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AdLib On July - 18 - 2012

The rise of racism that has corresponded with Barack Obama’s presidency has been shockingly blatant and unapologetic. There is a frightening catharsis that comes from those who exclaim racial animosity towards our President, reflecting gratification at finally being able to free the hatred they had been forced to keep bottled up by society in the past.

Today, thanks to the Tea Party, Fox News and the rest of the MSM and the de-evolution of the GOP, there is no stigma against racism to act as a regulator for those who hate other races. In fact, one of the surest ways to get on the MSM is to spout something racist and your views will be publicized by “concerned” talking heads endlessly.

It was only a matter of time that this regressive aspect of our society, so much a part of the fabric of the Right Wing and the Republican Party, would eventually surface and become prominent in Mitt Romney’s “I’ll do whatever it takes to win!” campaign.

To those who have been following the race closely enough, it comes as no surprise that the Romney campaign and the GOP are desperate to change the topic of discussion from Romney’s lying about his time at Bain. Their first lame attempt was to try and whip up a phony story about Condi Rice being at the top of the list for VP picks. When that story fell flat and was presented as exactly the distraction it was intended to be, a desperate yet organized campaign to go back to the dependable Republican political tool of racism was launched.

Rush Limbaugh started beating the drum (or his head, hard to tell the difference) for changing the Bain scandal through racist attacks against Obama by declaring:

“I think it can now be said, without equivocation, without equivocation, that this man hates this country. He is trying, Barack Obama is trying, to dismantle, brick by brick, the American Dream. There’s no other way to put this. There’s no other way to explain this. He was indoctrinated as a child. His father was a communist. His mother was a leftist. He was sent to prep and Ivy League schools where his contempt for the country was reinforced.

This is what we have as a president: a radical ideologue, a ruthless politician who despises the country and the way it was founded and the way in which it became great. He hates it.”

Rush’s racist marching orders were then followed the next day by Romney’s chief attack dog, John Sununu, who was born in Cuba and directly of Palestinian and Greek dissent, saying of President Obama:

“I wish this president would learn how to be an American.”

Not one to be left out of the Racist Olympics, record holder Michelle Bachmann qualified for the finals of the “Joseph McCarthy Broad Jump to Prejudiced Conclusions” by accusing Hillary Clinton aide, Huma Abedin, of being a devious agent of the Muslim Brotherhood, bent on destroying America, because she’s not white and was born…in Michigan. Oh, and an old friend of her dead father’s organization had an organization that someone might have belonged to who was possibly supportive of Muslim religious rule…and as Michele Bachmann can attest, anyone who supports religious domination of a political system needs to be Christian or it is unAmerican.

More Republicans jumped on the burning cross bandwagon since Rush’s call to Republicans to don the white hoods and of course, Mitt Romney, who has apparently based his life on a mean version of the identity-shifting Woody Allen character, Zelig, had to conform as well to this racist campaign strategy, saying yesterday:

“It is changing the nature of America, changing the nature of what the Democrats have fought for, and Republicans have fought for. In the past, people of both parties understood that encouraging achievement, encouraging success, encouraging people to lift themselves as high as they can, encouraging entrepreneurs, celebrating success instead of attacking it and denigrating, makes America strong. That’s the right course for this country. His course is extraordinarily foreign.”

By now, most who have seen this pattern of thinly veiled racist pandering and provoking for the past four years, trying to cast Obama as “foreign” to white America since Obama began his run for the Presidency, see it for what it is. The word is now that Romney is going to “go after” Obama’s biography to show how tough he is and to rally the base.

“Going after Obama’s biography” is code that’s not that hard to break. Let’s see, he’s not American, his birth certificate is fake, he lived in Indonesia, his Father was Kenyan and Muslim, Reverend Wright led his church, he was raised to believe in communism and socialism, he smoked pot as a teen and had an afro…where exactly is all of this leading? It’s so bewildering!

