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AdLib On August - 2 - 2012

Along the way, many people have remarked that Mitt Romney looks like he came direct from Central Casting to play a President. Though they were talking about Romney’s appearance, they may have also nailed the entire Mitt Romney candidacy, that of the performance of someone who is an actor (albeit a poor one in a community theater production of “Wicked”), playing the role of someone he isn’t…namely, a viable candidate.

It is unashamed gall that Mitt Romney and his campaign display in concocting one asinine excuse after the other as to why he is justified in withholding critical information about himself from the public. Clearly, the subtext here is that they are willing to take the damage from appearing as defiant and secretive than what would be worse, letting the public know who Mitt Romney really is.

The key excuse Romney gives for cloaking so much of who he is and what he would do as President is that the Democrats and voters would “use it against him”. So the twisted logic is, “By hiding who I am from Americans, I can do all the specific things I never told you I would do once elected President.”

There are some generic boasts he’s made about what he will do but killing “Obamacare”, bloating up the military, removing all regulations on polluters, and Wall Street and cutting taxes on the wealthy are just touching the expected Right Wing bases and highly questionable about being able to accomplish whether Democrats would retain the Senate majority or filibuster if they become the minority.

The simple logic is of course, if Romney was planning on doing things that the majority of voters would approve of, he would tell them. The few generalities we do know about his plans all have to do with making the wealthy wealthier and more independently powerful at the expense of the rest of Americans. He only blathers on about moronic, pie in the sky magic tricks he will perform, creating millions of jobs, making everyone wealthy, saving education, reducing the deficit, discovering bacon that actually makes you lose weight, all without the details that would be necessary to accomplish many of these sometimes conflicting miracles.

And as to how he sees things as a human being, that is classified information that he obviously feels would not help his chances in winning.

Not that Romney’s primary directive is a mystery, he is an egocentric, greedy man who simply wants to possess the presidency and hasn’t hesitated to flip, flop, lie, pander and contradict himself in the most blatant ways to get there. A democratic campaign to him is a necessary evil (democracy is such an annoyance to people accustomed to being able to buy everything they want when they want it) that an Entitled One like himself must stoop to and view as an insult, openly showing spite towards the process of explaining to voters what he wants to do…as if they have any right to know that! He wants to be President and that should be all he needs to tell them! Okay, he’ll promise them ponies and free hamburgers for life if it gets him elected but insisting that he tells the public who he really is and what he really would do as President is an intrusion on his privacy.

Despite the meme that some on the Left take comfort in, Romney is not just an empty suit, there is someone there…who desperately wants to remain hidden from the American People.

This alone should be very disconcerting to a anyone considering voting for him, whether affirmatively or as a way of showing dissatisfaction with President Obama. Why is this man working so hard and so willing to hurt his campaign in order to hide who he really is? And what kind of man with what kind of character would seek the Presidency feeling that the public has no right to know who he is or what specific decisions he’ll make if elected?

The camouflage shelter he has built around his true identity, beliefs and his financial history and entanglements is pretty encompassing. The things Romney is hiding include most things critical to Americans’ understanding of a candidate. Those who have been following the race closely enough have have a good idea of key areas he’s cloaking in secrecy and Romney’s blunders along the way have helped expose some of who he is.


His Finances

Romney is hiding his tax returns which would tell us how patriotic he truly is or how unsupportive he is of our American system. It would not only be a very honest reflection of who he has been but would let Americans know what predatory policies he has financially supported in foreign countries and how he would personally profit from decisions he and his administration would make. Hiding all of this from Americans is like playing blackjack in Vegas and only letting the dealer look at your cards to tell you if you won or The House did. There couldn’t be a greater threat to our nation’s future and democracy than to have someone elected President who has loyalties that conflict with what’s best for Americans.

He has lied about his time at Bain Capital to avoid responsibility for destroying American jobs and businesses. He filed SEC papers saying he was the sole owner and manager of a company while simultaneously telling the public that he wasn’t.

He has money invested in off shore companies and horded in off shore bank accounts to avoid his patriotic duty of paying his fair share of taxes.

He has lied to the public in claiming that he has no control over where his blind trust invests or hides his money. It is an indisputable fact that the owners of blind trusts can indeed give instructions as to what investments can and can’t be made by those managing the blind trust. If Romney didn’t want his money hidden away in off shore banks, all he had to do, at any time, was say so.

He has profited greatly from the pillaging and destruction of companies by his company, Bain Capital.

He has no moral or ethical reservation about harming American society in order to personally profit.

