter. kesmarn 19 hours ago

That’s why they want the short statements, so they force simple statements that can be used against them in arguments. AdLib 19 hours ago

Right. The deadly “sound bite” that they can repeat ad nauseam tomorrow morning. kesmarn 19 hours ago

Klobuchar is doing well on this. AdLib 19 hours ago

Exactly. AdLib 19 hours ago

Bull…ock! AdLib 19 hours ago

Uh-oh… Another family member… kesmarn 19 hours ago

He’s so contrived. Hard to see Dems wanting a hostile conservative. AdLib 19 hours ago

I think voters are getting burnt out on emotionalism… they want principles and policies. kesmarn 19 hours ago

Many thoughtful comments on this, most are Progressives. Few are moderates. AdLib 19 hours ago

Beto did well there. kesmarn 19 hours ago

Yes, I saw a poll showing they want someone who can take on Trump but was not loud and Trump-like on the Dem side. AdLib 19 hours ago

So far, my sense is that Elizabeth Warren might fit the bill. But it’s early. kesmarn 19 hours ago

Yes, I do think Warren is who touches all the bases best. AdLib 19 hours ago

Is it just me or does it seem like Bullock has been talking about 40% of the evening? kesmarn 19 hours ago

Yes, Bullock is hijacking a lot of the debate. And half of them have been kept quiet. AdLib 19 hours ago

Now let’s see if that insurance ad plays! AdLib 19 hours ago

My ads are blocked… So they’re wasting their money on me! kesmarn 19 hours ago

How does Bullock appeal to any but the most conservative Dems? AdLib 19 hours ago

He doesn’t come off like any candidate Dems have ever wanted. AdLib 19 hours ago

I can’t see his campaign going anywhere. kesmarn 19 hours ago

“We need to elect a Repub Lite, and that’s Steve Bullock’s middle name!” AdLib 19 hours ago

I should know the answer to this, but is anyone (like Romney) considering a challenge to T. in the GOP? (And yes, Steve Bullock should just turn his initials around. BS says it all.) kesmarn 19 hours ago

Nope, no Repub who’s currently in office will run against Trump, they are all petrified of his wrath. Cowards! AdLib 19 hours ago

That really says something about that party. Which has now been almost 100% putrified. kesmarn 19 hours ago

Bullock could run for Senate in MT and win. He will not win this primary. AdLib 19 hours ago

No, he won’t. And Hickenlooper will be right behind him on the way out. kesmarn 19 hours ago

Along with Ryan and Delaney. This is definitely not the time for conservative, Repub Lites. AdLib 19 hours ago

No. Again, I think these people are not listening to their voters. Voters are craving real change and real moral commitment. kesmarn 19 hours ago

My county in Ohio did NOT go for Trump. kesmarn 19 hours ago

Ryan calls it “Taking health insurance away from union members.” Repub talking points! AdLib 19 hours ago

Doesn’t matter to Ryan. AdLib 19 hours ago

He might as well get a job as a lobbyist for United Health Care. kesmarn 19 hours ago

Bingo! AdLib 19 hours ago

They just threw a softball to Bullock, I see a pattern tonight of elevating Bullock. Giving him more time, softball questions complimenting him…CNN sucks. AdLib 19 hours ago

They really are pushing him pretty obviously. kesmarn 19 hours ago

Yes. The corporations want a conservative Dem who’ll keep their tax cuts in place. AdLib 19 hours ago

On the other hand, Bernie has been almost entirely erased (outside of the debates) by all the major networks. Too “scawy” for fans of unregulated capitalism. kesmarn 19 hours ago

YEAH!!! Warren just nailed Delaney! AdLib 19 hours ago

Good line! kesmarn 19 hours ago

Pensions weren’t sucking money out of Americans right and left in the 1930s! kesmarn 19 hours ago

Yes, Bernie was very buried like that in 2016. Nowadays, his weaker standings in the polls allows them to discount him. AdLib 19 hours ago

Investing in pensions doesn’t have any effect on people saving their own money. But shrinking the pool of people in insurance, DOES affect everyone involved. Delaney is a fraud and liar. AdLib 19 hours ago

And it becomes a cycle: zero exposure causes lower polling scores and lower polls — as you said — allow them to write him off. But there’s a good support base for Sanders that’s more “off grid.” Networks should not ignore that. That’s one reason why they didn’t see 2016 coming. kesmarn 19 hours ago

