Recording their first song in 30 years, Pink Floyd (featuring two of the three surviving members of Pink Floyd, David Gilmour and Nick Mason), plays background behind the Ukrainian singer from the band Boombox, Andriy Khlyvnyuk, and his rendition of a Ukrainian ballad, “Hey Hey Rise Up”. The song’s profits go to help Ukraine.

Khlyvnyuk was on tour in the U.S. with Boombox when Russia invaded Ukraine and he swiftly flew back to help defend Ukraine. Such bravery by him and so many Ukrainians deserves the promotion and support of Americans and those in positions to promote this existential battle.

So while we have done this somewhat recently, this ongoing vicious and criminal assault on Ukrainians and the sanctity of human life and freedom around the world remains urgent so this weekend’s music thread is for songs dedicated to the incredibly brave and terribly suffering people of Ukraine.

Now it’s your turn to send your musical support (hopefully sending other support too) to the brave and strong Ukrainians who are fighting directly for their country and simultaneously, for the protection of peace, freedom, and democracy around the world.

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