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Posted by whatsthatsound On Oct - 19 - 2010 97 COMMENTS

Unless you’ve been living on another planet recently, you’re surely aware of the phenomenon that is Kim Kardashian‘s butt! We caught up with it outside Grauman’s Chinese Theater, just after making a fresh imprint on Hollywood Boulevard, and it agreed to sit down with us and tell us what it’s […]

Posted by SueInCa On Oct - 9 - 2010 48 COMMENTS

I am writing this post to fulfill a promise I made to Kes awhile ago, but I think it will be interesting to a few.  Sometime back in the early 1980’s I was sitting in my office chatting with an employee when I got a Code 10 call.  A code 10 […]

Posted by bito On Oct - 8 - 2010 17 COMMENTS

Image by Getty Images via @daylife The Planet has had an outstanding week of posts, visits and all around good work by all. Let’s first congratulate the magnificent job from our fearless leader,AdLib, for his post: EXCLUSIVE: Republican Tea Party Pledge – Secret Draft! And for his leadership and guidance. […]

Posted by AdLib On Oct - 6 - 2010 73 COMMENTS
A Pledge to America

At great risk to their personal safety and careers, GOP insiders smuggled out an early draft of the Republican Tea Party’s Pledge to America and have provided it exclusively to PlanetPOV. As you’ll see, this draft is quite startling in how frankly it presents the Tea Party driven sensibilities of […]

Posted by PatsyT On Oct - 3 - 2010 77 COMMENTS

Have you run across videos or images that cut through the corporate news media BS?
Well dust them off and lets put together a collection for all to enjoy.

Categories: Humor, News & Politics
Posted by AdLib On Sep - 18 - 2010 54 COMMENTS

BREAKING NEWS!!! Just in! The Planet has just received this startling footage of a Tea Party rally where they have turned on their candidate for Senate in Delaware, Christine O’Donnell after revelations that she admitted to being a witch! On Real Time with Bill Maher, Maher showed footage from an […]

Categories: Elections, GOP, Humor, POV Videos
Posted by AdLib On Sep - 17 - 2010 5 COMMENTS

Earlier this week I posted a proposed speech for President Obama, based on suggestions and comments from our members, that amazingly mirrored a speech he gave just a couple of nights later at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. You can check out that post and the comment showing the speech here. […]

Posted by AdLib On Aug - 31 - 2010 70 COMMENTS

On Saturday, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and spoke to tens of thousands of blindingly white, patriotically obese, special needs Walmart shoppers, claiming to speak for God and urging a return to the halcyon days of religious domination of our democracy which […]

Posted by javaz On Aug - 27 - 2010 7 COMMENTS

Had the cutest and strangest experience this morning on the way home from our walk. It was another miserable sweaty walk this morning and there are these tiny little gnats out that we’ve never seen before. They’re teensie-tiny black flies and they bite! And for being so amazingly small, their […]

Posted by AdLib On Aug - 18 - 2010 61 COMMENTS

In my various meanderings around the whole of existence and parts of New Jersey, I have had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of God, Satan and other well recognized talking heads. It’s been my honor to share their blogs here at The Planet. As Fate would have it (if […]

Categories: Featured, GOP, Humor
Posted by VegasBabe On Jul - 25 - 2010 12 COMMENTS

A cowboy named Bud was overseeing his herd in a remote mountainous pasture in  California when suddenly a brand-new BMW advanced toward him out of a cloud of dust.            The driver, a young man in a Brioni suit, Gucci shoes, RayBan sunglasses and YSL tie, leaned out the window and […]

Categories: Humor, Speakers' Corner
Posted by AdLib On Jul - 21 - 2010 26 COMMENTS

In this shocking, unedited video, Andrew Breitbart proudly announces to an audience that he was on crack cocaine during the birth of his children, is in rehab, has sexual problems, is a narcissist and in the end confesses, “I’m kind of a fraud.” Should he be forced to resign? Please […]

Posted by bito On Jun - 19 - 2010 27 COMMENTS

Happy Fathers Day, Dad. The day is here.  What memories do you have of this day?  Do you remember a kindness that you and your father shared?  A secret you cherished, one your siblings did not know?  An ice cream cone he bought you?  Playing catch?  Your Dad meeting your […]

Posted by AdLib On Jun - 14 - 2010 49 COMMENTS

As an intrepid blogger, I try to seek the truth wherever it is. Using a valuable contact of mine (a deity who shall remain unnamed at this time but has been known to share his blog here occasionally), I sought to arrange an interview with the very personification of all […]

Categories: Energy, Environment, Featured, Humor
Posted by javaz On May - 30 - 2010 11 COMMENTS

Janet Evanovich is a writer of women’s fiction, aka romance novels, except for her ‘By the Numbers Series’, which also appeals to men, teens, adults, and the elderly. The series is also known as the tales of Stephanie Plum, and the books’ titles are based on numbers such as: “One […]

Posted by AdLib On May - 30 - 2010 61 COMMENTS

If you don’t know what Spanx is and are just bursting at the seams to find out, much as I’d like to stretch the truth on this, I can’t hold it in any longer. Spanx is essentially the modern girdle, strong elastic-wear for women and now for men. Thankfully, the […]

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