I thought Beto would be a top competitor but his almost rambling style may humanize him but limits his effectiveness and impact. AdLib 19 hours ago

Delaney knew he was comparing apples and oranges and did it anyway. kesmarn 19 hours ago

Yes, that proves he’s a fraud. AdLib 19 hours ago

Gotta step away once again… kesmarn 19 hours ago

Ok. AdLib 19 hours ago

I just don’t get the group of, “We can’t do big things!” candidates…people want to be inspired, not discouraged. AdLib 19 hours ago

Warren is getting more time than Bernie, interesting. AdLib 19 hours ago

For any of the bottom rung candidates to rise up, the ones leading in the polls have to fall and so far, I don’t see that happening. AdLib 19 hours ago

This confrontational format by CNN helps Bernie, he can yell out of moral outrage more justifiably. AdLib 19 hours ago

I hate when Dems like Bullock demonize those who attack the powerful corporations by claiming they’re attacking workers in those industries. AdLib 19 hours ago

I’m back. Bullock is getting on my nerves more and more as the evening goes on. kesmarn 18 hours ago

Yes, he’s tonight’s DeBlasio. AdLib 18 hours ago

Earlier he said he thought we should invest in “machines that devour carbon.” We already have those machines. They’re called “trees.” But trees don’t have lobbyists that pay Bullock. kesmarn 18 hours ago

Exactly! You don’t make things worse by manufacturing and adding to carbon…to reduce it! AdLib 18 hours ago

Racial questions…to an all white panel of Dems. AdLib 18 hours ago

A study just came out of Oxford and Zurich that said tree planting is seriously underrated as a way to rescue the planet. kesmarn 18 hours ago

I believe that. I liked Buttigieg’s proposal to pay farmers to grow trees and plants just for sucking up carbon. AdLib 18 hours ago

That’s a great idea. Beto’s finally hit his stride here. kesmarn 18 hours ago

Hickenlooper looks so lame trying to explain that he can address the racial issues. AdLib 18 hours ago

“We can deliver… an urban agenda…” kesmarn 18 hours ago

“urban”…”see, I didn’t say black!” AdLib 18 hours ago

LOL! Yep. kesmarn 18 hours ago

Buttigieg said very awkwardly that the racial divide “lives in me”. Er…not as good a phrase as he thinks… AdLib 18 hours ago

I was just going to type the same thing. “The racial divide lives within me….?” kesmarn 18 hours ago

He’s good but there’s a lack of emotion with him and Beto that limits their appeal. AdLib 18 hours ago

Klobuchar is saying good things but she seems a bit shaky. AdLib 18 hours ago

I agree. She seems a little “off” tonight. kesmarn 18 hours ago

So far, do you see anything in the debate that would change the polls for any of them? AdLib 18 hours ago

Hmmm… good question. Let me mull a bit… kesmarn 18 hours ago

Beto scored well on racial issues. AdLib 18 hours ago

Hey PPO! AdLib 18 hours ago

Are you watching on CNN, PPO? AdLib 18 hours ago

Hi, PPO! kesmarn 18 hours ago

Hi, gang! No, can’t see zip. No cable. Just wanted to give supprt. Trying to find a view. Cspan? pinkpantheroz 18 hours ago

Marianne has connected on racial issues. AdLib 18 hours ago

Can you watch on CNN international web site? AdLib 18 hours ago

I think Ryan, Delaney, Bullock, and Hickenlooper are slipping. Warren did well and Sanders better than expected.s did kesmarn 18 hours ago

trying! pinkpantheroz 18 hours ago

I’d agree with all of that. What it means though is this debate is not a gamechanger. Warren and Bernie will continue to be in the top tier and none of these candidates have made the case they should replace them. Then we’ll see tomorrow night, if Biden stumbles again and those two and Harris benefit from it. AdLib 18 hours ago

Biden just strikes me as a mushy Dem and he messes up all the time. I don’t want to be on the edge of my seat in a Trump/Biden debate as he stumbles and helps Trump. AdLib 18 hours ago

Ryan said, “President was onto something.” Er…not something any Dem candidate should say unless they want to be pushed off a cliff by voters. AdLib 18 hours ago

Right. I think Joe Biden is probably a nice guy, but he’s too beholden to corporate donors and he sometimes stumbles in debate situations. kesmarn 18 hours ago

