Where would we be without our corporately owned news networks?

In a strong recovery? With a functioning Congress? In the dark about how oil companies are really care about the environment, schools and puppies?

One thing that America greatly values is its free press…which is why its been locked up in a safe that’s hidden miles below the Earth’s surface. Filling in for it, we have a corporatized Mainstream Media which looks just like the real thing only less filling. Having a corporately owned media is a bit of  a trade off for America, like buying a McDonalds hamburger. One one hand, you get a cheap, non-nutritious product that contains excesses of substances that are bad for you and on the other hand…well…maybe there’s not an other hand but you get the idea.

Due to the 24 hour news cycle, news channels are hungry for news all the time. Unfortunately, they have the digestive systems of cows so they digest the same stories in one show after another throughout one or more days. They are also very particular about what stories they consume, they must be high in conflict and rich in advertising dollars. So many stories, despite how true they may be, simply aren’t on the menu for any of the news channels.

Listed below are ten things you will never hear on a news channel for the above reasons…unless we include a celebrity nip slip in this page…which we are still debating.


1. Crazy things that Republicans say aren’t actually equal to sane things Democrats say in response.

2. The oil company commercials we run constantly are full of lies but even though that’s a conflict of interest for a news channel that’s supposed to present truths, we need the ad revenue.

3. Our hosts aren’t really outraged at everything they say they are, they’re more like performers and it’s just an act to get ratings.

4. We miss Sarah Palin.

5. Most of our coverage about President Obama is negative because he’s been too far ahead of Romney and we make more money from advertisers if the Presidential race is tighter because more people will tune in each day to see who’s up or down. Also, our corporate ownership and shareholders want the tax breaks that Republicans would give us.

6. Polls this far away from an election really don’t mean anything but by treating them as if they do, we can create all kinds of stories based upon them that urge our viewers to be greatly concerned .

7. Our gesture towards balance and fairness is having a token person with overly strident views that are the opposite of our core viewers so that they only confirm our core viewers dislike of them and others with the same views.

8. Faves include any story involving sex, missing white girls and threats to Americans. Dislikes include peace talks, good economic news and substantive conversations about issues.

9. We flip a coin to decide which stories we’ll call “Breaking News”.

10. Nothing truly important happened today, sorry.  You could always read a book or get some exercise.

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Is this in the category of good news,unchallenged R lies or keeping the horse race close? All three, a conglomerate? 🙂

Obama spending binge never happened

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Of all the falsehoods told about President Barack Obama, the biggest whopper is the one about his reckless spending spree.

As would-be president Mitt Romney tells it: “I will lead us out of this debt and spending inferno.”

Almost everyone believes that Obama has presided over a massive increase in federal spending, an “inferno” of spending that threatens our jobs, our businesses and our children’s future. Even Democrats seem to think it’s true.

But it didn’t happen!

I/we have seen this story multiple times, often with the same or similar graphs, online but never on the MSM and the GOP people are allowed to perpetuate their “Obama’s runaway spending” go unchallenged.

If The President wasn’t saddled with UI (of course the R’s are getting rid of that) and food stamps, all caused by W’s near depression and financial meltdown, his spending would be even less. And last month’s ledger was in the black, first time in a long time.





Some tweets from Jefferson Obama -Jeff Gauvin that you won’t hear on the MSM–Gotta keep the appearance of the horse race is a real squeaker

Obama leads in 16 of 21 National #Polls, tied in 2, leads Intrade by 15%, leads All Ecometric & Index models. Leads Electoral College +320

All Tied Up. Obama Leads #POLLS AP, Rasmussen, NBC, ABC, Reuters, IBD, Fox News, Nat. Jrnl., CNN, PEW, PPP, Suffolk, Quinnipiac, PRRI, KOS


Obama leads in 16 National #POLLS AP, Rasmussen, NBC, ABC, Reuters, IBD, Fox News, Nat. Jrnl., CNN, PEW, PPP, Suffolk, Quinnipiac, PRRI, KOS


