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AdLib On April - 13 - 2012

In an unprecedented move, the five major corporations which own the Mainstream Media have banded together to announce that in order to keep the Presidential race the kind of competitive contest that Americans deserve, President Obama will now be blamed for the gaffes of anyone who ever supported or voted for him.

Their press release, which they handed out to each other, details that this is not only a pro-democracy policy but a pro-recovery one.

“So far, the 2012 race for the Presidency has been very one-sided, with the eventual Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, making self-damaging statements on a near-daily basis while President Obama makes stirring speeches,” explained Time Warner Executive Vice President, Dick Douchington. “This has so far led to a not very competitive race in the polls which is bad for democracy…and our ratings and ad revenue…which coincidentally means it’s bad for the US economy.”

“So, in order to stimulate greater viewership in our news channels, which will generate more commerce in America and strengthen the recovery while energizing our democracy, we are banding together to support a new policy that evens the Presidential playing field, ” Douchington added with a brief fondling of his crotch. “From now on, we will present the statement of anyone who is a Democrat, supports or voted for Obama in the past, whether or not they have ever represented President Obama or even have met him, as statements he is responsible for.”

Douchington gave an example, “For instance, an 87 year old Democrat in a retirement home in Iowa said yesterday, ‘Women should go back to the kitchen and make me Wheatina.’ We have instructed the hosts at our news channels to present segments today asking how this will damage President Obama among women and all Americans who prefer cold cereal and whether President Obama’s delay in responding to this situation we have just that instant reported, will hurt his chances for re-election.”

This is an issue of fairness, Douchington insisted. “If a professional boxer and an uncoordinated amateur boxer who keeps accidentally punching himself in the face were in a fight for the world championship, how is it fair to the promoters who need ticket sales and the fans who paid a lot watch the fight (and could sue for refunds), if it’s not a close fight? You can’t make the terrible boxer better so isn’t it respecting the sport and the public to equalize the boxers by blindfolding the professional, tying his ankles together and shooting him with tasers whenever he gets too far ahead on points? What could be fairer than that?”

Douchington added that thanks to the tens of millions of Democrats and Obama-supporting Americans whose words appear in blogs, emails and ramblings in insane asylums, there will be a plentiful supply of damaging comments to blame Obama for from now until the November elections.

“The press has an important responsibility to the American people and our democracy,” Douchington stated. “What that responsibility is, we may not know, maybe it’s keeping Americans informed about how caring the oil industry is or maybe it’s confusing them with false equivalencies. Either way, we make money and that’s why our Founding Fathers believed in a free press.”

According to Douchington, hotlines and special web pages are being setup by all news channels so the American people can participate in this celebration of democracy and increased ad revenues by reporting the “craziest-assed things” they hear from anyone anywhere who might be a Democrat.

“There is no ‘too crazy’. Our industry’s motto is, ‘If it’s hate, we bait,” Douchington explained, making it clear that the Mainstream Media isn’t directly referring to its pro-masturbation policy in this particular instance.

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. Chernynkaya says:

    As a further indictment against the MSM (as if any were needed) this is the misogynistic crap Newsweek is putting on their next cover:

    • kesmarn says:

      Hah. They wish, Cher! (And welcome back, by the way!)

      That will be the U.S. cover. The European ones will have something related to the debt crisis in Spain or the like.

      Because the grown ups live in Europe?

      • Chernynkaya says:

        Thanks, kes. Yeah, they always put the moronic cover on US editions. But this offends me. Between Tina Brown and her pal HarridanPost, they’ve set women’s causes--especially as professional journalists-- back 50 years.

        • kesmarn says:

          It really does feel as though we’re losing ground sometimes, doesn’t it, Cher?

          I mean battles that we all thought were settled 30 or 40 years ago are suddenly needing to be waged all over again. And I can’t help but think that our black brothers and sisters must be feeling the same way.

          Voter disenfranchisement yet again? Really? State rights? “Welfare president”? Sigh…. 🙁

  2. Kalima says:

    That something like this could affect the President’s poll numbers is mind boggling to me, that the msm have been waiting for a chance to run with something like this is not.