Ryan is useless. AdLib 18 hours ago

Buttigieg and Klobuchar seem to be treading water. kesmarn 18 hours ago

Delaney…who I call Elmer Fudd, is being hammered by all the rabbits. AdLib 18 hours ago

HUH? 24 hour news cycle spells disaster for the economy? Ryan, what does that even mean? kesmarn 18 hours ago

Ryan doesn’t make sense. AdLib 18 hours ago

Delaney’s seeing his Super Capitalism dream fading as Warren speaks. kesmarn 18 hours ago

Delaney on now? pinkpantheroz 18 hours ago

Trans-pacific partnership pinkpantheroz 18 hours ago

Yes, Elmer Fudd is hyping TPP. AdLib 18 hours ago

Which allowed corporations to overrule environmental standards if it cost them enough. AdLib 18 hours ago

Right! And had very poor enforcement mechanisms built in. kesmarn 18 hours ago

I still like Beto, not more than Warren but his halting style of speaking hurts him. AdLib 18 hours ago

Kes – Yep, it would have increased corporate power over countries. AdLib 18 hours ago

So true. Bye-bye, national sovereignty. kesmarn 18 hours ago

Yes, that would have allowed corporations to overrule the laws of countries! Really? AdLib 18 hours ago

Bernie, Marcy Kaptur voted against those trade agreements too, and the Dem party was not happy with her for doing it. kesmarn 18 hours ago

Don’t know who is who in the lower ranks, so having a hard time keeping score on who is doing well pinkpantheroz 18 hours ago

CNN int, BTW, Thankx Ad! pinkpantheroz 18 hours ago

Top rung: Bernie and Warren. Buttigieg below them, everyone else at 2% or 1%. AdLib 18 hours ago

Cool, PPO! AdLib 18 hours ago

PPO, Marianne Williamson is winning the Miss Congenial Airy-Fairy area of the debate, if that helps. LOL! kesmarn 18 hours ago

Kes – Yep, she has been making strong statements on racial issues but I can’t imagine it making a difference in polling. AdLib 18 hours ago

Er…..No! pinkpantheroz 18 hours ago

Delaney shuffling around not supporting a wealth tax. AdLib 18 hours ago

Right, Marianne is from Michigan and lived in Detroit for quite a while, so in that area, she probably has something solid to contribute. kesmarn 18 hours ago

Yes, she seems to be solid on that. AdLib 18 hours ago

Maybe I’m too late getting here, but I’m not being impressed. Too little time to answer pinkpantheroz 18 hours ago

Elizabeth has done her homework, no doubt about that. kesmarn 18 hours ago

Sometimes only 15 seconds, PPO. Not working out well, imho. kesmarn 18 hours ago

Yes, Warren is always on solid ground but Delaney protecting his millions was pathetic. AdLib 18 hours ago

He was sweating. kesmarn 18 hours ago

PPO – Yes, we discussed this, CNN has done this to have a more confrontational and faster moving “show”, to the deficit of having a real debate. AdLib 18 hours ago

drat! gotta go phone call -m important. mSorry pinkpantheroz 18 hours ago

Hope to catch you later, PPO. kesmarn 18 hours ago

Bernie’s in his sweet spot along with Warren. AdLib 18 hours ago

And it seems to be resonating with the audience. kesmarn 18 hours ago

Yes. Marianne just slammed the Repub-Lites, loved it! AdLib 18 hours ago

I take back my snark on Marianne! kesmarn 18 hours ago

She has been consistently Progressive and has made sense. Gotta give her credit where it’s due. AdLib 18 hours ago

Klobuchar is anti-free-college. Not good, she undercut her Dem credentials. AdLib 18 hours ago

My understanding is that “free” tuition means free for State and community colleges. How many seriously wealthy kids are going to those colleges? They’re going to Ivy League schools. Even if mom and dad have to bribe the lacrosse coach to get them in. kesmarn 18 hours ago

Watching all of this, Bernie makes a lot of great points but Warren does the same though with specific plans and has a much more attractive persona. I think Warren has all the elements needed to win the primary. AdLib 18 hours ago

Kes – You really nailed that! Indeed, that’s what it means, not free Ivy League! If that was mentioned, it would have pulled the rug out from under the Repub-Lites. AdLib 18 hours ago

