Thursday, June 4, 2020
We are now facing, for the first time in our history, three deadly and persistent enemies at once; with one being the implosion of the Economy. Combined with the pandemic, and the social crisis; we are dangerously close to collapse. And all because for thirty years we allowed extremist cultists to reduce government to factionalism. Government became so dysfunctional that it could not defend us.
This week, Trump mused about using insulin without a professional medical diagnosis, as a general preventive. Once again it has to be said, "the man will kill and kill, out of stupidity, until he is stopped!"
This has been a shocking, tragic and emotional week. So this weekend's music thread is about justice, activism, peace, compassion and unity.
Chloroquine is a rampant public health problem in India - it is yet another drug epidemic in itself. And it is poised to hit the United States; especially after the American president's endorsement by planetary dispatch.
To celebrate Memorial Day Weekend, this weekend includes songs about war and protest but also songs about life, being remembered, noble and loved.

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  • TOCB-Short Posts:New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees apologized Thursday morning in an Instagram post for his comments about kneeling during the national anthem that received intense criticism Wednesday. Brees said during an interview with Yahoo Finance he "will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America or our country" when asked about players possibly kneeling during the anthem to bring awareness to social injustice, as Colin Kaepernick did in 2016, during the 2020 season. To Drew Brees and Donald Trump and anyone else who don't understand the difference between symbols of freedom and justice, as opposed to ACTUAL freedom and justice. I served on active duty in the U.S. military. I DID NOT put my life on the line to protect a symbol of freedom and justice for ALL citizens of The United States of America, although it was an honor to do that as well. But more importantly, I put my life on the line to protect the citizens of the United States of American from losing our freedom and justice. That freedom and just includes the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT of free speech and peaceable assembly (redress of grievances against the government). Collin Kaepernick did not only have a RIGHT to peacefully protest police brutality by taking a knee during the national anthem, indeed he and you and trump have an obligation to place ending police brutality OVER singing the national anthem or saluting the American flag, BECAUSE when we allow police brutality of ANY citizen, regardless of race, creed or color THAT IS WHEN WE DISHONOR THE NATIONAL ANTERM AND THE UNITED STATES FLAG!!!
  • Khirad-Short Posts:I love the Planet, because you got it, and it's a safe space here where it's not Toxic. In this moment though, it's more important than ever to connect. I've been calling people old school a lot more. I laughed at first because I have my books and interests but, the - I hate to quote Phil Collins - but you can feel it in the air. I had the brilliant idea to get into the culinary industry before this. Still looking for work dealing with my usual Depression. My folks are having a hard time supporting me. I don't need Facebook, I just need places like this and people to call sometimes. I had a plant and she just died. She was my pride. She died after doing so well. I'm at a low point and that... I know I just get in fights online for serotonin boosts, like I'm at a casino. I know I'm not going to "win" but it gets the receptors going. But it's purposefully addictive, waiting for that 'like' and such. I still have real life friends on there though from like twenty years ago, so it's hard. Especially in these times. I just wish I could get more people here. I like not having to respond to ten thousand things and once, but I could use more people. Me, the eternal misanthropic goth... if anyone was prepared for this it was me, but it's even dragging me down. And I'm taking my meds! I'm sorry but that is - triggering. My mom used to say it, my teachers, etc. And of course they know it triggers me because I react to it, rather than go and fix a cuppa tea... That being said, I never meant to abandon the planet. I have a few ideas in my head to write about, even if just for my own enjoyment. AdLib is a great editor. *I forgot about Twitter, it can die, regardless of Trump. And I felt like a get off my lawn moment trying to figure out Instagram and Tik Tok...
  • kesmarn-Short Posts:Khirad, I think "jaunty little insult" is probably more in the ballpark. Trolls without imaginations have been using the "are you off your meds?" comment for years now -- and it's never been appropriate. (But then as you know, the very definition of trollery is to be inappropriate.) At this point, I'm beginning to ask myself whether anyone who isn't feeling some mental health pressure -- after a financial collapse, a pandemic, and yet another recorded episode of unimaginable police brutality against a Black man -- is the person we need to worry about. It almost seems as if to be plugged in to the reality of this moment and not to be anxious and/or depressed is the true aberration. As for the Facebook situation: I've pretty much given up on that platform for any purpose other than sharing cat videos. As AdLib has noted more than once: using logic to argue a person out of a position that was not arrived at by way of logic is futile. And Twitter with its 280 character limitation is even worse. A forum like the Planet, where ideas can be thoughtfully expressed seems to be what the times call for. It gives everyone a chance to take a breath, process a thought, and -- just for a moment -- leave behind the notion of "winning." In short -- the antidote to Trumpism.
  • Khirad-Short Posts:Sorry I've been away, but I just done got myself banned from Facebook again I missed y'all so much. Nah, I like catching up with old friends but I've been trying to bring people here. I have a few ideas I'd still like to catch up on, as uncontroversial as I am. Recently, I've been told to take my meds. I do take meds, and am very open about my mental illness. I don't know if this is directed straight at me or is just a jaunty little insult. In any case, it's in no better taste than racist slurs in my opinion. I can take a joke, comedians, musicians, artists, writers, scholars, scientists - a lot have had mental health issues. I really don't take it as an insult, but I've heard it levied at me whenever I destroy someboody's point logically. Like the last refuge of a rascal or some sort. I'm not ashamed. I'd love to talk about my struggles here without being all - don't feel sorry for me - just my story with the brain that doesn't always work right.