His Stand on Social Issues

Whether it’s illegal immigration, government aid for the poor or women’s rights, Romney pandered to the Right Wing and Tea Party throughout the primary to take harsh and insulting stands against a majority of Americans. Now that the Etch-A-Sketch season has arrived in the post-primary months, Romney has magically declared that up may in fact be down and hot could sometimes cold. In other words, his description of his stands on social issues are as flexible as a Mitt Romney shaped pipe cleaner.

One of his favorite dodges is to support right wing positions on federal protections but claim he’s doing so because states should have the right to make those decisions.

Though all of these positions are completely in conflict with his record as Governor in MA, he supports overturning the ACA, overturning Roe v. Wade, preventing LGBT Americans from getting married and declaring war on illegal immigrants and their children.

Is there anything more dangerous than a man with no long term moral convictions on social issues sitting in the most powerful office in America?

Romney has exhibited elitism and prejudice both directly and passively. He happily campaigns on the superiority of the top 1% and their entitlement to greater wealth and power. In his international trip this past week, he has offended millions around the world by “being himself” and espousing superiority of himself and “cultures” that he views as closer to his. He has refused to dispute racist claims and attacks by fellow Republicans in every instance.

Is Romney a racist? It would not be a difficult case to make when one considers his race-baiting performance in the GOP primary nor his attacks on Obama as “foreign”. Raised in the virtually all-white Mormon Church which had racism as a part of their dogma at the time (more on this below), it is not a huge leap to make. When one sees how Romney conducts himself around Americans who are black, Latino, etc., the high degree of unnatural pleasantness and uncomfortable glances, it is hard to make the case that Romney sees those of color as peers.

Then how would a President Romney perform when it came to civil rights for minorities? Rights for gays? Rights for women? These questions seem unfortunately easy to answer.

His Loyalties:

Would Mitt Romney profit personally if overall American employment dropped while Chinese employment rose? Would the gains by any other countries, even some that are adversarial towards the U.S., represent a financial benefit to Mitt Romney?

Is there any issue or position that is too extreme or too far Right for Romney not to support if it meant being in conflict with the GOP base?

Would Romney take America into an unnecessary war that would greatly profit him both financially and politically with his base?

If he can get elected without informing the public about who he really is and what he’s really done in his life, if hundreds of millions of dollars from a a small minority of the nation, Wall Street and the wealthy through SuperPACS can elect him President, will he owe loyalty to the majority of Americans or this minority?

How does he reconcile his absolute faith in the exclusionary Mormon religion and the requirement of Americans to have a President that represents everyone?

This religious issue has been deemed off limits by many on the Right and the Left but I would suggest that the convicted religious beliefs of a human being are very critical to understanding who they are and how they view their fellow human beings, what could be more critical to assessing a person who could have great power over your life?

The Mormon Church has a history of misogyny, child abuse, racism and vicious intolerance for dissent. This is not to say that because one is a Mormon, one necessarily has any of these traits embedded in them. However, it would be a politically correct exercise in denialism to insist that this is wholly irrelevant to who Mitt Romney is and what kind of President he would be.

But there’s more to Romney’s religion than the theological side. As Joanna Brooks, who writes frequently on Mormonism, argues so persuasively, “It is important for readers to know that Romney developed his leadership style in a non-democratic, patriarchal, hierarchical church culture where he rarely encountered open challenge.”


Some things to consider about how being raised as a Mormon could have impacted who Mitt Romney really is and why he hides who he is:

It was not until 1978 that the Mormon Church finally changed their dogma that black people were black because they were cursed “by Cain’s seed” and because of that, were deserving of racism and prejudice. By that year, Mitt Romney was already 31 years old and had been raised in and grew up in a church that promoted such racism.

He has also been a part of a Mormon Church that has baptized dead people of other faiths against their families’ will, shuns people and separates them from their families for leaving the church and has a spy organization to track, pursue and attack those who speak out against the church.

The Mormon Church’s Strengthening Church Members Committee which is said to include ex-CIA members, “strengthens church members” by having a threatening, totalitarian type unit that performs surveillance on its membership with the mandate to help The Church move against those who dare to question or oppose any aspect of the Mormon Church.

The materialism of the Mormon Church is no secret. To remain in the church, one is required to donate 10% of their earnings or be excommunicated. The Mormon Church’s net worth exceeds $30 billion and many church operated businesses. So, you won’t find one of Jesus’ central themes of wealth bringing corruption in Mormon sermons.

Surrounded by all of this, especially the exclusive, materialistic and vindictive aspects of the Mormon Church, what kind of personality results in someone born with a silver spoon in his mouth such as Mitt Romney?