The absurdity of the Romney campaign and the GOP now defies description. Romney wails at how dirty it is for Obama’s campaign to expose his lies about his business experience (including his possible perjury to the SEC which is a felony), the only qualification he touts for being a worthy choice for President yet he and the Repubs attack Obama for being born black and into “non-white” circumstances which he, as a baby and child had no control over. Romney’s tax returns from three years ago which could show to Americans his true character and philosophies as well as who he may be in bed with financially are “irrelevant” but Obama’s childhood 40 years ago or people he may have known as acquaintances 20 years ago is of critical importance.

The racist Republican campaign, spearheaded by the venom-spitting, happy warrior Sarah Palin in 2008 can hardly be forgotten. And all Americans should be prepared for the return of this type of race-based campaign in even greater intensity this election cycle. As McCain’s VP pick, Palin was reading from the script she was given, painting Obama as the scary, foreign, terrorist-loving black man who wanted to destroy the white people’s utopia of America and replace Christianity with that black religion, Islam, turning America into a socialist, Islamist tyranny where black people would kill and dominate white Christians.

And many Americans are actually dumb enough or insecure enough to have bought into that race-bating.

The more that Romney disintegrates publicly as a viable alternative, the more the Romney campaign will get desperate and degrade to the lowest possible denominator to try and beat Obama. Romney has been lying about Obama with astounding frequency, his prolific lying is setting a new standard for future GOP nominees to try and match. And yet, all of his lies about what Obama thinks and says about the economy and taxes and business…still hasn’t gotten Romney enough traction to pull ahead when by all rights, he should be far ahead of a President presiding over 8.2% unemployment and a sluggish economy. It would seem futile to keep going down that road so as we get closer to November, it would seem that he may see no other choice than to resort to the campaign of hate and prejudice that is the hallmark of today’s GOP…and the only strategy this morally bankrupt party has left.

The key question then becomes, will it work?

Will going back to the 2008 GOP campaign of “Obama is a scary black man who wants to do bad things to you and America” be a winner for Romney and the GOP?

That seems less likely. First, most Americans have gotten to know Obama over the past three years, they already have their feelings about who he is. Those who don’t like him will be happy to hear the attacks against him, those who do like him will see them as just nasty politics. Younger voters who may be less familiar with Obama are typically more liberal and not racist so such a tactic would fall flat with that demographic. And in general, whether you agree or disagree with his policies, Obama has certainly not come off as a radical, Muslim terrorist who poses a threat to our country…except for those who see all black people that way. And his saving GM and killing Bin Laden doesn’t exactly fit with that portrayal of Obama by the Right.

Republicans are so accustomed to playing “tit for tat” that they have lost sight of the way things really are (though losing sight of the way things really are is referred to as “reality” in the GOP). Romney and the GOP are upset that Obama is successfully defining Romney to the American people as the greedy liar and fraud that he is. So they want to hit back by making America see Obama as the dangerously black America-hating terrorist he isn’t. The problem is of course, most Americans already know Obama and they don’t know Romney that well so a campaign to define the image of someone…only really works in the case of the person who isn’t already defined, that being only Mitt Romney.

When a Republican attacks Obama or the Dems, the MSM meme is all about how Obama and/or the Dems respond. Did they push back well or not, regardless of how dishonest the charge is against them. When Obama comes out strongly against Romney or Republicans, the same MSM meme always surfaces, “Is this going to hurt Obama?” So the game is, if Obama doesn’t react strongly enough, he’s a weak wimp who lets the Repubs have their way and walk all over him but if he responds aggressively, he will look like an angry black man and turn off Americans.

Let’s consider this dynamic in a more realistic way towards Romney. If Romney’s campaign, which has already been 99% negative against Obama (mostly using lies and distortions) with no positive specifics on how he would make things better, was to lock down into a hateful, racist-tinged campaign against Obama…what about the blowback Romney would incur?

