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Posted by AdLib On May - 4 - 2012 29 COMMENTS

There are complications that go along with having an eight year old boy as your campaign adviser including setting up playdates for him with Rick Perry and Herman Cain and having to discipline the adult staff to “act their age” so they’re on a par with him.

Posted by AdLib On Apr - 27 - 2012 19 COMMENTS

It doesn’t matter whether Bin Laden is killed, the economy is recovering or diet donuts have been invented that reduce your cholesterol and make you lose weight, the GOP is bent (in many ways) on spinning every bit of good news into something terrible.

Posted by MurphTheSurf3 On Apr - 23 - 2012 45 COMMENTS

Mitt Romney tells his audiences that there are two things that recommend him for the Presidency: his career as a businessman and as a governor. The fact is that neither experience recommends him.

Posted by SueInCa On Apr - 23 - 2012 20 COMMENTS

  Mitt Romney is the candidate you almost have to feel sorry for, but not quite, he is not a people person, his accomplishments are hugely inflated and he does not seem to know how to tell the truth.  I wonder, if you asked Romney if he anticipated another Bush-like […]

Posted by AdLib On Apr - 20 - 2012 28 COMMENTS

It’s understandable that no candidate would choose to openly campaign on cannibalism, except perhaps Ron Paul, so this terrifying agenda has been well hidden by Romney’s campaign until Ted Nugent’s accidental slip about it at the NRA convention.

Posted by AdLib On Apr - 17 - 2012 30 COMMENTS

America has become one big cynical carnival of games but at least the GOP has even been considerate enough to throw in a number of clowns at no extra cost.

Posted by SueInCa On Apr - 9 - 2012 23 COMMENTS

  What is the White Horse Prophecy and is it important in the presidential race of 2012? The White Horse Prophecy is a statement purported to have been made in 1843 by Joseph Smith, Jr., founder of the Latter Day Saint movement, regarding the future of the Latter Day Saints […]

Posted by AdLib On Apr - 4 - 2012 57 COMMENTS
romney pinocchio

Romney has often demonstrated that he has more in common with firewood than fired workers, all that remains to confirm suspicions is for a woodpecker to perch on his block shaped head and begin pecking away.

Posted by AdLib On Mar - 21 - 2012 183 COMMENTS

We are now told that Mitt Romney is an Etch-a-Sketch. Wonder what other toys and games he and the rest of the GOP Candidates are?

Posted by MurphTheSurf3 On Mar - 18 - 2012 64 COMMENTS

A powerful thing happened at the GOP’s Missouri Caucus and it had little to do with the caucus. I met a Democratic Psychiatrist who drafted an extraordinary statement about Obama and how his remarkable qualities seem to have kept Americans afloat emotionally through the worst times in recent memory.

Posted by funksands On Mar - 16 - 2012 27 COMMENTS

It is illegal to ask party affiliation in Washington, so as long as you are willing to sign a sheet that states that you consider yourself a Republican and that you won’t vote in another caucus, all voters are welcome. With Obama safely installed as the incumbent, I figured I may not get another opportunity like this for another 8 years.

Posted by AdLib On Mar - 14 - 2012 27 COMMENTS

Elections in the US should not be an existential conflict but when candidates are willing to do literally anything to win, the fate of the nation can indeed be at stake.

Posted by AdLib On Mar - 6 - 2012 255 COMMENTS

Mitt Romney may once again be the inevitable candidate…which is of course oxymoronic (emphasis on the “moronic”). Join us right here for a live blog of Super Tuesday results!

Posted by AdLib On Feb - 28 - 2012 55 COMMENTS

Will hating college, gays and women’s rights beat hating unions, economic fairness and honesty? Join us for a live blog of tonight’s GOP primaries in MI and AZ to find out!

Posted by AdLib On Feb - 22 - 2012 503 COMMENTS

After a month of regenerating sanity from a hiatus in the GOP debate schedule, tonight we live blog a new and what may actually prove to be a very pivotal debate.

Posted by AdLib On Feb - 1 - 2012 94 COMMENTS

“I’m pretty sure that I said, “Love thy neighbor as thyself”, not “Love only those with a median household income range between $35,000 and $75,000”.

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