Anarcho-syndicalist Fabian libertarian socialist who would vote for the testicles of an opposum after it had become roadkill over Trump. Fine line between idealism and fatalistic masochism.

Miscalculating Iran

his last November, four decades after the ouster of the Peacock Throne, the largest anti-government protests since the fervor of 1979 spread around Iran were ignited. I, who pride myself as a lay expert was caught flat-footed.

Ich bin zurück!

I'd really like to start talking about the Middle East again and talking to people that have more than three brain cells, decency and good faith.

Middle East Update

Join me to check in on daily developments in the Arab Uprisings and add your own content. You can also find me under the Twitter feed to the right for future navigation.

A Letter to the Arizona Legislature

This email is not about being a Republican or being a Democrat. It is about having some integrity and specifically, your lack thereof. As one of your constituents in Arizona's 7th Legislative District I wanted to let you know that I am outraged as a taxpayer at the time, money and effort spent on the ridiculous AZ "Birther" bill sponsored by State Rep. Carl Seel.

Mid-Atlantic Trip Part 16: Final Hours

Join me in bidding adieu to L'Enfant's city.

Arab Uprisings: Still Writing History

A place for the situations in Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria and throughout the Greater Middle East. Check in to see my full daily updates, and to add your own.

Mid-Atlantic Trip Part 15: D.C. by Night

Whether an old fellow virtual traveler or joining me late, come, come, do we have a date?

Mubarak: Half sunk, a shattered visage lies

Come here to see and post updates on Egypt and the Middle East following the Tunisian revolution.

From the Embers, Jasmine

The so-called Jasmine Revolution went unnoticed by the Western media for weeks. Before I could write about it, the government fell! This should help fill in the gaps of what our MSM was MIA on. You are invited, nay encouraged, to post your own links as this was hastily written on my part. Even more so if the story develops further.