I’m going to testify.

I lost my religion early. It took me a long time to not hate religion altogether. My bookshelf is a comparative religious scholar’s dream.

I admire those that have unshakeable faith. Let’s just say I had been broken. That I heard a lot of g-d but none of the love. Just felt the rod.

There’s still a lot of rage in me, but my problem is not with Jesus the Christ, Muhammad (PBUH) or Siddhartha Gautama. Certainly not with my boy, Spitama Zarathustra or my older boys of the Vedas.

This is as old as ever but, don’t institutionalize it. Jesus, who I don’t believe was divine, would hate you. I’m sorry, but I read the Gospels. I read the KJV when I was twelve in sixth grade reading time. Got in trouble for it, but my Christian teacher defended it.

Guess what, I wore a cross and loved Jesus and then read the Bible… I remembered God is love and Jesus loves me this is so because the Bible says so tautology.

I’d been to Bible camps and such. I read it myself. I was devastated. I’ve come back to it but through the Qur’an, Bhagavad Gita, Avesta, Tao Te Ching – you name it I’ve read it. If anything, Joseph Campbell gave me the best for religion:

Follow your bliss.

I don’t know if that means much to anybody else, but it would be interesting. I have no judgment. Not eternally, anyway. I’ve drawn and written poems to St. Dymphna, been influenced by Sufism…

My divine is very dear to me – but it is all my own. I don’t know if anyone else has a space for that stuff in their own way?

I’m not about to believe in traditional religion, but what gets you through these times, even if it is traditional? Whatever works for you.

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Isn’t love divine? Or is it merely an evolutionary requirement? Therein lies the question. There seems to be little mention of love in historical texts,despite it’s central role in life.
Yet there is no shortage of records of hatred (for the other) – and the wars that were founded on same. History is written by the victor.


Love is the most powerful energy in existence. History is often written by the victor. However, it is not only written by the victor. Additionally, who determines who is the victor? Is the winner of a battle or a even a war always the victor? In the final analysis everything balances. The victor today may become the loser tomorrow.


Random Sunday morning thoughts here, Khirad. For me, sorting out the difference between religion and faith is a starting point. I don’t doubt that there were Inquisitors who were dripping with religion. Slaveholders in the old South who were marinated in it. Indiana Klansmen in the 1920s who lynched their fellow citizens on Saturday night and filled the “Amen Corner” during Sunday morning services.

But it takes faith to be a Luther — to take on corruption, knowing that you might be barbecued in the town square as an object lesson to others who dared to question a profit-based indulgence-peddling bureaucracy. Or to be a Martin Luther King, Jr. — calling out injustice, knowing that it was more than likely that one day you might step out onto a hotel balcony and never step back inside.

Faith. Not in a bearded, nightgown-clad old white man in the sky, but in a cosmic force for love, creativity, peace, even mirth. Personally, I happen to feel that Christ tapped into that force more effectively than most prophetic figures, so I pay a lot of attention to him. But I notice that my Muslim and Hindu and Sikh brothers and sisters are bearing a lot of “fruit” in this part of America — so they must be on to something too.

I guess it boils down to the fact that very few of us manage to get through life on this bizarre planet without arriving at a moment/moments when we hit the wall. We reach the end of our own strength. Can’t do it; can’t go on another day. That’s when it’s not unusual to have an encounter with something outside of ourselves — indefinable and transcendent. And life is changed.


I encourage you and Khirad to check out The Law Of One. I was indoctrinated in Christianity and I still accept the teaching of Jesus for the most part. However, even as a child I had reservations about Christianity, which was the only religion I knew of, as to me Judaism was the beginning of Christianity, since Jesus was a Jew. As I matured I began to have problems, not so much with religions, but with how men practiced their religions. It struck me as they were attempting to limit what my perspective of God was/is. The concept of The Law Of One has always resonated with me, but it wasn’t until recently that I became aware that it is really a thing, and many people believe as I do.

Basically, both creation and evolution are correct. This too was given to me at an early age. It seemed to me that everything that exist evolves, but before it can evolve it has to exist. So the concept that everything is a projection of The One Infinite Creator (love/light), and that all things work in service to The One Infinite Creator, whether they realize it or accept it, just resonates with me. I Am The One Infinite Creator, with a free will distortion as well as other distortions. I Am a mind/body/spirit complex. My “self” consist of The One Infinite Creator, my own mind/body/spirit complex and my other selves (everything else).