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AdLib On August - 11 - 2012

Usually secretive Mitt Romney has now publicly revealed so much about his campaign being in desperate trouble. He announced Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential choice. As some have already noted, this signals among other things, that Romney’s internal polling shows he is on track to lose to Obama in November.

The MSM has tried their best to muddle up the reality that Mitt Romney is headed to lose in a big way, clinging to the occasional outlier poll that shows the race close or tied. However, the electoral map, which is the only thing that matters (which is why the MSM primarily promotes national polling to support their case for it being a close race…and thus convincing people to watch their networks for each twist and turn) has always shown Obama far ahead of Romney, with many paths to victory while Romney has a very unlikely narrow path.

So, the public may have been inundated by the MSM with the propaganda of a close race but the choice of Paul Ryan is a clear and unambiguous statement that the Romney campaign knows they are losing in a big way and needed to make a Hail Mormon pass to have even a miniscule chance of winning. It had to be clear to Romney’s camp that their base is not enthusiastic about him and in a race that should be greatly favoring Republicans, they can’t afford a depressed GOP turnout to both bring about a humiliating loss to Obama and a Democratic sweep of Senate and House seats.

The central part of this is an admission that Romney remains disliked and generates little enthusiasm when it comes to core Republicans, let alone independent voters. So, the actual Republican Presidential nominee is bringing on a Tea Party, Ayn Rand right winger to step in front of him and be the “real” face of Mitt Romney’s campaign.

First off, most people do not vote for Vice President so though some of the GOP base will be excited about Ryan being on the ticket, this changes nothing for most voters. And as the initial excitement for Tea Partiers over Ryan’s joining the ticket wanes, the realization will grow on what it means about who Romney is and why he should be disliked even more.

Romney’s choice of Ryan is a confession of weakness, a confession of being a failure and a confession of having no vision. As is typical for Romney, who has only made money by hiring others to do his thinking for him (while taking full credit for it), he has once again used his position to “buy” someone to be his “character”. Put simply, Romney is performing a political version of Hannibal Lecter, taking the face of Paul Ryan and putting it over his own to deceive others and sneak into the White House.

However, the real kicker to this is that Ryan is a double edged sword that raises some enthusiasm on the far right but alienates indies and…some of the elderly vote on the right.  Remember how Romney’s plan was to only hammer Obama on poor economic numbers and simply get elected as a result of the election being a referendum on Obama? Well…that one and only hope for Romney has proven to be a failure in the eyes of his campaign, as Obama’s winning the Summer has proven.

So, with the choice of Ryan, the Romney campaign is declaring that they can’t beat Obama based on the economy’s performance alone (I remember Chris Matthews and other MSM pundits declaring many months ago that Obama will lose the election if unemployment is above 7%…why does anyone listen to these blabber factories?). Instead, the new game plan seems to be a concoction of exciting the Right Wing, voter suppression and tons of SuperPAC money to spread hateful and dishonest propaganda against Obama. It is a desperate, cynical and fatally flawed strategy but at this point, it’s all they’ve got.

Paul Ryan represents the vindictive, extortion-minded Republican House which has a 10% approval rating in the country. He is the face of killing Social Security and Medicare as we know it. Slashing public services and harming the 99% to benefit the top 1%. Ryan’s budget zeroes out taxes on inheritances, interest, dividends and capital gains. Yep, if elected and able to pass this plan, Romney, who receives most if not all of his income as capital gains, would cut his own taxes to zero while 99% of Americans would pay around the same or more in taxes. Even the most loyal Romney supporters will have a hard time convincing anyone but the top 1% that this is ethical and fair.

The class warfare that the 1% has been waging on the 99% will only become more of an issue that obviously cuts against the Republicans and Romney/Ryan. But the most devastating aspect of Ryan being on the ticket may be his stand on ending Social Security and Medicare as entitlements and in essence, making growing old and having an income and health insurance a crap shoot.

Remember what happened after House Republicans passed Ryan’s budget the first time? Kathy Hochul won a House seat in a very solid Republican district in Erie County, New York, beating Republican Jane Corwin who supported Ryan’s plan. What happened there is the model for what can happen across the country in November.

The Obama campaign is too smart not to make it a central issue about the Romney/Ryan ticket to say, “If you vote for them and Republicans win the Senate and keep the House, it will be the end of Social Security and Medicare as we know it.”

This is such a primal issue for all Americans, especially those who are elderly and those who are heading towards and depending on these social programs. Senior Citizens who are already on Social Security and Medicare are not the greedy bastards that Paul Ryan and the Republicans are, they projected their selfishness onto seniors and it won’t stick. Ryan’s trick was to only take away SS and Medicare as entitlements from the next generation, assuring seniors, “Don’t worry, you’ll get to keep what you have, we’re just going to take it away from your kids and grandkids!”