    Maybe someone should ask Mrs. Romney when she received her last paycheck, and remind the Romneys that money coming into their bank accounts from all of their investment interests, is not the same as actually having to go out to work. Does she get payed for looking after her own kids, then she could say she was working, which is what Rosen meant in the first place, that Romney’s wife doesn’t speak for the millions of American women who have to go out to work to support their children. Millions of women all over the world look after their children, just because she claims it equals going out to work, doesn’t make it so. I think it’s despicable of these people to ride along on the media circus, but then again, with Romney’s very low popularity rating, he clings to invented outrage against Obama as if it were a life raft. That voters would just take this media hype nonsense at face value is disturbing yes, but to treat it like voting for a prom queen and prom king in an election year is atrocious. Where are the apologies from any of the GOP candidates for things said by GOP representatives, mayors, senators and sickos like Limbaugh? Romney couldn’t even bring himself to apologise for the unbelievable public attack on a 30 year old woman, all he said was that he wouldn’t have used that kind of language.

    This constant hypocrisy from politicians, the media and radio jerks, burns a deep hole in the very thing that America says it values over everything else; the truth. I’m just so very disheartened that the Dems in Congress seem to be once again sitting on their hands on this latest farce. Where is the support for this President from his own people who work beside him, the silence from the weak kneed decision makers who need to get behind him before November, is once again deafening. Do they really want a Romney presidency next year? I’m disgusted with the total non action on this media invented cesspool.

    Could Rosen’s choice of words have been better, maybe, but I saw nothing offensive enough to crucify her in the media who treat this upcoming election like a really embarrassing reality show at best, and a competition for finding and sticking with the most appalling lies at their worst. I’m a bit undecided about the President weighing in, but knowing the kind of caring person he has shown himself to be in everything else, I understand why he felt he needed to say something when it started to spin out of control. Your media is an ugly scar on everything people should hold dear, there are no real journalists anymore, speaking the truth doesn’t rake in the cash or bring in the viewers. They have been replaced by a bunch of tacky, lying corporate whores and pimps. Disgraceful! Rather than being outraged by this, I’m just deeply disappointed, disappointed enough to feel an actual ache in my heart about how very easily people are led down the wrong path without ever being interested enough to search out a few simple facts. I’m angry with all the people involved in this, just not with your President.

    The most ironic thing to come out of this is that your msm created this free-for-all, no holds barred type of climate in their reporting, then turn around to slap someone down for telling the truth.


    I see that most of the polls mentioned are from places that are biased towards Republicans, so that makes it more believable. Also I had a link to a story on MB the other morning which stated that potential First Ladies or their opinions don’t make much of a difference to most voters at election time, so this fabricated story will soon be replaced by another, and then another.

    • AdLib says:

      Kalima, as your update and comments below from today confirm, you are right on target and this fabricated outrage is meaningless to all but MSM pudnuts and the politicians who have to deal with them.

      The MSM seems to be acting as a surrogate for the public, as if their opinion supplants ours so when they see something as outrageous, it takes precedence over whether Americans see it as outrageous.

      This BS system short circuits and trivializes democracy. The MSM’s agenda should not replace that of the American People and politicians should not have to play whatever contrived game the corporate MSM constructs.

      I think that there should be more of a push among Progressives to stop watching and reading the corporate MSM and reducing their influence.

      As for me, I am now going to cut back on my watching of MSNBC and other news shows corporations churn out, I’m really fed up with all of them, especially MSNBC which propagates this crap and pollutes our democracy by deceptively shrugging its shoulders and saying, “Can you believe that this is being whipped up?” as they whip it up.

      • Kalima says:

        You know I read a lot of stories every day to do my MB updates, and I can find a huge difference with the media in the U.K. and your own. When the press get hold of a story about the PM over there and run with it, it is 98% percent because it is true and we, the public need to be informed about it. When there is a mistake in facts on reporting, the apology in the same press or media is prompt, and those who wrote the story, take full responsibility for misleading the public, unless it’s a Murdoch owned rag that is.

        The fact that the msm have not corrected their mistake about Rosen’s non connection to Obama and his campaign is atrocious, and makes anything else they will report in the future highly suspect. I’m glad that there seems to be at least some pushback, but does it always have to come from bloggers rather than from elected Dems? The thing that disturbs me the most is that even when Cameron says the most outlandish things, or proposes the most ridiculous new policy, someone in his party will always come forward to support him. This is so lacking with the elected Dems in either the Senate or the House. They need to get behind him publicly in all the things that the other side will continue to throw at him from now until November. Doing nothing as usual either makes them look even weaker, or even worse, that they don’t support their president, which won’t play well for those too afraid to come forward now, when their own jobs are at stake. It’s time for the big fight for your freedoms as a nation, no one can afford to sit back and let someone as useless and out of touch as Romney and his wife get anywhere near the White House.

