Smedley Butler

I wasn't always Smedley Butler and frankly quiet surprised to discover my true identify after reading an interview with JZ Knight (Who "channels" Ramatha the spirit warrior.) and getting in touch with the "inner" Smedley. I haven't changed much over the years since the great depression and still believe it's my calling to support the causes of truth and justice by informing the public. I'm well qualified to write on almost any subject and provide documentation to this effect via virtually any Photoshop-able Diploma. Please feel to contact me with any story you have to tell, axe to grind or offer of employment in return for cash or trade*. *Discount meal coupons may be acceptable as trade depending on how hungry I am.

How do you Build a Million Dollar Mousetrap that Steals Cheese

Why is politics so mind bogglingly complicated? You often hear conversationĀ  about the host of complex problems we face today and that these issues cannot be reduced to bumper sticker...

Turn left, Turn right, Turn off

Smedley Butler Crusader, Contrarian, Curmudgeon I see a lot of people laying the blame for the events in Wisconsin at the feet of the voters whose low turnout at the...