Due to the work of dogged investigative reporting, it has been uncovered that the GOP is actually a scripted “reality” show for the Fox network.

The tipoffs were all there, if you used Morse code to decrypt all of Sarah Palin’s winks, you would have gotten the messages, “Hi Mom!”, “I buried John McCain.” and “I’m not this dumb in real life, really.”

What a colorful array of characters they cast:

  • The preening always-tan Senator who can never tell the truth.
  • The gruff, bumbling, forgetful old codger from AZ
  • The Charlie-Brown-Teacher voiced ex-Gov of Alaska who’s a pit bull with lipstick
  • The chinless and jowled Minority Leader always warning that the sky is always falling
  • The bumbling black party leader who awkwardly tries to “jive talk” the people they hate into joining them.
  • The obese drug addict radio host who’s proudly racist
  • The ego-mad tv host who weeps and laughs maniacally at paranoid delusions.

You can’t make this stuff up.

I do have to say that Fox is great at marketing, everyone’s tuning into this show to see what they say and do next, lots of people can repeat each episode word for word but I think the writing has gotten a bit weak.

Like always having every character lying, that’s getting so old. And it’s very hackneyed to claim that everything they don’t like is  “going to destroy our nation”. So played out, how about something new for a change, please?

They do always seem to throw a curve when things start to get predictable, like the Powerpoint presentation that was “leaked”, dissing their own donors as fearful and egotistical. Very funny, I wouldn’t have thought of that.

I’d have to say that my favorite character in the show is that female ex-governor from Alaska, she cracks me up! I think she’s being written by some of The Simpsons writers at Fox (the ones who write Mr. Burns?), her dialog and what she does is so cartoonish, you know? The way she’s so seemingly oblivious to how attention and power hungry she is and how ridiculously greedy, you know? Telling her clueless fans that she’s just a poor rural gal while she rakes in millions from books and appearances and grabs armfuls of loot from Oscar gift rooms.

She’s so funny! That death panel thing was hilarious! And her writing on her hand when she was attacking reading off teleprompters? Classic!

What gets a bit annoying though are the amount of reruns. If I have to see those episodes over and over again where they call Obama “a socialist” or claim the country is about to be nuked if the Senate uses a democratic, majority vote to pass legislation, I’m going to quit Tivoing it for a while.

However, I must admit that I am looking forward to next season when they play “Survivor” to see who gets to run for president. They’ve got some wild characters in the wings who will be joining the show then, there’s that two-faced, slick-as-a-used-car-salesman ex-Gov from MA and the conspiracy theory wingnut from TX with his cult following.

One question though, when is Fox ever going to take credit for this show and let people know it’s their “Blair Witch” faux-reality hoax? I mean, some people think it’s real!

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KQµårk 死神

I love the parody though I could point out a few characters on our side that are just as funny like Hamster and Huff n’ Puff. Now Hamster is on a rampage to oust the head of the House Democratic caucus, Lynn Woolsey, because she does not pass the current litmus test for progressives. It’s comical that both sides want to accomplish the same thing and marginalize each respective party by forcing ideological purity on candidates.

Blues Tiger
Blues Tiger



Hey, Adlib, as you say,


I tweeted the article


Excellent, AdLib!

All a sane person can do is laugh at the GOP propaganda FOX network and that show is getting beyond old.

As for Sarah Palin, I think it’s incorrect to label her as the former governor of Alaska, when the more correct term is the failed governor of Alaska and failed GOP VP candidate.

I really do wonder at times how much of the bullcrap spouted on FOX and by their merry cast of characters, how much do their viewers actually believe?

The hatred of the right towards the left blinds many to the reality, but it’s a choice the RW voters make in repeating the lies to irritate and smirk at the left.

At least that’s how I see it.

I mean, no one can be that gullible as to believe everything FOX, can they?

Then again, Bush did serve 2 terms.


Good post Adlib. We can only hope others in this country see this comedy/reality show the same way. The thing that amazes me is these people can actually show themselves in public after some of the antics they pull. Do they really think Americans are that caught up in their starstruck, reality show watching, brain dead lives that they will not take notice? Sometimes I think the answer is yes. I wish there was some way to take a real pulse from the American people. Say a voting day to find out where people really are and what they are thinking instead of all these polls that are skewed to get the answer the pollster wants.