Wealth-obsessed, a sense of superiority and entitlement, prejudice, condescension and disrespect towards non-whites and those of other beliefs, chauvinism, authoritarianism…is the character of the church he grew up in and is devoted to, irrelevant or influential to the character of Mitt Romney?

It seems to be unlikely that the real Mitt Romney will ever be willingly shared with the American public. Instead, the gamble is that Americans can be stampeded away from President Obama so intensely that they would blindly run in the opposite direction even if it means they run right off a cliff.

It takes a great deal of cynicism about the American people and an almost unimaginable amount of money to take such a route but that is the path Romney has chosen to get to the White House.

Will a majority of Americans vote for a man in hiding to become their president? Precedent and a preponderance of polls in Swing States argue that won’t be the case. The impact of SuperPACs could have an effect on that but it is far from assured.

The Right Wing attacked President Obama in his first Presidential campaign in 2008 and once again in this campaign for re-election as being a possible Manchurian Candidate, someone who deceived the public to get into the White House in order to serve anti-American interests.

The irony is that Mitt Romney seems not only to be from Central Casting in appearance for the role of president, his stonewalling against revealing who he really is and what he’d really do as President makes him also look like he’s the one who’s actually auditioning for the lead role of The Manchurian Candidate.

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. I love how the MSM fools like Mark Halprin look at this election. They think if Romney just performs well in the convention and debates that Romney will win. They forget people vote for people not performances. I guess he thinks Americans are so stupid that if Romney performs a few circus tricks without having a vision or being transparent that all will be forgiven.

    Again I warn Obama supporters that many Americans are as brain dead as Halprin. You can already see that his ilk is going to play the expectations game during the debates and as long as Romney doesn’t have a huge gaffe they will say he won. The MSM wants this election to be close and will do everything they can to make it so.

    • AdLib says:

      I don’t know KQ, there seems to be more than a little whiff of desperation in RW weasels like Halprin who cling to the ridiculous notion that Romney will suddenly bloom into Ronald Reagan.

      It ain’t gonna happen. Reagan had charisma and was likeable. Romney is awkward and unlikeable. That’s who he is, that ain’t gonna change.

      And Romney is going to have to hit far Right bases at the Repub convention which will no doubt have a far Right platform, all of that will only alienate indie voters more.

      Contrast that with the Dem convention and all the positive energy that will flow from that, lame hacks like Halperin conveniently have to ignore the impact that an effective Obama in his convention and debates will have.

      No way, ain’t gonna happen. The GOP is too far from the mainstream and their convention will be as well. At best, Romney can only act nasty in a debate which won’t attract indies and his evasiveness, flip-flopping and lying that Obama will definitely expose will undermine any possible positive Romney could dream of.

      • MurphTheSurf3 says:

        AdLib..I thought you might find this of value. Please feel free to use it- maybe here in some way. I have not seen the info before today.

        Mitt claims his father, Gov. George Romney, is his inspiration and role model Dad said: What mattered in personal finance was how a man conducted himself over the long haul.

        George Romney’s biographer,T. George Harris, described the process that led to the release of a dozen years of returns.

        “He balked when I badgered him for a copy of his latest Form 1040, the Federal Individual Income Tax Return,” Harris wrote. “Release of the document, while it might serve a political purpose, would not prove very much, he argued. One year could be a fluke, perhaps done for show, and what mattered in personal finance was how a man conducted himself over the long haul.”

        After some thought Romney called Harris back and surprised him.

        “Stumped by this argument, I was not prepared for the move that it eventually led him to make: He ordered up all the Form 1040’s that he and Mrs. Romney had filed over the past twelve years — including those profitable ones from when he saved the American Motors Company from bankruptcy and became a millionaire on the company’s stock options.”

        George was an Eisenhower Republican. He understood what openness, transparency and disclosure were all about. Too bad the apple of his eye, Mitt, has fallen so far from the tree.


  2. 2belinda says:

    I have been out of the US for nearly a year, and largely out of internet-touch. Returning and playing catch-up in the news, it began to seem that far too many had truly lost the ability to think critically and arrive at a reasonable conclusion. And then saving my favorite for last, I came to POV and behold all the intelligentsia are right here. Whew!

  3. MurphTheSurf3 says:

    The Right Wing Case Against Obama

    1. For the corporatists, Obama represents fiscal and regulatory policy they oppose.

    2. For the social conservatives, Obama has supported the liberalization of laws and practices that recognize LGBT equality, access to the full range of reproductive services, and health care reform.