Just added the new ABC News Poll With Obama +3% —Last 21 #Polls — TOTALS Obama 47.19 Romney 43.14 Obama +4.05%


Aron Goldman ‏@ArgoJournal

WashPost/ABC News Poll: Has the better personal character to serve as president: Obama 52% Romney 39% http://bit.ly/JjPQke


Leading Index Forecast models: Obama wins 54.3% of National Vote 2012, Iowa Electronic Markets: Obama Wins 53.1% #POLLS http://pollyvote.forecastingprinciples.com/index.php/pollyvote-2012.html


Romney’s leads with Rasmussen and Gallup are now history, Obama now leads 16 National #POLLS Tied in 2. Loses 3 — 16-2-3 POll Record #p2


Close, yes but as the polls show, Obama is slowly pulling away, yet that goes unreported. Instead Tweety flashes state polls daily like his doing SportsCenter, unable to see or report the trending beyond that day in one state.


One day soon I am going to do another 24 hours of the MSM. I just have to find a day when I am not running here and there. Writing a piece like that helps to put what they do in perspective for me.


Here’s one you probably won’t hear, Sue:

JP Morgan Chase is biggest campaign contributor to the senator who’s chairing the investigation of JP Morgan Chase

Move along people, nothing to see here.


AdLib, I may be the last person on the Planet to have watched “OutFoxed” only very recently. But it was the perfect documentary to complement your wonderful article.

I hope your article is widely read and that people — at long last — start to realize how shamelessly they’ve been exploited and manipulated.


Dear leader: YES to item #2. Jesus H. – drives me bat shit crazy to see the Exxon Mobil “Let’s solve this” campaign. I have wanted to write/call those people featured on the ads and ask: Did you go to public or private school at the point you were thanking your teacher for inspiring you? And if it was a public school, how the F*CK can you work for and then try and help “humanize” a company that partners with the political party trying to destroy public education??? Can you say hypocrite????

For all I don’t know about religion, I’m pretty sure Jesus H. hated hypocrites. So do I.

Thanks for this article. You making me crazy.


We are on the same wave length here.


OK, Sue. Here’s what we do: let’s look for and write down the names (shown on the ads) of the people profiled in the Let’s Solve This campaign, then do our OWN investigation of where they went to school, then OUT them publicly. ‘Tay??? Next time I see the one about the math teacher or the physics teacher – let’s do it!


I am with you I will pay close attention and follow suit. You are the bomb girl


You know one of the essential points about Christianity then – rule number three: don’t be a freaking hypocrite. It’s in Matthew I think…

: )


CL: I’m taking Lamb over to my OWOP (old worn out pastor) who ran the Sunday School class that we dubbed “The Heretics”, where we studied Spong and Borg and debated how we would feel -as Christians – if Jesus had indeed been married. The following week the topic was “What if Jesus had been gay?” In the class were also pretty conservative folks. I think if you are afraid to consider any questions about your messiah, you don’t have faith. You have a belief system, but not faith. – Your pal, AlphaBiff



I love this. You’ve started the conversation on one of my most favorite targets. Each of your 10 points illustrating what our news media has become is spont-on. My favorite is number 6 re polls. I cannot describe the impatience I have with the continuing polling and results produced by “experts” who tell us nothing about the demographic group, liberal or conservative, north or south, east or west, all of which factor into the result. Thank you for that.

Yes, Cable news feeds us junk food every day, and we all know how bad that is for us, but we keep consuming it. Are there other choices? Yes, BBC and PBS are pretty good at keep some form of balance.

I’m so worried, AdLib, about the direction the Supreme Court is taking our country. I think even my lifetime we could see the end of the American experience. Perhaps the news as a corporate giant, as you suggest, is merely the training ground for what it be ike to live in the Corporate States of America, with leadership appointed by Citizens United, Freedom Works, and the wonder Karl Rove, the republican’s dream.

thanks for writing this. Maybe we could say a few words about tonight on Vox?