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BlueStateMan On August - 5 - 2011


Let’s face it…

We are our own worst enemy.. and we better acknowledge that simple fact that unless we confront this cancer as a unified front then the entire nation will succumb to the bagger agenda.

We ALSO need President Obama to USE HIS POWER and stop these SEDITIONISTS from destroying everything this Country was founded upon… his call for “bi-partisanship” with a gaggle of dogmatic ideologues as FUTILE.

(Ever try to have a RATIONAL discussion with a CULTIST?)

That said… we must ALSO be ADULTS as to the political realities that exist in the HERE & NOW.

Sure the baggers are crazy & destructive… but there are ALSO those in the Progressive movement.. especially the political neophytes, the mopes and the whiners that are counterproductive to the point of suicide.

In fact, these children are worse than the baggers and the rest of the degenerate right-wing because they tear us apart from the inside out. They are more interested in salving their own ego than taking a pragmatic view that while things may not measure up to their unattainable ideals, not realizing (or refusing to realize) that they have a much better chance under the Democratic Partty than any alternatives we were presented with or are likely to be presented with..

They want everything perfect, and they want it NOW, and the fact that it took thirty years for us to wind up in this mess never seems to cloud their minds with reality.

There are sane and insane on BOTH sides of the aisle… but the ones who claim that they only want things to be better are the worst though, because they hide their destructive agenda behind infantile adhesions to unachievable purism’s.

I’m also getting really tired of all of their constant griping, all the while they are claiming that nothing is being attempted to accomplish anything on Capitol Hill.. and then griping some more when many attempts are being made to accomplish things on Capitol Hill… at the same time saying that it will “never work”… blah, blah, blah….

These are usually the very same people that, when something positive is actually accomplished, will either gripe that it was “too little too late”…. or gripe that it didn’t go far enough… or gripe that it went too far… or gripe that is was too draconian.. or gripe that it will never be enforced…or gripe that they didn’t get what they wanted the moment that they wanted it, or gripe that their delusional sense of “purity” wasn’t properly adhered to… or gripe because they no longer have anything to gripe about.

There are certain circumstances when we progressives need to shelve our differences (however nuanced) and vote the democratic ticket… and the 2012 election will historically be one of those times.. as the stakes are higher now than they have ever been… or ever likely to be.

I have had many problems with the Obama Administration… including their lack of cajones in forcing the GOP to filibuster (exposing them as the obstructionists that they are).. not to mention his appalling abuse of power in wanting to assassinate a native born citizen…. to his archaic energy policy to his handling of Afghanistan..

But today.. at this point in time, if we all don’t hang together, we could very well allow the crackpot baggers to get a permanent foothold into our Legislature.

Would you really want to see an Eric Cantor or a Rand Paul… a Michelle Bachmann or a Rick Santorum in positions where they would be writing and enforcing our laws… to be defining to the world who we are as a “people”?

Do you HONESTLY feel that there is “NO DIFFERENCE”???

Now, more than any other, we need to vote together… en masse and go on the record as being foursquare against this cancer that is all-too-fast metastasizing in our culture … for if these shills for the racists, the bigots, and those whose putrid worldview ever get a permanent grip on our system of justice.. our system of governance, we might never survive to fix it later.

Being a “Progressive” isn’t easy…

“Progressivism” is the POLITICAL iteration of “Liberalism”.

“Liberalism” is a worldview…. a way of understanding the relationship between all peoples and the comprehension that it is INDEED our responsibility to see to the needs of others… of the “commons”.

“Progressivism” is the political manifestation of that ideal… the ‘mechanics’ of initiating those principals into the rule of LAW.

It is much harder to adhere to it’s tenets than just whining or spouting empty platitudes.

We should leave that honor to the republicans.

About 30 years ago, the religious right decided, after futile attempts to affect policy by creating their own power center, that it would be easier to take over an existing Political Party instead & that is exactly what they did.

With the help of Ronald Reagan, the Republican Party ceased to be the moderate-to-conservative entity that it once was, one that was truly interested in governance through dialog, compromise & a patriotic embrace of our system into what we see today.

A bunch of close-minded, dogmatic ideologues & degenerate, crackpot teabaggers who are closer to the “Party of Lincoln ROCKWELL” than the “Party of LINCOLN”.

They got their way.

Isn’t it time that the LIBERALS in the Democratic Party took a few moves from the “moral” majority’s playbook, get involved at the grass roots of our Party & re-take it so that it might stand for the ideals & values that WE hold, back to the Party of Thomas Paine & FDR??

STOP empowering the ‘baggers & their GOP lackeys by hoisting up their putrid standards & allowing them to divide us.

Don’t like the way the BlueDogs betrayed us?