    3. For the nativists, Obama stands for the browning of America- the passing away of white dominance.

    4. For the religious fundamentalists, Obama embraces a branch of Protestant Christianity emphasizing contextual interpretation of Scripture, churches in line with the time, and the centrality the social justice agenda.

    5. For the militarists, Obama is developing alternative military strategies that downplay the Big Military, nation invading, profile.

    6. For the crazies, Obama is the prop in a long term liberal conspiracy that has placed a non-citizen, radical, Muslim in the Oval Office.


    They will look past every concern you raise by saying: The only thing we have to know about Mitt is that he is opposed to everything Obama is for AND he will take orders.

    They are zealous in their beliefs and will do whatever it takes to “set the country on the RIGHT path.”

    One of my ongoing fears is that there is not a corresponding zeal on the Left. The “Independents”? The unconnected, the unengaged, the uninformed, are so easily swayed by propaganda and so unwilling to really dig into anything will decide the elections, a source of great discomfort for me.

    • Agreed the weak minded swing voters tend to sail the political winds. I’m just not so sure they would follow such negative political winds. There simply is no positivity in the GOPTEA cause or the Romney campaign that can attract swing voters. For the most part Obama supporters are still positive. They like most of the change Obama and the Dems were able to achieve and know the GOP will go backwards.

      I think there is a bit of apathy on the purist left but those people don’t vote reliably anyway. From what I can see the Dems’ real base is fired up about Obama and some of this is starting to flow down to down ballot races. Also don’t discount that the left has built up a pretty good hate for Romney as well because of the way he lies about Obama and has shown disdain for the working class and poor.

  4. Questinia says:

    There’s no “there” there.

  5. Yeah AdLib you are right. Romney is definitely a toaster.

    ” />

    Courtesy of ABL’s website.

  6. The Romney campaign is such a friggin’ disaster. So now Romney has hired Michele Davis who is a PR consultant that defended BP after the spill with Hillary Rosen to resuscitate his image. She was also worked for Paulson and was a top regulator at Fannie Mae from 2002-2006 which would make the right wingers’ heads collectively spin IF she worked for Obama.

  7. SueInCa says:

    According to someone on Twitter tonight Dana Bash said she could back up Reid’s statement. I have been trying to get the video but it has not been released yet.

    Here is the word from Daily Kos


    • AdLib says:

      Sue, the blogger there was very misleading. Bash just said she confirmed with a Reid aide that the aide too can confirm the source Reid has is reliable.

    • cyrano1 says:

      Sure hope so! Jon Stewart’s reaming him out was pretty ugly. Happy, though that he continued by airing Fox’s outraged reaction and then turned it all back on Fox by a video flurry of their silly unsubstantiated pronouncements.

      • AdLib says:

        Cyrano1, I do think Stewart went way overboard, claiming Reid to be a terrible person for only going on one credible source. And if it turns out to be true, will Stewart apologize? He is a man of conscience, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did.

        • cyrano1 says:

          It was an awful moment! Don’t think Stewart will apologize though. He’s relentless in going after anyone who makes statements without fully verifying them; and suppose in Reid’s case he was more harsh than usual just to “prove” he’s a non-partisan alarm system.

          We already KNOW what Reid says is true, so in my mind it isn’t an “if”. The problem lies in finding the smoking gun without breaking the privacy laws that protect all of us including Romney. Hope like hell it surfaces soon!!

  8. Wow excellent summary of the most opaque presidential candidate in modern history.

    Romney had the nerve to say Reid needs to come out and name the source from Bain that told him Romney paid no taxes for 10 years. For fucksake you’ve got to be kidding me. Romney need only release his tax returns to prove Reid wrong. But that’s the way Romney views the world. Everyone else is wrong but he’s right because he says so.

    But as bad as the opaque campaign is no doubt a Romney presidency would be worse. His obsession with secrecy would make him a modern tricky Dick.

    • AdLib says:

      Just from a detective’s POV, the response that an innocent person has when being wrongfully accused is, “That’s a lie!”

      A guilty person would say, “Who told you that?”

      Not to say that this is true but if that was Romney’s initial response, it sure makes him look guilty.

      So true, to have a president who was this deceptive and evasive in his campaign could only foretell an outrageously secret and anti-democratic Presidency. Only Bush may be rooting for Mitt more than Mitt himself, thinking that the stain of being the worst President in our history could be overshadowed by a Romney presidency.

  9. Carmen says:

    Very well said, Adlib! Logical and sane. I shudder to think of what this country would be like with such a man as Mitt Rmoney in charge.

    • AdLib says:

      Hi Carmen! Thanks so much! Thank goodness it seems less likely that more likely that we’ll never have to find that out.

