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Weekend Music Thread – Hold On, I’m Coming

This weekend's music thread is a supportive send off for the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris campaign. Songs about traveling, trips and adventures, songs about principles and issues, and any other songs you want to dedicate to them to cheer them on.

Weekend Music Thread – Born to Run

To celebrate both this historic moment and send off Senator Harris and Joe Biden on their campaign to win this election (and save our postal service and democracy), the theme for this weekend's music thread is about running, walking, jumping, chasing or pursuing something.

Stealing From Taxpayers, Charities and Voters…Trump is a Career Thief Who Must Be “Arrested”

I hope states move quickly to use the courts to stop this historic attempt at election theft by Trump but everyone in power, especially Dems in Congress, need to "lock up" Trump ASAP from stealing this country's most valuable possession, our democracy.

Trump To Replace VP Pence With Diamond And Silk

Trump instructed his aides to always have Diamond and Silk wear name tags whenever they're around him. "The downside in having black running mates to prove you're not racist is having to tell them apart," Trump nodded earnestly.

Weekend Music Thread – Please Mr. Postman

This weekend's music thread is dedicated to our wonderful postal workers and stopping this assault on America. Songs about letters, writing, communicating, talking, listening, and getting the word out one way or another is what we're carrying door-to-door this weekend.

Weekend Music Thread – Don’t Stop Me Now

This weekend our theme is for songs about up and down, stopping, going and even Trump has done to the economy and our democracy...and is finally catching up to him in 94 days.