        President Obama’s reelection is imperative not just for America, but for the rest of the world too, we cannot afford to have another Bush type puppet holding the highest office in the land. Our piece of mind and peace around the globe, depend on Obama’s steady hand to solve issues by first trying every avenue of diplomacy. We don’t need or want another Iraq, and our future role in Afghanistan, should be minimal, it’s time to come home.

    • Chernynkaya says:

      Kalima, I just wrote you a long reply, then it disappeared.

      But here’s the gist of what I wanted to say, after I told you I couldn’t agree more!!

      Many in the media are starting to push back against the criticism of Rosen--including David Axelrod. For example, Joe Scarborough was incensed: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3036789/ns/msnbc_tv-morning_joe/

      And many are now criticizing Ann Romney for pretending she understands SAHM’s--she who sent her 5 boys to boarding school, had nannies and chauffeurs and one house for each son.

      Here’s a taste of Axerod responding to Romney’s Eric Fehrn:

      @davidaxelrod:Harold Simmons pledges $36m to GOP, and calls Obama “the most dangerous American alive.” Silence from Mitt.

      @EricFehrn Rush rips Sandra Fluke in the coarsest, most vile way. All Mitt could manage was a weak ” not the language I would have used.”

      @EricFehrn Foster Friess, who gave Santo Super $1.7M, hearts Romney, saying he hopes POTUS’s “teleprompters are bulletproof.” Mitt? Silent.

      @EricFehrn So until you have the guts to stand up to one of your own, you can take your studied outrage and stick it in…your Swiss bank!

      Well, I had lots more to say, but since it went poof, I have to recharge! 🙂

      • Kalima says:

        Sorry you lost your comment, isn’t that just a real bummer?

        I’m glad to see the Tweets, but want to see many more, and from someone other than David Axelrod, although he is doing a stellar job in taking the other side down.

        Living in Asia, I have very few options for news programms in English here, so BBC World, and CNN international are all I have to choose from. I watch no tv during my day, and the last time I watched CNN was for the SOTU speech. I think that AdLib’s suggestion of not watching the worst offenders like CNN and the MSNBC is good advice, because we really don’t deserve the awful pain that comes with ulcers, I can vouch for that.

        Rosen, whether she is good or bad, spoke the truth. Women like Mrs. Romney cannot speak for stay at home mothers any more than she can speak for working mothers, and anyone who can’t see the difference between them, is either extremely dumb, or a hopeless case to begin with.

        I downloaded “Morning Joe” last year from the iTunes free podcasts, and can honestly say that so far there isn’t one broadcast I have managed to watch in full to the end. To me, it’s just a lot of old farts and has beens wasting energy and oxygen on a set in NY in the early morning. Hey, what does it take to make Mika smile, I’ve never seen anyone who is in such a bad mood on the air every day. When I had people like that serve me while out shopping or dining. and only when they were also very rude, I sometimes asked them if they liked their jobs, and if not, why not do something else.

        This is from this morning’s MB, I’m encouraged when I read someone who has similar opinions to the ones expressed here every day.


        Mitt Romney’s poor judgment is already undermining his candidacy

        Finally, Obama’s opponent has been confirmed, but can the Republican nominee mount an effective challenge?


        Thanks for reposting the Tweets. 🙂

    • choicelady says:

      Kalima- MMNBC showed the comment made almost no dent in the polls they had. Women overwhelmingly support Obama. Period.

      What amazes me are the numbers of men supporting Romney who has it in for them. He has no interest in even middle class white males -- they are just fodder for corporations, and they are to be sacrificed when bottom liners so decree. Are white males THAT racist or starry-eyed rich wannabes? Yikes.