Despite being surprised and disappointed in seniors actually caring about the future welfare of their families, this is the only propaganda they have to promote their agenda of impoverishing the 99%.

At this point in time, Romney is losing in a big way to Obama when it comes to women and Latinos. As Ryan’s presence on the ticket scares and alienates seniors, this VP choice could end up yielding a much greater loss for Romney than he would have otherwise had. Seniors typically skew Republican but if that margin was to be reduced or even dissolved, it would be a catastrophe for the GOP. And that could absolutely happen this year, thanks to that human set of safety net scissors being on the GOP ticket, Paul Ryan.

Paul Ryan is a career politician, he has little professional experience before becoming a Congressman. Romney’s campaign has made some ridiculous statements previously such as wanting a requirement that to run for President, you’d have to have run a business first. Whoops! Paul Ryan drove an Oscar Meyer Weinermobile before joining The House, does that count? So, as a potential President, someone with far less professional experience than Obama is hunky dory? Lost another avenue of attack there.

Though I doubt it will be as powerful as his budget’s class warfare and killing of Medicare and Social Security as entitlements, Ryan’s public loyalty to the lunacy and greed of Ayn Rand sure won’t help his image. Yes, the ignorant Tea Party types might applaud the 1%ers and their “right” to be sociopathic but that’s offensive to most Americans.

Polls consistently show that a majority of Americans believe in fairness, they want the wealthy just to pay their fair share. They want the poor helped so that they and their children won’t go homeless and hungry and have a chance for a good education and career. They simply don’t support America becoming a wealthy dog eat poor dog society. The Ayn Rand concept of everyone in a society being selfish and eschewing any concern of others in pursuit of becoming wealthier and more powerful as an individual just isn’t American. Americans do believe in the American Dream of anyone being able to succeed and become a millionaire through their own efforts, they don’t resent the wealthy for being wealthy, they just see all of us as part of the same society.

That doesn’t fit in well with Ayn Rand devotee, Paul Ryan:

 “The reason I got involved in public service, by and large, if I had to credit one thinker, one person, it would be Ayn Rand. I give out ‘Atlas Shrugged’ as Christmas presents, and I make all my interns read it. Well… I try to make my interns read it.”

Many will now discover what the philosophy of Ayn Rand is and be repelled by it as most folks who aren’t sociopaths are.

So, looking at Mitt Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan, it is hard to see it as anything other than the desperate act of a desperate man. To voluntarily damage his chances with indie voters, who will decide the election, in order to keep Republicans from staying at home in November, seems more like Romney’s focus is on minimizing his loss while going for a one chance in a million gamble than appealing to the most voters as possible by abandoning extremism.

This isn’t to say that Romney’s campaign and supporters don’t also harbor excitement over what would happen if they won. It’s like people buying lottery tickets, part of their mind may know that their odds of winning are 0ne in 40 million and they can’t possibly win but that logic is easily overridden by the fantasy and wish fulfillment of winning so much.

We should be prepared for the MSM propaganda campaign on this that will hold up Ryan as a “brave” and “brilliant” gamble by Romney, praising Ryan for his being “pragmatic” and “substantial” when it comes to the economy. These media corporations profit from a close race stirring up higher viewership but they also salivate at the financial windfall that would come to them if Ryan’s slashing of corporate taxes, capital gains, etc. could be made into law.

Even so, in the end, neither Romney nor Ryan come off as likeable or looking out for the 99% and that will be their downfall. Ryan’s joining the ticket only turbo-charges the argument against Romney as an elitist plutocrat, a man who like Ayn Rand, only cares about serving himself and his elitist class. With Ryan on the ticket and a focus on the GOP extremists, the Republican convention may actually become a liability to Romney and provide a very flattering contrast and bounce for Obama at the Democratic convention.

President Obama has so much going for him as a human being but it never hurts to have a bit of luck as well. In each of his elections, he has had the good luck to run against very flawed candidates. This time is no exception. Had a much more skilled Republican politician run against Obama this year, it could have been a very worrisome time for him and the nation.

Fortunately for Obama and the majority in this country, this GOP ticket’s cocktail of Ayn Rand  heartlessness and selfishness and the out of touch elitism of the very wealthy should give only the Republicans a hangover this November.

That said, nothing is over until it is over and the threat of Ryan/Romney (the order of their names that most Repubs will prefer) and the prospects for a big year for Dems and Obama should motivate all people of conscience to work and donate as much as they would if it was indeed a neck and neck race.

In the Olympics this year, Michael Phelps lost a race because instead of taking half a stroke more, he cruised to the wall. There’s a big lesson there, never stop or take anything for granted until the race is over…because despite appearances, you still could lose.


Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. AdLib says:

    And talking about polls, what do the latest state polls show about Obama’s lead in Swing States? Good news indeed:

    ” width=”500″ alt=”img” />
    ” width=”500″ alt=”img” />

    Obama within 1% in MO? Up 4% in VA? Up 3% in NC and up 11% in PA?

    This shouldn’t be happening right now, Summer is when the challenger should be up in the swing states against an incumbent President with a weak economy.

    And Ryan makes no difference in any of these states. Where is the path for Romney to win?

    • escribacat says:

      How annoying that the Ken Doll is up by 5 points in Colorado. I thought we’d overwhelmed the redneck vote (all us relocated Californians).

      • AdLib says:

        Hey escrib, great to see ya!

        Don’t worry about that one poll, looks like it’s an outlier. The previous day shows a PPP Poll with Obama ahead in CO by 6% and tied in the RW slanted Rasmussen poll.

        I think CO will go for Obama, especially with the Latino vote so alienated by Romney/Ryan.

        • escribacat says:

          Hey back, Adlib. I’ve missed you! That’s really encouraging to hear. I have to admit I was thrilled and surprised when Obama took Colorado in 2008 — and it gave me great hope for the future. The state has changed a lot and I agree the latino vote has a lot to do with it. I’m going to have to play duelling lawn signs with my conservative neighbor (who positioned his McCain signs uncomfortably close to my property in 2008!)

    • MurphTheSurf3 says:

      Yes. Good news but what does it mean against other data?

      I would love your thoughts on this HP page. A one time a couple of weeks back Obama was at 290 Elector Votes and is far down now.

      I have my thoughts but wonder if your eagle eye can spot some trends.


      • AdLib says:

        Murph, the averaging methodology HP uses to justify moving a state from being in the Obama camp to being a tossup doesn’t seem very accurate. For example, look at these latest numbers they list for CO:

        ” width=”450″ alt=”img” />

        The poll showing Romney up by 5 is clearly an outlier so that aside, the pattern is clearly consistently Obama in the lead (even in Rasmussen’s Repub oversampled poll Obama is tied with Romney, meaning he is beating him) . So this is a tossup state and out of Obama’s column because of one outlier poll?

        I think that’s a terribly flawed methodology and can be found in other states HP has taken away from Obama.

        • MurphTheSurf3 says:

          Ad Lib, thanks for your analysis and thoughtful response…I have applied your think to two other state findings and judge it to be on the mark.

          More media trumpeting of the scenario that generates the most interaction and therefore the most marketing appeal.


        • escribacat says:

          Wow, you’re right, Adlib. Romney is only ahead in one of ten polls in CO!

  2. AdLib says:

    Just as we’ve been saying, Ryan only helps Romney with Repubs who were already going to vote for him and alienates Indies:

    USA TODAY/Gallup Poll: Paul Ryan gets low marks for VP

    Americans don’t believe GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney hit a home run with his choice of Paul Ryan as a running mate, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds, with more of the public giving him lower marks than high ones.

    Ryan, a Wisconsin congressman, is seen as only a “fair” or “poor” choice by 42% of Americans vs. 39% who think he is an “excellent” or “pretty good” vice presidential choice.


    • MurphTheSurf3 says:

      Of course that poll was run in the first two days after the announcement. I wonder how the tracking polls will look in a couple of weeks. That is what will tell the tale. Post GOP convention.

    • funksands says:

      Ad, I’ve got a companion piece to that poll. I had a client walk up to my street fondu cart today and announce without prompting. “Well, I guess I’m voting for Obama. I’m from Wisconsin, but that guy Ryan is a shifty son of a bitch. Not only that but my brother loves him and my brother is an idiot.”


      • escribacat says:

        You have a street fondu cart?

      • MurphTheSurf3 says:

        I have a friend who lives in Janesville and has said for years that the guy is slickly oil teflon- he has had huge employment losses in his district and has done nothing in respons. Still he gets reelected every time.

      • kesmarn says:

        I think you just supplied a great campaign slogan for Ryan, funk:


        After checking out what comes out of Wisconsin lately — namely Walker and Ryan — I’m thinking of cutting back on my cheese consumption. Got any tofu on that cart?

      • AdLib says:

        Funk, very good news to hear.

        I guess it really is the case that people aren’t very fondue of Ryan.

        Hope we can soon say, “Stick a fork in him, he’s done.”

      • AlphaBitch says:

        Funk: I’ll buy that man a fondu next time he comes around! -AB

        • escribacat says:

          Hi AB, long time no see! I finally went to the spa at Pagosa!! I stood under the waterfall for a very long time. Loved it. Hope you are well.

