For the last 21 years, I worked in international trade as a licensed customs broker, international freight forwarder and international trade consultant. I ended up in that business after having studied Journalism and communication in college. (Strange how that worked) Over the last 3 years I have been trying to change my life and my career, so I left my job, returned to school and am on the last leg of completing my Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration and Economics, and am planning on going on for my masters in International Business. It might seem odd that I decided to formally study the business I was in for 21 years...but there is a reason for that... I hope to teach and write on the subject in the future. I'm a mother of 2 young adults and have many hobbies; reading, researching, writing, blogging, decorating, are my current favorites.

Worth sharing….”The Disease called ‘Perfection’ “

I read a blog entry today that really got me thinking and felt it would be good to share here. The article entitled "The Disease called Perfection" sheds some light...

Budget, Deficits, the Debt and the lies from the right

Is anyone else sick and tired of the constant lies being told to the American people about our federal budgetary woes and our supposed deficit armageddon? OH and let's dispel another myth, there is no federal credit card. US FEDERAL GOVERNMENT debt does not work the same way as an individual or business debt works.

Random Thougts

OUR founders were NOT omniscient or omnipotent. THEY were human beings, nothing more. FOR their time, they truly provided some astounding new ideas. HOWEVER, we should not stop developing new ideas.

Gifford’s rehab and the plight of others without access to her level of care

While I am happy that Gabby Gifford was able to receive the help she needed, I’m disturbed by the story of the boy who was not provided