It was a dark and stormy night as two gay novelists were driving through Kentucky on their way to New York, to get married. They were madly in love with each other and had made the heavy decision to tie the not and live together till death do them part.

As they drove through the torrential rain, in the darkness, their car hydroplaned off the road and down a small hillside, badly injuring them both, and knocking them unconscious.

As the next morning’s light broke through the shattered windshield, a graying, portly woman peered into the car. With great strength and much struggle, she managed to rescue them and bring them to her secluded home deep in the surrounding woods. As fate would have it, this brave and caring woman, named Kim, was a registered nurse and quickly tended to the writers’ broken bones, cuts and contusions.

On the following day, the writers came out of their unconscious states and Kim told them of the accident and assured them they would take quite a while to heal enough to leave on their own and make it to New York to be wedded.

While going through their things, Kim found a manuscript, co-written by these two novelists. The book was a semi-autobiography about two gay men who met and fell in love and decided to marry. Kim, as it turned out, was a very strict fundamentalist Christian and was appalled by what she had read in the manuscript.

Well, she could not, in good conscience, let such an abomination take place, either the marriage, or the publication of the novel.

Kim soon began to torture both men. She would drug them, rant and rave at them for being gay and violating God’s Law, and even broke their legs anew, so they couldn’t escape.

Fortunately for these poor men, a federal judge was passing by and noticed something afoul. He summoned his marshals and stormed the creepy old abode and freed these poor souls. He then promptly arrested nurse Kim and sent her to jail, until she apologized to these men and issued them a complimentary license to marry in the state of Old Kentucky, if they so chose.

(My sincere apologies to the wonderful actress, Kathy Bates)

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The Marriage License Nazi upon release from prison yesterday accompanied by Mike Hucksterbee and Looney tunes Cruz was asked why she is so adamant about not issuing licenses to same sex couples. After thinking about it a minute, this is what she said…referring to Jesus of course:

Well her response IMHO was just as phony. 🙂


Hey KT,

The plot thickens…Judge orders Marriage license Nazi released after five days in jail. Why? It was about to turn into a clown show. Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee had asked to visit her in jail, they were also going to hold a rally outside the jail with the maniacs that have been protesting for her release there. This judge is really smart. He let her out with the stipulation she would not under any circumstances interfere with her clerks who have during the period she has been in jail, been issuing marriage licenses to gay couples. 🙂


Wonderful and witty, Homie!

Kim Davis and her supporters seem to view her as a latter day Joan of Arc. (They might want to check out how that story ended.)

But I think your comparison is a lot more accurate.

Given the attention span of the American public, don’t you have to wonder how appealing that jail cell is going to be in two or three weeks, when everyone’s attention has been drawn back to The Donald once again?


Hello KT.

This was really funny. Well done! 😆

Saw her mugshot and there was no one home. The eyes were dead and she looked well and truly brainwashed. Saw the same eyes and facial expression on the followers of Aum Shinrikyo before and after they were arrested for the Tokyo sarin gas attack. It is the face of a cult member, and the GOP candidates are milking it for all they can get out of it. Disgusting!

Posted this on yesterday’s MB, it made me laugh too.



Kentucky clerk unknowingly issued marriage license to transgender man

Camryn Colen and his wife obtained marriage license in February from Kim Davis, who has been summoned for denying paperwork to same-sex couples



LOL! Brilliant Killgore,really funny stuff!


I just can’t stop laughing about this…excellent fiction based on a similar true life story. Does someone need to expose corrupted religion? You bet they do. Does America need to be given a refresher course on what Sharia law means? You bet we do. Do right wing Go Fund Me organizations need to stop promoting bigotry, hatred, stupidity and fake religion, you bet they do. I feel sorry for Kathy Bates/Annie Wilkes, she is no where near as terrible as Kim Davis, not even playing her role in Misery a role for which she won an Academy Award.

Great story though KT!! I was on the edge of my seat until the ending..or should I say the happy ending when the wicked witch of Rowan Country Kentucky got her just deserts, a free bed in the County Jail. 🙂


Very clever, KT!

There’s another Stephen King character Kim Davis reminds me of too…

[imgcomment image[/img]


Still gives me nightmares and that was before it was filmed…