          • AlphaBitch says:

            CAT!!!! Miss you tons, lady. Sigh. It’s 103 here today -- will be all week, probably next week as well. I long for Pagosa…….the waterfall, the river. It is truly heaven to me. Did you stay at the resort? Only way to do it! That way you can soak before it opens -- like at dawn (my fave).

            Dashing off -- catch you later, I hope.

  3. funksands says:

    Ad, great piece. You have captured Ryan’s lack of essence nicely!

    Paul Ryan is simply Newt Gingrich before everyone realized how full of shit he was. However, Ryan is also a black-belt “concern troll” without the self-destructive tendencies that Gingrich has.

    Don’t underestimate him, but fearing a paper tiger like this guy is foolish.

    • AdLib says:

      Thanks Funk! Add John McCain to the list of propagandized Republicans who are held up as something they’re not. McCain was a “hero” for having been a pompous jerk who crashed multiple planes by flying them irresponsibly. When he acted as an opportunist and flipped and flopped on issues to further his political aspirations, he was a “maverick”.

      Paul Ryan is not a financial “genius” or “a man of substance”. I like how Paul Krugman put it:

      Like Bush in 2000, Ryan has a completely undeserved reputation in the media as a bluff, honest guy, in Ryan’s case supplemented by a reputation as a serious policy wonk. None of this has any basis in reality; Ryan’s much-touted plan, far from being a real solution, relies crucially on stuff that is just pulled out of thin air — huge revenue increases from closing unspecified loopholes, huge spending cuts achieved in ways not mentioned. See Matt Miller for more.

      So whence comes the Ryan reputation? As I said in my last post, it’s because many commentators want to tell a story about US politics that makes them feel and look good — a story in which both parties are equally at fault in our national stalemate, and in which said commentators stand above the fray.


  4. SueInCa says:

    I am more worried about voter suppression than Romney or Ryan. The reaction has not been all that comforting with this pic(at least with Indies). The voter suppression is now becoming blatant. I read where a voter drive activist was removed from the rolls in NM. Can you imagine? If she was removed who knows how many others without their knowledge. They will find out on election day? I cannot remember if she got a notice or not. I will try to find the article


    • AdLib says:

      Sue, I read the article and it said that in NM, this voter suppression won’t be in effect in 2012 which is a good thing.

      It is absolutely a huge concern, the voter suppression campaign by the Repubs but I remain optimistic that by publicizing it and supporting the DoJ and groups suing states over it, we could lessen its effect greatly.

    • Same here for sure Sue especially in key swing states like Ohio and Florida.

  5. AdLib says:

    For Kalima:

    ” width=”500″ alt=”img” />

    • 😆 Hope you don’t mind I tweeted the picture.

    • SueInCa says:

      Adlib I just posed that pic to FB and sent it to my two friends in Reno. One of them posted yesterday when she heard, Eddie and Herman Munster show. I like this one better.

      • AdLib says:

        Thanks so much Sue! Herman Munster is too loveable to be Romney, even though the head shape is similar. But as Alfred E. Romney, he seems much more at home. And Paul Ryan has had the Eddie Munster label for some time and it sure does fit him.

    • Kalima says:

      😆 😆 😆

      I just woke up and had a quick peek. You owe me a mug of hot, sweet breakfast tea, half of it just dribbled down my chin. That’s hilarious, and perfect considering Ryan’s pronounced “widow’s peak”. Thanks a bunch, you’ve made my Monday!!!

      Do you remember all the nasty cartoons of Obama’s ears since 08′, well “tit for tat” is more than fair I say.

      • AdLib says:

        Heh! Be careful what you compliment!

        If you do a Google search, you find far more horrible images of Obama, this is at least in good fun.

        • Kalima says:

          I’ve seen some of those, and the Repugs don’t possess a sense of humour, they are just nasty and despicable to the core. Won’t God be proud of them on judgement day? You know, “Love your neighbour as you would love yourself” and all that. Oh, and while we are on the subject of misinterpretation, it’s, “The meek will inherit the Earth” and not the “geek”. Geek having the also-ran meaning here as, “a carnival performer who performs sensationally morbid or disgusting acts, as biting off the head of a live chicken”.

          Btw, how could anyone be serious about voting for the team that brought you the now infamous misspelling of the name of the country they were born in, Romney’s, “Amercia”.

          • AlphaBitch says:

            Hi K! Why, that so-called misspelled word was NOT an accident! It is pronounced Ah-mare-SEE-ah. It was an attempt to appeal to Latino voters by slightly changing the name of the U.S.

            Of course, Canada is still “America”.

  6. You are spot on again AdLib but I still think we cannot estimate the full political ramifications the the RYAND pick. On the surface the RMONEY and RYAND ticket is so radical and out of touch with the public that you would think Obama would win in a landslide.

