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Posted by KillgoreTrout On Jun - 17 - 2016 13 COMMENTS
gunshot flag

Gun violence in America is so out of control now, that homicide by firearm is an every day occurrence. It’s gotten so bad now, that the shootings where only two or three people are killed, are not even front page news on the national scale.

Posted by KillgoreTrout On Sep - 22 - 2015 12 COMMENTS

America’s failed war on drugs supplies an almost endless stream of inmates to these corporations. The more people these companies incarcerate, the more money these companies make. There is something fundamentally wrong with all of this.

Posted by KillgoreTrout On Sep - 4 - 2015 22 COMMENTS

It was a dark and stormy night as two gay novelists were driving through Kentucky on their way to New York, to get married…

Posted by KillgoreTrout On Aug - 1 - 2015 79 COMMENTS

Welcome to the jungle, folks! Another weekend music thread has come our way. With all the events of the past few years, and the GOP still promoting social Darwinism, I can only conclude, that it’s a jungle out there, and by “there,” I mean right here in the good ole, bad ole U S of A!

Posted by KillgoreTrout On Jun - 27 - 2015 62 COMMENTS

Welcome to the Weekend Music Thread folks! I’m not quite sure what it sounds like, but I think I just heard the sound of Hell freezing over. Maybe it’s the combined sounds of GOP heads exploding, over the recent Supreme Court decision to OK gay marriage across the board.

Posted by KillgoreTrout On Jun - 6 - 2015 58 COMMENTS

Hey Planet folk! This weekend’s music thread is about people and places and dreams. There are so many people in song, living in places all over the world, and all of them/us have our dreams.

Posted by KillgoreTrout On May - 30 - 2015 45 COMMENTS

I thought that for this weekend’s music thread it would be fun to post any example of duality with two songs in a single box that portray an opposite. We could also post a single song and have someone else post a song that portrays it’s opposite.

Posted by KillgoreTrout On May - 23 - 2015 59 COMMENTS

Night and day, day and night. The two ever lasting cosmological events of our lives here on the planet Earth. The complete, single revolution of the globe, as the globe itself revolves around that star of ours that gives us our days.

Posted by KillgoreTrout On May - 16 - 2015 46 COMMENTS

If you are a Blues fan, or just a fan of B.B. King’s, in tribute to the man and his art, pick your favorite B.B. King songs, and the songs of many of those Mr. King helped become stars in their own right.

Categories: Music Thread
Posted by KillgoreTrout On May - 11 - 2015 36 COMMENTS
lethal injection

Should Dzhokhar Tsarnaev be put to death for his monstrous crimes or spend the rest of his miserable days confined in a small cell?

Posted by KillgoreTrout On Jan - 18 - 2015 10 COMMENTS

The film is a truly great mixture of drama, resistance to the forces of politics, the adroit combination comedy, and love story, in a culinary battle for the utmost Michilin Star rating for an established French fine dining enterprise that is a mere 100 feet apart from a brand new (to the village) Indian restaraunt.

Posted by KillgoreTrout On Dec - 6 - 2014 4 COMMENTS

Hey peeps! It’s time, once again for the weekend music thread. We had a weekend thread several weeks ago where people would post mini-themes, on whatever subject they wanted. There were some really good ones, let’s do it again!

Categories: Music, Music Thread
Posted by KillgoreTrout On Nov - 22 - 2014 55 COMMENTS

Whatever the genre or theme, if it floats your boat, post it.

Categories: Music Thread
Posted by KillgoreTrout On Nov - 15 - 2014 51 COMMENTS
animals beautiful people

Post songs that feature animals of all sorts in the titles and/or lyrics. There are many to choose from. So, think of some of your favorites and have some fun!

Categories: Music Thread
Posted by KillgoreTrout On Nov - 8 - 2014 91 COMMENTS

I am stunned, gobsmacked, flabbergasted and annoyed! I think this weekend’s thread should be open to anything that comes to mind that may help soothe the savage (and dejected) breast! Post your favorites that help you express your feelings best. Post your favorites that may lighten the darkness a bit, or just rage at the machine!

Posted by KillgoreTrout On Nov - 1 - 2014 36 COMMENTS
Soul Music

This week’s thread is dedicated to that uniquely American music, Soul!

Categories: Music, Music Thread
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