      Women and children have been the bellwethers for what will happen to men. Since the beginning of the nation, what occurred to women and kids, dragged into the capitalist workforce and exploited, soon became the only standard for all working people, male or female. Men have to pay attention to what’s occurring to women -- it’s soon the be their own fate. There is not one single thing that the Right throws at women that will not become generalized. Once the Right wins the abortion and contraception issue, then -- trust me on this -- mandatory and complusive control of ordinary male sexuality (forced support of kids, outlawing of condoms, etc.) will soon follow.

      The low pay for women -- never mind Lilly Ledbetter Act -- is being taken care of. Corporations already are lowering wages of males to equal females. That’s not true at upper reaches, but it is true for working men. How else do you explian the stubborn stability of the median income at about $26,000 from 1973 to the present? DAvid Cay Johnston in “Perfectly Legal” showed the refusal of wages to budge in absolute dollars between 1973 and 2003. Equal pay for equal work was not supposed to mean DOWNWARD pressure on wages, but that has occurred. Men -- pay attention.

      It ought to make sense to support the person who has your back rather than the one who is sticking a knife in your back. Good sense, however, has not been a clear part of voting in, well, can’t remember how long.

      Men, especially white men, wake up. One candidate cares about you. One could not care less. The choice is clear, and if you pay no attention, please don’t whine in 2013.

      • Kalima says:

        I think that our most of members here have more knowledge, integrity and plain common sense than most of the elected lawmakers combined cl, and agree that everyone, including the men should be afraid of what they will lose if the RepublicanTP gets their way to impose their crazy policy on the nation. Look at their disgraceful attacks on women concerning two issues that are legal in your country, abortion and contraception. As I have said before, states have far too much individual power, a power that the Repubs are using to destroy everything most people hold dear, knowing that once a new bill is past, the time it takes to repeal it could take years in some cases.

        The president has to win in November because the alternative will keep the population hostage to the enforced religious beliefs of a minority, and in my opinion, will make the U.S. look like a third world dictatorship. Everyone who can vote, must vote, it shouldn’t be a matter of voting or staying at home when the stakes are this high. This year as with 08′, I believe it’s a duty to vote, and to vote for a person willing to take flak for trying his very best to protect your freedoms. No one can stop the people dumb enough to vote for Romney, but let it be a minority in November.

    • bito says:

      Well, said Miss Kalima!! 10 thumbs up ❗

      • Kalima says:

        Hello bito, I just got rid of half of my day’s stress in that one comment. When I first read about this, I thought it was so inconsequential, it would have blown over by the next day. Then to see the media cling on to it like a dog with an earth soiled bone, it made me first shake my head, and then shake my fists. These people are lower than pond scum. I had no idea where those poll numbers were coming from because I was busy looking for my helmet to wear during the launch. Now that AdLib said it was from RW leaning pollsters, I feel better, not by much because the msm don’t even have the decency to apologise about Rosen’s non- affiliation with the President’s campaign or that they deliberately put words into her mouth to up ratings. Scheissters the lot of them.

        • bito says:

          Hello Kalima, I have been without tv or internet since last night, just now back so I’m playing catch-up.
          I can’t tell where those poll numbers are from either but NPR reported tonight that the gender gap is +19 for PBO in the latest polls (Friday night) and they did a long story on it. I’m stumped.
          Even after the MSM was exposed at saying that Hillary R. had no affiliation to the campaign, they kept up with the story, they have no shame. I didn’t see any retraction on their mistake? Anyone else? Pond scum serves a purpose in nature, can the same thing be said about the MSM?

          Now to burrow up under the covers, it’s going to be in the 30’s tonight. Brrr that’s cold for this dessert rat.

          • choicelady says:

            They are continuing the assertion that Rosen is a “Democratic party operative” in this morning’s New York Times.


          • Kalima says:

            Those poll numbers will climb again soon bito, I’m sure of that. It could have been another Operation Chaos type thing, where some who dislike Romney as their nominee, voted for the President instead, who knows, maybe these people are just really dumb?

            Keep warm, that is pretty cold for your neck of the woods.

            Good night bito.

  3. It amazes me that Obama’s poll numbers could fluctuate so rapidly. I was surprised, and a little disappointed by Obama and Michelle apologizing for Rosen and sticking up for the Romney’s, but all in all, I think this is a very small issue.

    I don’t think most women were fooled one bit by Ann Romney’s statements. I think Obama thought he was just being “presidential,” and he was defending attacks on a candidate’s or politician’s spouse. I think he just wanted to end the whole petty issue. Of course, you know the media would run with it, trying to stir up controversy. Unfortunately, it’s what they do nowadays.

