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Marion On March - 15 - 2011

Chickens have come home to roost, or rather buzzards picking over the carcass of the dead. One of the “founders” of Huffington Post has come back to blog.

Andrew Breitbart.

If that’s not proof that Arianna Huffington isn’t the biggest ratfucker since Donald Segretti touched a college student named Karl Rove with his magic wand, I don’t know what is. The question is, who touched Huffington? Was it Newt or Issa?

My guess is that it was neither. She was merely an opportunist, interested in promoting her own brand. She saw that Progressives needed the equivalent of Drudge and went for the market, successfully conning a shallow media and an even shallower public following in her wake.

Once she’d successfully driven a wedge in the Left, appropriating its lowest common denominator by feeding them a diet of her talking points, and once the Midterms had handed her back the stronger Republican Party she craved, she crawls, like the Kochroach she is, into the sunlight.

Think of it. She’s had y’all wound so tight, you’ve managed to spend two years sniping and griping at everything this President said, did, tried to say or tried to do,when more energy could have been spent sounding off at the Republicans or organising retaliation against the Tea Partiers.

Just remember what the Iliad warned: Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

Here’s the link:- http://veracitystew.com/2011/03/14/final-death-blow-for-huffpo-andrew-breitbart-now-blogging-for-huffington-post/

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  1. PollyTics says:

    So true that it stings.

  2. lalalu says:

    Brilliant and on the mark.

  3. Keramos says:

    I still post on HP. There are too many inviting targets to go after and I just cannot resist. Sunday mornings are great fun with the “Eat The Press” blog from Jason Linkins. However, I agree with much of what’s been said here about HP and Mrs. H’s narcissism.

  4. agrippa says:

    Huffington is an opportunist.
    And, HufPo shows that opportunism

  5. Truth says:

    Oh good, more ammunition against Ms H, nice.

  6. KQuark says:

    I banned HP a while ago before it could ban me again but I still checked the site regularly just to read a couple columnists I liked and just to keep a pulse of what people were saying. But like abby, I’m totally boycotting media Walmart now since Arianna went after the NYTs editor when he was just telling the truth about her aggregated empire and let no one comment in dissent.

    I hope you take this as intended Marion because you are one of the most thought provoking members on the Planet, but I don’t think your constant personal attacks on that woman are appropriate. I’m not against anyone expressing their ire at someone but Arianna is simple not worth wasting your talents on IMHO.

  7. CleoPatra333 says:

    If you look at “Her” post, you will see that less than 200 hundred comments are posted to “her” seeds every week. No one is listening to her anymore.

  8. Abbyrose86 says:

    I have not clicked on THAT site even once, since leaving weeks ago.

    I just can’t go there in good conscience, as it has evolved into something I am not willing to support in ANY way shape or form. But that is just ME.

    I don’t go to Walmart EVER…I don’t care how cheap something is there. I don’t buy Nike products, as I’m still pissed at them for their moving their plants all over the world in an effort to exploit cheap labor, while at the SAME TIME paying ridiculous sums of money to celebrity athletes for endorsements. I don’t go to chain restaurants as I believe they are a detriment to small local restaurants. I try and stay away from what I believe is BAD business companies that have created negatives to society as a whole. Needless to say I don’t watch Fox news either, as I think they are a blight on humanity. My point in bringing this up…is that I try very hard to stay away from business units that I think are bad. Once I get a bee in my bonnet or once a business has done something I fell is unforgivable, I don’t go back. EVER.

    However, with that said, sometimes I do miss the people and the conversations there…as well as some of the editorials that some writers provided for the site AND I do miss some other things I used to get from there…but I don’t miss the bullshit and I certainly don’t miss, the queen of bullshit…Arianna.

  9. KillgoreTrout says:


    “She’s had y’all wound so tight, you’ve managed to spend two years sniping and griping at everything this President said, did, tried to say or tried to do,when more energy could have been spent sounding off at the Republicans or organising retaliation against the Tea Partiers.”

    Who is y’all?

  10. For America and Roosevelt says:

    Wow. And it is completely, absolutely, one hundred percent unsurprising. Double wow. Comment is superfluous.

    Is there any sign the liberal mainstream is noticing yet? She really, really does need to lose her credibility, now.

    • Truth says:

      We’re working on just that with the series “Secrets From Beyond The Emerald Curtain”. I’m going to publish Invite For Collaboration Part 4 on Friday, so if you want to join, you’re very welcome. (Part 3 is filed in News/Media, Huffington Post)

    • Sabreen60 says:

      Well I’ve done my share at letting other blogs know.

  11. empi says:

    I left that disgusting website years ago. The only good thing about it is I met nice people there such as the people here who started the Planet.

    The only thing I do at Huffpo is go to their website first thing in the AM to see what’s happening because they seem to have the news up first before I go to my favorite sites to post.

  12. ADONAI says:

    Now, when this douche bag talks about “honest debate” does he define telling blatant lies in his columns, reporting them as though they were truths, then defending them as so in the face of indisputable evidence to the contrary, as “honest debate”?

    If so, then yes, he is a champion of honest debate. But since that’s not actually the definition of honest debate, he’s just a terrible person.

  13. chasethis says:

    Spent the morning over at HP [spit] toying with the trolliage over TX teachers demonstrating in huge numbers at our state capitol. I got the PPov notice of this article in my inbox and went back to HP {spit} to look for Breitbart. I guess in all these years, I’d never scrolled to the bottom of the page--until today.

    Anyone ever notice this? I cannot stop laughing.

    All Things Arianna

    * Arianna’s Upcoming Schedule
    * Arianna’s TV Appearances
    * Arianna’s Radio and Podcast Appearances
    * Arianna In Print
    * Arianna’s Speeches and Public Appearances

  14. Buddy McCue says:

    Wow, is that really a picture of Andrew Breitbart?

    What a hateful-looking individual. I shoulda figured he’d look something like that.

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