Independent and swing voters don’t like negative campaigning. Yes, some are swayed by it but many are swayed against the one they perceive as being “too negative”. Romney’s polling on being trusted and liked by the public are in the toilet already, might not a sustained and intensified campaign of negativity and hate against Obama instead end up flushing him and not Obama, down the drain?

We have a track record of Romney from the primary, the more the public saw of him and saw his negative campaigning, the less they liked him. He was able to power through all of that to win the nomination but thanks to two elements that aren’t present in the General Election against Obama. In the primary, Romney was running against moronic cartoon characters…and was losing against them for quite a while. Romney also had such a massive money advantage over all of them, he was able to drown them in slime while they could barely afford to scuff his shoes.

In the General Election, Romney is running against an accomplished President who is far more brilliant, genuine, likeable and charismatic than he is. Though Romney and the Right Wing SuperPACS may have an overall financial advantage, it won’t be 10-1 as it was for Romney in the primaries and in swing states, it should be pretty even.

So, it would be sensible to prepare ourselves for a renewed and aggressive campaign of thinly veiled (or just plain blatant) racism against President Obama by Romney and his ilk. They don’t have the facts on their side, or history, the truth or public opinion. They can’t campaign honestly because they only want to make things better for the top 1%. All they have is manipulating (or preventing the votes of) the American people, by preying on their insecurities and fears, their envy and greed, their religion and spiritual beliefs, their frustration and disillusionment, their prejudices and discomfort with people who are different from them.

It is the worst in people that Republicans prey on and are depending on. Sometimes this low opinion of Americans has proven effective. This year, so far, a low opinion of the GOP and Mitt Romney may turn out to be a better bet.

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. Kalima says:

    If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then the image you chose for this post tells you all you need to know about Mitt Romney. This is the expression he used all through the terribly boring GOP debates; clueless. Mitt is as dumb as a door knob, and far less useful. His joining in the race baiting will only serve to put off voters outside of the GOP base. Problem is, he and his freak show advisors are all too dumb to see that. Good luck with gutter slime politics Mitt, by November even more people will come to despise you.

    To be a leader of a country, you have to have at least a few human traits, unfortunately for Mitt, he has none. The only thing he has going for him are his bank accounts scattered far and wide, and no matter what the GOP try to use as a distraction, it will inevitably come back to his “secret” tax returns and his “foreign” accounts. Sayonara Mitt.

  2. SallyT says:


  3. goleafsgo says:

    AdLib. I agree entirely with your excellent analysis of how the Romney campaign and the GOP are stirring the flames of racism. As you have noted, the fire of racism never really went away…it just smoldered until a freshening breeze name Barack Obama came along and re-stoked those embers into a flame of hatred in the hearts of fanatical, religious extremists. This flame was fanned by the media who saw dollars signs flashing in their eyes.

    Perhaps the extremism and racist messaging being put forth by the excellent message machine of the GOP will backfire. I have noted of late how there is a small movement towards dousing the flames through a bipartisan effort. Proposals to help solve issues in Congress, like the Defense cuts, are being made. It was interesting to listen to Barney Franks and, sorry, can’t remember his name, a Republican colleague, who explained that it they basically had the same ideas…the same solutions. However, presented with just a Republican name on it would cause its rejection by the Dems and likewise if a Dem presented it, it would be a no go by Republicans. So they got together and both names will be used, but, Barney noted that he requested his name be second. LOL! Not really funny..sad.

    Other backlashes against this inanity by some Republicans came from within their own party when John McCain railed against Bachmann and her gang in Congress. Bravo, Mr. McCain.

    I have noted that since the “War on Women” claims against the Republican Party, Republican women are flooding the screens and airwaves. But, if they think it is helping them erase their policies towards eliminating women’s rights, I would suggest they think again.
    These women are spouting the party line and even those old-timers like Kay-Bailey Hutchison comes off as insincere and stiff when asked about
    Romeny and his negativity.