    The only problem is the economy is still out there and it is what it is. Too many Dems are bad at touting the improvements in the economy since 2008.

    Of course you still have opportunists like Howard Fineman and the whole Huff n’ Puff crowd who have a vested interest in telling us how bad things are. The Obama team is going to have to defend the economy sooner or later. The nominal unemployment rate does not scare me as much as the right and wrong track numbers. If this is going to be an election of contrasting visions more people are going to start believing things are going to get better under Obama. I think this will but that’s what he has to sell along with the attacks on the right wing ticket.

    • AdLib says:

      Cheers KQ!

      I think there may be a narrow swing in votes depending on what happens with the economy but that has been greatly mitigated by having Ryan’s budget as the alternative to Obama’s 2nd term.

      I really don’t see how this election can be a referendum election anymore where people solely vote on whether they do or don’t like the economy. It is absolutely a choice election now, the voters now have to decide about the future between a devastation of our social services and safety net or stimulated growth and a protected safety net.

      The choice of Ryan was the destruction of Romney’s hope for a referendum election on Obama. So if the economy weakens, Romney/Ryan will blame Obama but Obama will say that their solution is to kill Medicare and SS. As upset as people may be at the economy, they will be at least as upset if not more at killing SS and Medicare. Thus, the referendum approach is neutralized.

      Lastly, the economy typically improves in the Fall. If it does again this year, Obama’s advantage will only grow. If it doesn’t, I think it’s mostly a wash in the end.

  7. Olderandwiser55 says:

    Interesting choice for the Romney camp. A few observations: as bizarre as this may sound to those of us on the left, Ryan is not to be underestimated I think. This is the guy who successfully combined the philosophies of evangelical religion and the atheist Ayn Rand. He is a master in combining (what should be) two completely opposing views. The talk will continue to double down on talking out of both sides of their mouths…and Ryan is better at that. He was voted “Best brown noser” as a senior in HS and I imagine he improved over the years. Frankly they portray Ryan as different but he and Romney are both extremely well behaved members of the Republican party.

    I haven’t yet researched but I watched a C-span video of Ryan at 28, newly elected, taking phone calls from “constituents”. Ryan promised he would bring more federal money back to the state so I imagine there’s a lot of pork in his past 14 years. He also became quite wealthy while in Congress so I imagine there’s some kickbacks (that he would call lobbying).

    The one thing I did notice immediately is that some leftists that were still complaining about the Obama administration are suddenly all about offense and anti-Ryan.

    • AdLib says:

      Olderandwiser55, you are absolutely right, no matter how confident one may be based on this VP choice of Ryan, it is a mistake to ever underestimate the Repubs. We need to fight this campaign as if it is a neck and neck battle.

      On the other hand, I have read other articles describing Ryan as not very well liked within the party. He voted for TARP and lots of pork barrel and Bush spending. His budget plan is recycled from RW think tanks and was not brilliance but a propaganda exercise coordinated by the likes of the Kochs and others.

      IMO, there is a lot less to Ryan than it may appear.

      So, though I don’t underestimate his potential for attacking Obama, I do not find him an attractive or constructive factor for the Repub ticket. He is not a likeable guy, not an attractive guy and represents the Baggers in the House that have repeatedly brought the nation to the brink of disaster. His reverence of Ayn Rand and his policy of destroying the social safety net for all Americans simply won’t endear him to the public.

      So yes, take nothing for granted and discount no one but also, no need to project onto Ryan a positive charisma and attraction he doesn’t possess.

      As with Palin, as Ryan attacks Obama more and more viciously, his negatives will rise, especially with indie voters. So in the short term, a little bump for the ticket because of greater Repub enthusiasm but in the long run, we’re looking at a McCain/Palin remake…and a campaign based on another that bombed is no more bound for success than that one.

      • Olderandwiser55 says:

        Agree AdLib. There’s lots of negatives about Ryan that need to be repeated and repeated.

        I think it’s interesting that he’s seen by many on the right as a “fresh face” although he’s been in congress for 14 years. He voted for plenty of pork over the years.

    • I absolutely agree. Ryan is the same guy that passed off a seriously decrepit budget as ‘adult’ and ‘serious’ according to the MSM. He was able to get elected and reelected in a purple district. Dems should not underestimate this guy and the Obama team has about two weeks to define him before Romney is officially the GOP nominee and can unleash his millions and millions in ads.

      • Olderandwiser55 says:

        Yes Kquark…he coasted along, playing both sides for years and getting re-elected. And he didn’t make a power play in congress until he had quietly garnered favors and built a power structure.

