“We are at a moment, where if government’s growth is left unchecked and unchallenged, America’s best century will be considered our past century. This is a future in which we will transform our social safety net into a hammock, which lulls able-bodied people into lives of complacency and dependency.” (Paul Ryan’s response to President Obama’s State of the Union address, 2011)

  • embraces the extreme capitalist philosophy of Ayn Rand that idealizes unchecked capitalism as the source of wealth for all and justifies the privilege of the wealthy and demonizes not only the slothful, undeserving poor but the lackluster middle-classes.
  • voted against the Simpson-Bowles debt reduction plan and has proposed no alternative
  •  does not address the deficit or the debt for 22 years, adding trillions of dollars to the debt because of further tax cuts for the so called job producers.
  •  adheres to the Grover Norquist pledge that NO additional taxes can be levied despite our historically low current rates
  •  requires that taxes be raised on the middle class, to  cut them deeply for billion and millionaires.
  •  wants to end Medicare as we know it in the next 10 years and replace it with a voucher system
  • claimed Romneycare has led to “rationing and benefit cuts.” and thatRomneycare is “not that dissimilar to Obamacare.”
  •  intends to cut Medicaid which predominately benefits poor children and seniors by 1/3 in the next 10 years
  •  plans to reopen the prescription donut hole and raises the co-pay for preventative treatment for seniors
  •  thinks Social Security is a “ponzi scheme.” and favors embracing personal responsibility by privatizing part of the trust fund with investment in the stock market without any safeguards in case of a stock market collapse
  •  has a budget that would result in 4.1 million lost jobs in 2 years.
  •  wants to eliminate Pell Grants for more more than 1.5 million students.
  •  supports $40 billion in subsides for big oil andhas ownership stakes in companies that benefit from oil subsidies .
  •  accused generals of lying about their support for Obama’s military budget.
  •  co-sponsored a “fetal personhood” amendment, an extreme anti-abortion measure, and opposes funding for contraception.
  •  in 13 years in Congress, with six of them in leadership positions, he has only two bills bearing his name that passed into law. one naming a post office and the other changing the way arrows (as in bows and arrows) are hit with an excise tax. He has sponsored or co-sponsored 971 bills- and only 2 became law.
  • has no executive or foreign policy experience so what he brings to the ticket is economic positions that Romney will now have to answer for.
  • benefited directly from the social safety net as the recipient of social security payments after his father’s death, and loans/grants that funded his college education

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I was talking to a friend online this morning about Ryan and his SS and grants for college after his dad died and she brought a really good point I don’t think I have heard anyone else bring up.

“When reading where Ryan benefitted from SS benefits when his father passed it sickened me. I think people with a lot of money should not rely on that. I remember when it was reported that Johnny Carson filed for SS literally made me sick. They don’t need it, leave it in the kitty for those who do. Now Ryan wants to take that away from poor kids who lose their father. SICK”

She has a really good point and one that will hit home to younger families in the event of the death of the breadwinner. He literally wants to take food and shelter out of the mouth and hands of young kids. Shame……


Mitt Romney’s Buckeye brushback: Will Paul Ryan lose Ohio for the GOP?

A specter is haunting Ohio: the specter of John W. Bricker.

Sixty-eight years ago, the Republican presidential nominee picked Bricker, the Ohio Governor and future Senator, as his running-mate. The choice is the likely reason why Thomas E. Dewey defeated Franklin D. Roosevelt in the Buckeye State by 12,000 votes–a margin of 0.37 percent.

As I traveled through central Ohio last week–before Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan for his ticket–I heard a constant refrain that Rob Portman, the Republican senator from Ohio, could provide Romney with the margin of victory in the state in November.–will-paul-ryan-lose-ohio-for-the-gop-.html


Excellent list.

“in 13 years in Congress, with six of them in leadership positions, he has only two bills bearing his name that passed into law. one naming a post office and the other changing the way arrows (as in bows and arrows) are hit with an excise tax. He has sponsored or co-sponsored 971 bills- and only 2 became law.”