    I think I have been rambling. Sorry, AdLib. Your comment is, as usual, right on the mark. The GOP is aiming for the worst in people’s hearts. I do not see the meaness and lies in the Obama ads. I hope they keep it that way, because the contrast, while considered negative, the hate is absent. This has to be evident to anyone with common sense and critical thinking skills. Darn! Did I just mess up my argument?? I hope not.

    • AdLib says:

      goleafsgo, very nicely described, Obama being the breeze that stoked the existing embers of racism that have never stopped burning in this country. The extremists and the MSM have indeed collaborated in stirring up and validating racism as something publicly acceptable to exhibit, the extremists out of hatred and the MSM out of greed.

      I do strongly believe that this unapologetic racism will backfire on the Repubs this time around. One reason is that their racist alarm about Obama in 2008 has since been proven as BS over Obama’s three and a half years as President and they can’t put that toothpaste back in the tube no matter how loud they yell, “Reverend Wright!” or “UnAmerican!”.

      Also, though Americans have short term memories, they likely will remember all of these same racist attacks from last time and one thing Americans aren’t excited about is reruns. It’s a “been there, done that” thing and what people typically do is just tune out something they’ve already heard many times before. Another thing they do is connect that negativity with the one delivering it. So I think Romney’s negatives will only rise and he is already in such bad shape and has no strengths connecting with the people, that it will damage him more profoundly than Obama.

      As for the superficial propaganda the GOP is pursuing to convince women to support their war on them, I think it’s a futile effort. Whatever GOP women drones they send out, their party still has and wants to dominate women and their bodies and just having a female voice deliver that message isn’t going to change that. It’s reflective of their chauvinism, they do see women as that stupid and they will learn in Nov. just how wrong they are.

      How I wish most people made their political decisions based on common sense and critical thinking. I don’t think most do though most do seem to trust their feelings about the character of the people running for office. And on that basis, though Obama will take a pounding, I don’t see that inauthentic fraud called Romney surpassing Obama on who comes off as a better and more likeable human being.

      • goleafsgo says:

        Thanks for your reply, AdLib.
        I hope you are right about Obama’s chances in November because the GOP and Romney will do anything to regain the White House from the black man -- anything.

        Today being a day of mourning for the innocent victims of that psychopath in Colorado, the candidates cancelled their campaigns for the day. I watched him speak to his supporters in Florida this morning, and wondered how anyone could possibly not relate to this man who whose face was filled with pain and voice filled with sorrow for those victims, their friends and loved ones -- wondered how anyone could demean, denigrate, and hate such a good man and his family. “UnAmerican?” “Marxist?” “Evil?”

        If I had my way, I would take all those people who say such things, tie them to a chair with a set of headphones, and play the President’s words over and over again until some sense of reality finally sets in -- until they begin to realize “how important it is to care for one another.” That they are reminded “that life is fragile, time here is limited and it is precious.”

        His speech was touching and comforting. Yet, looking at the postings at an online newspaper, they are still filled with hate. Where will it all end?

        I wonder if Limbaugh and those of his ilk will find something evil to say about this speech. Most likely, I am afraid.

    • Good to see your moniker leafsfan, my fellow hockey fan. My Devils almost did it but ran into an LA team that was playing lights out, especially Quick in goal. Maybe if Quick is on the US Winter Olympic Hockey Team he’ll give you cannucks something to think about in 2014.

      McCain has his moments but I’ll never forget he started all this nonsense by selecting Sarah Palin to run with in 2008. There was no way McCain was going to win and he could have been honorable but he picked the most divisive candidate he could.

      The sad part is all Americans would be better of now save for the insane obstructionism of the GOP. GOP policies are already responsible for Americans losing hundreds of thousands of jobs in the states for example. A new study says the employment rate would be down to less than 7.5% without the GOP cutbacks. The worse part is the obstructionism has paid off for the GOP in it’s efforts to take back the House and now it looks like they have a good chance to take back the Senate. President Obama therefor becomes our only hope to maintain any sanity.