    • AdLib says:

      I mentioned below, those poll numbers are Rasmussen or Gallup, neither of whom are very reliable anymore. They look like outliers and that’s how I regard them. Best to look at trends in polls, not one in particular in any case.

      As you say, I don’t think women are fooled by any of this MSM BS.

  4. Chernynkaya says:

    I’ve been angry about this ridiculous episode for two days now. I’m not sure why this—of all things—got under my skin so, but it really has.

    When I first heard Hilary Rosen’s statement, my reaction was, “Tell it!” I heard nothing at all controversial. Then I saw David Axelrod and Jim Messina on Twitter saying she was offensive and calling her to apologize. I went back to replay the video and STILL heard nothing wrong with what Rosen said. Eventually, reading Twitter, I realized that the media and the Right (or am I being redundant?) twisted Rosen’s words to pretend she had criticized stay at home moms. She didn’t, although I can see how her words could be twisted to say she said stay at home moms don’t work.

    Of course I’m angry at the way the media turned this against the Obama campaign in the most cynical and gleefully drooling way. But I have to say, I am also pretty disappointed and mad at the Obama campaign. They obviously knew exactly how the media would twist Rosen’s words and her “association” with the Obama campaign. But what did they do? The apologized for what Rosen DID NOT say. They again played on the Right’s terms, accepting their false narrative. They distanced themselves from Rosen and excoriated her for something or other. And this happened on the same day Allen West declared there are 81 Commies in Congress and Foster Freiss said he “hopes Obama’s teleprompter is bullet proof.” Oh, and then FLOTUS made a statement in support of moms and so did the President. Huh?

    I see that Obama’s poll numbers went down. I would suggest that they go down whenever he is seen as weak and apologetic towards the Right. I know I could be 100% wrong about that. But I’ve seen this scenario before. When the President fights back, his numbers go up; when he is seen as conciliatory, they go down.

    BTW, I dislike Hilary Rosen. She was HPAOL’s political director before she quit and Fineman replaced her. She works for a disgusting PR firm—the ones who worked on those reprehensible BP commercials to change their image. But this is not about her. It’s about standing up to the media and not letting them and the Right set the narrative. I don’t know to what extent that’s possible,but it seems to me on this issue, team Obama could have done much better.

    • SueInCa says:

      Go back and look at the video of her original comments. CNN identified her as a Dem Strategist and a CNN contributor. THEY did that in order to boost their slumping ratings. They know she is not in any way attached to the campaign yet they lied about it and if they did not know they are even more stupid than I thought. I also agree with Adlib below about choosing your battles. This was a trumped up sound bite by all the MSM and not one got her position right and all misconstrued her comment. The media is to blame for this getting out of hand and no one else. They need sensationalism in order to drive their ratings as is evidenced with all the “Breaking News” stories that are mostly not really important news.

      I have almost stopped watching in total. I pick a couple shows to watch each day but read my own news. My local news covers the national news in a more rational fashion and if i need further info then I will go to the national networks.

      I think Obama did fine and as First Lady it was not out of line for Michelle to make a simple statement. There was no bus to throw Hillary under because the only ones doing so were the MSM and their false claims. It is pretty difficult to throw someone under the bus who was not authorized to speak on behalf of your campaign.

    • AdLib says:

      Cher -- As you say, Rosen is not a good player in any case and a muckraker so I really don’t care about her.

      There are two separate issues here. One is, what she said. The other is what the MSM SAID she said.

      What Obama has to deal with is an MSM that wants to shrink his lead so when they collaborate on calling something toxic and blaming Obama for it, it is a fait accompli.

      When the MSM declared Rosen’s statement anti-stay-at-home-Mom, that’s what it became in the media. So, Obama had two choices, invest political capital and energy in fighting to change the perception of what was said or try and move on from it.

      As we discussed on Vox last night, in a political campaign like this, you have to be tactical and pick your battles, as unfair as this one was. I think he did the right thing in trying to dispose of it instead of give it legs and let it run for another news cycle.

      When it comes to the ACA, the 99%, taxing the wealthy and fairness, I think he should invest political capital. But this was an intentionally trumped up attack on Obama by the corporate MSM who are famished to dine on some anti-Obama memes so they can make the race closer and profit greater from it.