For a while now, I’ve been saying that my heart is with Bernie (because he’s been so consistent for so long), but my head says Warren. The thing is, Bernie is a pretty good street fighter, and I think Trumps kesmarn 18 hours ago

OOps.. a little afraid of him. kesmarn 18 hours ago

I don’t know, Trump seems pretty afraid of powerful women, moreso than men. AdLib 18 hours ago

That’s something to consider… And he’s already shot his wad with the Pocohontas thing; so I don’t think that’s going to stick any longer. kesmarn 18 hours ago

As you said, in these times, I think Dems want an anti-Trump. Bernie, as a white male in his 70’s who shouts a lot, putting his positions aside, runs against that sensibility. Warren comes off as sensible, confident, strong and relateable as Bernie but is a true anti-Trump person. Biden fails that test too. AdLib 18 hours ago

Agreed, the Pocohontas crap is all used up now and her flawed DNA roll out actually helped burn it out quicker. AdLib 18 hours ago

I’m glad she got that out of the way early on. kesmarn 18 hours ago

Bullock would be willing to launch a pre-emptive nuke! Warren’s eyes bulged in disbelief. AdLib 18 hours ago

Holy shit! I missed that. (Was feeding the cat.) kesmarn 18 hours ago

We’ve already been the first nation to use a nuclear weapon. In Japan. We don’t need to ever do that again. kesmarn 18 hours ago

Did Bullock just have a stroke? kesmarn 18 hours ago

Bullock is a monster. AdLib 18 hours ago

What a stupid question. kesmarn 18 hours ago

Warren said it basically but should have stressed that the US has more power when being on the high ground as opposed to exemplifying that it’s okay to be the first to launch nukes if you feel it protects you. AdLib 18 hours ago

They’re just trying to start another fight between younger and older candidates. Have I mentioned, CNN sucks? AdLib 18 hours ago

Good that Buttigieg is bringing up the GOP collaborators in Congress. kesmarn 18 hours ago

And yes, CNN totally sucks. The only area where there’s any agreement with the Trumpster. kesmarn 18 hours ago

I will sure be glad when these losers are cut out of the next debate because this cutting off of any substantial debate…at a debate!…is infuriating! AdLib 18 hours ago

Agreed, Buttigieg is also almost always so on target. He is brilliant. There should be a big place for him in a Warren Presidency. AdLib 18 hours ago

Not VP though, need a more diverse ticket. AdLib 18 hours ago

I know! They hardly have a chance to put two words together. There were parts of the Mueller hearing like that too. One time, Mueller had time to say: “Well… I…” and — boom — the GOP interrogator cut him off: “My time is limited!!” kesmarn 18 hours ago

Yes. Buttigieg should have a significant position… Sec of State? kesmarn 18 hours ago

Aww…have to listen to Bollocks! closing statements first. AdLib 18 hours ago

Yuck! kesmarn 18 hours ago

He’s awful. No wonder he’s gov. in a red state, he sounds and acts like a Repub. AdLib 18 hours ago

Is he drunk??? kesmarn 18 hours ago

Marianne thinks it’s a winner to argue that Dems need a candidate who is strong enough to fight Trump in 2020? Does she think she would be the one seen as strongest? AdLib 18 hours ago

Trump would mop the floor with her. Sorry, Marianne… but that’s the truth. kesmarn 18 hours ago

She’d be like a rag doll in a bulldog’s mouth. AdLib 18 hours ago

Good analogy! kesmarn 17 hours ago

No, Mr. Ryan, you didn’t. kesmarn 17 hours ago

Elmer Fudd said, “Isn’t it time we had a president who is a leader in the both the private sector and in government?” WTF? That’s Trump, we already have that insanity! AdLib 17 hours ago

Ryan is delusional, just having run proves that. He has no base! AdLib 17 hours ago

Elmer and Bullock should form their own party. The “We Love Money Party.” kesmarn 17 hours ago

I wonder if Hickenlooper ever dressed up as The Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz for Halloween? AdLib 17 hours ago

Isn’t that called “The GOP”? AdLib 17 hours ago

LOL! “If I only had a backbone…” “Pragmatic” has become a dirty word in this household. kesmarn 17 hours ago

I think this debate only helps Bernie and Warren. These other losers should be out of the running for the next debate. AdLib 17 hours ago

