Remember that Monty Python skit where the Texas movie producer gets a bunch of screenwriters in a room and badgers them all until they are reduced to hiding under the table? The Texas producer actually reminds me a lot of the Tea Baggers. But I digress.

Terry Jones is so terrified of getting axed on the spot he shouts out “Splunge”, and then explains that it means that the idea proposed by the producer might be a terrific idea, but possibly not, and he’s not being a yes-man. Quite a word, splunge! Anyway, saves his neck.

So this deal seems to do that. It saves everybody’s neck, it can and must be leveraged to show just what a toxic element the Tea Bagger (aka The Mice That Roared) caucus is, AND it has something for everybody to hate about it, which means it also has something for everybody to LIKE about it. Except the Bagger Caucus, of course, because they are insane.

What’s more, it’s so confusing you can pretty much spin it any old damn way you want.

Personally, I haven’t quite made up my mind about it, splungily, because I have a hard time seeing how this will all play out in the future. It absolutely MUST be played out in a way that exposes the Baggers for the unreasonable folks they are, and makes them radioactive to all but the most Kool Aid slurping RWers come reelection time.

But I’m guessing I probably never WILL make up my mind about it, because I am pretty sure in the meantime, and not too far off, somebody, somewhere will manufacture the NEXT crisis du jour to seize us all by our craniums.
So, Splunge!

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I took the splunge this time around as well and almost drowned.

Bullshit does not create great buoyancy.


“I am splungily humbled!”
wts- could you please explain what that involves?
I wouldn’t want to breach etiquette, should I be so fortunate.. 😉


wts, well done. Great cartoon. I really like the thought bubble over Obama’s head. I have no doubt that’s the reality of the situation.


Well, this was Round One. The “tea party” – actually the RW faction of the GOP or the Southern faction of the GOP – is on a mission. So, they are not about to quit. It is the dominant faction in the GOP right now and people like Boehner and Mitchell have little leverage.

The ones with leverage are the people who vote.


That picture says a thousand words!

Excellent WTS! Bravo!


One thing that escaped the headlines due to this latest debacle is the Newscorp scandal.


Actually, two updates were added yesterday to out News Corp Scandal thread, the link to it is now in the sidebar:


You know Ecat, I wouldn’t put it past some folks to have kept the
manufactured crisis going to create some distractions.
We wouldn’t want anyone poking around in sensitive places. 😉


All I can say WTS is…