      When you look at the MSM and ROmney, they go ou of their way not to connect him to anything other Repubs do or say, they don’t want him to be behind by a bigger percentage.

      This is a cynical, petty game and if Obama wants to be re-elected and do some good in the upcoming years, he has to navigate through the MSM and GOP minefields as strategically as possible and sometimes that means that BS issues like this have to be navigated around.

      • Chernynkaya says:

        AdLib, as usual you bring some calm, common sense to the discussion. You are right. In addition, I realize that the Romney campaign and the Right will do what it always does--overreach and move further Right, alienating even more voters. And I have to acknowledge that team Obama KNOWS the media all too well; they know how fast these false memes can become embedded in peoples’ minds and they cut it off ASAP.

        Today, there are dozens of stories/video of Romney declaring that if you’ve never worked outside the home, you can’t understand the economy, and him telling mom’s they need to get a job and know “the dignity of work”:

        • AdLib says:

          Cher, I didn’t recall the one Romney quote though I did hear it before but it is reassuring to hear that this BS “outrage” is collapsing on Romney as all the others have.

          At this point, I have justifiable faith that no matter what issue favors Romney momentarily, it will soon be obliterated by something he said in the past or will say in the near future.

          The logic is, if someone has taken every position on every issue including the far right extremist ones, everything he says can eventually be rebutted by something he himself has said in the past.

          So this week, let’s definitely turn the tables and keep exposing Romney’s hypocrisy on this trumped up BS.

  5. If you look at the recent polls it’s terrible news for Obama and the Dems because the gender gap is bigger for Obama and Dems with men than it is for the GOP and women.


    • bito says:

      I see a lot of Rasmussen and Fox polls in there and if they are included then they should have PPP in the mix also. Actually, I can’t tell what polls they are using for their average.

    • AdLib says:

      KQ -- These look to be Rasmussen polls and are worthless, toilet paper would be insulted to be in the same toilet with them.

      • I noticed like Romney Rasmussen pivoted toward the general election as well. Their numbers were actually more in line with other polls during the primaries especially compared to Gallop’s. But we can’t be complacent because it seems like the public already has amnesia about all the right wing things Romney stood for during the active primaries.

  6. The hypocrisy of this media created controversy is that if any Republican was held up to this standard they would lose all support with the absurd rantings of GOP supporters. For example just this past week two NRO writers were fired for being racists. Yet you done see anyone saying they are conservatives so Romney should be blamed for what they said.

    IDK if it’s going to matter much anyway another Romney adviser implies Romney is a total fraud and phony by saying what Romney says on the campaign trail is not what he believes. Pivoting to the center is one thing but implying that everything you said was a lie is another.

    • AdLib says:

      I had complete faith in Romney coming out quickly with another gaffe that would defuse this tempest in a teapot. In the end Romney will always overwhelm in quantity whatever the MSM tries to portray as an Obama gaffe.

      And which is worse and more connected to the candidate? Romney’s close aid admitting Romney is a total liar who will say anything to get elected sure seems worse to me.

  7. SallyT says:

    Gee, AdLib, the poor President wouldn’t get anything done if he had to take the blame for every mis-statement I have made. It would be an endless battle for him as I keep stepping into it……

    However, where is the apologize from the other side for this statement:


    • AdLib says:

      It is absolutely ridiculous but it is where we are in this country, the MSM can present anything, no matter how absurd, along with the conclusion of “This hurts Obama” and some people will just accept it like gospel. It’s very messed up!

    • bito says:

      Whooee! Now that’s Christian! Didn’t Jesus say something about “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” ?

      Catholic League @CatholicLeague

      Lesbian Dem Hilary Rosen tells Ann Romney she never worked a day in her life. Unlike Rosen, who had to adopt kids, Ann raised 5 of her own.

      • SallyT says:

        And, Bito, this peed me off too because they are against birth control and abortion but should these babies be born and put up for adoption, NO NOT TO GAY COUPLES!!!! Because they are not good parents and set the wrong example to children according to them! Oh, I hope a varmint mommy bites them all in the ass!