      As a nation, we’re in such a fragile economic position right now, I would be pretty alarmed if Romney looked like he would beat Obama in November.

      Slashing tax revenue, health care, social programs, public employees, financial and polluter regulations, privatizing SS and Medicare (which means they would no longer be entitlements…wow…Romney and the 1% would put this nation into a nose dive that would make us go through The Greater Depression Obama helped save us from.

      We’re kind of lucky that Romney is as terrible a candidate as he is and that he is the GOP nom in 2012. If they had a skilled politician running who was likeable, this could have been terrifying at this point.

      BTW, despite my confidence, I will be working as hard as I can to help Obama’s re-election, we can’t take anything for granted.

      • Carmen says:

        I’ve been feeling better lately about the election. For a while there, I’d wake up in the morning with my mind churning about the possibility of a Romney presidency. Also, I’ve noticed others pointing out the low approval rating Mitt’s gotten since his trip abroad and that’s encouraging. I, too, will work hard to help Obama’s re-election. Thanks for putting things into perspective.

        • AdLib says:

          This disastrous tour of Romney’s couldn’t have been more perfect in its timing and substance.

          The conventional wisdom was that most attention would be on the Olympics and away from the campaign for two weeks.

          Then comes Romney’s gaffe and the international focus on what he’ll say next in other countries. The story of Romney as a twit cut right through!

          And one of Romney’s big calling cards was “saving the Olympics”. Now it’s been turned against him, when the Olympics are mentioned now, we’ll all remember “Mitt the Twit!”.

          Bit by bit, his alleged strengths, Bain and the Olympics, have become negatives for him. Karl Rove couldn’t have done this any better.

          Romney is a stumbler and he will continue to stumble because it’s his nature. I’ll bet his campaign tries extra hard to keep him away from any unscripted situation for as long as possible right now.

          All of this is indeed good news for us and Obama.

  10. Questinia says:

    Mitt Romney is a Quinn-Martin production from the 70’s.

    • AdLib says:

      Hey Questinia, great to see you!

      Memorable roles from 1970’s tv shows Mitt Romney could have played:

      1. STAR TREK -- Android Man whose head explodes trying to figure out Kirk’s conundrum, “Everything I say is a lie. Right now, I am lying.”

      2. DRAGNET -- Jack Webb’s “square” boss.

      3. THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN -- Steve Austin’s robot adversary, The $250 Million Dollar Man.

      4. HAPPY DAYS -- The shark that Fonzie jumps.

      5. DENNIS THE MENACE -- Mr. Wilson

      • Questinia says:

        The third Darin on Bewitched

        The never aired “Contrail Man”.

        Lead in the off off off B-way musical “The Book of Moron”.

        Just give me the debates! Great to see you!

        • AdLib says:

          Kids shows:

          1. GUMBY -- As Gumby.

          2. SESAME STREET -- Bert

          3. DAVEY AND GOLIATH -- Davey

          4. SUPERMAN -- Bizarro Superman

          5. SCOOBY DOO -- The Rich Proprietor who dresses up as a glowing zombie to steal the wealth of the town.

    • SueInCa says:


      I have not heard that in years, how funny.

  11. Kalima says:

    The only reason I can think of for Romney’s continued silence is that the man is such a flake that he doesn’t have any answers or hold any solid opinions of his own. Yet he goes on a trip abroad, and manages to royally piss off the Brits, moves on to Israel where he insults the Palestinians, and lastly drops off in Poland where he further angers the Polish unions and talks about a “cold war” with a country that no longer exists as if he has just woken up from a deep sleep. While in Poland, a Romney aide tells the press to “Kiss my ass”. Wow, this from a man who wants to be president of the U.S.? His campaign advisors must be telling him to shut up in case he fluffs his lines again. I’ve lost count of the number of people and countries he’s offended since he became a candidate, thank goodness he is just not that important for the international stage.

    I’m angered, but lately more saddened and bewildered when I think of the people who still intend to vote for this empty shell in November. The sadness comes from the knowledge that some would rather vote for hate than vote for reason for a man who will take them back in time and strip them of most of their rights. It’s hard to believe that those 8 years of Bush are already forgotten, and some are holding out their plates like Oliver Twist for more hardships, more rich people becoming richer, more wars and another inevitable decline in foreign relations. It’s also hard for me to come to terms with the fact that the dumb would wish to become even dumber, and that they view an election as they would a sport, with their team winning at any cost no matter that they lose in the end anyway, is as always mind boggling.

    I’ve always had high hopes for America, and still believe that under Obama guidance, life will improve further, and already has improved for so many. Keep the faith that eyes continue to be opened, and that Romney fizzles like a damp firework before November.