      • kalie says:

        But then again, Ryan was a part of the Scott Walker debacle to bust unions and put Wisconsinites out of work. That is his legacy: dividing Wisconsin. What we don’t need is his divisiveness in the U.S. govt. Its wrong for America.

        • Absolutely and it’s time for Obama and all of us to show the truth about Ryan. Ryan’s MSM persona as some kind of visionary is complete BS. But you have the likes of weak minded David Gregory promoting him as such.

  8. kesmarn says:

    I saw about five minutes of a speech Ryan gave this morning in North Carolina, AdLib. It was the usual Obama-bashing formula stuff that you can see every day on FOX.

    But what was interesting was the body language of the two candidates. Ryan was cocky, (over)confident, swaggering, while Romney stood humbly in the background. His head was tilted to the side in that coy way that he has when he’s trying to show deference to the alpha dog. If he had a tail, it would have been between his legs.

    It’s very clear who would be running the show in a Ryan/Romney presidency — God forbid. My sense is that Romney is just the sugar coating on the poison pill, the Trojan horse for Ryan’s subversive agenda.

    Maybe that was always the plan: to use an alleged Massachusetts “moderate” to shoe-horn a radical extremist into the White House.

    • AdLib says:

      Kes, I think it’s always better to assume incompetence before strategic brilliance when it comes to GOP candidates. I don’t think there was any plan that Romney was cooperating on to be a delivery system for a Bagger int the WH.

      In the primary, the Repub base tried their best to find a Bagger alternative to Romney and really stretched believability in that quest.

      Once Rommney’s money bought off Repubs, he still was disliked by the base. So bringing on a Bagger was a necessity to stir enthusiasm that was otherwise missing in their base.

      No surprise that Romney is happier sitting back as the CEO and letting his “hire” do the dirty work for him, he is a spineless and cowardly man who is accustomed to being in his safe and luxurious bubble while “the little people” fight his fights for him. Not only that, he knows how incompetent he is at appealing to his base and offering any vision so he has indeed outsourced his campaign to his VP.

      I do think, as with McCain and Pailn, Romney will look weaker and diminished to the public as his VP appears stronger than him. And as I mentioned, most don’t vote for a VP, they vote for a Presidential candidate and a stronger Ryan and weaker Romney is simply a weaker Romney in Nov.

      • SueInCa says:

        Another Ryan/Romney election season like Palin/McCain. Toward the end the base was looking at it that way too.

        • AdLib says:

          Which of course means, be prepared for more open and barely cloaked racism from the GOP. That’s at the core of Romney’s welfare lies, he has nothing but hatred, fear, racism and lies as his only prayer at winning.

          And it is a prayer that will not be answered.

      • kesmarn says:

        Thanks for talking me down from the conspiracy-theory heights, AdLib. Your comment about the fact that the RW had already tried and failed to get a wacky candidate onboard during the primaries was very helpful.

        If I’m not mistaken, I believe Nate Silver commented over the weekend that he saw this as a desperation move on Romney’s part.

        I think Nate must read your articles on the Planet. 😉

        • AdLib says:

          Heh, yeah, Nate is always pestering me for what he should say!

          I think we’re all on the same wavelength on this, the choice of Ryan is only reaching out to the very conservative and that can’t be denied.

          Why would an alleged conservative need to reach out to conservatives…especially when the only way to win is to reach out to moderates? The only conclusion can be that he hasn’t even secured conservatives. And having to focus on securing them when he needs to be expanding his support is an act of desperation.

          I am looking forward to the Biden/Ryan debate, the regular guy against the elitist punk. I doubt it will be as damaging as the Obama/Romney debates will be to the GOP but it I’m reserving my seat for it!

  9. Kalima says:

    I’ve heard this man speak a few times, and he sounds very hyper, almost as if he’s spaced out on bs medication, and I’m glad that “Mitt the Twit” picked him in desperation because it seems like the final nail in his campaign coffin. Not really being a vindictive person by nature, I nevertheless relish the idea of the huge failure in November because of what these freaks are planning to do with your country should they win, which they won’t. For that reason alone, and the suffering the Repugs have already caused in their states, I want to see the party totally decimated, with no chance of any recovery for decades. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so thoroughly mean-spirited, but these worthless thugs/slugs bring out the worst in me. 😯

    I have often wondered about the moderate Republican who has been watching his party sinking lower and lower, especially during the GOP debates fiasco. What would I do in November? Would I stay loyal to my party before thinking about what is best for my country? Would I swallow my pride and vote secretly for Obama, or would I just not bother to vote? If I vote for Obama or don’t vote, either way Romney loses. I think there might just be enough decent Republicans left somewhere who will vote for Obama, it might not be earth-shattering in the final results, but at least it’s less votes for Romney, and that can’t be bad.

