I am the public policy director for a large, very progressive faith organization. We believe in science, democracy, full equality for all people (NO exceptions), peace, and justice. We respect other people, but it doesn't mean we share their views. Nice to have a world of progressive thought. Rather like finally getting fresh air after a very smoggy day!

The ACA Is Working!

By end of the 7th week, combined enrollments of private Exchange plans with Medicaid/CHIP had moved from 499K to over 705K.

BullyProgs – Tea Party Tactics by Progressives Kill Single Payer in CA

Single payer seems dead legislatively in California, not just as a bill but as an issue. It died not due to insurance industry opposition but due to the outrageous bullying tactics of its supporters. Nice job, BullyProgs.

Forward to the Past – Victorian Politics Today

The Dickensian disdain for the poor resonates with some people today.

God, Guns, Greed – Face of Dominionism

"God, Guns, and Greed" shows the passion and commitment Dominionists have to taking overAmerica– and the world.

Race to the Bottom

Community standards - the new way to lower wages.

Christian dominionists and death

Christian Dominionism kills. It's just a mater of time who will be next.

No Compassion – the American Terrorist still lives

Worse, McVeigh knew of the babies and toddlers in the daycare center at the Murrah Building and dismissed them as merely "collateral damage".