The Mainstream Media’s financial stake in trying to keep the Presidential race close may explain why the most damaging gaffes by Mitt Romney about the Latino community have been kept out of the news but thanks to a mole in the Romney camp (as opposed to the weasels in it), PlanetPOV has exclusively obtained a list of  them. Here they are:

ROMNEY: “I like Mexicans food, it’s just the right taste. My wife and I often have a case of dillas, typically with cheese.”

ROMNEY: “I’d like to begin with a traditional greeting for my Latino friends that I learned when I was a child, “Ay yi yi yi, I am the Frito Bandito.”

ROMNEY: “I know what a hardship it can be, being Latino instead of white. My car elevator attendant has shared stories with me of the hardship he’s had to endure, on nearly every one of the seven days a week he works for me.”

ROMNEY: “Out of respect for our Latino friends out there, I remember the Alamo only in quiet rooms.”

ROMNEY: “I won’t speak long this afternoon, I know it’s about the time you all take siestas under your comically large sombreros.”

ROMNEY: “What’s this item on your menu? ‘Burrito’? It’s not a problem, my father was born in Mexico so I can speak a little Spanish, I’ll have the ‘little burro’ for lunch with extra jew-wack-a-mole. What’s that? Oh yes, guacamole.”

ROMNEY: “If you, the Hispanic community, elect me President, I will get rid of all government regulations against leaf blowers!”

ROMNEY: “Bwana Nachos! It’s great to be here tonight with so many people who have bravely chosen to be Hispanic!”

ROMNEY: “You know, my favorite cartoon character was always Speedy Gonzales. As an amusing Latino rodent who was constantly being chased by fat cats, he was a great introduction for people like me to your community.”

Word has it that there are many more Romney gaffes about the Latino community that will come to light soon. As always, PlanetPOV will keep you updated!

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Gotta love that Mitt cites a survey by the Chamber of Commerce concerning the ACA. is this the same group that spends billions against the Democrats, the unions, EPA, health and safety regulations? That group? Why didn’t he just say “the Koch Brothers told me…” 😉




Honest to Pete, I’d think this was impossible for anyone to be this dumb, but some people are SO disconnected from others that, yeah, Mitt could easily be this stupid.

Some years ago I saw a presentation by the young wife of a banker. She was into historic preservation in Birmingham, AL, and part of the project was documenting the worker housing around the city’s blast furnaces. This included homes of Black retirees and former workers. She told us, a year after her foray, that she, rich WASP southern Belle, had gone to a meeting within the Black community, and oh, my! Wasn’t she Brave! And oh, my! They were really nice! And oh, my! It was just like talking to regular people! Even if they were hard to understand, but she just kept smiling! And didn’t we all think she was MARVELOUS to have done that!

I am NOT making this up.

Clueless. Some people are just clueless.


The right makes fun of Castro and Chavez all the time. Do you know who were the first two world leaders to get medical supplies to Haiti? Castro and Chavez through Sean Penn. Penn called them and supplies were on the way. It took a bit to clear them through authorities in Haiti but those two men were first up to the plate.

I am not excusing anything else they might have done but it shows they do have a human side to them as well.


I’ve had the same feeling about both of them, Sue. I’m not white-washing their pasts or their tactics, but there’s a part of me that sees their defiance of American imperialism and recognizes it for what it is.

I know people were shocked when Chavez stood at the UN podium and said that he could still sense the lingering smell of sulfur in the air after the Devil (Dubya) had been there speaking, but I could not help laughing. He said out loud what so many were thinking.



If you think about how Cuba was being run prior to Castro then I would think those who were “the least among them” more likely hailed his coup. Those who were tied to Batista and any people who had business(casinos) down there lost big time. When the rich lose, you should always wonder about the propaganda that follows their trip across that 90 miles of ocean. THIS is why Cubans are not so worried about other Latinos and their immigration status:

the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966 resolved this dilemma. The Act provides that the immigration status of any Cuban who arrived since 1959 and has been physically present in the United States for at least a year “may be adjusted by the Attorney General to that of an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence” (green card holder). The individual must be admissible to the United States (i.e., not disqualified on criminal or other grounds). Among other agreements since and then in 1995 the Wet Foot-Dry Foot Policy, whereby Cubans who made it to shore could stay in the United States – likely becoming eligible to adjust to permanent residence under the Cuban Adjustment Act.

So Cubans are treated differently than other hispanics


I’ve noticed that, BFF. (Sorry for the long delay in responding. I was out “running around” as my mom described doing errands.)

Well, I gather that Cuban immigrants — since they were fleeing the “evils of Communism” — would be seen as freedom (non)fighters, while folks who were “merely” fleeing the poverty and violence in Mexico would be the next durn thing to terrorists! 😉


“Mitt Romney, a man who claims to support legal immigration, used Castro’s famous line – “Fatherland or death, we will prevail” – in a 2007 speech. Quoting Castro is probably not the best way for Mitt to get over with parts of Florida, however, what might be even worse is that Romney incorrectly attributed the quote to Hugo “Whatever, They All Look Alike” Chavez, saying, “Hugo Chavez has tried to steal an inspiring phrase – Patria o muerte, venceremos. It does not belong to him. It belongs to a free Cuba.” Considering many Latinos are disillusioned with how immigration has been handled under Obama’s watch, I can’t imagine that Romney – a man who can’t bother to learn the difference between Fidel Chavez or Hugo Castro – would be any more appealing.”


😆 Another jewel, AdLib

Mitt would never have noticed a major error in signage that appeared near this little rustbelt town. A local restauranteur, in the hope of increasing traffic intended to put up a sign by the roadside saying: “Let’s Eat Mexican!” What he got — who knows how — was one that read:

I’m sure Biff Romney’s bus would have pulled right in.