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When will we have had enough of the GOtP obstructionism?  When will the people who don’t vote decide that it is time for them to VOTE?

Remember when Senator McConnell stated that making Obama a one term President was the goal of the GOtP?

Even before Barack Obama took the oath office, Republicans leaders, conservative think-tanks and right-wing pundits were calling for total obstruction of the new president’s agenda. Bill Kristol, who helped block Bill Clinton’s health care reform attempt in 1993, called for history to repeat on the Obama stimulus – and everything else. Pointing with pride to the Clinton economic program which received exactly zero GOP votes in either House, Kristol in January 2009 advised:

Never has a President had to overcome blatant obstructionism like President Obama has.

To me it is not just that he is a Democrat, it is that he is a black man in the White House! It is racism ! Racism on the part of some or even most of the GOtP! Sure there are a few who are not racists, but too many of those in power are.

But if Barack Obama’s legislative agenda ran into endless Republican obstacles in Congress, his judicial nominees hit a brick wall. The same Republicans who decried the judicial filibuster and demanded an “up or down vote” for President Bush’s selections to the federal bench have stymied Obama’s choices at a record rate.

Republican obstructionism hasn’t merely destroyed the nominations of judicial standouts like Goodwin Liu, who this week assumed his new position on the Supreme Court of California. High profile Obama administration nominees like Dawn Johnson and Peter Diamond, the latter a Nobel Prize-winning economist, never saw the light of day in the Senate. And having already dissuaded President Obama from choosing Elizabeth Warren to head the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau created by Congress last year, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that the GOP would block any and all comers put forward by the White House:

“It’s not sexist. It’s not Elizabeth Warren-specific,” McConnell spokesman Donald Stewart said. “It’s any nominee.”

Just to be on the safe side, Republicans maneuvered to ensure that President Obama could make no recess appointments during the current Congressional recess.

President Obama’s predecessor  made lots of “recess appointments” but what is okay for “w” is not okay for President Obama.  There is so much information about obstructionism and we should discuss it. Lets have a conversation about how the GOtP has sniffled progress just because they don’t like our President.

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The latest move by the GOP, code-named American Spring, supposedly happened Yesterday, Friday, May 16, 2014. The plan as I understand it was for thousands of angry conservatives to march on Washington DC to demand that President Barak Obama resign, be impeached, or whatever. I live in a town just outside the DC border, and anytime something big happens, traffic is dramatically affected all over the tri-state area. But Friday was just another day. Hardly anybody showed up. It wasn’t even important enough for the local news stations to cover it. I only discovered it this morning while browsing Twitter. This is a prime example of how deluded the GOP is. Thanks to the hate media they listen to religiously, GOtP are convinced they are the majority. But in fact they are a small minority of hate-filled nut cases, which they found out the hard way when they arrived at the DC protest site to discover that they were pretty much alone. Even the media didn’t care.

You can see their frustration in this video:

You can follow their “progress” on Twitter by searching on the following hashtags:




JJ, they actually said there would be 10 – 30 million protestors…they were just off by 10 – 30 million.

The thing is, despite this glaring reality of their being a lunatic fringe, they are so deep in denial that they will come away from this just thinking that their 30 million fellow loonies were just lazy and stayed at home, not that they don’t exist.

To be clear,their stated goal was to March on DC and physically remove our federal government from power because “we can’t wait for elections”. So these “patriots” of American Democracy wanted to physically grab Obama and his Admin and even Boehner, McConnell and the rest of Congress, and throw them out of DC, I assume, holding them captive while they installed their own unelected government of redneck wack jobs.

So “patriots” to them means sedition, fighting democracy and government by tyranny.

Geniuses! What a surprise only 50 showed up out of their imaginary 30 million!


Adlib, sedition & treason, I’ve got to admit, has always been around. I remember it during the Clinton years as well. But it has grown exponentially during Pres. Obama’s administration. And I have to think that George W. Bush having given guns & war training to a lot of these nut cases hasn’t helped. The “real patriots” are the men and women who served in our military, came back and didn’t want to make war against their own people.
One positive thing appears to be helping is the current boycott of the sponsors of Rush Limbaush’s hate radio show. These corporations are being publicly shamed on Twitter (I reblog some of these messages on Tumblr). We need to end hate media that masquerades as “another point of view”.


Hi Nirek. Over the last five years we have discussed the Republican obstructionism until we were blue in the face, and I always come back to the same conclusion. The President is black, actually half black, and these mouth breathing, knuckle draggers will never accept being told what to do by a black man. They can label it anything they want, from he’s a Muslim, was born in Kenya, is a Marxist, a socialist, doesn’t follow the constitution, is forcing healthcare on the nation and of course the horse that just won’t die; Benghazi. In the cold daylight it is just another excuse for their racism, it’s as awful and as simple as that.

They made a pledge like a group of pimply faced teenagers in the boys locker room. Immature, not doing the job they were elected to do, and in real life they would be fired. So fire them by getting out the vote and volunteering to drive those elderly or disabled neighbours to the polls.

All those who are prepared to sit out the election because they are looking for something better. News Flash, there will be no one better because the Republicans will always obstruct. Your loss. America’s decine. Congratulations fake Dems !!


Good article and good points dad. The republicans are the party of ‘no’ because they have no platform to actually run on outside of less regulation and more tax breaks for big business. That alone will hardly get them votes, so they play on the old hatreds of the south (that’s a broad generalization sure, but if you look at a political map you see more or less the Mason-Dixon line) and that includes racism and sexism and homophobia. I’m not sure how the republicans can realistically win an election when their voting records are No on every pertinent issue, but with all the money they get from the Koch bros and the spin they get from Fox “News” they’ll still have a chance. It’s sickening.