Libertarians Join the Attack on The Southern Poverty Law Center

The true quandary is why on earth those whom at least purport to be advocates of human rights and civil liberties have also been piling upon the SPLC.

Conspiracy Revealed: The VA Earthquake Wasn’t Kosher

I have it upon reliable authority that the East Coast earthquake was deliberately caused via collusion between Tim Geithner, Rahm Emmanuel, Ben Bernanke, Dave Axelrod and the owners of...

America’s Shameful Culture of Rape

A Cop Rapes a Woman at Gunpoint. An 11-Year-Old Rape Victim is Smeared. KBR sues a rape accuser for $2 Million. What is it with our inability to find justice for victims?...

Separated at Birth…Or the GOP Lineup Revealed?

Coincidence? I think NOT! YOU DECIDE!!! Enjoy!                    

Ladies and Gents: The Real Ron Paul

Ron Paul isn't just a fanatic Ayn Rand devotee like the son he claims he didn't name after her... in fact, that is the least of his shortcomings.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Real Rick Santorum

  Let's just let these facts speak for themselves... more to come. First, a few gems from the man who wants access to "the button"; “I have no problem with homosexuality. I...

Ladies and Gents…The Real Rick Perry!

According to Rick Perry, Social Security and Medicare are unconstitutional, the Earth is 6,000 years old, women were created from Adams rib, the Statue of Liberty is a demonic idol and the Constitution says that this is a "Christian Nation".

What Would FDR Have Done?

Roosevelt did not accept the simplistic conservative meme that MACROeconomics and MICROeconomics have the same fundamental principles and that government has to "live within its means like families do"......

Downgrading the Downgraders

Although Standard & Poors publicly stated reasons behind their decision to downgrade the credit rating of the United States from "AAA" to "AA+" were correct in as much as...

We Are Our Own Worst Enemy

  Let’s face it… We are our own worst enemy.. and we better acknowledge that simple fact that unless we confront this cancer as a unified front then the entire nation...