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Posted by KevenSeven On Jan - 10 - 2010 25 COMMENTS

As I review the comments over at other “liberal” blogs, I see a pattern of commentary from those that I think of as Puritans. There is a prescriptive trifecta to “cure all our ills” in the body politic: 1) More parties.   (We have discussed this in some depth, but will […]

Posted by nellie On Jan - 6 - 2010 65 COMMENTS

Whether Obama bashing, teeth gnashing, tea party crashing, or GOP trashing—it’s time for progressives to stop talking the talk and start walking the walk. There be elections here! (Yes, I’m a trekkie.) And we have a chance to create a REAL 60 vote majority in the senate. One-third of the […]

Posted by KevenSeven On Jan - 4 - 2010 65 COMMENTS

We have come far enough from the Christmas attack to start to draw some conclusions.   For this discussion, I will not assume that there was any deliberate effort to stitch up Obama.    I am coming to the conclusion that this was a classic and not amazing example of turf warfare […]

Posted by Emerald1943 On Dec - 31 - 2009 125 COMMENTS

In perusing the headlines at HP, I stumbled upon a very interesting article by Congressman Eric Massa of New York. Apparently, the most recent personal attack on President Obama by a certain former vice-president has finally provoked a strong response from a Democrat. In the article, he also cites Senator […]

Posted by AdLib On Dec - 29 - 2009 8 COMMENTS

Thanks to a discussion on NPR yesterday, I became aware of a little provision in tax law that in the age of the wealthy consolidating greater wealth, is an abomination. Due to the Bush changes to the Estate Tax(or as the Repub propagandists call it, the “Death” Tax) and because […]

Posted by Scheherazade On Dec - 24 - 2009 13 COMMENTS

WASHINGTON DC — On a cold Christmas Eve morning the United States Senate met for one last vote on H.R. 3590. With Vice President Joe Biden presiding the voting concluded with a 60-39 party-line vote. The vote follows 25 days of debate and negotiation. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) […]

Posted by Scheherazade On Dec - 23 - 2009 4 COMMENTS

Talking Points Memo has just put out this sobering article: Fragile Health Care Agreement Fraying? Whispers, But Not Yet Some Democrats are popping champagne and already writing campaign talking points for how to champion a health care bill they believe President Obama will sign early next year, but today several […]

Posted by Scheherazade On Dec - 23 - 2009 2 COMMENTS

From Talking Points Memo: Senate Votes Again And Just One Vote Left On Health Care The Senate just cleared its next-to-last procedural hurdle before passing its version of the health care bill. In a predictable 60-39 vote, senators invoked cloture on final passage of the bill, allowing for a final […]

Posted by SueInCa On Dec - 22 - 2009 17 COMMENTS

  It would seem that while railing about “Socialism”, “Marxism”, or just plain old “Obamanism”, some of our hypocritical Senators and Representatives have themselves been feeding from the trough of national welfare.  Blanche Lincoln D(AR), Max Baucas D(MT), Chuck Grassely R(IA) and wouldn’t you just know it, Michelle Bachman R(MN) […]

Categories: Congress, News & Politics
Posted by Scheherazade On Dec - 21 - 2009 86 COMMENTS

Amidst a DC blizzard Senators arrived for a cloture vote that began at 1:01am EST to determine whether or not to end the debate on major amendments for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The result was a 60-40 party-line vote. Bitter words were on the lips of Senators […]

Posted by AdLib On Dec - 20 - 2009 102 COMMENTS

The battle over Health Care Reform, the Stimulus Bill, global warming legislation, etc. has brought one thing clearly into focus. The filibuster has transformed The Senate into an undemocratic, unrepresentative body of The People. Imagine if our Presidential elections had the following rule, unless a President was elected by at […]

Posted by Scheherazade On Dec - 20 - 2009 79 COMMENTS

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is now confident that he has the sixty votes needed to proceed with cloture for H.R.3590. The Senate has met every day since November 30th in the hopes of getting the needed sixty votes to break a Republican filibuster. After thirteen hours of closed […]

Posted by AdLib On Dec - 14 - 2009 387 COMMENTS

Rachel Maddow just mentioned and the AP feed here at The Planet also presents the story that the Senate Dems meeting on health care that just ended, the Medicare buy-in and the Public Option will be killed to get the bill passed before the end of the year and bring […]

Posted by javaz On Dec - 7 - 2009 30 COMMENTS

From the time we are in grade school and then go onto high school, we all learn that sports is big business. You’re either one of the ‘cool’ kids that belong to a clique for sports, and if you’re not a male and part of the teams, you’re a cheerleader, […]

Posted by AdLib On Nov - 9 - 2009 12 COMMENTS

Hey fellow members, here is the latest bitingly satirical piece by AntiChrist (I’m going to have to add a gallery to The Planet to hang all these masterpieces!), created in response to The House’s vote against women’s right to choose. May I ask that any of you visiting that other […]

Posted by nicole473 On Nov - 8 - 2009 55 COMMENTS

I put together some charts/stats based on a table in the Washington Post. My charts and conclusions are based on all of the reps who received at least $1 million or more from the health care industry. I am not very good at this sort of thing, so please do […]

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