      • goleafsgo says:

        Hey, KQ! Maybe next year, eh? We are building so I doubt very much if we will stand a chance at the cup. But, you never know! Re the Winter Olympics; Each Olympic season it get tougher as our countries put their hearts on the line. I will wish you luck, as any good sport would, but hope we Canucks win!

        You are right about McCain. He has his moments. It is pretty hard to forgive him for that…woman. I wonder if he would have chosen S.P. if Hilary had won.

        You are so right about how much better off Americans would be if the three “C’s” had been followed…Co-operation, Compromise and Caring. The problem is, those words have been eliminated from the Republican lexicon. They have been replaced by the three “O’s”…Obstruction, Obfuscation and Oppresssion. It amazes me how anyone, particularly those who call themselves “Independents” can look at the last 3 1/2 years…see how Congressional Teapublicans have obstructed at every turn, and not be outraged at the tactics and the damage THEY have done to the country.

        Go Obama Go!

      • AdLib says:

        KQ, the GOP are arsonists who set fires then attack the fire department for “allowing” so much destruction to take place.

        There are so many things for Obama to run against, he can’t lose focus and go in too many directions but in addition to running against Romney’s greed and dishonesty, as he is successfully doing right now, I would think it could only help him to simultaneously run against the Repubs in Congress as saboteurs of the economy and the political process in Washington.

        The cause of the fires needs to be placed upon the arsonists who caused them.

  4. MurphTheSurf3 says:

    Ad Lib….what you write is all true.

    And I wonder if the adage that “the truth shall set you free” is just so much hot air.

    “We can’t handle the truth” -- to paraphrase Jack Nicholson as Col. Jessep in the “A Few Good Men.”

    For those who want to, who need to see Obama as “alien, other, not us” the attack you so expertly outline is sweet, sweet music.

    For those who have embrace Obama as a person, even if they are not completely happy with what he has done as President, these attacks are part of the landscape on the right.

    As to the undecided, the uncommitted, the so called Independents….well, you know what I am going to say. Independents are, in large part, uncommitted because they are un-connected, un-involved and un-informed. They are also, in large part, very narrowly focused on their own issues- the key one of which is how they are doing financially for greed really is good.

    This morning’s polling shows that Obama’s favorability/unfavorability ratings have slipped again…..after 10 days of relentless pounding on the obvious duplicity that is at the heart of the Romney decision to not disclose his financial profile.

    And, we know that Obama’s campaign is going through its money at record speed which Romney’s people are holding back in part because they have to given the structure of their donations but mostly as a result of a decision to money carpet bomb in the days prior to and after their convention.


    • AdLib says:

      Murph, I don’t think so much importance should be put into the MSM national polling that you refer to. What solely matters is the state polling in the swing states, that is what will determine the election.

      And in swing states, you see a pattern that totally contradicts the MSM national polls. Obama has been and remains ahead in more than enough swing states to win the election.

      I don’t trust most national polls because nowadays, most polling is done by partisan/corporate entities that put a finger on the scale and have a financial interest in there being a tight race.

      I do disagree with you when it comes to independent voters. As disengaged as many are from what’s really going on in politics, they have lived the last three and a half years with Obama in the WH and I don’t think they are as mindless about being convinced by the GOP that he is a radical Muslim terrorist. Though the attacks against Obama may reduce his positives somewhat, when you look at his numbers, don’t forget to look at Romney’s negatives which have been going up at the same time.

      If Obama goes down 2% in approval and Romney goes down 3%, that’s still a net advantage for Obama. And Romney’s negatives have only escalated over all of this, far more and faster than Obama’s due to their BS.

