I don't really have anything of note to put in here... Oh, I won a bar of chocolate once.

George Orwell: Notes on Nationalism

Hello, planeteers! Although I haven't posted here in a while due to an overflow of work, I've been lurking from time to time and am glad to see that...

Irish Presidential Election and Referenda: Results.

A late update from the 2011 Irish Presidential Elections.

An Irish Presidential Debate

A quick look into an Irish Presidential debate which I attended on the 20 October.

Irish Presidential Election 2011: Candidates and Referendums.

Here in Ireland there will be a Presidential election on the 27 October.

Born This Way?

Stating that gay people were born with their orientation seems like the perfect counter to the conservative argument that being gay is a choice, but this life-affirming rebuttal opens the door to other attacks.

Pillow Talk

Let me be clear: I hate sleep.

A Poem by Eavan Boland

As my exams draw closer and closer, I find myself staring closer and closer at the contents of the various textbooks that lay strewn around my room. One of...

How a Narrative is Formed.

Here's how it happens.

Neutrality: De Valera and Winston Churchill

A little nugget of Anglo-Irish history.


I am an atheist, but what does that mean?