Anarcho-syndicalist Fabian libertarian socialist who would vote for the testicles of an opposum after it had become roadkill over Trump. Fine line between idealism and fatalistic masochism.

Mid-Atlantic Trip Part 11: Embassy Row

A vexillophile's delight, join me up the hill for a bit of cardio and international diplomacy on Embassy Row.

Mid-Atlantic Trip Part 10: Mount Vernon

George and Martha Washington cordially invite you to their humble home. Enjoy some peanut soup, and then George's own porter recipe in the music parlor, whilst we listen to Nelly play a minuet on the harpsichord. Don't tarry!

Mid-Atlantic Trip Part 9: DC, at the Museum

This one is mostly indoors boys and girls, so don't worry about the sunscreen lotion and come right in!

Mid-Atlantic Trip Part 8: Chesapeake Bay

Join me vicariously for another desktop vacation. In this installment I share my photos from around the Chesapeake Bay.

Dead in The Old Pueblo 2010

I went to the All Souls Procession Sunday night. True, Día de los Muertos was last week, but hey, Tucson operates on its own time. It...

Which Witch?

On September 17th, 2010 “Real Time” host, Bill Maher played an unaired clip of Christine O’Donnell from his old show, “Politically Incorrect.” On October 29, 1999, the 2010 Senatorial...

Mid-Atlantic Trip Part 7: Historic Triangle

From Richmond, I went further east in Virginia, and deeper back into history, to the Historic Triangle of Virginia which is composed of Jamestown, Yorktown, and Williamsburg. First...

Mid-Atlantic Trip Part 6: The Southern Capital

My trip in April had initially been planned as a D.C. trip, and a predominant amount of time was spent in our nation's capital and traditionally defined...

Mid-Atlantic Trip Part 5: Charlottesville

From Gettysburg, I went on down thorough the pan-handle of West Virginia, which was actually one of the finest manicured highway stretches I've ever seen. Enchanting, actually....

Mid-Atlantic Trip Part 4: Gettysburg

Gettysburg. I trust most people know the history. The Train Station, where Lincoln arrived before the Gettysburg Address. The Eternal Light Peace Memorial. In 1938, the last great reunion of...