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The Imagination of a Child

The model train, the stuffed toy, the Erector Set, the pair of skates, the doll house, a book, the board game.......... and the all time favorite: the Cardboard Box. Christmas time brings back the childhood memories in many of our...
In light of the recent victory in the Senate in funding the ACA, this weekend's music thread is about health, and sometimes the lack of it.
This weekend is a celebration of the Blues and all the forms it gave birth to, including Rock and Roll, R&B and Rockabilly. So, sort through your favorites, from Delta Blues to Chicago Blues, to Jazz Blues and your favorite Rock and Roll.
I thought God might be pleased with the Texas education board putting him into their textbooks (he likes to try to stay ahead of Paris Hilton in popularity) but he instead asked me to publish this blog for Him: Okay,...
As free market capitalists, Republicans have a primary allegience to this very American system and we will always do all we can to protect it from the serious threats it faces from criticism that's not baseless, regulations that protect people over profits and the tyranny of majority rule over our political system.
Many of the cartoonish GOP figures running for President and in Congress actually appeared in cartoons before heading into the wacky world of Washington DC, you're invited to peruse their former appearances.
Donald Trump has been preoccupied over the past few months with the prospect of using his real estate development smarts to "develop" the U.S.. After flirting with the idea of the U.S. buying Greenland, Atlantis or Hogwarts, he has...
If you don't know what Spanx is and are just bursting at the seams to find out, much as I'd like to stretch the truth on this, I can't hold it in any longer. Spanx is essentially the modern girdle,...
Taking on a Trump persona, Huckabee has been observed trying to fire all of the medical staff attending to him, filing for bankruptcy four times and calling for Latino orderlies by saying, "Tell the rapists I need a new bedpan."
To the tune of The Christmas Song, "Trump's nuts roasting while old Lindsey cries. Rand Paul curling 'round his toes. Tyrant Donald being hung by his lies, While Trump's mob falls like dominoes."




Critical Race Theory: A Distraction!

These renegades were on the path of forming the perfect union for themselves.

Weekend Music Thread – Like a King

On this MLK holiday weekend, our music thread is a tribute to this remarkable man, the principles he stood for and the vision he had and acted on to bring about a better world where people would not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

Rebroadcast Live from New York!

SNL isn't the edgiest, and I hear you when you talk about it's 'punk' roots. And Canada's SCTV came before or was a contemporary. Kids in the Hall was later. Exit 57 in the mid-90s [Colbert, Sedaris, Dinello].

Weekend Music Thread – I’m Still Standing

This week we observed the one-year anniversary of the Trump-led attempt to overthrow our democracy on January 6, 2021. Our nation and our democracy held firm and we're still standing against the Republican Party of Insurrection but we will need to pass voting rights protections to keep standing strong. We can't let down now. So the theme for this weekend's music thread is about standing up, staying strong, and fighting to win against the destructive forces trying to rip democracy out of the majority's hands.