        Bito, am I on one too much today? It is Friday the 13th and my evil side that is really my fighting side is out today! Hose me down with cold water should I get to far out there! 😉

        • bito says:

          That was a nasty tweet and as Christians they should be ashamed of themselves. With Ann’s millions why didn’t she open a shelter for battered women, be a foster family, adopt children? Am I blaming this tweet on her? Why not, turnabout is fair play, no? As KT said:

          “Why did they have to bring Hilary’s sexuality into this?”

          You’re all right Sally, there is a lot to be angry about today but we will keep the hose handy. 😉

        • Sally, I was born on Friday the 13th! Talk about “Born Under A Bad Sign.”

      • I wonder how many Nannies and maids Ann had at her disposal, to help her “raise,” those 5 children. And 0 financial worries. Is “lesbian dem,” a new political party? Why did they have to bring Hilary’s sexuality into this? Scumbags.

    • foodchain says:

      Sally, I can laugh with you about verbal missteps--I think they’re funny but not so for others, lol. But what the heck, adopting kids is now a bad thing? Some perverted comment on her “inability” to have children compared to Ann. But compared to a Mormon having more kids than a Catholic? This must be so confusing for their priorities” lesbian couple adopts kids which helps non contraception issues, vs pretty white woman who has procreating men that are not Catholic who are busy trying to convert the world to Mormonism.

      If this wasn’t so despicable it would be a damn good satire.

      • SallyT says:

        FC, this hole thing has peed me off as you can tell from all my comments. Rosen comment was taken out of context and yes she shouldn’t have started with “never worked a day in her life” but the whole point was whether Mrs. Romney could be a good judge of the economic needs of the day for women since she was not challenged with any. So, lets turn this into a “Mommy War” but OH Wait, NOT Lesbian Mommies!

  8. bito says:

    Very good AdLib but almost difficult to laugh at, I fear it’s true. I caught the segment when “Wonder Boy” Russert finally was informed that Hillary Rozen wasn’t an adviser for anyone, not the DNC. Not the WH. Not Obama2012. But she was a Democrat. He looked dumfounded but..but..but…my hand out I got says she was!!! Fox says she is, Mitt says she is NBC says she is….It’s gotta be true!

    All the cable talkers took that squirrel, painted it red, fed it till it became big enough for a Macy’s Thanksgiving parade and took it for a walk.

    When I first saw the story, I was going “Hillary who?”

    We have R’s still talking impeachment, birthers and PBO as a “secret Muslim so Mitt must be one too? Oh, but that wouldn’t help the bean counters would it, that’s beating on Mitt and as your scenario lays out, that just wouldn’t fit.

    Good job!

    • AdLib says:

      I really don’t like the silver-spooned Russert who got his job only because his dad rightly earned a great reputation as a journalist. Luke is a hack and is on tv solely because of nepotism.

      That said, I wish I had seen him have his silver spoon flicked like that!

      Yep, it may read as parody but this is generally what I think is going on. The MSM wants a horse race so they are going to manipulate the news to take Obama down as best as they can so he’s closer in the polls to Romney.

      I don’t think they’ll succeed though and the main reason is the likeability factor. People still like Obama even when they’re unhappy with him on some issues. But people just don’t like or trust Romney and that is never going to change.

      • AlphaBitch says:

        ADLIB! I believe you meant “LUKE is a hack”. I will not let “Tim is a hack” stand, as I loved Tim Russert tremendously and attended the Church of Meet the Press with Tim every Sunday. I mourned the day he died; I slipped into the pool at my gym and cried for an hour. So OK to write Lucky Luke is a hack, but not the late, great Tim Russert. Or at least that’s my POV.

    • SallyT says:

      Bito, what got me was that CNN didn’t speak up right away to say she worked for them! They let it go because they liked that all the other channels were playing the clip from their show.

      • bito says:

        Sally nearly everyday I tell myself, “don’t bitch about the media, too easy.” But then they pull bone-headed things like this, simple fact checking. What would it have taken to check if Hillary Rozen did or did not work for the WH, DNC or Obama 2012--three fucking phone calls by a bloody intern?
        I also was wondering about why CNN was so quiet about it, like Adlib says: They got the memo from Dick Douchington.

        • SallyT says:

          I know, Bito, I know. But, it just peed me off! Now watch this and a-hole Wolf Blitzer try to come off as the hero for making Hillary apologize again and again!

  9. SueInCa says:

    Can I leave your slogan on Twitter?

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