    I think that his continued silence on policy and important issues will come back to haunt him soon enough.

    Btw Adlib, the image with Romney’s silly “Royal wave” and the seat belt that looks like a “toddler’s harness” in his stretch limo, just cracked me up considering where he just made his huge “Royal F-up”. 😆 Great article.

    • AdLib says:

      Hey Kalima!

      I don’t think most Americans have forgotten Bush, he still is very low in the occasional polls that are taken about him and most still blame him and not Obama for the economy. The core Repubs have come home to the party of greed and racism but they aren’t plentiful enough to win the election.

      They need Indie voters and in the end, I don’t think that all the SuperPAC money and all the propaganda and lies from Romney will be able to change the impressions of him as a fraud and a liar.

      I do feel differently about why Romney is hiding so much, not because he’s hollow but because he is shallow which are two different things. I do think there is a person inside that plastic shell but I think it is a relatively ignorant, spoiled brat and bully who feels entitled to everything and empathy for no one. He has been a selfish pig his whole life, rarely questioned when taking what he wanted from others and has loyalty only to his church, his family and his greed.

      This kind of spoiled and ignorant man-child is not someone who could get elected and his team knows that. So their mission is to hide the real Romney from public view and take whatever hits they have to for doing so…because the alternative is exposing him as a detestable and unelectable human being.

      I had such minimal expectations for Romney’s international tour, I just thought he’d blather on about how wonderful the world is thanks to America, blah-blah-blah. I couldn’t have hoped for…nor could the Obama team…for such a display of Ugly Americanism by Romney. It is a bit hilarious how he has turned people in every country he visited against him…how can one guy do that?

      It just confirms my theory about Romney…though many think he’s brilliant because he’s made so much money, I believe that he is a real idiot. I think he’s only made the money he has because he was George’s son and hired people to work for him who did all the work. He is a dilettante, he grabs the top title at businesses and enterprises but he’s not the brains behind their operation, he pays others to be his brains.

      Put Romney out there on his own and all you see is an idiot who can regurgitate memorized speeches other people write but when he has to think for himself…sounds like a moron.

      I love your Oliver Twist allegory, so true! “Please Mitt, may I lose some more?”

      Kind of makes me wish The South would secede and they could have Romney and a Repub Congress, we could have Obama and a Dem Congress and we’ll see which of us ends up on top and which of us crash and burn.

      Agreed, Romney goes from one fender bender to another, by the time we get to November and Romney has had to improvise more stupidity in debates, I think he will have cemented his “loser” status.

      You’re right about the image, Romney does look like a kid with that seat belt on him like that! That’s how I view him anyway, as an adult child who’s clueless about the real world.

      • Kalima says:

        Actually AdLib, we are not that far off in our mutual opinion because I also meant that his campaign team won’t let him put his foot in it by answering questions he can’t really answer to the satisfaction of those indies who might be dumb enough to think about voting for him. Personally I believe that he has already caused significant damage to his campaign by the things that he has already said, and everything that comes out of his mouth has offended someone, somewhere. He can’t continue with his silence for much longer, and what does he think he can do against Obama armed with facts in the debates, whistle? Either they let him loose after the convention, or he sinks because there is nothing of substance there, and his lies will be exposed over and over again by the Obama campaign until November. I wouldn’t like to be in his shoes, I would be really afraid of what happens when the lies no longer work.

        I posted these Gore Vidal quotes yesterday. Some are very funny and some are spot on in this election year.

        Gore Vidal quotes: 26 of the best

        Gore Vidal, the celebrated writer, has died aged 86. He was famous for his acerbic wit. Here are some of his best quotes



      • cyrano1 says:

        “spoiled and ignorant man-child” !!!!! You’ve nailed it! The perfect descriptive phrase! Trying to encapsulate what we think of his core being into a phrase has eluded me until you just now slammed it home.

        • AdLib says:

          Cheers Cyrano1! With all of his hiding himself, it’s taken a while for that image to come together in my mind but it’s now hard for me to see him as anything other than a man child.

    • SueInCa says:


      I sure hope you are right. I will fight for Obama all the way through to the election and I hope people wise up prior to November 6. BTW isn’t it pretty difficult to piss of a Brit? All the ones I know are friendly and very funny people. I have a droll sense of humor as do the friends I know.

      • Kalima says:

        Hi Sue. I lived in the U.K. for many years growing up, so yes, it is pretty hard to piss off the Brits, they usually show their “stiff upper lip”, or make jokes at their own expense, and have a great sense of humour. Romney’s callous remarks about our Olympics, after the recent problems with security there, was highly insulting, and because they view him as a “nobody”, even more so.