    AdLib, as usual, your pick for graphics had me rolling on the sofa. Ryan doesn’t even need the benefit of the white make-up or the red, stick-on nose to look like the clown he is. Thanks for the laugh. 😆

    • AdLib says:

      Kalima, Ryan as VP pick is of course the attack dog (on a car roof) for Romney. IMO, this will endear Ryan more to the RW but will make him look increasingly smug, snide and nasty to indies and the majority.

      The more Ryan attacks and excites his base, the more he pushes away the indies who decide the election.

      And as you say, what about the moderate voters in the GOP and especially, the seniors and boomers who expect SS and Medicare to be there for them?

      In the end, though there will be a lot of MSM build up for Ryan and Romney, a majority of the people are just not going to vote for cutting their own throats.

      Thanks for the props on the graphics, putting the Alfred E. Romney graphic and this image together makes for a fun 1-2 punch!

      • Kalima says:

        I think it’s time for the Dems to retaliate. It’s time for them to turn the tables on “death panels” and “killing granny” because this time it’s for real if the Repugs have their way.

        The msm can try to pull the wool over the viewers eyes, but I believe after listening to so much bs and outright lies from them over the years, many people will do like I do, and just tune them out like white noise. In reality the biased opinions of these loud and overbearing “experts” will matter to very few, the facts are easy enough to verify, all it takes is one finger and Google to dispute most of what the clueless and often just malicious so-called pundits spew every day. Voting without checking out a nominee is lazy and irresponsible, I know because it got us Cameron and his henchmen in the U.K. The old “Don’t drink and drive” should count as an election slogan too. “Please think before you vote” although for some that will be asking far too much, the majority will do just that.

        Let Ryan’s pompous posing seal their fate, and the msm dig their own graves by November. Politics and decisions on leadership is not a team sport, real people and their lives are at stake.

    • Ryan does not come off that great to me either. I guess in comparison to Romney it’s the Eddie Munster and Lurch show. But it seems some people are fooled by Ryan or think he’s the ‘smart’ guy.

      • Kalima says:

        Hi K, no I don’t think Ryan is all that smart, if he was, he wouldn’t have produced that awful budget bill. The difference between the Republican/TP and what the President has been doing since he took office, is like day and night. Obama gets it, a president has to try to do what is good for everyone, and not just please his base. A very difficult and risky balancing act. Can you ever imagine any Republican or TP person doing the same? Not in a million years.

  10. Nirek says:

    I not only want to see Romney’s tax returns but Ryan’s , too! I bet he has plenty stashed off shore , too!

    • AdLib says:

      Nirek, I wouldn’t expect to find too much in Ryan’s returns, even though I doubt we’ll see any more than the last two years.

      I think that the real incriminating documents on Ryan are his budgets and his hypocritical and corrupt activities in the House. When it comes to the public at large, you need simple, easy to understand messages and there really isn’t anything better to use against Ryan and Romney than, “They will kill Medicare and Social Security.”

      There’s no escaping that.

  11. 5 Things Mitt Doesn’t Want You to Know About Paul Ryan

    1.. His budget plans include big cuts, and there’s ample room for Democrats to continue with their “Romneyhood narrative.” The nonpartisan Center on Budget and Policy Priorities estimates 62 percent of Ryan’s cuts are to programs for the poor.

    2. Ryan’s budget proposals have included big changes to Medicare -- including gradually replacing the program with a voucher program for private health care, and gradually raising the retirement age. That could scare older Americans, a crucial voting bloc.

    3. He voted for the Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP. While a lot of other Republicans did too, and it was proposed by the Bush administration, some have viewed it as a rejection of the conservative economic values Ryan and hard-line fiscal conservatives espouse.

    4. He’s easily pegged as Washington insider. He’s been in Congress since 1999, and before that he worked as a congressional staffer. Congressional approval ratings are abysmally low- a recent CBS News/NY Times poll showed that only 12 percent of voters approve of the way Congress is doing its job.

    5. This is both a pro and a con to Ryan, depending on who you ask, but he’s notably further to the left on the issue of lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender rights than the base of the party. He broke with a lot of his party to support the Employee Non-Discrimination Act in 2007. He explained his reasoning for the vote in this way: “They [his gay friends] didn’t roll out of bed one morning and choose to be gay. That’s who they are.”


    • 2belinda says:

      KT indeed and thank you.
      Ryan 2011-12 election contributions, so far, from the following financial institutions, the same Ryan voted to bail-out: $12,150 from Wells Fargo, $10,000 from Goldman Sachs and $9,700 from Bank of America. (opensecrets.org)

    • AdLib says:

      Thanks for listing these KT. We have a long way to go on exposing who this weasel really is and this is a good start.