Amy might want to give the Cry Stories a rest for a while. kesmarn 17 hours ago

Klobuchar doesn’t have the presence she used to have. AdLib 17 hours ago

She looks depressed. kesmarn 17 hours ago

Beto and his halting speaking pattern are a near miss IMO. I thought he could grow into a top rung candidate but he seems to have hit his top potential…which falls short. AdLib 17 hours ago

I think the debate did help Sanders and Warren. Buttigieg also looked pretty good. Beto didn’t really hurt himself tonight, I think, but he doesn’t seem to have broken through. kesmarn 17 hours ago

Desperate? She and the others know this is their last debate. I think only Beto, Buttigieg and of course Warren and Bernie continue on. AdLib 17 hours ago

Yes, those four. And that’s about it, I think. kesmarn 17 hours ago

Then add Biden and Harris from tomorrow night and you have your real primary lineup. AdLib 17 hours ago

Anyone else you think could rise up to be in the next debate too? AdLib 17 hours ago

Right, unless there’s some sort of major surprise tomorrow. kesmarn 17 hours ago

Wish I knew more about Andrew Yang. There’s a sort of “underground” buzz about him, but I’m not sure whether it’s significant. kesmarn 17 hours ago

Harris can’t hurt herself too much but Biden can get hurt but he will still be in it. I think any who leave Biden would go to one of the other main contenders, can’t see how the ones at the bottom can rise by attacking the more popular candidates. AdLib 17 hours ago

No, that’s not going to work. kesmarn 17 hours ago

Yang is a nutter. One of his issues is running against circumcision. His only policy is giving all Americans $1,000 universal income per year. Nothing of substance in him, he’s a gimmick candidate. AdLib 17 hours ago

Well, a crappy debate because the discussions were all cut short. AdLib 17 hours ago

I’m glad to get your take on his, AdLib. He seems to have appeal with very young, white male voters from what I can determine. And that’s about it. kesmarn 17 hours ago

Very badly handled by CNN. kesmarn 17 hours ago

*him, not his. Meaning Yang. kesmarn 17 hours ago

Is Tulsi Gabbard in the group tomorrow night? kesmarn 17 hours ago

Yes, Yang has a narrow appeal to young, white nerds. Who have no big visions on policies except themselves. AdLib 17 hours ago

Yes, Tulsi is tomorrow. I know you like her but just saying, she’s at 1%, I think it will be her last debate too. AdLib 17 hours ago

That kinda confirms what I was sensing. kesmarn 17 hours ago

I agree, AdLib, she’s not getting off the ground (Tulsi). She does have some baggage too. kesmarn 17 hours ago

Just researched Delaney after Bernie accused him of making money off of healthcare: “Representative for Maryland’s 6th congressional district from 2013 to 2019. Co-founder of Health Care Financial Partners. Founder of CapitalSource, a Maryland-based commercial lender. AdLib 17 hours ago

The CNN “pudnuts” (tip of the hat, Marty) are saying Bullock had a good night??? Seriously??? And Delaney??? Wow… the payments must be flying. kesmarn 17 hours ago

So a health insurance exec AND a banker? Really, he wants to be the Dem nom? AdLib 17 hours ago

GREAT find, AdLib!! You nailed that one. Damn. Bernie does know his stuff. kesmarn 17 hours ago

Here’s the link: https://www.businessinsider.com/who-is-john-delaney-bio-age-family-key-positions-2019-4 AdLib 17 hours ago

Great research! kesmarn 17 hours ago

Bernie exposed him. AdLib 17 hours ago

No wonder he’s persona non grata in so many places. Big Media and Big Healthcare and Big Finance really hate him. kesmarn 17 hours ago

Bernie? AdLib 17 hours ago

Yes. kesmarn 17 hours ago

Sorry, shoulda clarified that! kesmarn 17 hours ago

Yep, he would be very adversarial. They want puppets like Trump in there. AdLib 17 hours ago

Warren too. AdLib 17 hours ago

Those two commies! kesmarn 17 hours ago

Anderson Cooper interviewing Bernie now. kesmarn 17 hours ago

The cool thing is that I think all the top contenders would stand up against corporate interests. AdLib 17 hours ago

I hope so. I’m not totally sure about Biden and Harris… kesmarn 17 hours ago

Watching MSNBC now to see how they spin it. Let me know how CNN describes the night. AdLib 17 hours ago

Okay. Bernie’s saying that people don’t necessarily “love” their private insurance. They love the doctors and nurses who take care of them, not the corporation. kesmarn 17 hours ago