        PBO will win, but maybe not by the landslide I was so hoping for. Still, four more years is four more years of change and a better life for your citizens, so a landslide isn’t that important anymore.

        • cyrano1 says:

          And what we REALLY need along with an Obama win is a congress with enough real dems in it (not those blue dogs) so we can actually move beyond gridlock.

          • Kalima says:

            Hello cyrano, I agree that a huge shake-up is in order. Sometimes watching the lackluster participation of many in Congress, especially in an election year, I wish for younger, more involved and less out of touch politicians, not just for the U.S. but maybe across the globe. We all need new blood, and people with new ideas who can’t be bought. The world would be a much better place I’m sure.

        • SueInCa says:

          Hi Kalima

          I hope you are right. But you know the uncertainty is precisely why we went ahead and bought another house. If the worst should happen, no one can take it away from us.

          I just cannot imagine another neo-con Bush rejects administration.

          • AdLib says:

            Sue, congrats on preparing for moving into your new home! Very happy for you!

            • SueInCa says:

              Thanks this is the last move they will have to shovel me out of this house :-)

          • Kalima says:

            Buying the house was a great move Sue, and no, they can’t take it away from you. When do you move in?

            Maybe because I see things from a distance, my perspective is to see the whole picture of this election year, and quite honestly, as much as the PACs are throwing money in, and as much as some say they are undecided (unbelievable), I think that there will be more things about Romney coming out, things that just can’t be ignored by sticking their heads in the sand, and it will spell the “death throes” for Mitt and his clueless campaign because it has no substance to begin with. For me, Romney is like an elaborately built sandcastle that will be washed away by the tide of truth come November.

            • Kalima says:

              I feel for you Sue. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve moved, and of course the most difficult one was this one, half way across the world. We have moved three times since we came here, and now we have our own house, this is where we will stay unless we leave the country, because moving again would literally kill me.

              All the best, I’ll be thinking of you and hoping it goes smoothly. Soon it will be over and you can enjoy your new home.

            • SueInCa says:


              We move in next Thursday. That is why I have not been around alot. Lots of last minute stuff and packing, oh my word the packing!

  12. SueInCa says:


    Great piece and very detailed. I was over at Politicus this morning and I raised the spector of racism due to his long time in the Church under the “cain’s seed” order(or whatever they call it) and the fact he sat in that church for precisely 31 years under an umbrella of racism. I further question George Romney. He claimed that he was not prejudiced and I think he did quite a bit to prove it yet he also sat in church services same as Mitt and never raised objection. It is beyond explanation same as they crucified Obama for sitting in Rev Wright’s church. Personally I get what Wright was talking about but it is way above the understanding of a RWNJ.

    Thanks for this it has really given me some good ideas about how to approach people who are supporting him. Excellent job

    • AdLib says:

      Thanks so much, Sue!

      It wouldn’t be fair or true to say that everyone raised in a racist environment adopts racism. Generally, young children who are taught racist concepts just adopt them as they do all kinds of information they’re taught as “the way things are”.

      When they mature, those who branch out into thinking more independently can delete such concepts from their minds but those who stay fundamentally on that same track are more likely to retain such beliefs, even if they are more subtle.

      I’ve had occasion to be around very sweet older people who occasionally let prejudiced words and concepts come out, completely oblivious to how offensively it could be perceived.

      The whole concept of superiority over those who are not white, Mormon, male and wealthy seems to be worn by Mitt Romney like a set of comfortable clothes…ones that he was fitted for by his parents and his church.

      That matters. If the man who would be making decisions over your destiny saw you and most Americans as inferior and a minority of others as superior like himself, who will he be serving and who will he be readily harming if he became President?

      We’ll never change the minds of the racists on the RW but to the Indie voters I would make the point that no matter how disappointed you may be in what’s happened during Obama’s first term, he grew up like you, can relate to you and work to help you while Romney has only been surrounded by wealthy white men his entire life and has no empathy or concern for the lives of those who aren’t in his elite circle.

      To people like Mitt Romney, there are only the people that matter, the 1%, and the “little people”. No one should vote for someone who sees them as lesser people.

      • SueInCa says:


        I came from a family with a New Yorker Mother and a Southern Father. My mom was from a liberal family and my father was from a DixieCrat family. Genteel racists. My father saw how people treated his mother because she was a divorced woman(she was liberated before it was fashionable) and I think it really made him contemplate the evils of life. Consequently neither of my parents would have put up with any racism in our house. Our extended relationships bear out that ideal, Japanese, Spanish, Jewish and Black mates for 4 of us. And all grandchildren were the apples of their eye. So my dad is a pretty good example of coming out of it.