      Once again, this isn’t a zero sum game. All the money in the world spent on attacking Obama and lowering his positives doesn’t raise Romney’s. It’s not enough to reduce Obama’s numbers, Romney’s numbers still have to be higher than his to win and the Obama campaign has been and will continue to be successful in nailing Romney’s numbers down.

      It won’t be pretty but Romney has not been gaining on Obama where it counts, in the swing states. He’s never been ahead of Obama in a preponderance of them, even when Obama has had some pretty bad periods and there is no reason to assume that this dynamic will change…especially since historically, the challenger to an incumbent President has their highest numbers and advantage in the summer.

      As for most people not being able to handle the truth, I don’t know about that. We do have an entire political party that is committed to opposing truths and many childish and ignorant people in the country who would rather clutch onto lies and denial than a reality that contradicts their beliefs. There are indeed many out there who are just as you describe, so narrow-minded and self-centered that voting for President is only about who they blame for their not having what they want or who they think will be their Santa and make them millionaires, taller and better looking.

      Such fools are plentiful, they seemed to be predominant in 2010…but part of the reason for that was the lack of turnout by Dems and Progressives then.

      I don’t think 2012 will be like 2010 for that reason. And even going down that road, the swing states are rebounding much stronger than the rest of the nation so even if we look at those voters as being simple-minded, emotional voters, things are better for them under Obama.

      There will be many polls that come and go and many pundits that are only too happy to blather on about how good Romney’s chances are to win or Obama’s chances are to lose but those memes just don’t square with the reality about the states that will decide the election, they are very much on Obama’s side as they have been and I believe that will continue to be the case because Romney just doesn’t have a substantive case to make for being a sensible alternative.

  5. Many of us who watched Romney’s behavior and lack of integrity knew it would come down to this. It’s just a little surprising how soon Romney dove in the gutter with his race baiting politics. He obviously is so desperate not to release his tax returns that he is trying to do anything to deflect. It’s more and more obvious that if Romney did release his tax returns he may not even get the GOP nomination because they are fatally flawed. Most likely he payed little or no taxes some years and the American people will not accept that even in this greed is good age.

    • AdLib says:

      KQ, you’re right, it’s no surprise that Romney would hit the Racism Panic Button if he got in trouble and it is actually encouraging that he’s gotten in such deep trouble so soon, before he’s even officially the Repub nominee!

      The good thing about this is that it’s made him show his true colors and confirm that he will stoop as low as it takes to win. As a one-two punch, the Bain and tax return stuff coupled with his racist attacks on Obama sure seem to be cementing an image of Romney that is repugnant to the average American. Neither flatters him and as he continues his nastiness, it sure can’t be improving his negatives. The more he panders to his extremist base, the more he solidifies the margins of swing and indie voters against him.

      One thing I don’t understand is how exhibiting racism makes people say, “Okay, you don’t have to show us your tax returns.” I understand the concept of wanting to change the subject but most people can hold more than one thought in their head, they can watch Romney and the GOP hate on Obama for racist reasons AND still expect Romney to come clean about his taxes and finances.

      Obama’s campaign sure isn’t going to drop this because they attack him for being black, I don’t see how this helps Romney, only how it increases the damage to him with most voters.

      I think his 2009 returns would show him paying little to no tax and heavier investment offshore, exposing his “We’re taxed too much!” BS for what it is and his unAmericanism in not paying his fair share of taxes. He won’t allow that to be exposed, he couldn’t be acting more guilty. So, the Obama campaign should push this advantage to the maximum, accuse Romney of hiding the most offensive things that could be realistically imagined with the knowledge that he will never be able to prove them false because he will never release his returns.

      This ain’t freeze tag, Romney needs to be hammered down mercilessly and he’s given the Obama campaign a big hammer to do so.

  6. Sabreen60 says:

    AdLib, you have shone a light on the 800 pound elephant in the room. I find it hard to believe that race didn’t play a part in the minds of a lot of people in 2008. After Sarah Palin showed herself to be the idiot she is, people still preferred her instead of the very intelligent black guy. Race was and is a factor.

