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Smedley Butler On March - 15 - 2011

Why is politics so mind bogglingly complicated?

You often hear conversation  about the host of complex problems we face today and that these issues cannot be reduced to bumper sticker slogans and addressed by simplistic solutions. I say simple clear, concise ideas are powerful and the problems we face are not really all that complex.

I’d like to cover a couple of topics on this issue in a two part series first: “Why is politics so mind bogglingly complicated?”  If that’s not enough to get you to sleep in a non narcotic and habit forming way I’d like to share some thoughts on the nature of complexity itself and how it relates to political systems, governing and representation in part two of the series.

So why does politics seem so complex that most often see no real cause and effect relationship? Have you ever watched a TV talking head or politician make a lengthy response to a question then said to yourself “How the hell did that relate to anything about the question”? How about when you’re told that “people should read the bill” by various pundits so you follow their advice and find that the bill is 4278 pages of legalese in 6 point font?

The reason for this can be summed up to a bumper sticker sized phrase “Baffling you with Bullshit.” Banksters, unsavory politicians, crooks and hucksters of all stripes especially those in white collars tool of the trade is bullshit and this is how they use it.

These folks create as many layers of complexity as they deem needed to render the subject incomprehensible to the majority of victims. Often they need not fool all the people just most. They create such a Machiavellian tangle that no one aside from a small handful of insiders understands what’s really gong on.

To facilitate this confusion they have gone as far as to create special languages; Legalese, Financial-speak and Politi-speak. To understand and be fluent in these languages often requires months to years of study and frequently seems the rough equivalent of interpreting Bible passages.

They use these tools to scam people by setting themselves up as “experts” since they are the only ones who understand the intricate convolutions of the scam and speak the special language they obviously are the only ones qualified to make decisions. This is why Goldman Sach’s always has executives coming and going to from the SEC who regulate them. They’re “experts”

The financial sector is rife with needless complexity that facilitates criminal behavior. Let me give you an example of how a simplistic solution works by answering one of the most complex and technically challenging questions of today in one sentence.

Q: How do we limit and contain the damage done to our economy by the trading of complex financial instruments like derivatives?

Now this is tough as no one save a small handful of insiders seems to clearly understand the market machinations and function of derivatives and the intricacies of the derivative market but I’ll give it my best shot.

A: Roll back laws and regulations to the point just before derivatives were permitted.

I can say with pretty near 100% certainty that if this is done from that point forward you may have many problems but the havoc caused by derivative trading won’t be one of them again. If anyone cares to challenge this point feel free. I’m guessing I’m not the first to think of this perhaps you have too. How does it feel to be an economic genius?

So why don’t we just do that? It makes perfect sense;  it costs nothing, removes a lot of law and regulation and stops a huge scam dead in its tracks. What in the world could prevent such a common sense solution from happening? Bullshit does.

The bullshit here comes in the form of a two-word phrase from the politi-speak dictionary “political reality” A mass of needless complexity, described in a special dialect presented in a cryptic fashion isn’t enough and it only gets better. We get an extra reality! The regular reality isn’t vast and complex enough to contain this special knowledge. Experts of the punditry tell us we need another “Political Reality” were the laws of this more tangible and mundane reality don’t apply. Just think of it as a spare bedroom in the Twilight Zone.

How many times have you seen a good idea dismissed out of hand as “beyond political reality.” The idea’ seems  real and do-able in this reality and it makes sense in this reality but when you step through the Stargate into political reality cats chase dogs and whales speak French under the sea. But this can change.

What do paper currency, the Mormon Church, Conservapedia and Political Reality all have in common? All are based on faith; their value and existence depend on belief. The more who believe in them the more pronounced their existence and value becomes. This works the other way around as well lack of faith diminishes or destroys things of this nature. A term often used to describe a group who has ceased to believe in Political Reality is “an angry mob”.

If doing anything about the issues above seem to be impossible in Political Reality here’s what you can do in this reality without being felt up by the TSA agent at the Stargate to Political Reality.

Always explore the simplest solution first, the simplest solution is virtually always the best easiest and most efficient. This concept is universal and can and has been applied to every problem of every kind since time began.  Reject con men who tell you that the million-dollar mouse trap with over twelve hundred moving parts and radar imaging capabilities is not only the best but the only way to catch a mouse.

Demand that issues be discussed in plain language I’m not talking about reducing the conversational level to burps, farts and growls. I’m talking about speaking clearly concisely and on point using commonly understood language to explain concepts conditions, legislation and proposals instead of legal and technical jargon.

You can also help ease confusion by trying to avoid speaking in these terms as much as possible yourself. Speak as you normally do about anything else on these issues. You would not allow a gang of thieves to dictate what you say, don’t let them control how you say it either.

Lastly try to stop believing in “Political Reality” at least this one may be toughest as beliefs are often deep rooted but your belief allows it existence and influence in our reality I’m not suggesting you remove the phrase from your lexicon just change your level of acceptance to “junk mail” when it’s used to describe a place where the laws of our reality don’t apply and positive change for those outside of a small elite isn’t possible.  Reality is a Racket.


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Written by Smedley Butler

I wasn't always Smedley Butler and frankly quiet surprised to discover my true identify after reading an interview with JZ Knight (Who "channels" Ramatha the spirit warrior.) and getting in touch with the "inner" Smedley. I haven't changed much over the years since the great depression and still believe it's my calling to support the causes of truth and justice by informing the public. I'm well qualified to write on almost any subject and provide documentation to this effect via virtually any Photoshop-able Diploma. Please feel to contact me with any story you have to tell, axe to grind or offer of employment in return for cash or trade*. *Discount meal coupons may be acceptable as trade depending on how hungry I am.

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