        • AdLib says:

          Very cool, Sue. That kind of experience, finally finding yourself or a loved one on the other side of prejudice can be very enlightening and transformational.

          I have family in the South and have spent a bit of time down there. Typically, I don’t stand by quietly when people express prejudices though sometimes, when it comes from kind people who clearly are oblivious that they have such prejudice embedded in them, I’m not confrontational. I get it, I have a daughter and she could be the same sweet person but if we took for granted such a thing as racial superiority, she’d adopt that the same as she adopted many other traits we taught her. It doesn’t make her a bad person.

          Though, once people become adults, I think they have to take some responsibility for purging themselves of the things their parents may have planted in their minds that just aren’t right.

          Cheers to your dad for having the thoughtfulness and openness to reconsider what was no doubt originally cemented into his mind when he was a child as the way things are. It’s not easy…especially when one remains in an environment where that’s the group think and those who think differently can be shunned.

  13. Some excellent questions AdLib. Important ones that people should be asking. I know the far right base will not even consider asking such questions, but let’s hope upon hope that independents will ask them.

    I am a little leery about bringing a candidates faith into the larger picture, but you are right, it could be very revealing, especially if the candidate takes his/her faith seriously. I would love to see a secular president one of these days. I doubt I will see one in my life time though. Americans are just too hung up on religion.

    Here’s a video from Bill Maher’s doc, “Religulous,” on Mormonism;

    • AdLib says:

      KT, I appreciate your thoughtfulness about bringing someone’s faith into the discussion. Maybe it’s semantics but I don’t question Romney’s faith, I question his beliefs.

      He was born into and grew up in a Mormon Church that taught racism as a given. How can that not impact a young child? How can living in such a world where such things are true be what one believes the first 31 years of their life but suddenly disappear the next year after a politically motivated reversal by his church?

      Putting it simply and unfortunately, very frankly, The Mormon Church taught all Mormons, including Mitt Romney, that black people are inferior and that such racism was the word of God and could not be challenged or questioned.

      Some concepts are promoted by the media and become reality. The concept that we must voluntarily blind ourselves to how a candidate’s religion may affect who they are and the decisiions they’ll make is, IMO, a dangerous fraud.

      Of course it matters. If someone’s religion was a dangerous cult, would that not matter? If someone’s beliefs were instead vested in anarchism, would that be off limits?

      Our belief systems are idiosyncratic but are shaped by our influences. Whether shaped by one’s belief in justice, karma, fatalism, self-determinism, Christianity, Islam, Scientology, Dominionism, Atheism, socialism, theocracy, etc., all are building blocks of our character and decision making.

      In Romney’s case, his religion is a huge factor in his identity so to ignore that is to voluntarily blind oneself to who this man really is.

      As I was writing this article, I realized (and included in the article) my realization that Romney actually is such a striking reflection of the Mormon Church.

      He has many of its positive aspects in a superficial way, an attractive and big family, wealth and comfort, always smiling…and most of its negative aspects, secrecy, prejudice, elitism, greed, imposing their beliefs on the unwilling, chauvinism and unquestioned power.

      So, I think it is very pertinent to consider the history and tenets of this religion because it is very much one of if not the biggest driving factor in who Mitt Romney is and how he would make decisions as President.

      • No doubt in my mind. I completely agree because of the reality of religion in politics.

        I like to dream about all that being a thing of the past, one fine day. It’s not a very realistic dream, but one I like to have from time to time, especially come presidential campaign season. Could you imagine having an atheist, or Deist president?

      • cyrano1 says:

        Agreed! And the cloistered existence in the community would naturally negate any kind of genuine embrace of our pluralistic society. It appears we need to rub elbows together to really “get it”.

    • SueInCa says:

      I thought that Maher’s movie was very tastefully done. He could have gotten carried away with the snark but he kept it to a dull roar. The fact I agree with him for the most part may have also had something to do with my three thumbs up :-)

      • I agree. This scene about Mormonism is very revealing, as to how crazy some of their beliefs are and how they ostracize anybody who stops buying into their “religion.”

        • AdLib says:

          That is an aspect most commonly found in cults. Not to say that those who leave other religions aren’t seen by some in their religion as outsiders but to actively ostracize and in some cases, try to ruin the personal and family lives of those who leave a church, that kind of paranoid and totalitarian behavior is usually a hallmark of a cult.

        • SueInCa says:

          I will have to open it with IE as my Mozilla does not show the scene.

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