As this video shows, there is only one magical cure for all that ails America and cuts!
In the modern era of punditry and media, we have now become accustomed to news being a never ending chain predictions. As the crude saying goes, predictions are like assholes, every news show has them.
I have it upon reliable authority that the East Coast earthquake was deliberately caused via collusion between Tim Geithner, Rahm Emmanuel, Ben Bernanke, Dave Axelrod and the owners of the Carnegie Deli to increase the relative real estate value...
The truth is that I am not political, at least in the sense that I don't support any parties or candidates (though I did fight a zoning law once to be able to create the Earth in a non-residential area).
If I was President and Congress was like, "No way we're taxing rich people and stuff!" I would be so like, "Uh-uh, you're gonna tax rich people, bitch!" and they would be so like, "Damn! Okay! We'll tax rich people, just get out of my face!"
Coincidence? I think NOT! YOU DECIDE!!! Enjoy!                    
AdLib should remember this background graphic.
Remember that Monty Python skit where the Texas movie producer gets a bunch of screenwriters in a room and badgers them all until they are reduced to hiding under the table? The Texas producer actually reminds me a lot...
Obama haters of all stripes and alleged political positions are joined in a chorus of furious, self-righteous bleating, like a flock of sheep with gas pains.
Help end the debt ceiling crisis by suggesting to John Boehner, a more effective and appropriate movie clip to play in his next meetings with Republicans to bring them on board.