MSNBC started by saying the debate was all about the Tom Friedman screed that if Dems try to have a real revolution, they’ll lose, they need to be middle of the road to beat Trump. I think Friedman is an enemy of change and has been for some time. AdLib 17 hours ago

I lost confidence in Friedman a while ago. kesmarn 17 hours ago

Now the Friedman article is being mentioned on CNN. kesmarn 17 hours ago

Claire “Loser” McKaskill on MSNBC claiming Bullock was the best in the debate. AdLib 17 hours ago

Bernie’s answer: If we don’t get Black voters and young people on board, we’re going to lose. And centrism is not going to do that. kesmarn 17 hours ago

OMG, did McKaskill even watch the same debate we did?? kesmarn 17 hours ago

McKaskill is an idiot She lost in 2018 by ignoring the idea of growing her base and hinging her re-election in convincing white Trump voters to change and support her instead. She is an idiot in a bubble who has no awareness how clueless she is. AdLib 17 hours ago

Bernie’s right. AdLib 17 hours ago

And for all her “pragmatism,” Claire lost. kesmarn 17 hours ago

Trump voters know a pandering, craven candidate when they see one. kesmarn 17 hours ago

Yes, that’s my point. She was wrong and faulty in her thought processes. AdLib 17 hours ago

That’s what comes of being “risk-averse.” You’re “neither feared nor respected.” kesmarn 17 hours ago

Great, O’Donnell on MSNBC said that nothing changes, Warren kept her lead…then said Ryan had the best night! AdLib 17 hours ago

But at least he said he thought Warren was strong and successful and presidential. AdLib 17 hours ago

WTH? How did Ryan have a good night? I haven’t had cable in so long that I think I’ve lost touch with how unplugged some of these people are from reality. kesmarn 17 hours ago

They reach to look like they’re not partisan so they pump up someone or something on the other side. Insincerity is not a plus. AdLib 17 hours ago

Van Jones and one other commentator are saying Bernie “re-established himself as the leader of the revolution.” kesmarn 17 hours ago

Van Jones: “Authenticity vs phoniness, courage vs cowardice.” kesmarn 17 hours ago

I agree that Bernie re-energized his candidacy tonight. But I don’t think he lapped Warren. AdLib 17 hours ago

No, Van Jones said the same: in effect, they’re sort of “neck and neck.” kesmarn 17 hours ago

Yep, and I would double down on cowardice as the underlying theme of the Repub-Lites. AdLib 17 hours ago

Yes, as long as Warren is as strong as Bernie in a debate, I think she benefits. AdLib 17 hours ago

Whew… well here in corn country it’s after 11 pm, and I do believe I have something in my inbox from a person named “Kalima.”

So I may have to sign off for now. It was fun, and thanks for hanging in there right to the (sometimes befuddled) end. kesmarn 17 hours ago

Klobuchar being interviewed on MSNBC, she just isn’t looking like she has a presence. AdLib 17 hours ago

Please say hi to Kalima for me! Wonderful to share the debate with you! AdLib 17 hours ago

They interviewed her (Klobuchar) before Sanders on CNN and she stumbled through that one too. Maybe health problems? kesmarn 17 hours ago

Maybe. She didn’t look so good tonight. AdLib 17 hours ago

Polls on MSNBC… AdLib 17 hours ago

She did not. Not to make light of menopause, but sometimes that can really kick a woman in the rear. (Only a woman could say that and get away with it.) kesmarn 17 hours ago

64% of Dems think Medicare for all is a good idea, 31% don’t. AdLib 17 hours ago

It’s a very popular idea. Whose time has come. kesmarn 17 hours ago

All Americans, 41% – 54%. AdLib 17 hours ago

All Americans. Hmmm… Well they might want to do some research and stop watching commercials paid for by Aetna. kesmarn 17 hours ago

Decriminalizing illegal immigration with Dems, 45% yes 47% no. All Americans, 27% yes 66% no. AdLib 17 hours ago

“Well, thanks so much once again, AdLib. Now to that email. I’ll tell Kalima you said “Howdy!” kesmarn 17 hours ago

Universal healthcare including illegal immigrants with Dems – 60% yes 32% no. All Americans 33% yes 62% no. AdLib 17 hours ago

Nite Kes! AdLib 17 hours ago

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