    Ann Romney said “it’s our turn”. That says it all. Mitt will say absolutely anything if he believes it will get him a step closer to the White House. He will accept the endorsement from the lowest excuse for a human being if he thinks it will get him one more vote.

    I have a few concerns about the election. 1) Voter suppression 2) Diebold voting machines 3) Democrat turnout 4) Some voters may be nervous about PBO and what his agenda will be his second term. Given my concerns, I expect President Obama to win.

    • AdLib says:

      Sabreen, I saw a study that represented that Obama lost at least 2% of the vote that would have otherwise gone for the Dem candidate in 2008 due to racism.

      No question that the rabid Palin fanatics in 2008, the ones carrying monkey dolls with “Obama” written on them and yelling out “Kill him!” were not supporting her because they agreed with her instead of Obama due to their differences on foreign policy. And we should prepare ourselves now for the coming ugliness of hateful, virulent and unapologetic racism from the Baggers. The fact that this can be so openly exhibited within the GOP without any condemnation from them is outrageous and shameful but as long as it helps them take power, the GOP has proven that it will support and encourage the most disgusting and vile hatreds.

      As I wrote in another comment, the GOP now fits the dictionary definition of “evil”. They may have their successes here and there but in the end, such evil is destined to be defeated and relegated to the dustbin of history.

      Afterall, hateful racist white people will soon be too small of a minority to win elections on that alone even with voter ID laws and hundreds of millions of Koch dollars.

  7. SallyT says:

    AdLib, I think it is pretty funny that they are going back to when President Obama was young he smoked pot. When Romney was young, he was a bully that held a gay boy down and cut his hair because he didn’t like it. And, for kicks, he put on a police uniform and a cherry light on his car and pulled kids over. Now that is against the law, too. Impersonating an officer. And the President lived aboard when he was young. So, did Romney. He went to France, FRANCE, the GOP hates France. And, being a Mormon was able to avoid going to Vietnam because they are the only religion that is allowed to keep their young people out of war when they are on their religious mission. So, how do you avoid not giving your tax returns? The President has and Romney’s dad did. Blaming the “Black man” isn’t going to work. Of course, Romney’s religion was able to keep the “Black people” out of their religion until the late 70’s. I guess he just had to fall back on old practices. Watch for a cherry light on Romney’s car when the dog isn’t up on the roof. The President already has short hair….. :)

    • AdLib says:

      Sally, you really nailed it! If we put the “worst” incidents that could be criticized from Obama’s youth side by side with Romney’s, we’d see a pretty normal guy vs. a sociopathic/sadistic brat.

      How many Americans got high in high school or college vs. how many were gay bashers and impersonated police officers?

      And despite all the phony RW hysteria, George Bush got high, did coke and was an alcoholic but that was all okay to Republicans. And he was an abject moron which was at least as bad as all the rest.

      Romney will avoid providing his tax returns because he feels he is entitled to whatever he wants…and that includes the Presidency. He knows that his returns will expose what a greedy fraud and liar he is so he just won’t do it. Which is fine because it makes him appear just as guilty to the public as if he showed his returns.

      Romney’s ignorance and hubris will help him lose and though it is frustrating to witness it all, it’s exactly what rubs voters the wrong way about him.

  8. Nirek says:

    Romney will do anything to divert the attention from his tax problem and Bain.
    You’right Adlib that many of the GOP will will vote for Mitt because they don’t like having a black man as President. I doubt that too many will go that way but there are some who really are bias at best.

    • AdLib says:

      Nirek, the racists out there didn’t vote for Obama in the first place and anyone who buys into this racist stuff wasn’t going to vote for Obama.

      The distractions may work to a degree but you can bet that the Obama campaign’s not going to let it go…especially when more and more keeps unfolding.

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