While CNN’s debate format (cutting off debate and asking questions seeking attacks on other candidates) leaves a lot to be desired, last night’s Democratic debate did provide more clarity about who the candidates are and which are stronger or weaker. Some Progressive candidates shared a specific vision about where they want to take America while some moderate/conservative candidates revealed that they oppose ambitious goals and prefer continuing the status quo with some tweaks.

Tonight’s debate which will include Joe Biden and Kamala Harris again on the same stage, could lead to fireworks (CNN is doing its best to provide the gunpowder) especially because this debate may be the last one for the majority of other candidates attending (the polling and fundraising requirements to qualify for the next debate are higher).

Some candidates may go for broke tonight, those in the top tier may play it safe or try to break out. Joe Biden will have the biggest spotlight on him, will he falter as he did in the first debate or will he present a stronger and more reassuring performance? Will Kamala Harris press on with her confrontations with Biden and will other candidates be emboldened by her success in the last debate to take on Biden?

There will be a lot going on tonight and there’s no better way to share your thoughts in real time on what we’re watching than with your fellow Planeteers in our simultaneous Live Chat right here!

To join tonight’s live chat, just make sure you’re logged into your PlanetPOV account then click on the blue “Live Events” bar at the bottom. The chat window will open and you can join right in!

Tonight’s debate begins at 5:00pm PDT/8:00pm EDT which is when our live chat will start as well. It is being hosted by CNN so you if you don’t have cable or satellite, you can go to their website (or CNN International if you aren’t in the U.S.) to live stream the debate in one window while participating in our Live Chat in another.

Hope to see you then!

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