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Posted by Abbyrose86 On Jun - 19 - 2011 4 COMMENTS

Today is Father’s day and I wish to honor my father, Gene, who left this world 9 years ago at the age of 75. My father was not perfect, by no means, but I have come to realize, what an awesome man he really was and how lucky my siblings […]

Posted by Abbyrose86 On May - 23 - 2011 42 COMMENTS

This weekend something happened in my life  that I was NOT prepared for; didn’t expect and has shaken some of my beliefs to the very core and at the same time reinforced other beliefs. This weekend my family, friends and I were intimately reacquainted and were REMINDED about the fragility, […]

Posted by Abbyrose86 On Apr - 29 - 2011 115 COMMENTS
salute flag

With all the hoopla behind President Obama’s birth certificate and the questions about his citizenship, in addition to the ideals and comments made or alluded to by certain members of the ‘tea party’ and others on the right, I got to thinking…WHAT exactly constitutes the ideals of a ‘real’ American?  […]

Posted by Abbyrose86 On Mar - 14 - 2011 83 COMMENTS

Too often when surfing the internet and visiting various blogs and other meeting sites, I read comments from ALL sides of the political divide,  that disparage President Obama’s leadership and or the leadership of other politicians and or powerful people. These comments put forth by many has bothered me for […]

Posted by Abbyrose86 On Mar - 8 - 2011 31 COMMENTS

NIMBY….it is a concept that rears it’s ugly head too often in the American social culture. While many will agree, in theory, certain things need to be accomplished for the betterment of society as a whole; too often those same people will complain and argue profusely IF that public good […]

Categories: News & Politics
Posted by Abbyrose86 On Feb - 26 - 2011 165 COMMENTS

At what point is it acceptable to give up on our society? Why does our society insist that people must keep trying when it is evident that no matter what some try their lives will still be bad by current definitions or not what they want or that nothing WILL […]

Categories: News & Politics
Posted by Abbyrose86 On Feb - 25 - 2011 77 COMMENTS

  Once Upon a time, the American dream for most American’s was to buy a piece of land and erect a house to provide shelter for themselves and their families.  As years went on, that dream didn’t die, but rather grew.  Americans continued to believe in the dream of home […]

Categories: News & Politics
Posted by Abbyrose86 On Feb - 25 - 2011 59 COMMENTS

Today the topic of unemployment is foremost in the minds of many.  With the highest unemployment rate in decades and the worst economic situation since the Great Depression, with no end in sight, most Americans either know someone struggling or effected by unemployment or are fearful for the security of […]

Categories: News & Politics
Posted by Abbyrose86 On Feb - 19 - 2011 42 COMMENTS

Balance…it is a pivotal aspect in most areas of life and is  an integral part of most philosophical, economic, and political concepts. TOO much of anything, even a good thing, is not necessarily a positive in the long run. Some people learn this lesson as children, when they have overindulged […]

Posted by Abbyrose86 On Feb - 18 - 2011 129 COMMENTS

With all the talk I’m hearing and reading from some that believe Unions and collective bargaining are no longer necessary, I thought I would share a paper I wrote regarding the  “employment at will” doctrine and how unions are still very much necessary in today’s world. Employment “At-Will” is an […]

Categories: News & Politics
Posted by Abbyrose86 On Feb - 16 - 2011 216 COMMENTS

I read a blog entry today that really got me thinking and felt it would be good to share here. The article entitled “The Disease called Perfection” sheds some light on today’s culture and the unrealistic expectations of many in our society today. http://www.danoah.com/2010/09/disease-called-perfection.html The author cites extreme examples of […]

Posted by Abbyrose86 On Feb - 14 - 2011 102 COMMENTS

Is anyone else sick and tired of the constant lies being told to the American people about our federal budgetary woes and our supposed deficit armageddon?
OH and let’s dispel another myth, there is no federal credit card. US FEDERAL GOVERNMENT debt does not work the same way as an individual or business debt works.

Posted by Abbyrose86 On Feb - 13 - 2011 21 COMMENTS
The Past is Alawys Present

OUR founders were NOT omniscient or omnipotent. THEY were human beings, nothing more. FOR their time, they truly provided some astounding new ideas. HOWEVER, we should not stop developing new ideas.

Posted by Abbyrose86 On Feb - 8 - 2011 76 COMMENTS
Universal Health Care

While I am happy that Gabby Gifford was able to receive the help she needed, I’m disturbed by the story of the boy who was not provided

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