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Posted by dgraz On Apr - 30 - 2010 3 COMMENTS

? This spring, the Move to Amend is on the move. Read on for the latest resources, actions, and upcoming events . . . New resources: * Our Field, Action, and Education Committee is working on a set of questions for candidates, to help you decide where current and potential […]

Posted by AdLib On Apr - 13 - 2010 8 COMMENTS

First, props to SueInCa for her brilliant article,  The Next Credit Bust – 2012? which inspired me to post this as a kind of companion article. For those who have expressed interest in GROW and/or focusing on addressing the SCOTUS decision giving corporations unlimited expenditures in elections, a bill is […]

Posted by AdLib On Mar - 21 - 2010 1,244 COMMENTS

Watch the live feed below of The House’s historic vote on the HCR Bill and join the live blog below (I keep one window open with the feed and blog in a second window, minimizing them to put them side by side):

Posted by AdLib On Mar - 20 - 2010 119 COMMENTS

You know how you can “smell” rain when it’s about to fall? It is completely premature but I can “feel” history coming on Sunday. Oddly, that doesn’t diminish how anxious I am for it to be tomorrow at 2 pm EST. In the meantime, here is a remarkable speech Pres. […]

Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Mar - 15 - 2010 41 COMMENTS

Unlike healthcare reform where I have spent many hours researching the issue, I know very little about the substance of financial reform.  My gut says it would be better to have an independent agency for Consumer Financial Protection but some make an argument that a financial protection agency would be […]

Posted by AdLib On Mar - 2 - 2010 29 COMMENTS

What is the difference between an arsonist and Sen. Jim Bunning? Most arsonists never pitched in major league baseball. The last 3 years have been a primer on how broken the system is in Washington. The Dems took over Congress in 2006 promising an end to Iraq and accountability and […]

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Posted by AdLib On Feb - 25 - 2010 15 COMMENTS

Watch live and join the live commenting on The Health Care Summit:

Posted by bito On Feb - 25 - 2010 566 COMMENTS

The 6 hour gathering is today discussing the future of OUR health and lives. If you are watching and want to add your thoughts, enter here.

Posted by AdLib On Feb - 20 - 2010 46 COMMENTS
grave hand

Here’s the audio for the trailer of the new horror movie (for the GOP), “Night of the Living Reform” NARRATOR: It was hacked into pieces! It was smothered alive! It was buried and left for dead! Now…it’s b-a-a-ack!!! HOWARD DEAN: “When ya kill a bill, ya better make sure it’s […]

Posted by nellie On Feb - 15 - 2010 46 COMMENTS

This morning the office of Senator Evan Bayh, D-IN, announced that he will not run for re-election this November. There’s more than one way to react to this news. Since Bayh is a Democrat, the gut reaction might be to fear that we’re going to lose another seat — like […]

Posted by AdLib On Feb - 11 - 2010 40 COMMENTS

According to the Whispering Reid, The Reid that blows in the wind…or the Reid that just simply blows, Sen. Reid will block the efforts by Dem Senators to reform the filibuster. You see, this human tribute to invertebrates everywhere wants to make sure that the tyranny of democracy will never […]

Posted by javaz On Feb - 10 - 2010 554 COMMENTS

We need to start a movement, a splinter group from the Democratic Party. I am not talking about “media” or “profits” but am talking about starting a movement that somehow forms and takes off. Heck, I think we’ll even get folks that consider themselves Teabaggers, because not all Teabaggers are […]

Posted by Chernynkaya On Feb - 10 - 2010 15 COMMENTS

With the growing abuse of the filibuster and Democrats unwilling to take the strong action necessary to fix the economy and regain the public trust, with the airwaves and cable increasingly dominated by the demagogic likes of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, and with the ever-growing influence of corporate money […]

Posted by AdLib On Feb - 5 - 2010 8 COMMENTS

Tonight, Bill Moyers had a marvelous episode which I can’t recommend enough. The first segment was about the SCOTUS decision and the impact on our democracy. http://www.pbs.org/moyers/journal/02052010/watch.html With pro and con voices. http://www.pbs.org/moyers/journal/02052010/watch2.html The second segment I found the most intriguing, with a doctor who had been working for single […]

Posted by javaz On Feb - 5 - 2010 11 COMMENTS

This morning I happened upon an article dated January 21st, 2010 from the East Valley Tribune about a meeting of religious leaders regarding immigration. The Arizona Interfaith Network is hosting the event, which will begin with a prayer service, followed by a press conference and panel discussion. The intent is […]

Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Jan - 29 - 2010 110 COMMENTS

In an unprecedented way President Obama has taken on the GOP face to face. The best part is it was caught on camera. Obama schooled the GOP calling out their nihilist political strategy and ridiculous rhetoric on issues from the stimulus to healthcare reform. So much for the carrots Obama […]

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