    • Nirek says:

      KT, I think Mitt has snatched defeat from the merry-go-round ring post. All of your points were spot on. We will not let America forget that Mitt buys into the Ryan budget, or that Ryan is a congressman with a foolish approval rating.
      I intend to spread the word that Romney wants to cut SS, MC, and MA!
      I know a lot of old folks and will twist arms to get them to the polls to save Social Security.

  12. AdLib says:

    I have called out Howard Fineman for the hack he has become especially since moving to HP, not knowing he was a Republican (I try to be equal opportunity on hackdom). But check out the closing paragraphs of his latest article in which he expresses his support for Mitt Romney:

    For those of us who want to see a President Romney, the most promising thing we have is the lack of enthusiasm for Obama on the left, coupled with his job performance. Oil prices are rising again, and I think gasoline prices are a good barometer of public perception about the economy.

    Mitt Romney can still win this election. But Romney should go back to basics and offer the public a vision, several new ideas, that draw in those middle, independent voters who agree that Obama didn’t get the job done in the first term as he promised he would and who now want a reason to vote for Romney.

    What a hack! Fineman says Romney should go back to basics with vision and new ideas? He’s never had either, what is Hackward talking about?

  13. kalie says:

    So once again, the GOP has gone off the cliff and picked a very controversial VP. I think that there are probably even GOP members who would not be happy to lose their social security and medicare because it would result in a reduction of their fortunes. Now if we can just minimize the voter suppression or have it delayed in litigation, we can vote in Obama and more dems so they can get back to the work that really needs to be done. No more of this obstructing while America loses credibility in the world.

    • goleafsgo says:

      Aw, Kalie! You had to go and remind me about the tyrannical rule of the many states who are legislating away democracy. Up ’til your post, I was fist pumping…Go Obama Go! The scariest part of this most important election is the disenfranchisement of a significant segment of the electorate, and not just because, as everyone knows, it could…it would take thousands of votes away from the President in key states.

      I am amazed that a country that prides itself on “freedom” and “liberty” for all allows this loss of democracy, that millions have died to preserve, to happen with so little outrage or action. How can this be?

      An observant Canadian

      • kalie says:

        Sorry to inhibit the fist pump but the voter suppression has to be the most evil thing the GOP has done to date. But they are not done yet and i never underestimate what they will do to get (more) money and power. Evil knows no bounds. I know that their is litigation going on in the background but I wish Obama would be more vocal about what is going on. All i hear on TV is Romney this, Romney that, and its stifling. People that live in the south (where I vacation) don’t even get MSNBC so all they hear is 24X7 Faux noiz. So fist pump away, because if sanity rules, then it will be Obama/Biden 2012!!

      • AdLib says:

        So true goleafsgo and many Americans are certainly expecting that the DoJ and the courts will step in on all of this voter suppression to protect voting rights.

        We’ll see what remains of all of this anti-democratic BS by November but I am optimistic that most of it will be swept into the garbage.

    • lynettema says:

      Kalie, it is so important this year for activists to help get voters registered properly. Equally important is getting our Dems and left leaning voters to the polls. We can’t afford to be divided for the next few months.

    • AdLib says:

      Kalie, yep, it does seem that the destructive nature of the current GOP party applies to themselves as well. Their blind greed for power and wealth is exactly what will prevent them from achieving it.

      Voter suppression is a big issue though it’s good that it’s being aggressively confronted this far ahead of the election. We will lose some votes to it in some states but I think this Romney/Ryan ticket will also add votes from the Repub side to the Dem side since, as you say, plenty of Repub seniors are not going to vote to kill SS and Medicare.

      The Repubs picking Romney as their nom and his picking Paul Ryan as his VP reminds me of the old fable of The Scorpion and the Frog:

      A scorpion and a frog meet on the bank of a stream and the
      scorpion asks the frog to carry him across on its back. The
      frog asks, “How do I know you won’t sting me?” The scorpion
      says, “Because if I do, I will die too.”

      The frog is satisfied, and they set out, but in midstream,
      the scorpion stings the frog. The frog feels the onset of
      paralysis and starts to sink, knowing they both will drown,
      but has just enough time to gasp “Why?”

      Replies the scorpion: “Its my nature…”

      The biggest problem for Republicans is indeed, their own destructive nature.

  14. lynettema says:

    “seems more like Romney’s focus is on minimizing his loss while going for a one chance in a million gamble than appealing to the most voters as possible by abandoning extremism.”

    Seems to me this was the same thing McCain did 4 years ago.

    • AdLib says:

      Hey lynettema, nice to see you!

      It sure does seem to be McCain-Lite, choosing a novel right wing extremist to rally an unenthusiastic base…that at the same time polarizes independents against the GOP ticket.

      As the old saying goes, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

      And in today’s GOP, insanity rules.

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