Trump Tribble

So, here we are coming to the end of a pretty unbelievable year. A reality show host is on the verge of becoming a major party’s nominee for President, racist police forces from the 1950’s keep coming through wormholes into the present to attack black people and Republicans and the media terrorize America to “protect” and inform them about the danger of terrorism.

There’s been good in 2015 too, gay marriage is the law of the land, the agreement signed with Iran for peaceful nuclear disarmament and a global agreement in Paris on saving the planet from Climate Change.

As the New Year approaches, may auld acquaintances be forgot…aw what the hell, instead of that, why don’t we bid adieu to 2015 by taking a look back at the year through articles published here at PlanetPOV that featured original graphics (especially since we’re not sure what officially classifies as an “auld” acquaintance).

Hope you enjoy the flashback to The Year in PlanetPOV graphics below as we look forward to the exciting election year ahead of us!

Bizarro Romney2Bizarro Romney Announces, “Me Want to Be President So Me Not Run!”


Hysteria MSMToday in MSM Hysteria BS: CentCom’s You Tube and Twitter Accounts Hacked! Obama Didn’t Attend French March! OH NO!!!


Christie MeaslesChris Christie Courts Pro-Measles Voters


Ares and Lindsey147 GOP Senators Write Love Letter to Ares, God of War


Netanyahu - End Is NearNetanyahu’s Top Ten Declarations


Pres 2016 tvThe Presidential Campaign TV Series Starring Hillary Clinton and the GOP!


Texas StraightjacketTexas Has Finally Gone Full Metal Straightjacket


Trump as HuckabeeMike Huckabee Afflicted By Post Trumpatic Stress Disorder


Joker TrumpWeekend Music Thread – Crazy Train


Lindsey KeeperSpaced Out Republicans and Their Star Trek Twins – Separated at Birth?


Walker QuarkTrump TribbleHuckabee Alien PuppetFiorina RomulanCruz Baby AlienChristie OverlookerBush Borg

Satan on FoxFox News Balances Pope Coverage, Hires Satan For Commentary


MSNBC-ISIS fearISIS Signs Syndication Deal With Cable News Channels


Make America GermanyTrump Sews a Swastika Onto The American Flag


Satan-TrumpTrump Flattered By Satan’s Compliments

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It’s just great to have all these graphics gathered together in one place, AdLib. It’s almost impossible to pick a favorite.

But the Star Trek series is just brilliant!

Thanks so much and Happy New Year!


awesome as usual!


Spot on, AdLib!!!!!


Funny and spot on as usual Adlib,Happy New Year!