Get involved at the primary level & get rid of them there… don’t just say that you’ll “vote third party” or register as an “Independent” (or even WORSE…. staying home as a “protest vote”)… because you lose your influence when you do that… once they are on the ticket.. it’s already too late…

I fully realize and acknowledge the value of realistic goals and the necessity of healthy skepticism, but when that skepticism ferments and devolves into an intractable cynicism, it becomes more than just ‘counterproductive’.. it raises failure to a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Stand up for what we CAN be, & GET INVOLVED!

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  1. texliberal says:

    ” If you tell the truth you won’t have to remember anything.”

    Mark Twain

  2. lynettema says:

    Amen! Now how do we get this message through to these pea brains?

  3. Marion says:

    These purists on the Left share a brain cell with the Teabaggers, and -- like the Teabaggers -- they are led by the short and curlies by people who should know better and who have their own personal and corporate agendae. MSNBC, Huffington, Hamsher, Greenwald, Walsh and Maher need rooting out.

  4. AdLib says:

    What I might compare this situation to is a baseball team that’s booed by its fans whenever its not winning.

    It doesn’t matter to those fans that they’ve won other games or that their booing is discouraging their team from coming back and beating the team they’re playing right now, all that matters to such fans is that their team is winning the game right now or they suck. And any fans who would cheer them on when they’re not winning are mindless and suck too.

    That doesn’t reflect loyalty or vision, just a shallow need for immediate gratification, that what one wants now is all that exists, past and future are irrelevant to influencing one’s perspective and actions.

    As Ben Franklin once said, “We must hang together…else, we shall most assuredly hang separately.”

    • escribacat says:

      Perfect analogy, Adlib.

    • BlueStateMan says:

      Giving away my age, I remember seeing the Dodgers at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn.

      “Booing” dem BUMS was actually a term of endearment!!

    • Sabreen60 says:

      Great analogy. If you see it somewhere else, know that I stole it :)

      May I use it 😕

    • jkkFL says:

      Well said, AdLib..
      I concur; but maybe that comes from being a lifelong Cubs fan!!
      However we are Very Good when we can finally sing ‘Go Cubs Go’. 😉

      • bito says:

        Ah, so that’s my problem, I’m 4th generation of Cubs fans with 1959 being an exempt year when the White Sox won the W.S. 😉

        • jkkFL says:

          ummm..bito- where were ya in ’05??? :)

        • choicelady says:

          Same here, bito. Being a Cubs fan means you have a clear sense of long-term loyalty. You have hope in the face of all obstacles. That you remain a fan even when mightily tested. It teaches endurance, perserverance, and taking the long view: “there’s always next year”. It also teaches you how to create good excuses to get out of work for the afternoon games.

          Mike Royko once published a statisically observable fact: the team with the most ex-Cubs will always lose to one with fewer ex-Cubs or none. Always.

          It would be interesting to see if those of us who have the long view of regaining progressive ground harbor a love for the Cubs. I’d not be surprised if we did. Tea Baggers are probably NOT Cubs fans. Impatient liberals are probably NOT Cubs fans. People who have a sense of history and acceptance of small and incremental gains probably are.

          Progressive politics and the Cubs factor. Would be interesting to know.

          • jkkFL says:

            My favorite day was always Opening Day- My boss took off every year, so a bunch of the rest of us did too!
            He also understood when we would call in with a ‘fever’… 😉

            • jkkFL says:

              @c’lady- he was Chicago born and bred-had a tv in his office when it was unheard of- and it didn’t hurt that we worked for the finest advertising agency in the world: Leo Burnett 😉

            • choicelady says:

              Good man, your boss! Why, it’s TRADITION! That would be like making you work on the 4th of July. Obviously the man was a true Chicago patriot!

        • texliberal says:

          bito, Cubs Fan?? That explains it. One name, Lou Brock and we Cardinal fans thanked you.

      • AdLib says:

        Cubs fans are a fountain of optimism and that’s what we need now more than ever!

        • jkkFL says:

          Yep- that’s us; we are also Loyal, tolerant, and forgiving- and we Know how to have a good time -even in a bad time. 😉

        • Khirad says:

          Indeed. The best I can muster is a ‘meh’, maybe next year.

          • jkkFL says:

            Khirad- the proper salute is “Wait Till Next Year!!”

          • choicelady says:

            Clearly YOU are a Cubs admirer. Got it in one.

            • Khirad says:

              Kinda am, the West has no fanatic fan base of solidarity and communal spirit akin to the Midwest and Eastern sports teams.

              I wear my Mariner’s cap ironically.

              Portland can get that way when the Blazers are good… but otherwise, it’s just, ‘meh’, maybe next year. Don’t bother me.

              Maybe the Raiders and Lakers… but that’s it. And for the latter, it doesn’t really count when “disappointment” is not winning the championship… again.

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