  • Steppenwolf-The White Authoritarian Skin Beneath the Surface of U.S. Society:Guess what? As of this morning, it appears that the police in Minneapolis have been lying, through the mainstream media; and bargaining in bad faith. What a surprise! Police in that jurisdiction have used the knee-to-the-neck tactic almost 200 times in the last five years. That hasn't been brought into the conversation. And the man who, acting as a police officer of the Minneapolis Police Department, caused the death of an unarmed, shackled man, has, to this point in time, not been indicted for any crime. There is only a: "Statement of Probable Cause," if that.We may not even be at that, very preliminary stage of the process. Even if we are, this is only a statement from the police that they believe that certain charges can be supported, based on physical evidence and available affidavits. It is not the charge itself. It's: "more like guidelines." Ha, ha. They are leading us down the garden path again! Just yesterday I was reading about how the top cop in the case was a good guy, because he was, "doing the right thing." I guess we're all suckers. But, we are up against professional liars, who have no sense of honor. The more that we fall for their lies, the more testimony that we are innocent and they are the criminals.
  • kesmarn-Short Posts:As if the emotional strain of caring for COVID-19 patients was not enough... I hope these genuine thugs are a brought to justice. Although I'm certainly not holding my breath. (Some of these cops are not big on people breathing in general, so I'm sure that will be a disappointment to them.) And this guy was a Marine veteran!
  • Kalima-Short Posts:Tv news reporters, medics and people just trying to get home or even those being attacked for watching from their own front porches? The violent rioters are the police, trump and his lawless, Constitution wreaking minions. — Medical Workers Fighting COVID Say Cops Are Attacking Them at George Floyd Protests
  • kesmarn-Where We Are:It's so good to see you here, Michael. I hope you never stop writing -- no matter how tempting it may be in some dark moments to give it up. I haven't been able to spend as much time as I would have liked here on the Planet myself, since I've been tied up for over two and a half years in a court battle to get guardianship of my nearly 98 year old father. Although this sounds like a totally off topic digression, I have to admit that the whole experience has been an eye opening one when it comes to human rights. There was one family member who (for reasons that still aren't clear) decided she did not want me to be my father's guardian -- even though he had said in writing back in 2016 (and also verbally) that he wanted me to have that job should the need arise. The method she chose to block my guardianship application was to weaponize laws and law enforcement against me. She contacted the county Adult Protective Services with completely fabricated stories of abuse and neglect. She also contacted the police department with false stories of theft by me from my dad's apartment. As an RN and a person with no criminal record all this was new to me. I was called in, interviewed, investigated (including bank accounts) -- not once, but three times. For the first time I knew (in a very toned down way) what it felt like to have the sense that a whole network of systems that were supposed to be there to protect innocent people had seemingly swung around and turned itself against me. The question of charging her with having made false reports was never even considered, to my amazement. It felt so futile to keep saying: "But... but... I didn't DO any of these things!" Doesn't every guilty person say the same thing? Frustration, anger, confusion... yes, all of the above. I saw in a whole new way -- and even then, in a much less threatening way -- what some of my brothers and sisters experience on a daily basis. I was fortunate. I was able to get an attorney and was eventually cleared of all those false charges. I eventually even got guardianship. But to have that hanging over my head for over two years took a real toll -- on both my physical and emotional health. What must it be to cope with that kind of unfairness for a lifetime? Is it any wonder that people of color suffer from hypertension and have higher death rates from COVID-19? Enlightening was hardly the word for the whole experience. And my level of consciousness was further raised by the birth of the first Black male child in our family just about a year ago. I -- perhaps smugly -- had thought that I was a pretty "woke" individual before that, but I have since been educated. When I hold this little guy in my arms -- watching his bright, happy eyes and sweet smile -- I have such mixed feelings of love -- combined with near panic when I think of his future. I've cried more than once when I consider that in just a little over a decade, he will be an adolescent Black male. With all that that entails. Can we change this country fast enough to make his future brighter, safer? I don't know. And that scares me so much. It's hard to put it into words. Enough. We have to do better.
  • gyp46-The White Authoritarian Skin Beneath the Surface of U.S. Society:I'm daily flummoxed by those who blindly support, not a platform of decent ideas but a wanna be diktator. What gene in their makeup differs from genes in the rest of us? I ponder these things everytime I encounter what I call trumps cult members. Even the war mongers like Goldwater in '64 couldn't get people(republicans) to blindly follow him into oblivion. I believe these Trump followers would die before deserting him, that's a scary thing to me.
  • James Michael Brodie-Where We Are:Thank you, my friend. I am trying to hold the emotions together. It's hard right now. But I am a person of faith, and it helps keep me grounded. I hope you and your family are safe during these challenging days...


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