It seems he was quiet and at least pretended to be moderate for many years in Congress. Wisconsin re-elected him easily and Opensecrets shows democrats hardly challenged him until the last couple elections. There’s a reason-after 10 years, Ryan rated a larger staff and had more power-and then he made his move far right.

I’m not sure Wisconsin saw it coming. Ryan is an excellent fundraiser and has $5 million in cash before being picked.

Also…”benefited directly from the social safety net as the recipient of social security payments after his father’s death, and loans/grants that funded his college education”

That’s making the rounds but the myth that he pulled himself up by his bootstraps is being repeated and I’m sure it’s wrong. It’s too “feel good”, too much like propaganda I think.

Here’s a little blog post I ran across discussing the family’s construction business that made a killing off government contracts. (Although Ryan apparently married into money as well)

“I can see it now, a promo for a TV movie: a shot of Paul Ryan standing atop a mountain with a deer flung across his back dissolves into footage of him in a college dorm room, enraptured by Atlas Shrugged while through the window unruly women’s rights protesters burn bras. We see a young Ryan working at McDonald’s as a teenager, then cut to him running up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, sweat dripping from his brow. The Star-Spangled Banner crescendos as he reaches the apex. Text flashes across the screen: Paul Ryan, Self-Made Man.”

And that’s how they’re playing it. Completely wrong but the NYT and WaPo did similar pieces.

I believe this is also the way the Obama campaign will hit back, exposing the myths.


Good stuff MTS,

I’m sending to the Repub members of my family as well as the mentally stable members. I will also ask that they post on their FB accounts as Sue did.

More on gmail.





thanks for this. I supplied it to a friend of mine who is always on FB so she can post. She lives in NV and has a lot of republican friends she “converses” with, we all know how that goes. I also liked it on FB.

Ryan really is bad for the campaign. I am not sure what was in those peoples’ heads when they chose him. Portman or even dull guy from Minnesota would have been better for the Romney campaign. This guy has very little experience except in government.


Hi Sue

Hope things are well with you. I haven’t visited the planet very much this month; maybe Friday.



Hey Bourne

I am just back on PP today. I have been here a bit but last week and up to today was all about moving into our new house and unpacking. My grandson is coming tomorrow and I wanted to get his room all ready. In the process, the rest of the house is almost totally in order now too.


Hi Sue

Good to hear from you. Congrats on your new house. Where did you buy?

Having packed and unpacked half my lifetime, I send my sympathies to you. It is a horeendous job but so well worth it when you’re finally in and settled and life becomes sane again.

Still want to meet you and CL.

Enjoy your visit with your grandson.



Still in Benicia. We lucked into a Fannie Mae foreclosure that was selling for half it’s price in 2008. It is a townhome with almost 1500 sq ft. We really wanted to stay in Benicia but were looking in Vallejo too. This came up we put in an offer and within a week it was accepted. We had bid on other homes and did not get them but I know now this home was waiting for us to find it. Actually we had looked through the windows a couple months ago but when we looked it up online it had been withdrawn from the market so we would have tried to buy it then too.


Hi Sue

I’m happy that you were able to buy the home you wanted. I don’t know if tha’s kismet or intervention from a higher authority, but however it happened, enjoy it. I only consider those possibilities if things go as I want them to – I have dozens of reasons to choose from in my Whining and Complaining file when they don’t.

Have you lived in a townhouse before? I enjoyed my experience. There were 20 in the complex. The grounds were lovely; They were in a residential area on Winding Way in Carmichael near Anerican River College and, most important, extremely well- soundproofed.

Hope you finish your unpacking soon.

Take care.




I pointed out to my husband last night that these were built well. We hear very little and they built the units so stairs are to stairs. No upstairs or downstairs areas are true common walls. I thought it was a brilliant design. Our bedrooms are on our neighbor’s stair wall and vice versa for our neighbors on the left. Never seen that done but it was a brilliant architectural design.